Refuting Racial Myths - Admixture in Europe
Refuting Racial Myths writes the following in his page "Admixture in Europe":
Note: "Neolithic" markers (HG9 and HG21) in Central and Northern Europe are probably genuinely Neolithic. The same can't necessarily be said in Greece, Portugal, southern Spain, or southern Italy, where more recent gene flow is likely indicated (Richards et al. 2002)"
However, what is in the study itself is only this much:
"The analysis for eastern Mediterranean Europe indicated a very high frequency (20%) of recent gene flow, as compared with only 10% Neolithic input. It would be necessary to perform a similar founder analysis (using, for example, a large panel of fast-evolving micro-satellites) to see whether a proportion of the putative Y chromosome Neolithic types in Europe are actually of more recent origin
It is quite explicit that the only place where a mtDNA Middle-Eastern "recent gene flow" was found was in the Eastern Mediterranean Europe, but not in Portugal or in Southern Spain. About the Y chromosomes, the researchers do not know if it is post-Neolithic or not.
Refuting Racial Myths even went as far as to "assume" - to avoid saying that he deliberately lied - that the chosen Spaniard sample was made up of "southern Spaniards". The 217 individuals studied in the Iberian Peninsula were the same people studied in this study:  
- 54 Portuguese (C˘rte-Real et al. 1996)
- 71 Spaniards (C˘rte-Real et al. 1996)
- 92 Galicians (Salas et al. 1998)
I couldn't help noticing that while Refuting Racial Myths uses Gonzalez et al.'s "Mitochondrial DNA affinities at the Atlantic fringe of Europe" study as a reference, he "conveniently forgets" to include the Negroid marker N/M/L3. It goes without saying that his estimations for the Negroid mtDNA in Europeans are incorrect.
The content of this page was almost entirely elaborated by a valuable collaborator of mine called Javier, who spotted these lies in Anon's "Refuting Racial Myths" site.
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