Refuting Kemp
March of the Titans, Chapter 65
The White Master Goes Home: The Collapse of Colonialism
Arthur Kemp writes
Colonialism: Portuguese Decolonization follows anti-guerilla wars in Angola and Mozambique
Portugal held on to its African colonies the longest, ending up fighting a vicious war with the locals in both Angola and Mozambique. However, a change of government in Portugal itself in 1974 saw the Portuguese dump their colonies overnight: the very opposite of the dignified British departures, not that it made much difference to the state of the respective colonies. In addition to Angola and Mozambique, the other two remaining Portuguese possessions which became independent in 1974, were Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau.
The truth
The revolution happened in 1974, all the colonies gained their independence in 1975, and the colonies that existed were: Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde and S. Tomé e Principe. In Asia, there were also the colonial possessions of  East Timor and Macao.
Refuting Kemp
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