Planet Sinclair - An excellent source of Sinclair related information. The best source for Spectrum snapshots and emulators.

Spectrum Screen$ - All those loading screens that you looked at for ages while the tape loaded. As well as Spectrum pics there are loading screens for other 8-bit micros plus some game covers. - As its name suggests if you want to find any Commodore 64 games to use in an emulator you should go here. A few seconds of searching will get you even the obscurest games.

Mat Allen - the Commodore 64 man with a specialty in rare cartridges.

The History of Home Video Games Homepage - Greg Chance's site is the most comprehensive home video games site there is. The systems are arranged by year of release and you'll find FAQs, pictures and retro ROMs.

Video Games Nexus This is a site of links and it is a great place to start any retro trawl of the net.

Blue Sky Rangers - Mattel Intellivision. This is a site put together by the coders who produced games for Mattel in the early eighties. Their packed web site has lots of info you just can't find anywhere else.

Official MAME site If you want to catch up on what is happening on the emulator scene then regular visitis here are in order.

Digital Press This is the location our evil American twin - Digital Press fanzine. They have been going for years and really know their stuff. Be sure to order their DP Collectors Guide and Guide CD, for cart stuff it is an awesome resource.

Old UK Computer game magazines Here is a big trade list of 80's UK game mags like CVG, Crash, Your Spectrum, Your Sinclair, Sinclair User, Your Computer, Zzap!64, Commodore User, Big K and the US mag Atari Age. If you want to trade these rare mags look here.

I.C.When I.C.When (the IC stands for Integrated circuit) have an unrivalled chronology on the history of computer and game companies. If you want to know when something happened then check this out.

ZXQL3000 Retro themed t-shirts! This company based in Holland is producing all sorts of quality cool t-shirts. With designs of (or related to) classic computers, games, programming, there should be something to please everyone.

US Post Office The official US Post Office site. When an Ebay seller tries to stiff you on the postage you can work out the proper price right here.

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