Hokage Anime
Updated 2/7/00
I'm not completely sure but I think the place that I was using to host the movies I had up did something so people couldn't share them. Gomen. I will try to find an even more reliable place if that is the case but it's gonna be a real pain in the ass. Oh well. remember I'm not completly certain though.So you might want to check anyway.
  I have recently started an anime club at my high school with the help of a few friend s to name a few Esato, X , Zero, and Ukira. Domo Arigato minna! The clubs official name is Hokage Anime because we all love the Flame of Recca. In a way I suppose this will become our site until I can actually find time to make another. The club is at Sweetwater High School everyday at lunch unless posted otherwise in room 303. There is NO cost, you just have to attend Sweetwater High School.
Nothing Licensed will be shown because of legal reasons and you go to any Suncoast Video store and pick up a licensed tape. So DO NOT ask us to show anything licensed!!

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