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Kathy Lin, Dance Instructor
International Folk Dancing

Come and join us ...

Ukrainian Dance Poster Google image from http://rlv.zcache.com/ukrainian_dance_poster-p228986615413683133t5ta_400.jpg

Folk dancing usually involves a group of happy people performing steps in certain formations, such as a circle or a straight line. Folk dancing is a great exercise and a fun recreational activity for people of all ages. Dancing is beneficial at stress-reduction, cardiovascular stimulation, and protects against dementia. Anyone can learn to folk dance as no formal dance experience is necessary. No partner is required, so come along, have some fun and meet new people!

Click here if you are interested in a project to study the Benefits of Participation in Dance Classes.


1. Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care - 905-568-0333 x 4303
    5510 Mavis Road (S. of Matheson), Mississauga, ON L5V 2X5
    Thursdays: 1:00 ~ 2:15 p.m. Starting September 10, 2009

2. Streetsville Kinsmen Senior Citizens' Centre - 905-542-2887
    327 Queens St. S. (Mississauga Rd., N of Eglinton, S of Britannia Rd W), Mississauga, ON L5M 1M3
    Mondays (September to December 2009, except 3rd Monday of each month and holidays)
    Time: 11:00 a.m. ~ 12:00 p.m.

3. East Mississauga Community Health Centre - 905-602-4082
    2555 Dixie Rd. (SE corner of Dixie Rd & Dundas St E), Mississauga, ON L4Y 4C4
    Wednesdays, September 30, October 7, and October 14, 2009
    Time: 10:00 ~ 11:00 a.m.

For more information, please contact: Kathy Lin at 905-270-1834, or
E-mail: [email protected]

View Web Album Folk Dance Class August 25, 2009

Kathy Lin's International Folk Dance, Square One Older Adult Centre, 25 Aug. 2009
International Folk Dance Class, Square One Older Adult Centre

Ma Navu - Israel Folk Dance, Yee Hong Centre, 2008, photo by Kathy Lin
International Folk Dance Class, Yee Hong Centre

View Web Album Folk Dance Class July 7, 2009

International Folk Dancing, Yee Hong Centre, 2008, photos by Kathy Lin International Folk Dancing, Yee Hong Centre, 2008, photos by Kathy Lin
International Folk Dancing, Yee Hong Centre, 2008, photos by Kathy Lin International Folk Dancing, Yee Hong Centre, 2008, photos by Kathy Lin


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About Kathy Lin

Kathy Lin was introduced to International Folk Dance (IFD) in her first year of university and fell in love with it immediately. Her passion for IFD grew through university while she learned, danced, and taught other students as an assistant. She put aside her love of dance temporarily after graduating from university to join the work force as a teacher, get married, and raise two wonderful sons who now have successful careers of their own.

Recently, Kathy realized that now is the time to pick up dancing again. She tried ballroom, jazz, tap, clogging and popular line dancing and enjoyed all the dance classes and performances with fellow members of the Square One Older Adult Centre in Mississauga. Since April 2007, she has been teaching line dance to various seniors groups.

In 2007, a program at Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care attracted Kathy's attention, and she completed all three courses of Brain Beat Dance (BBD) with Rainbow Dill-Yuen, a senior instructor of Senior Dance Federal Association of Germany, who introduced BBD to Canada in 2003. The music of BBD woke Kathy up and brought back memories of International Folk Dance from over four decades ago. Inspired, Kathy started to collect information, find contacts in the community and purchase music CDs – and before she knew it, she was ready to teach her first folk dance class at the Yee Hong Centre in July 2008.

Since that time, Kathy has been teaching and promoting IFD in Mississauga and surrounding area. Her goal is to grow the popularity of International Folk Dance in the local community.

International Folk Dance Information:
History, General Information, Related Websites

Folk Dances from Around the World (The World Dance Series)
Folk Dances from
Around the World
(The World Dance Series)
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Andy Pollock's Folk Dance Page. Syllabus Menu includes step-by-step instructions on how to do a number of folk dances, e.g. Andy's Oberek (Poland), Staro Ratarsko (Serbia) by Dave Skidmore, and many other detailed folk dance steps.

Crescent City International Dancers. What to Wear to folk dance.

Dick Oakes' International Folk Dance Resources . Include: Standardized Abbreviations for International Folk Dance Descriptions. International Folk Dance Articles. Folk Dancing and Health by John Gratiot, M.D. Folk Dance for Health by Rick Allen. The Teaching of Folk Dancing: An Overview by Dick Oakes.

Folk Dance Etiquette by Dick Oakes.

