The Brownriders of Rising Dawn Weyr

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            R'nal - Verdeth, Candidate Master - (Non-Adoptable NPC) - Responsibility has changed R'nal, he's become more organized, and plans things well. Having always been a good parent, he's brought his parenting skills to the fore in his job. He's stopped drinking and such, at least, he's toned himself down. Still bluntly honest, R'nal has finally undertaken the task of learning manners, to provide a good example to his young charges. Age is catching up with him physically too, his hair is more gray than brown, and although he's quick to see when his Candidates aren't paying attention, he sometimes has trouble reading things. He doesn't let anything get in his way though, not his arm, his knee, nothing. He's finally found his place in the Weyr and no one is going to take that from him.

            Adoptable NPCs

            A'kla - Cedelath

            A'nin - Xuith

            D'lan - Tiberath

            S'mus - Iorwenth

            S'tine - Brambith

            T'beru - Shraedith

            T'peti - Strohath

            T'syl - Vinnuath

            V'om- Torealeobth

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