Gallery of Portuguese Women
This photo gallery has the non-scientific - and yet still interesting - intention of showing how the phenotypes change throughout Portugal. It also has the intention of refuting those that claim that there are major diferences between the North and the South. I organised the pictures as follows:

1) cities north of the Douro river are considered northern Portuguese
2) cities south of the Douro and north of the Tagus are considered central Portuguese
3) cities south of the Tagus are considered southern Portuguese

By using this system I was sometimes forced to place women born in cities 20 km apart into two different groups. I found a few pictures of Azoreans and of Portuguese women that were born in our former African colonies and in Brasil that were grouped simply to save space and for no other reason.
Northern Portugal

- From Oporto
From other cities
Central Portugal

- From Lisbon (1, 2, 3)
From other cities
Southern Portugal
Women born in the Azores, Brasil, and Africa
Portuguese women of unknown birthplace (1, 2, 3)
Women with mixed European ancestry
Women of African descent or with recent African admixture
Refuting Kemp
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