1.  What is Tansy's nickname for Arven (especially when she's annoyed with him)?

2.  Which two groups serve as Ublaz's law-enforcers?

3.  What are the Tears of all Oceans?

4.  Which two weasels stole the Tears?

5.  What is the ship Freebooter's identifying feature?

6.  How are Barranca and Conva related?

7.  What was Durral's former position before he was made Abbot?

8.  Who was Higgle Stump's father?

9.  What's the name of the instrument with 3 strings, played on the headspikes of hedgehogs?

10.  Where did Rollo find Fermald's letter?

11.  What kind of snake is Ublaz's pet?

12.  Who is Rafglan?

13.  How many daggers does Rasconza have?

14.  What is kept in a kilderkin?

15.  Name one of Trident-rats that Ublaz promoted to Captain.

16.  Where in Fermald's attic did Arven, Diggum and Gurrbowl hide?

17.  What is the correct name for the plant maidenhair?

18.  Name one of the Captains appointed by Rasconza.

19.  Who was made steersrat of the Bloodkeel?

20.  What did Martin & Co and the shrews name Grath's new boat?

21.  Where was the clue to the fifth pearl found?

22.  What does Hawm mean?

23.  What is a hunnymole?

24.  Where does the Holt of Wallyum Rudderwake live?

25.  What color are the feathers on Inbar's arrows?

26.  Who are the Abbey beekeepers?

27.  Where does the mason bee make its nest?

28.  Clecky takes seven weapons from the Waveworm before the battle - name one.

29.  What does Clecky rename the Freebooter?

30.  How long did the feast at the end of the book last?

31.  What is Tansywine made of?

32.  How many verses was Clecky's ballad of his adventures?
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