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                    I want to be remember by the people that I help.
                             As somebody who always managed to be there,
                                     When they needed me the most. And I always told them,
                                             that no matter what happen, I'll always here by your side.
                                                        And will never stop until, I'll help you to achieve your dreams;

Getting personal with Whattamen 

It wasn't long ago when the public's attention was caught in the spell of this new trio who made Philippine entertainment lighter and fresher. The wit, charm and coolness of three gorgeous matinee idols were captured in a single word… Whattamen. It all began when they were featured in the weekend TV show Star Studio. It was Rico Yan who thought of the name that would later bring him, along with his buddies Marvin Agustin and Dominic Ochoa to the peak of their careers. 

Almost a year before Rico's untimely demise, we have been privileged to spend one fine day with Whattamen in a hot summer day. It was there that we witnessed the depth and intensity of the friendship that these three young men share. And as a special tribute to Rico Yan, we give you this fun yet meaningful experience that would bring back the memory of Rico as a friend, a brother and an inspiration to those close to him, and to us all who saw him transform from being a cute, boy-next-door celebrity to a mature and intellectual person whose star led us to see the value and wisdom of his words and actions. 

What was your best moment together?
Rico: Ano nga ba yung best moment namin? Wala, pag nakakawala, pag gumigimik, pag nasa probinsya.
Marvin: Kapag umaalis kami, kunyari sa isang bar, tapos non-showbiz talk. We talk about life. I learn a lot from them kasi mas matanda sila sa akin.
Dominic: I guess when we were doing the 'Talk N Text' commercial. We were just trying to relax and have fun while working. 

What was the best thing the other two ever said to you?
Rico: Nothing!
Marvin: Nothing!
Dominic: I don't remember anything at all! Ah! Keep you're feet on the ground all the time, enjoy everything. 

Who's most likely to be an action star?
Rico: Ako, gusto ko.
Marvin: Dominic.
Dominic: Ako, gusto ko rin. Hindi ko masasabing artista ako kung hindi ko susubukan lahat. Wala bang 'most likely to be a sexy star'? 

To be involved in politics…
Marvin: Rico!
Rico: I'm politically aware kasi e.
Dominic: Rico. 

What makes you sad?
Rico: Ako, when I don't get to be a good boyfriend to my girlfriend.
Marvin: Pag wala masyadong complications, pag masyadong steady yung life.
Dominic: When I don't see them (Rico and Marvin)! Hindi, when you go home and wala kang matawagan, wala kang makausap. 

What makes you happy?
Rico: When I get to be a good boyfriend to my girlfriend.
Marvin: New challenges.
Dominic: I'm always happy. I always make it a point to be always happy. 

How would Rico propose marriage?
Dominic: Rico doesn't need to propose, they propose to him!
Marvin: He would bring the girl to a very romantic place, maybe out-of-town.
Dominic: Out of the country. He's the type, e. 

What's your type of girl ba?
Rico: Tall. Basta I have a foot fetish and a leg fetish and I like long hair. Mestiza.
Marvin: Petite.
Dominic: Mestiza. Si Marvin, gusto mas matanda sa kanya, e. 

If you were local actors in the 70's, who would you be?
Ako, si Ben Tisoy. Si Marvin, si Panchito. Si Dominic, Dolphy.
Marvin: Si Dominic, si Dolphy. Si Rico, Ben Tisoy?
Dominic: Si Rico, Eddie Garcia. Si Marvin, Panchito 'to for sure. 

What's your biggest dream for the other two?
Rico: My biggest dream for Marvin and Dominic would be for them to reach their own personal goals.
Marvin: Kay Rico, I have this feeling kasi na meron siyang heart sa tao, to serve the country and the people, so I just wish na hindi mawala yung heart na yon, and I'll be at his back to support him hundred percent. Kay Dominic, sana magka-girlfriend na siya.
Dominic: Kay Marvin, I hope Marvin succeeds in his business, coz I think he's a hardworking guy. He's willing to learn everything. For Rico, that he may be a good public servant. 

What was the best character you ever portrayed?
Rico: Best character I ever portrayed… so far ha, a dying… a cancer victim. It was for a movie.
Marvin: Sa TV, I recently portrayed a character sa 'Kabalikat' na killer naman ako, so that's something different, and for a movie, yung sa 'Tanging Yaman', and now I'm doing 'Trip', ang ganda rin.
Dominic: A gay role-- for our sitcom 'Labs Ko Si Babe'. 

What was the worst rumor ever circulated about you?
Rico: Ah, they're all bad! I can't tell what's the worst.
Marvin: Nothing really. Well, beta tapes, may beta tape daw ako.
Dominic: That I'm gay. 

How did you handle it?
Rico: With a grain of salt. 

Would you fall in love with someone who already has children?
Rico: Of course! I think love is immaterial. Love is regardless of whether… okay, love is present, regardless of whether your partner made mistakes in the past.
Marvin: Yeah! It doesn't matter. If you love the person and the person loves you back, it doesn't matter.
Dominic: Yeah, why not? I don't think it will hold me back if I really love someone. 

What's the one thing the other two can't live without?
Rico: Marvin and his stupid cellphone! Wala e, he's been using the same stupid cellphone for three years. Sira na yung keypad e, hindi mo na nakikita yung numbers. And he always has the same stupid ringing tone, and he doesn't answer it! Nakakairita! Naka-level five pa yata, parang, 'Ano, gusto mong ipaalam sa mundo na may cellphone ka?' It's annoying! Si Dominic naman, what he can't live without, are his shades.
Marvin: Si Rico…Claudine? Si Dominic, ano ba? His cars! Mahilig siya sa cars e.
Dominic: Marvin, his gel, Rico, his phone. 

Who eats a lot?
Rico: I would say, ako. I don't know e. Among the three, ha, I'm the one who eats a lot. I'm the one who can afford to splurge. My metabolism kasi is fast. Si Dominic, mabagal e. Si Marvin, so-so.
Marvin: Si Rico!
Dominic: Rico! Parang hindi pinapakain sa bahay nila yan e. 

Who's the most 'kuripot'?
Rico: Ako! (laughs) Every centavo counts e. When it comes to food, galante ako, pero anything other than that, I don't really spend a lot. Pero mahilig ako sa kids, parang baby sisters ko lahat, like sa daughters ni Janice (de Belen), sa pamangkin ni Claudine, pamangkin ko. Galante ako sa kanila to a fault.
Marvin: Rico.
Dominic: Tell me about it! Silang dalawa. Galante ako e. 

Who's always late for tapings and other commitments?
Rico: Siguro, to a certain extent, ako. Hindi naman laging late, pero I always make it a point to maximize my time and not to stress myself out. Pero if it calls for me to be there on time, I'd be there on time talaga.
Marvin: Si Rico.
Dominic: Si Rico. Ang hirap gisingin nyan e. Batugan yan e. 

How would you want to be remembered by the other two?
Marvin: That I'm a brother to them, I'm not just a friend, but I'm a brother.
Dominic: That I'm a happy person.
Rico: I guess every friend would like to be remembered as a true friend. Sa showbiz kasi, madalang makahanap ng tunay na kaibigan, di ba? And that's how I wanna be remembered. 


*This site is constructed in the loving memory of  RICO YAN *



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