Engineered  Elegance


This is a story of a gentlemen who survived a crash on 8-30-04  in his Revcon  motorhome as told by him. We all feel for him as he had just put a lot of work into his Revcon. The interior looked immaculate and I'm sure it was something to be proud of. For a 30 mph crash, the Revcon looks like it held up well. It is obvious that the construction is very solid and designed well. The motorhome was a 1971 Model 250. 



I was doing about thirty or so and the car I hit was a 1999 Honda passport SUV , Fortunately we were wearing seat belts or my wife would have flown out the front. I hit the brakes so hard I broke the pedal . We could not have avoided this accident, I was in the left lane of a one way street and she was on my left coming thru the intersection at about 30 on a red light, we center punched her car and the windshields both flew out. The interior was clean as I pack carefully and make sure there are no objects that will become projectiles in case of an accident.



We left on our first trip in the Revcon. We made it all of 12 miles before it was all over. A lady ran a red light and we hit her. Fortunately she admitted blame, unfortunately her and her son were airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. The Revcon is totaled. My family is fine , the Revcon is totaled but took the accident well and kept us safe, I am impressed.


 The door would not open so we climbed out of the windshield. My dog was on the engine cover and did not get hurt. I am glad we were not many miles from home and had a friend pick us up and he was there within 15 minutes. The Revcon is back at my place waiting for insurance payoff and then it will be sold or parted out. I am very disappointed as I really liked this one, and don't expect to replace it. 


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Please let me know if you are interested in parts from this unit as he is parting it out. 


Here is a couple of shots before the accident. Its a shame to loose such a nice coach



The  Teak trim looks great                                                                           Look at that shine                  


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