The Şilliler family is notable for introducing Asterix to Turkey in unlicensed traced, b&w versions in late 1960s.
In the early 1960s, Yaşar Şilliler was a distributor for
Burhan Yayınevi, a low budget publisher of unlicensed comics, including the Turkish edition of Tintin. I 1965, his family themselves apparently went into comics publication business with the obscure Acar which would become an umbrella title for technical-legal reasons for their separate comics magazines, beginning with Aster the same year.
In 1967, the Şillilers began publishing weekly
Bücür, which initially ran (unlicensed, traced, b&w, as always with the Şilliler family) Vieux Nick comics from Spirou and then Iznogoud from Tintin.  With no. 13 (20.2.1968), Bücür began to run Asterix. For several years, Bücür alternately ran Asterix and other French-Belgian comics.
Sometime in the early 1970s, the ownership of the comics passed from Şarika Şilliler to Yaşar & Coşar Şilliler (later, Yaşar Şilliler would assume the ownership solely himself).
The last panel of each comics in
Bücür is signed by Ayten Şilliler-Oflaz whom it can be assumed to have been responsible for the tracing job. The cover illustrations are signed by either her or Coşar [Coşar Şilliler] or Coşar & Serap [?]; only the first three issues were by veteran illustrator Hayri Önder.
The Şillilers took over
Fatoş (Blondie) from Nihat Özcan in 1970 (published initially as Yeni Fatoş [New Blondie]  and then simply as Fatoş)  and Red Kit (Lucky Luke) from Bilge Şakrak in 1974; both magazines, as well as Süper Tarzan (1971 [Akim]),  continued well into the late 1980s with endless reprints in several series,  Short-lived titles put out by the Şillilers are Nik (1965), Tom Roks (1971), Küçük Prens (1972 [Johan & Pirlout]), Yuki (1973 [original Turkish juvenile adventure]), Altınkanat (1976 [Dago]),  and Sipru (1977 [Spirou]).
Asterix adventures published by the Şillilers:

Aster 1st series (1965-66)
no.    1-3  Gotlara Karşı
no.    4-6  Altın Hançer
no.    7-9  Gladyatör
no. 10-12  Galya Turu

Bücür 1st series (1967-68):
(no. 1 thru 12 are non-Asterix)
no. 13-15  Romalılara Karşı
no. 16-18  Şefler Savaşı
no. 19-21  Normanlar
no. 22-24  Britonlar Arasında

Bücür 2nd series (1968-?):
(no. 1-3 & 10-12 are confirmed non-Asterix, no. 4 thru 9 unknown)
no. 13-15  Kleopatra
no. 16-18  Lejyoner
(no. 19 thru 24 are non-Asterix)

Aster 2nd series (1969):
no. 1?-3? Gladyatör
no. 4?-6? Altın Tapınak
no. 7-9    Galya Turu
no. 10-12 Gotlara Karşı

Bücür 3rd series (1970-?)
no. 1-3     Olimpiyatlarda
no. 4-6     Avern Kalkanı
no. 7-9     Para Kazanı
no. 10-12  Romalılara Karşı
no. 13-15  Şefler Savaşı
no. 16-18  Normanlar
no. 19-21  Britonlar Arasında
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