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What is available in this Archive?


Since 1970 I have published materials about the political situation in Italy, viewed from the perspective of the revolutionary Left. Those materials have been published as Red Notes pamphlets.


In the course of my activities I have collected a large amount of documentary material. That material is now a historical Archive, and I am in the processing of housing it in appropriate institutions.


How can you access this Archive material?


A large part of the material is lodged at the British Library of Political and Economic Science in London (the LSE Library). There it can be consulted by any member of the public who wishes to use it


The LSE Red Notes Archive can be accessed here:


For access, contact the Librarian at


     Address: LSE Library, 10 Portugal Street, London, WC2A 2HD


     View on Google maps


     Telephone: 020 7955 7229


     Email: [email protected]



                           A sizeable proportion of the material, including most of the books, is

                           NOT currently housed at BLPES. Negotiations are under way with other

                           institutions for storage of the remaining material. Materials will be stored at the

                           Bishopsgate Institute in London, and the University Library in Cambridge.


What are the future plans for the archive?


I am producing an Archive Listing of everything contained in the archive. That Archive listing is appended below. Eventually it will be produced in small pamphlet form.


I am hoping that some of the materials contained in the archive will eventually become available on-line, for people to download. However, that will take a while coming.


For the moment the materials exist only in the form contained below.


I hope that you find the Archive of interest.


La lotta continua.


17 August 2021




Brief historical note outlining the importance of the Archive:


Harry Cleaver – Introduction to “Reading Capital Politically”:


“Trying to understand these threads and the lines of their influence on my collaborators in that journal led me to Europe in the summer of 1978. In a whole series of encounters that proved enormously informative, I began to piece together the political and intellectual history of the various ideas and politics. In England I met with John Merrington and Ed Emery, two key figures in the circulation of Italian New Left ideas into England, and hence to the US. In John's Offord Road apartment I spent many hours in conversation about intellectual and political developments in Italy and their influence in England. I also spent several days reading through his handwritten translations of Italian texts, many of which had not been published at that time. With Ed Emery I discovered Red Notes, a series of publications that included translations from the Italian produced by John and him to influence the pattern of workers' struggles in England. […]


“Along with all these discussions, and my efforts to reconstruct the threads of ideas I had come to study, I also began to gather historical materials, key texts in which these ideas had been laid out and developed. It was clear that I would have to learn Italian, at least a reading comprehension, to come to grips with the very large numbers of books, journal articles and pamphlets generated in the tumultuous and creative world of the Italian New Left -- most of which were untranslated and unknown in the English speaking world despite the valiant efforts of John Merrington and Ed Emery. A first synthetic reconstruction of the history of these ideas, based on these discussions and on the materials gathered, makes up a substantial portion of the latter half of the introduction to this book. The materials themselves make up the sizeable collection contained in The Texas Archives of Autonomist Marxism.(7)”




For further information about the Red Notes Italian Archive, write to:


E-mail: [email protected]






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Section 1: Documents

RN 1 Toni Negri, "Marx on the Cycle and the Crisis" (written 1967, pub. 1972), trans. from Operai e Stato. A political interpretation of crisis theory from Marx and Schumpeter to Keynes and Lenin. (54pp A4 photostat).

RN 2 Nanni Balestrini, We Want Everything (1971), draft trans. of excerpts, RN. A fictionalised first-hand account of the Hot Autumn of 169. (5pp A4 typescript).

RN 3 Italy: State Terror and Proletarian Counter-Power, pub. Revolutionary Struggle, Dublin, 1977. Overview of period 1945-77; documents from FIAT, BR and Aut Op. (22pp A4 pamphlet).

RN 4 Class Struggle in Italy: October 1974, pub. Big Flame, 1974. Material on Italian political crisis, FIAT restructuring, community struggles. (20pp A4 pamphlet).

RN 5 "Contradictions of Theory or Defeat of Practice?", by Sergio Bologna trans. RN from Lotta Continua, 20. 9. 77, now in RN Working Class Autonomy... , 1979. Analysis of current Italian class composition and implications for political direction. (10pp A4 photocopy ).

RN 6 "Arrest of Out of Town Students", pub. in English by Out-of-Town Students, Struggle Committee, Rome, 28. 7. 77. Leaflet produced in English and French for benefit of tourists.

RN 7 "The Sacrifices We Are Demanding from the Workers". Interview with L. Lama, Trans. RN from La Repubblica, 24. 1. 78; now in RN Living with an Earthquake. In a sensational interview, top "communist" union leader reveals his true colours. (2pp A4 typescript).

RN 8 Excerpts from an article in Paris Match, 1977, Trans. RN, dealing with the level of class confrontation in Italy. (lp A4 typescript).

