Rules and info for trading...

Please note: I'm just an anime fan, and I am not a professional distributor. If you want high quality crisp clear copies of fansubs, then you're probably better off either finding someone else or actually buying the LD and sub the program yourself. However, if you just want to check out some new fansubs, or maybe fill in some gaps in your collection, then please feel free to request a trade.

Rules and info for trading:
1) I am NOT looking for any Dragonball fansubs.
2) I trade one tape for each one tape you give me (unless we work something out, like if you have cosplay videos).
3) If you e-mail me for a trade, you must send first.
4) Some mixing and matching allowed, if you are willing to do the same for me.
5) Tape brand doesn't matter too much to me, just as long as they aren't super cheap.

1) Choose the title(s) you are interested in from my fansub list.
2) E-mail me * with either your fansub list or a link to your fansub list, and if possible, the titles you might be interested in.
3) I will reply (usually within 24-48 hours). Once we have reached an agreement, I will give you my mailing address.
4) Please check the status page to see if your name appears.

*New Rule: I'm happy to answer your questions about my tapes, but please don't make a request until you are ready to send your money/tapes. I used to get hit was a bunch of people saying they want x number of tapes, but after a month, they still haven't sent their letter. If you don't have the money right now, or you're not able to hook up two vcrs, then please don't submit a request yet!! I estimate my turnaround time from the number of requests I get, so I'd appreciate your understanding.

My current wants (subject to change):
You're Under Arrest - any I don't already have
Lupin III - any I don't already have
Akazukin Chacha Live Action Musical 1-3 subtitled
Ranma 1/2 episodes that haven't been released by VIZ yet
Anything of Macross that I don't have (subbed or raw Japanese)
Any Robotech stuff (and I mean anything) that I don't have
Older Anime shows (like Mach Go Go Go, Go Lion... even Hello Kitty)
Anime music videos
there's other stuff I just can't think of right now... what do you have? ^_-

Any camcorder footage of an anime con you went to (I will trade 2 for 1 for this!!)
Any cosplay/masquerade contest videos (I will trade 2 for 1 for this!!!)
Tomo Sakurai concerts or videos
Megumi Hayashibara concerts or videos
just about any seiyuu concert ^_-
Sentai / Tokusatsu programs
Import Anime magazines such as Newtype, Animage, Hobby Japan, etc.
Anything Macross or Robotech related that I don't have (trust me, I don't have much)
anime cels (I don't expect anyone to offer me any, but just in case...)
G.I. Joe 5-part cartoon :The MASS Device"
Comic books (click here for my want list)
anything relating to WWF wrestler Molly Holly

If you want to trade, I'll do my hardest to help you, but please make sure you give me a something to choose from. Don't just offer me End of Evangelion or something and then get offended when I say "no thanks".

The number one rule: NO DRAGONBALL No offense, but I just don't like it.

Thanks for looking. Click here to return to my crappy fansub page. 1

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