Refuting Racial Myths
Negroid DNA in Portugal (Part II)
Refuting Racial Myths writes
"There is no doubt that some Portuguese do in fact show Negroid traits. European travellers in previous centuries remarked on this fact, and even some modern Portuguese will acknowledge the presence of Negroid traits in Portugal. In particular, I know of a Portuguese individual who has noted that some of the inhabitants of the central Portuguese town of Nazare are "negro looking". After examining photos of Nazare residents (see below), I have to concur. Note: these photos date from ca. 1970 and earlier, and Nazare is a fishing village 150 km north of Lisbon, ruling out the possibility that these individuals are recent immigrants. These Portuguese show clear Negroid strains."
The truth
I would love to read some of remarks produced by those non identified European travellers. I would also love to engage in a conversation (in Portuguese, of course) with Refuting Racial Myths' "Portuguese" friend. Why any Portuguese would befriend a Nazi-wannabe (and why would a Nazi wannabe befriend an "inferior decadent mulatto") is something that I will never understand. Another thing that I do not understand is why his "Portuguese" friend doesn't know how to write in correct Portuguese: the village's name is Nazaré (after Nazareth), and the local population is obviously not "negro looking" at all. Unlike some southern Portuguese villages in the Alentejo countryside, Nazaré never had any noticeable African population, even after the colonial wars.
Anyone is able to tell that children and old people are unsuited, for obvious reasons, to be used as examples on how a population looks like.
I should say that when I asked simple informations about Refuting Racial Myths' source (simple things like the colour of his ID card) in order to test how "Portuguese" his friend really was, I was obviously ignored just as expected. Apparently there is a limit to imagination.
Examples of Portuguese "Mulattos"
Picture 1
Refuting Racial Myths writes
(1) Notice the position of the malars (cheekbones) and the overall shape of the face; flattened nose; texture of the hair
The truth
I can't see her malars, neither can anyone without X-ray vision. The nose is not flat and the woman's hair probably hasn't seen a coam and hair conditioner for some time. With all due respect, she is fat and unattractive but that never made anyone mixed-race.
Picture 2
Refuting Racial Myths writes
(2) platyrrhine nose; frizzy hair
The truth
This girl does have a wide nose. Her hair is obviously not frizzy, it is straight. Having a wide nose (particularly when one is smiling) never made anyone Negroid. The fact that she was probably still growing when this picture was taken (the nose is one of the first parts of the face to develop during the growth stage), is yet another factor that should have kept Refuting Racial Myths from using her as a "valid" source. Shame on him.
I am quite glad that Mick Hucknall is not Portuguese. Had he been born in Portugal, Refuting Racial Myths would be keen to point out Mick's hair as an irrefutable proof of Negroid admixture due to the slave trade.
As far as I know, Victoria Beckham has no Portuguese ancestry. I'll leave to the reader whether or nor Posh Spice qualifies as someone of mixed ancestry to a white supremacist.
And how about this Scottish model? Would a racist like Refuting Racial Myths consider her of "mixed ancestry" even though Scots have less than 1% Negroid DNA?
Pictures 3 and 4
Refuting Racial Myths writes
(3) even in this blurry pic, the boy's non-Caucasoid heritage is obvious (4) prognathism; receding chin; low-rooted nose; characteristically Negroid zygomatics
The truth
I see a chubby kid with straight hair [upper left]. The old woman [side view, holding a baby] does not have a receding chin nor prognathism, and of course her nose isn't low rooted. Her zygomatics are owed to old age and to nothing else. As I already said, old people and children are of little use to analyse facial traits. Shame on him for the second time.
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