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I finally got around to repairing my doors. if you are not familiar with Revcon, then you may not realize that the doors are hollow. Great for being lightweight, but if hit with something heavy, like the corner of a toolbox, it can puncture right through the Wilsonart laminate. Gave me a real sick feeling in my stomoch when it happened.
Door before        Jig

I decided the only way to get at the problem was from the back side. I made a jig to guide the saw, so that it would give me a nice straight cut on the back side.

View after cut. Hey notice the pressed wood inside the door frame. Oops, I've been telling folk there isn't any pressed wood used in this coach. They managed to hide some on me. This must be the only place as all the cabinet frames are solid woo

I cut away the core, and pressed the laminate back into position. On the second door, I used a hammer to force the laminate back together flat. Unfortunantly, I didn't know how well that worked till after the second door. If I had to do it over, I would pound along the along the crack line, making sure I hit everywhere it was cracked. I had to pound quite hard to get it to flatten out.


Next I clamped it togther. I used a piece of wood with a shoulder bolt embedded in it, so that bealble to orient its self flat to the door.

Here is how it turned out. I hoped for  perfection, which of course was not achieved, but it looks much better than it did.


The back side of the door.
Door Back

Closet Door repair Close up before and after.



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