Formed in London, 1973, the Heavy Metal Kids remain notable for including Gary Holton (vocals) in their line-up, who would later star in the hit T.V. series 'Auf Wiedersehen Pet'.  Other members Mickey Waller (guitar), Ron Thomas (bass) and Keith Boyce (drums) helped produce a sound that was not stricly heavy metal (as the name implied) but more akin to the trashy end of glam rock, with a bizarre dash of cockney arrogance thrown in (long before Blur's 'Parklife'!).

They were quickly signed to Atlantic Records and gained a following on the London live circuit, releasing an eponymous debut in 1974.  This was followed up by 'Anvil Chorus' in 1975, but Holton's volatile stage antics frequently got the band in trouble (as well as leading to a broken leg whilst on tour in America).

They were subsequently dropped by Atlantic, but a third album emerged in 1977 on RAK Records, and although full of street-tough rock songs failed to improve their popularity.  The disappointing reaction finally broke the band, and they disappeared shortly after its release.

Holton went on to a higher degree of fame and fortune with his acting career, but died of a drugs overdose whilst filming the series. A solo single, 'Catch a Falling Star' was also released but failed to chart.

The Heavy Metal Kids are a curious British group, who were too rough for the glam explosion, too early for the punk explosion and with hindsight didn't seem to fit in with any obvious genre as a result.  Despite this, they influenced many later acts, including scandinavian trash rockers Hanoi Rocks, whose vocalist Mike Monroe covered 'She's No Angel' on two separate solo albums. A reformed version of Hanoi also covered H.M.K.'s raucous slice of pre-punk trash, 'Delirious', and opened their set with it during their UK tour in 2002.

Rumours of a Heavy Metal Kids re-union have emerged in late 2002, with a new vocalist taking over Holton's former role. Many fans have voiced concern over this decision as Holton was essentially the essence of the band, although some have also admitted to a curiosity to discover what a modern version of the band would sound like.

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