Refuting Kemp
March of the Titans, Chapter 52
Three Fifths of a Person
The History of Slaves
Arthur Kemp writes
The Portuguese first started importing large numbers of Blacks from their colonies in Africa in 1444 - primarily to work on agricultural plantations in rural Portugal. By 1460, the records show that they were importing over 1000 Black slaves every year to Portugal from trading posts and forts established on the African coast.
This process continued for many years - it is estimated that eventually just under 12 percent of Portugal's population by the end of the 19th Century was Black. While a large number of Black slaves died childless, a significant number had children with White Portuguese people (males and females): this, together with the influx of Moorish blood, has created the typical mixed race appearance of a large number of Portuguese today.
By the time of the 20th Century, the intermingling of Black genes into the Portuguese gene pool was virtually complete: since that time Portugal has became famous as one of the most underdeveloped states on the European continent.
The truth
According to Arthur Kemp, the Portuguese population in 1550 was 10% black, with a continuous mixing between the Portuguese population and those black slaves. This means that the black population would start reducing its numbers almost upon arrival, since most blacks were mixing with whites. If by the XIX century 12% of the Portuguese population were still black africans, then we, the 20th century white Portuguese, would have frizzy hair, prognathism, wide noses etc etc. We wouldn't be Arthur Kemp's mulattos, we would be closer to Mr. Kemp's own countrymen - black South Africans.
As to underdevelopment, Portugal may be (arguable) the least developed country in the EU, but not of Europe Mr. Kemp. It is doing a lot better than any Eastern European country, and a hell of a lot better than Mr. Kemp's homeland, South Africa. Portugal is also one of the safest countries in Europe, if not the safest. The thousands of Northern Europeans that are moving permanently to Portugal are the best evidence one could ask for.
Refuting Kemp
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