1988 Volvo 240   *Updated 10/11

European Motors
Volvo Sales and Serivce for 30 years
2861 Perkiomen Ave.
Reading, PA 19606

17" Smith Racing Wheels

I have finally added 17" wheels to my car.  They are Smith Racing Wheels, 17x7.  They have Falken 215-45-17 Ziex high performance tires on them

This car is a project car being built by European Motors, the shop my dad owns, and I work for. I own the car, and I have done all the work so far, with the help of my dad and everything in the shop.

I bought this car from my father 2 years ago when I was 16.  My father is a Volvo dealer, so I purchased it through the company.  It is a 1988 240 Wagon, and of course a 5-speed. 

Close Up of Wheels




VolvoSport Gallery

-MOMO Steering Wheel (an older one)
-Corebeau Racing Seats
-No rear seat to save weight
-Two-tone interior color
-New door panels with power windows
-Volt.,Oil Pres.,Turbo gauges mounted on dash board.
-White gauge faces on spedo, large tach, gas, and temp gauges. 
-I have also ordered white faces for the smaller volt.,oil pressure,oil temp.and turbo gauges

On Sunday, August 27, I completed putting the new engine in my car.  There was a lack of power because of a disapointing camshaft from ipd.  As soon as I get the new cam in I'll give you an update.

  -B230 Non-Turbo block
-Ported and polished head and intake
-K&N free flow filtercharge, no air box
-KG Tuning Racing Cam
-Tuned header system from KG Tuning of Sweden, eliminating exhaust manifold
-2.5" free flow exhaust, empty cat, dual exhaust with twin chrome tips (4 in all)

-MPV large throttle body
-NGK dual spark plugs

I returned the ipd VX camshaft because it did NOTHING.  The engine doesn't pull over 4500rpm, and I couldn't even get the cam to work on idle.  I have ordered a more radiacal cam from KG Tuning where I got the header from, this is there racing cam.  Hopefully it will give me the power I am looking for.  The VX just didn't feel any stronger than stock.

NEW Interior Pic#1

NEW Interior Pic#2

-Winsheild Decal    VOLVO, European Motors Racing Shop
-New Winsheild Decal from ipd,  ipd, The Volvo Specialists


Engine in Car#1

Engine in Car#2

ATE Rotors Pic#1

ATE Rotors Pic#2

Engine Pic#1

Engine Pic#2


-ipd Lowering Springs.  Since the picture I cut them, and the car is 1 inch lower in the front.  So about 2-2.5 all together.
-ipd large sway bars
-New Team Dynamic Wheels on the way.
-White Painted Brembo Calipers
-ATE Vented and Slotted Rotors

2.5" tuned free flow exhaust with twin chrome tips.  Very good sound because of the system being tuned to a Volvo.

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Johan's Swedish Rocket, and tons of pics

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-Dave is a cool guy who helped me get the Spoilerkit for my car.  He also has a 240 wagon, with a big Turbo engine.

I just (on 8/18) installed power windows in my car.  As you know '88 never came with them.  I have an old '81 Turbo wreck that I stole all of the door panels, switches, window motors, complete wiring harness, arm rests etc.  I wanted to make it look like a complete factory job.  It's done, and I have the luxery of power.

This is my dad's baby, a 1957 Porsche 356 Coupe.  It is one of his two race cars, and 3 Porsches all together.  The other cars are a 1964 SC coupe, and a spectacular 1959 RSK Spyder, no joke for those of you who know what they are.  He bought the 356 Coupe last year for vintage racing, he has owned the SC Coupe since he was 21, and the RSK was bought in 1969 as his first real race car!  There were only about 30 Spyders ever made, and this one used to belong to Recardo Rodriguez, the brother of famous Porsche driver Pedro.

I have the picture gallery up.  It only has Volvo's that are modified.

VolvoSport Gallery

I will be uploading some pictures from my Volvo archives.  These are some of the most modified and sweet looking Volvo's in the world.  I haven't seen most of their pics anywhere else.  Get them up soon!

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