The other thing I did in the Eighties was read the excellent teen music mag Smash Hits. It had an excellent sense of humour and many of its writers have went far.

While looking through some old copies of Smash Hits I found some game adverts for classic Atari VCS cartridges and thought you may all like to see them too.

Here are the issue dates they came from... Pitfall March 17th 1983, Pole Position November 10th 1983, Dig Dug January 19th 1984, Moon Patrol February 2nd 1984, Battlezone February 16th 1984, Pitfall 2 April 26th 1984.

The other six ads are from eighties American comics. Pac-man, Haunted House, Joust, Mario Bros, Frogger and Masters of the Universe are all here.

There are twelve more ads (including ones for Philips Videopac and Mattel Intellivision games) here.


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