BeamBoy Beam Analysis Tool
Version 2.2
Intuitive Beam Analysis

BeamBoy is a utility for calculating engineering stress and deflection in structural beams and shafts.
BeamBoy is freeware and is available for download on this page and many others.
E-mail me if you encounter any problems.
[email protected]

BeamBoy features:
- English or Metric units
- Linear distributed loads
- Selection of beam cross-section from standard sizes
- Assisted calculation of moment of inertia

Version 2.2 features:
- Improved control over printing of reports
- User customization through Preferences file
- Capability to draw graphic output in outline only, rather than color-filled figures
- Fixes of bugs present in version 2.1

loadscreen.jpg calcscreen.jpg

Download BeamBoy from this page (1.9 MB)
Or try mirror download at

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Known Problems
1. Small metric values give BeamBoy a headache. If your results look fishy, try converting to English units.
2. Some printers give BeamBoy an ingrown toenail. If your printer isn't working well and you're desperate, try a screen capture.

BeamBoy is no longer regularly supported. However, I periodically check this email (long period) and will provide any help I can - so long as it doesn't cut much into my lazy time.

Last updated November 9, 2004
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