History of Traditional Dance by Jenna E. Caputo, eHow.com. "Traditional dance, also called folk dance, dates back before history was officially documented."

International folk dance from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

International Folk Dance. Blog spot and clearing house for more information about International Folk Dance, includes links to videos.

Learning to Folk Dance. Folk Dance Tips from International Folk Dance in Lawrence, Kansas.

What Is Folk Dancing? By David Fankhauser. "Folk dancing is a form of dance which originates as a cultural expression from people around the world at the level of the village . . . It is unexcelled as a cross cultural activity."

International Folk Dancing Videos

International Folk Dance. YouTube video, 4:07 min.
International Folk Dance 9. YouTube video, 0:57 min.

1. Asia

Chinese amazing traditional dance "Ta Ge". YouTube video, 5:39 min.
Chinese traditional dance "Tao Yao". YouTube video, 5:12 min.
Aboriginal dance in Taiwan. Taiwanese folk dance. YouTube video, 1:37 min.
Korean Fan Dance. YouTube video, 4:02 min.
Traditional Japanese Dance. YouTube video, 3.55 min.
Geisha Dance - Memoirs of a Geisha. YouTube video, 2:03 min.
Maiko dance in a Kyoto hotel. YouTube video, 4:10 min.
Robot Doing Japanese Folk Dance. YouTube video, 0:50 min.
Thai Folk Dance - ramthai. YouTube video, 7:34 min.
Thai Dance - 4 Regions. YouTube video, 5:09 min.
Traditional Vietnamese Fan Dance performed at VSA UCI's Culture Night "1306". YouTube video, 2:24 min.
HJ1:Authentic (real) Bharatanatyam Bharatnatyam Indian dance. YouTube video, 5:12 min.
Punjabi Folk Dance. YouTube video, 5:15 min.
LAWISWIS KAWAYAN: Philippine Folk Dance. YouTube video, 3:05 min.
PANDERETAS : Philippine Folk Dance. YouTube video, 4:51 min.
Java Traditional Dance. YouTube video, 4:29 min.
Tibetan Folk Dance. (Poor quality). YouTube video, 8:06 min.
tibetan dance. YouTube video, 3:39 min.

2. Middle East

Lebanese Folk Dance - Dabke Ala Dalouna Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group. Lebanese folk dance. YouTube video, 3:36 min.
Iranian Folk Dance. YouTube video, 6:13 min.
Iraqi Folk Dance. YouTube video, 6:12 min.
Turkish Folk Dance. YouTube video, 1:00 min.
Turkish traditional dance 1. YouTube video, 0:34 min.

3. Africa

Traditional African Dance. YouTube video, 1:34 min.
South Africa - Zulu traditional Dance - Awesome!!!! YouTube video, 0.25 min.
Swazi Dance. YouTube video, 0.41 min.
Pretty Zulu Girls show their wedding dance. YouTube video, 3:18 min.

4. North America

Pow Wow. North American Indian folk dance. YouTube video, 3:53 min.
Hopi Eagle Dance. YouTube video, 7:56 min.

5. Central America

Mexican Folk Dancing. YouTube video, 0:42 min.
Mexican Folk Dances. YouTube video, 2:15 min.

6. South America

Dance of the Amazon Indians. YouTube video, 3:11 min.
Peru Huayno Dance. YouTube video, 3:19 min.

7. Europe

Bulgarian Folk Dance. YouTube video, 5:56 min.
Hopak - Ukrainian Dance. YouTube video, 6:38 min.
Dance of the Zaporozhian/Ukrainian Cossacks. YouTube video, 5:57 min.
Irish Dance. YouTube video, 3:24 min.
Riverdance "Thunderstorm". YouTube video, 2:07 min.
Lord of the Dance - Cry of the Celts [Michael Flatley]. YouTube video, 4:56 min.
Danish Folkdance. YouTube video, 0:45 min.
Folk Fair - Scottish Dance. YouTube video, 0:54 min.
Magnificent Mazowsze - Polish Folk Dance. YouTube video, 8:45 min.
Hungarian traditional folk dance 1: Somogyi táncok. YouTube video, 7:13 min.
Zorba the Greek. YouTube video, 3:42 min.German Dancing. YouTube video, 4:36 min.
Bavaria Schuhplattler part 2. German folk dance. YouTube video, 2:48 min.

8. Australia, South Pacific

Aboriginal Dance Theater, Kuranda, Australia. YouTube video, 0:53 min.
Cook Islands Dance - Tiare Tipani. YouTube video, 3:57 min.
Marvelous Hula Dance - Hawaii. Hawaiian folk dance. YouTube video, 3:03 min.