The Crafters of Rising Dawn Weyr


Master Harper Vedris - (NPC Adoptable) - This Master Harper is a born teacher. He has an ear for hearing a melody once and being able to reproduce it with any instrument. He loves children and teaching but that does not mean he will tolerate any shenanigans in his classroom. He is a stout man with gray eyes, curly black hair and a mustashe with only the beginning of gray hair starting at 44 Turns.


Journeyman Harper Ethandaron - (NPC Adoptable) - (Pronounced Ee than duh ron) Because of the length of his name many chose to call him Ethan but he prefers his given name. He is a jovial sort and always carries an instrument with him in case the urge hits him. He works well with Master Vedris having been his apprentice for many Turns before coming to Rising Dawn Weyr. He is 5'10" tall with a healthy physique, short wavy bright blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
Journeyman Dragonhealer Taedd - (NPC Adoptable) - This Journeyman tried for 6 Turns to Impress at Ishan Weyr and could no longer take the disappointment. At 22 Turns old he finally has reached his Journeyman status as a Dragonhealer and wants nothing more then to become a Master now. He knows that although he has struggled to get to where he is, it is all worth while in the end. Taedd has green eyes and brown hair and tends to look scruffy. He has a blue flitter named Migraine, he calls him Mig for short.


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