RN 9 Keynes and the Capitalist Theory of the State in 1929, by Toni Negri, draft trans. from Operai e Stato (1972). An analysis of Keynes' work as one response within capital to the post-WWI cycle of class struggle, and within the development of the state. (49pp A4 photostat).

RN 10 Take Over the City, pub. Lotta Continua, 1973 (?). Pamphlet of translated articles dealing with housing and community struggles, arising out of LC slogan "Prendiamoci La Citta". (36pp, A4 pamphlet).

RN 11 "23 Years at FIAT", interview with Franco Platania, Trans. RN, 1972 (?). Now in RN Working Class Autonomy... Personal account of a FIAT militant's political evolution, 1950-73. (9pp A4 duplicated).

RN 12 "Porto Marghera: An Analysis of Workers' Struggles and the Capitalists' Attempt to Restructure the Chemical Industry: A Workers' Inquiry", Trans. RN from Potere Operaio, Nov. 1973. Document examining changes in class composition in one of PO's traditional bases of support. (llpp A4 duplicated).

RN 13 "The Present Situation at FIAT", trans. RN from Lotta Continua, June 1974. Articles bv some workers and G. Viale on restructuring at FIAT. (2pp A4 typescript).

RN 14 "Beyond FIAT", trans. RN from Bulletin of the National Commission of Workers' Struggles, 1974. Article on restructuring at FIAT and its subsidiary firms. (7pp A4 duplicated).

RN 15 "Notes on the Crisis", trans. RN from Lotta Continua Conference Document, January 1975. Restructuring at a world level, the "new model of development", as analysed for LC Conference. (8pp A4 typescript).

RN 16 "The Unhappy Adventures of 'Alice' in Blunderland: Counter-culture, Revolt and Repression in the Heart of Italy's 'Red Belt'. 1111, by Suzanne Cowan, Radical America. Examines the response of the PCI to Radio Alice and the movement in Bologna. (llpp A5 newsprint).

RN 17 Struggle in Italy, pub. 'Fight On', London, 1975 (?). Pamphlet by Lotta Continua comrades in Britain, with material on the political situation and struggles in housing, the armed forces and by the unemployed, in Italy. (20pp A4 duplicated).

RN 18 "Interview with 2 Milan Students", pub. Rebel No. 7 (25. 2. 79). Discussion o. t the decline of the student movement. lp A4 photostat).

RN 19 Bulletin No. 1 of Milan Lotta Continua Women's Collective, trans. Big Flame (1975?). Examines experiences of women's interventions in housing struggles, in factories, in schools and the Catholic University. (12pp A4 duplicated).

RN 20 Immobilism and Crisis: Politics and the Italian Trade Unions, by B. Bye and R. Usher, Department of Extra-Mural Studies, University of Southampton (no date) (57pp, A4 pamphlet).

RN 21 "Interview with L. Parlanti", Trans. RN from Primo Maggio 9/10 Edited version now in RN Working Class Autonomy... Personal account by a militant of working at FIAT at the time of the Piazza Statuto revolt. (20pp A4 photocopy).

RN 22 "Factory and Society", by Mario Tronti, Trans. RN from Operai e Capitale lq65. D. , @l- +rp,. Tis. of essay from 1962 presenting the development of the "social factory". (20pp A4 typescript).

RN 23 "Italy 1973: Workers Struggles in the Capitalist Crisis", Trans. RN from Potere Operaio (1973;. Mimeographed article reprinted from Radical America. (8pp A4 duplicated).

RN 24 "What is the Working Class", document produced by Potere Operaio (no date), trans RN. (14pp A4 duplicated).

RN 25 "The Crisis of the Revolutionary Left", by Riccardo Albione, International Socialism (SWP) (New series) No . Article written by a "critical member of Democrazia Proletaria". (5pp A4 photostat).

RN 26 "Statement by L. Colletti", trans RN, 1978. An excerpt in which Colletti, hero of UK New Left, calls for "firm measures" (ie sacrifices by the working class and proletariat) in order to save the Republic.

RN 27 "Liberty and Power Do Not Go Together", interview with J. P. Sartre, trans. PA from Lotta Continua, 15. 9. 77. A discussion with Sartre dealing with repression in Europe, and the relevance or otherwise of Marxism to social change. (4pp A4 photostat).

RN 28 Organising for Revolution, by G. Sofri and F. Capotti, 1971. Trans. from speech given by 2 Lotta Continua members at the Telos international conference in 1971, presenting their organisation's perspectives. (10pp A4 photostat).

RN 29 "Class Composition and the Theory of the Party at the Origins of the Workers' Council Movement", by Sergio Bologna, trans. Telos No. 13 from Operai e Stato, 1972. Essay written in 1967 comparing class composition and political organisation in Germany, Russia and the USA. (12pp A4 photostat).

RN 30 "Surplus Value and Planning: Notes on the Reading of Capital", by R. Panzieri, trans. Julian Bees, in CSE Books: Labour Process. .

Article from Quaderni Rossi arguing that planning is not foreign to capitalism but is crucial for its continued domination, starting from the workplace itself. (llpp A4 photostat). .

RN 31 "Workers and Capital", by Mario Tronti, trans. Telos No. 14 (Winter 1972) from Operai e Capitale. Postscript to the book, written after Tronti's return to the PCI. (19pp A4 photostat).

RN 32 "Social Struggles in Italy – Movements of Self-Reduction in Turin", by E. Cherki and M. Wieviorka, trans. Big Flame from Les Temps Modernes June 1975. Now in Semiotexte Autonomia. (9pp foolscap duplicated).

RN 33 "Porto Marghera – Self-Reduction of Electricity Bills". Interview with Porto Marghera worker, trans. RN, looking at the role of Autonomia Operaia in the self-reduction struggles. (4pp A4 typescript).

RN 34 "Notes on Milan – Summer 1974". Account by Big Flame members of visit to occupied factory and discussions with Alfa Romeo militants and members of Lotta Continua on community struggles. (10pp A4 duplicated)

RN 35 "Retuming to Mama or Fighting Reformism", article by Bob Lumley on the state of the Far Left after the Bologna conference, pub. Leveller , Dec 1977. (lp A4 newsprint)

RN 36 "Capital and Class at FIAT: Midpoint in an International Cycle", part R. Alquati draft trans. RN of booklet, pub 1967. (4pp A4 typescript).

RN 37 "Class and Capital in France from the Popular Front to Vichy", article by Sergio Bologna, pub Classe Operaia, 196 . (26pp A4 photostat)

RN 38 "Working Class Struggle in Italy". Special issue of Radical America (Vol. 7/2, March-April 1973) devoted to struggles in Italy. Materials from LC, Pot Op, Aut Op; in particular Sofri's article "Organising for Workers' Power". (120pp A5 pamphlet).

RN 39 Potere Operaio: A Selection (Sept '69-April '70) Articles from the newspaper Potere Operaio, dealing with the Hot Autumn, immigration of workers, and the role of the State and the PCI. (63pp A4 pamphlet)

RN 40 "Theses on the Crisis", article by Toni Negri. Trans. RN. Examination of capital's global restructuring and its political implications. Now in RN Working Class Autonomy...

RN 41 "Eurocommunism versus Semiological Delinquency". Article by Meaghan Morris, in P. Foss, M. Morris (ed. ) Language, Sexuality and Subversion (Sydney 1978) An account of Radio Alice and the movement of 1977, drawing on q-A Macciocchi and French accounts. (35pp A5 newsprint)

RN 42 "Italy – June 1974". Selection of newsclippings from the British Press. (18pp A4 photostat).

RN 43 "Discussions with Lotta Continua on Organisation"- Big Flame discussion document, 197 . (3pp A4 duplicated)

RN 44 "Discussions with Lotta Continua". Big Flame discussion document dealing with the strategy of Take Over the City, and FIAT Mirafiori, 1974. (6pp A4 duplicated).

RN 45 "Meeting with Lotta Continua in Milan". Big Flame discussion document, dealing with changes in class composition and the nature of the proletariat. July 1974. (3pp A4 duplicated).

RN 46 "Revolutionary Newspapers in Italy", article by Nino di Marco, Imprecor (?) 197 . (2pp A4 photostat)

RN 47 "The Medium Term Program of the PCIII, article by Livio Maitan, Imprecor (?) 197 . (8pp A4 photostat).

RN 48 Letter from Sergio Bologna about the Movement, trans. RH from Lotta Continua 16 March 1977, reprinted in RN Living with an Earthquake. (3pp A4 typescript).

RN 49 "FIAT: The Workers want the Students on Friday's Strike and at the Factory Gates". Interview with some workers on the student movement and the events of Bologna and Rome. Trans. RN Lotta Continua March (?) 1977. 3pp A4 typescript).

RN 50 "Self-Criticism", letter to Lotta Continua, 17 March 1977, trans RN, condemning senseless destruction of property at the March 12th demo in Rome.

RN 51 "Italy – October 1974", collection of notes and leaflets. Some overlap RN4, includes RN 33. (27pp A4 typescript).

RN 52 -

RN 53 "A Letter from Bologna", 17 March 1977. Letter from a comrade in Bologna describing the clashes after Lo Russo's death. (4pp A4 duplicated).

RN 54 "Take Over the City: Notes on the Introduction". Notes on the Lotta Continua Take Over the City programme. (9pp A4 photostat).

RN 55 "Take over the City" – Notes for a Meeting. Discussion notes, pub. BF 15 October 1973. (4pp A4 photostat).

RN 56 "What Are the Workers Doing?" article from Lotta Contini 3. q, trans RN, April 1977. Report on meeting of factory committees in Milan, against the PCI/union social contract: the Lirico Assembly. Also part trans. of article about Lirico Assembly, from Primo Maggio, Spring 1977. (4pp A4 typescript).

RN 57 "Special Measures in Rome for a Student Demonstration", Trans. RN from Le Monde, 13 March 1977. On the demonstration of March 12th and the emergence of the 1977 movement. (3pp A4 typescript).

RN 58 "Cossiga Defends the Use of Tanks and Fears the Workers", article Trans. RN from Lotta Continua, 28 March 1977. (2pp A4 typescript).

RN 59 "Who We Are". Article by Lotta Continua, trans. Big Flame. Sets out the specific politics and traditions of LC, at a time when the positions of the Hot Autumn begin to be rethought. Pub. 1972. (13pp A4 duplicated).

RN 60 "Italy 1973 – Report of a discussion with members of Lotta Continua", BF discussion document, pub. 1 January 1974. On the political situation, the PCI, factory delegates, women's struggles and the oil crisis. (12pp A4 duplicated).

RN 61 "Money and Crisis: Marx as Correspondent of the New York Daily Tribune 1856-57". Article by Sergio Bologna, trails. JMl from Primo Maggio 1. Opened debate on the relationship between Marx's work on money and the crisis in the 1970s. Draft trans. (52pp A4 photostat).

RN 62 "Social Capital". Article by Mario Tr6. nti, trans Telos No. 17 (197 Different translation of RN 22. (24pp A5 newsprint .

RN 63 "Organising at FIAT" Big Flame discussion document, July/August 1974. Looks at the role of Lotta Continua, the CUB, Manifesto, the CP and the unions at FIAT. Also the question of mobility and layoffs at FIAT.

RN 64 "Italian Analyses of Class Struggle and the State". Article by Gisela Bock, pub. Kapitalistate No. 1 (197 ). Review of the German editions of Operai e Capitale by Tronti, and anthology from Quaderni Rossi. (2pp A4 photocopy)

RN 65 "The Network of Struggles in Italy", article by Romano Alquati (1969). Examination of the circulation of struggles through different layers of the Italian and European working class. Draft trans. (8pp A4 photostat).

RN 66 "Oil and the World Market: Chronology of a Crisis". Article by Sergio Bologna, Trans. RN from Primo Maggio (1974). (25pp A4 duplicated).

RN 67 "The Struggle in Italy: What's Been Happening in Italy". Parts 1 and 2. 1972. Discussion document, pub. Factfolder, 1973. Discussion of the Hot Autumn, and the role of Lotta Continua and Potere Operaio. (22pp A4 duplicated).

RN 68 "Class Struggle and European Unity". Position paper by Lotta Continua, trans. Big Flame. (7pp foolscap, typescript).

RN 69 1969-70 in Italy: A Wave of Struggles, pub. 1970. (14pp foolscap duplicated).

RN 70 Take Over the City. Programme published by Lotta Continua. 29. 1. 71. (22pp A4 photostat).

RN 71 "Technicians as Producers and Products", article by Sergio Bologna and Francesco Ciafaloni. Examines the role of techical workers in the Hot Autumn and within the current composition of the working class. 1969 lOpp A4 photostat).

RN 72 "Reproductionand Emigration". Article by Maria Roaa Dalla Costa, part draft trans RN. Traces the post-war struggles of women within the restructuring of the European "multinational" working class. 1972. (15pp A4 photostat)

RN 73 "Contradictions in Imperialism". Trans. of Lotta Continua conference document, 1974(?), pub. Big Flame. (14pp A4 duplicated).

RN 74 "The Present Situation in Italy: July 1974"; discussion document by Turin branch of Lotta Continua, trans. Big Flame. 1974. (2pp foolscap duplicated).

RN 75 Discussion in Naples with the local secretariat of Lotta Continua. Big Flame document. 1974 (2pp foolscap duplicated)

RN 76 "Free Radio in Italy", article by M. Grimshaw and C. Gardner, The Leveller (197 ). (4pp A4 newsprint).

RN 77 "Italy 1969-70 – a Wave of Struggles". Article by Potere Operaio summing up the experiences of the Hot Autumn. (14pp A4 duplicated).

RN 78 Take Over the City: From Factory to Society. Trans. of Lotta Continua theoretical perspective behind the slogan "Take Over the City". Lotta Continua, 29. 1. 71. (22pp A4 duplicated)

RN 79 "The Demonstration in Turin Proves the Influence of the Ultra Left". Article from Le Monde, trans. Big Flame, 5 July 1969 (lp A4 photostat).

RN 80 Assorted English-language newsclippings ref. Italy, from 1974. Times and Financial Times.

RN 81 "Notes on a Meeting with Lotta Continua, July 1974: International Class Struggle". Big Flame discussion document. 1974. (2pp A4 duplicated).

RN 82 "The Injustice of Justice". Article from Time magazine, commenting on the Valpreda case. 27 November 1972. (1p A4 newsprint).

RN 83 "Communism is to be found within the struggle of the Working Class". Big Fl

RN 84 "Rome – December 1977: The National Strike of the Metal Workers: 300,000 in the Streets". Article, trans. RN, from Lotta Continua (9pp A4 photostat).

RN 85 "The Rolling Stones in Milan: 5,000 kids clash with police". Article, Trans. RN from Lotta Continua, 15 October 1970. (2pp A4 typescript).

RN 86 "The Base Committees at Pirelli". Article, trans. RN, from Les Temps Modernes August-September 1970. (3pp A4 typescript).

RN 87 "The Hot Autumn in Retrospect: The General Political Situation". Article by Adriano Sofri, Trans. RN, from Comunismo No. 1, Autumn 1970. (8pp A4 typescript).

RN 88 "Red Flags Over Alfa Romeo". Article, trans. RN, from Lotta Continua, 15 October 1970. (4pp A4 typescript).

RN 89 "The Riots in Reggio Calabria". Article, trans. RN, from Internationales Correspondences Ouvrieres No. 100, December 1970. (4pp A4 typescript).

RN 90 "Turin Prisoners go to New Jails after Orgy of Destruction by Rioters". Articles from Times, 14 April 1971. (2pp A4 newsprint).

RN 91 "Ebb Tide: Women in Movement". Article by Silvia Federici, Leopoldina Fortunate, August 1979, on the Italian women's movement in the 1970s. (16pp A4 photostat).

RN 92 "Satirist is Hurt by the Absurdities of Life in Italy". Article about a Dario Fo show in Rome. New York Times, May 22 1980. (lp A4 newsprint).

RN 93 "Memorandum from Prison". Article by Toni Negri, Trans. RN from 7 Aprile Bulletin. (23pp A4 typescript).

RN 94 "Italy in Extremis"- Observer colour supplement on the Italian crisis. 18 June 1978. (19pp A4 newsprint).

RN 95 "Another Avergae Week for Italian Terrorists". Article from Sunday Times colour supplement (?) 1978 (?). (10pp A4 newsprint).

RN 96 "The Ungovernable Factory". Draft article by Hilary Partridge, on the breakdown of production relations at FIAT in the late 1970's. (19pp foolscap typescript).

RN 97 As above, edited and typed. (10pp A4 typescript).

RN 98 "Rioting at FIAT-Mirafiori". Article, trans. RN, from La Stampa, 30 October 1969. (3pp A4 typescript).

RN 99 The Ripening of Time No. 12. Irish theoretical journal. Contains: Overview of recent Italian class history; NAP document, "Initial Phase of Armed Struggle in Italy"; analysis of the NAP experience and political record and collapse; "Strategic Resolution of the Red Brigades"; "The Movement for Workers' Autonomy" (October 1978 Volsci document); Red Brigades dissident document (1978-79); Asinara Red Brigades Prisoners reply (July 1979); Statement from Prima Linea. (100pp A5 pamphlet).

RN 100 "The Struggles at FIAT". Article from Big Flame, November 1980. (lp A4 newsprint).

RN 101 "After Marx, April – Weekend Event on Autonomy". Article about the April 7th 1981 London Conference. (10pp A4 typescript).

RN 102 "After Marx, Jail – Italy 1980-81". Review of RN pamphlet, from Leeds Other Paper, 1981. (lp A4 newsprint).

RN 103 "Comedy of Terrors". Review of Dario Fo's Clacson, Trombette e Pernacchie, Guardian, 6 March 1981. (2pp A4 newsprint).

RN 104 "Italy – 10,000 Charged with Political Crimes". Feature article on the Hot Autumn in Italy. Black Dwarf, 7 March 1970 (3pp A4 newsprint).

RN 105 Special Report on Italy, pub. Times, 27 October 1981. (Bpp A2 newsprint).

RN 106 "Italian Autonomy". Critical letter from Torquato of Rome, pub. Leveller 1981.

RN 107 "Appel a la Formation dune Commission d'Enquete Internationale, sur la Situation Judiciaire et Carcerale en Italie". Draft document, pub. by French April 7th Committee. January 1981. (8pp A4 photostat).

RN 108 Letter from a Prisoner in Cuneo Prison, trans. RN from Lotta Continua 1978 (?). About intramovement violence. (3pp A4 typescript).

RN 109 Letter from a group of Bologna workers, about worker-student relations. Trans. RN from Lotta Continua, 1978 (?). (2pp A4 typescript).

RN 110 "I Still want to be a Woman". Letter from a woman, about 8th March Demo, 1978. Trans. RN from Lotta Continua. (lp A4 typescript).

RN 111 "The Crisis of the Feltrinelli Publishing House". Article, trans. RN, from Controinformazione No. 22, February 1982. (4pp A4 typescript).

RN 112 "The Strike at FIAT-Lingotto: March 1943". Article, trans. RN, from I Comunisti a Torino 1919-72, pub. Ed. Riuniti. (3pp A4 typescript).

RN 113 Letter from Jaroslav Novak, Rebibbia Prison, 8 March 1982, appealing for funds for the forthcoming April 7th trial. Trans. RN. (lp A4 typescript).

RN 114 "The Defendant G. Fornoni Writes of his Capture and Subsequent Torture by the Carabinieri". Article, trans. RN, from Lotta Continua , February 1982. (3pp A4 typescript).

RN 115 "Towards a Typification of Sabotage". Article, draft trans. RN, by M. Berra and M. Revelli, October-November (?) 1980. (9pp A4 typescript).

RN 116 "New Social Subjects at FIAT". Article, draft trans. RN, by Mariella Berra and Marco Revelli, August 1979, pub. Sapere. Results of a sociological questionnaire at FIAT. (5pp A4 typescript).

RN 117 "These 40,000: Where are they coming from, and where are they going?" Part draft trans. RN of article by F. Giustolisi in L'Espresso , No 1980 (?), describing the Cinema Smeraldo meeting of the FIAT 'Consiglione', to end the October strike. (2pp A4 typescript).

RN 118 "Italy's 1970s Government Wage Policies and the Reproduction of the Labour Force", paper by Lisi del Re for a seminar on Economic Policies of Female Labour in Italy and the United States, Padova, 9-11 December 1980.

RN 119 Notes on Romano Alquatils Capital and Class at FIAT: a Mid-Point in the International Cycle. (15pp A4 photostat).

RN 120 Capital and Class at FIAT: a Mid-Point in the International Cycle . Article, part draft trans. RN, by Romano Alquati, for a seminar on "Production and Territory", Florence, April-May 1967.

RN 121 "The Communist Party in Turin: The PCI in the Resistance". Article, draft part trans. RN, by Aldo Agosti, dealing with the period 1941-45 in Turin. Official Party viewpoint. From I Comunisti a Torino 1919-72, pub. Editori Riuniti, 1974.

RN 122 "Petition from the Defendants in the April 7th Case to the Upper Council of the Magistracy – September 1981". Including footnotes and appendices. Trans. RN. (32pp A4 photostat).

RN 123 "A Brief Chronology of the D'Urso Kidnap: December 1980 – January 1981". (lp A4 typescript).

RN 124 Article on the April 7th Case. In Japanese, pub. The Nippon Dokusho Shimbun, 8 March 1982. (2pp A4 newsprint).

RN 125 "Text of the Press Conference Held by the Lawyer Di Giovanni in Rome: 12-1. 82". Regarding the torture of political prisoners. Trans. RN. Includes Times and Sunday Times articles, 7. 3. 82 and 9. 3. 82, on same topic. (6pp A4 typescript).

RN 126 "L'Acqua in Gabbia: Feminism and the Italian Trade Unions". Review article, pub. in Feminist Review 1981. (14pp A4 photostat).

RN 127 "Notes on April 7th 1979". Notes written by Toni Negri from Rebibbia Prison, part trans. RN. (2pp A4 typescript).

RN 128 "Politics in the First Person". Pamphlet, including "The Autonomous Workers' Movement in Italy" by Wicked Messengers, 1974; and "Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Italy" by Claudio Albertani, 1978. Pub. Rising Free Reprint. (16pp A4 pamphlet).

RN 129 "The Labour Process, the State and Changing Forms of Domination – Some Notes". Paper by John Holloway for Labour Process Conference, Mexico City, March 1980. Draws on Tronti, Negri, Bologna. (18pp A4 duplicated).

RN 130 "Small Is Not Beautifaul: Decentralised Production and the Underground Economy in Italy". Article by Phil Mattera, Radical America Vol. No. (10pp A4 photostat).

RN 131 "The Story of a Political Prisoner Who Is On Hunger Strike". Letter and article about the case of Mario Dalmaviva, January 1981, trans. RN. (2pp A4 photostat)

RN 132 "International Commission for the Protection of Prisoners". Statement regarding the formation of an international committee, April 1981. (2pp A4 typescript.

RN 133 "The Chemical Plan: Questions of Method for Analysis of Italy's Chemicals Plan". Article by Sergio Bologna, draft trans. RN from Quaderni Piacentini, January 1973. (29pp A4 typescript).

RN 134 Work Organisation and Trade Union Policy at FIAT. British Trade Union paper. (18pp A4 duplicated).

RN 135 "A Diary of the Last 4 Years of Struggle at FIAT", Chronology, trans. RN from Potere Operaio 1973. Covers period 1969-70. (3pp A4 tyescript).

RN 136 "Militant Capitalism and the Italian Workers". Two articles from The Workers' Dreadnought about the Italian workers' movement. 22 July 1921. T4pp A4 photostat).

RN 137 "Canada Caught in the Middle". Article, pub. Toronto Star, ref. Piperno extradition attempt. 11 October 1981. (2pp A4 photostat).

RN 138 Bulletin of the US Committee Against Repression in Italy (CARI), about the April 7th Case. (seven issues). (60pp A4, pamphlets).

RN 139 "Renato Zangheri – Wanted for State Terrorism". Leaflet issued by London Autonomists for visit of Zangheri, ref. events of Bologna 1977. (2pp A4 leaflet).

RN 140 "April 7th, One Year After". Article, trans. RN, from L'Espresso , April 7th 1980. Overview of the April 7th Case. (15pp A4 typescript).

RN 141 Meeting with Amnesty International". Report produced by US CARI, April 1981. (10pp A4 photostat).

RN 142 "Notes on Italy", Article pub. Solidarity Vol. 8, No. 4 (1976). (18pp A4 photostat).

RN 143 "The Workers of Turin and the 'Others"'. Article by Marco Revelli, trans. RN from Primo Maggio No. 14, 1980/81. Overview. of the FIAT defeat. (10pp A4 typescript).

RN 144 "Negri: The Police State Moves In". Article by the "Italy '79 Committee", pub. The Leveller No. 35, February 1980. (lp A4 photostat).

RN 145 "Interview with a FIAT Foreman". Article trans. RN from Repubblica, about workers' violence at FIAT. 1980. (4pp A4 typescript). '

RN 146 "Interview with a FIAT Worker – 1979". Interview about the sacking of the "FIAT 61" in 1979, and the blockades of Turin. Trans. RN. (5pp A4 typescript).

RN 147 "We Are Your Dissidents". Leaflet published by the "Friends of Patrizia Giambi", London. About extradition attempt after Brixton riots, 1981. (lp A4 leaflet).

RN 148 Review of Red Notes "Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis", by Bob Lumley, pub. Capital & Class No. 12, 1980/81. (7pp A4 photostat).

RN 149 Review of Red Notes "Italy 1980-81: After Marx, Jail", by Bob Lumley, unpublished. (3pp A4 photostat).

RN 150 Theatre programme and notes for "Accidental Death of an Anarchist", Wyndhams Theatre, London, 1981. (6pp A4 photostat).

RN 151 Cinema programme for Rosi/Rossellini film festival, ICA, London, 1980 (2pp A4 photostat).

RN 152 "Marx Beyond Marx – The Theory of Autonomy in the Works of Antonio Negri". Extended academic paper by Michael Ryan. (74pp A4 photostat).

RN 153 "The Factory-Society Relationship as an Historical Category". Article by Sergio Bologna, trans. RN from Primo Maggio No. ?. (15pp A4 typescript).

RN 154 "US Class Composition in the Sixties". Article by Paolo Carpignano, pub. Zerowork No. 1, December 1975. (15pp A4 photostat).

RN 155 "The Crisis of the Italian Revolutionary Left". Article by 'Riccardo Albione', pub. International Socialism No. 5, 1979-80. (5pp A4 photostat).

RN 156 "The New Workerism: The Politics of the Italian Autonomists". Article by 'Jack Fuller', pub. International Socialism Vol. 2 No. 8 (1981). (6pp A4 photostat).

RN 157 "Class Composition and US Direct Investments Abroad", by Ferruccio Gambino. Draft paper. 1980(?). (52pp A4 photostat). Not for republication.

RN 158 "The Communism of the Working Class". Article, trans. RN, by Potere Operaio 197 (?). (8pp A4 duplicated).

RN 159 "The Crisis of the 'Double Mill'". Article, draft trans. RN, by Christian Marazzi, pub. Primo Maggio No?. (10pp A4 typescript).

RN 160 "A Reading List of Materials about Italy": RN archive list, 1979. (5pp A4 photostat).

RN 161 "The Latest Developments in the 'April 7th Case' against the Italian Autonomy Movement". Interview with 2 April 7th defendants relased from prison, October 1981, Padova. Trans. RN. (10pp A4 typescript).

RN 162 "Marx Beyond Marx", by Toni Negri. Draft trans. RN of intro pages. (A4 8pp typescript).

RN 163 The Newsletter. Journal pub. by Canadian group working within autonomist perspective, 1973 (?). 68pp A4 pamphlet.

RN 164 "Repression in Italy". Circular letter from Ian Macdonald to fellow British barristers, July 23 1979. ( pp A4 photostat).


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Section 2: Newspapers, journals and other publications

[FILED FROM No. 601 onwards]

We have produced a rough listing of newspapers, journals and other publications in the Archive. In some cases we also list their contents. If anybody is able to make good any of the gaps in the archive by sending us material that we do not have, we would be very grateful.

RN 601 ROSSO No. 10 (May 1973): p. 1 Editorial – CPO Alfa Romeo; p. 2 Alfa Romeo – the new advance of workers' autonomy; p. 6 Lanerossi – Restructuration and Class Composition; p. 8 Porto Marghera – After the Contract; p. 9 Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, or Union Councils and Workers' Autonomy; p. 12 The Refusal of Work – A. A. of Porto Marghera (written in 1969); p. 15 No to the Abolition of Divorce; p. 19 Parini – Politics in the Hands of the Students; Padova – Against the Crisis, Against Inflation, Self-Reduction!; p. 20 Milano Polytechnic: Autonomy, Yes, Autonomism, No!; p. 21 But What is the Family?; p. 26 Women and Medicine; p. 28 Dear Son; p. 30 Documents: One, Two Many FIATs in order to resolve the crisis. No. 11 (June 19IL: p. 2 Editorial – The Fascists, the Crocodiles and Democracy and Revolutionary Violence;


No. 1 (9 October 1???) p. 2 100,000 Against Franco; The Americans in the Mediterranean; The End of Red Square, and Then?; Wildcats; p. 3 The Illusion of the 10% – a Chronology of the Employers' Proposal; the Contortions of the Union; p. 4 The Working Class Proposal – Guaranteed Income, Reduction of Hours, Communist Liberation of Work; p. 5 Alfa Romeo 35 x 40; Multinational Sackings Fought at Innocenti; What is British Leyland?; p. 6 Clean Hands – After 15 June; Magneti; Innocenti; p. 7 After 15 June – The Uncle Tom Councils; Limbiate, Firenze, Venezia; p. 8 A Wage that forces you to go every day to the Factory is Hazardous to your Health; Rome; The Opportunists; San Basilio; Policlinico; Unemployed; Boston; p. 10 The Economy – The Crisis in the Factories is Coming Now; USA – Reflation up a Blind Alley; -p. 11 Parco Lambro; P. Hearst; PCI and Culture; p. 12 Young Proletariat – Against School, Against the Family; Free Life from Work. p. 13 The Turin Case against the Red Brigades; p. 14 Calibre Nove – Arrests; Italian News (cartoon); p. 15 Prisons – Petra Krause; Interview with Franco Tommei; p. 16 Spain – ETA and FRAP; Portugal – CRTSM.

No. 2 (18 October 1???) p. 2 Unions and the Goverment; Lotta Continua's Rethinking; On the Mirafiori Party; The Texans of 15 June; p. 3 Alfa; FIAT; p. 4 Contributions about A. S. Alfa Romeo and Communist Committees; Unity of Autonomous Forces; p. 5 FIAT – Control over the Factory, the Wage, the Cycle; p. 6 Struggle at IRE; FIAT-Cassino; Marelli; IGNIS; Poem; p. 7 Young Proletariat; Comunione e Liberazione; Account of National Activities of Autonomous Student Bodies; p. 8 Self-Reduction; p. 10 Prisons – S. Vittore, Rebibbia, Torino 'Nuovel; p. 11 Political Arrests – Red Brigades; p. 12 Four Years After Attica; p. 13 Spain; Torture Around the World; p. 14 Interview with Cleaver – the Crisis of the Black Panthers; Solidarity with the MPLA; P. 15 The "Freedom" of Women; L'Espresso; Critical letter from Lea Melandri; p. 16 35x40.

No. 3 (12 November 1975) p. 2 Referendum; New York; National Meeting of Aut. Op. on Contracts; Portugal; p. 3 Unions; 35 x 40; