This Scottish rock band originally got together in Stewarton in 1992, and were signed to East West Records in 1993 after appearing on BBC2's 'The Late Show'. The band consisted of Chris Gordon (vocals,guitar), Bobby Dunn (bass), Davey Greenwood (drums) and Grant McFarlane (guitars).

They have been compared to their fellow labelmates at the time The Wildhearts, although their sound was always a little more polished, and their songwriting dynamics had more in common with Nirvana. Following several singles and their first album release, 'Safe Sex, Designer Drugs & the Death of Rock 'n' Roll', a relentless schedule of tours supporting the likes of Terrorvision won them a small but loyal fanbase by the summer of 1995. During a US tour with Elastica to support the album, drummer Davey collapsed, and he would eventually leave the band due to continuing health problems.

By May 1995 the band had released a new single, 'Hello', which included Kelly MacDonald (from the film 'Trainspotting') in the accompanying video. The album that followed was titled 'Love Your Self Abuse' and although recorded in 1995 was finally released in March 1996. Almost unbelievably, the band were informed they had been dropped from their label only 3 months later, but this was later revised and they were officially 'transferred' to Atlantic Records, their US label.

However things still did not run smoothly, as a US tour was cancelled at the last minute in March 1997 with no valid reason given by the label, and the realisation dawned that Atlantic were no more interested in Baby Chaos than East West were before them. After further wrangling over rights to some demos they had recorded in the meantime, the band officially ended in late 1997. The same musicians continued under several different names whilst searching for a new record deal, such as Ten Seconds Dead and Callahan.

Eventually, Reprise Records showed the right amount of interest and a deal was signed, but the name changed again to Deckard (from a character in Bladerunner), and releases began once more in 2000, although I believe this band are now no longer together either!

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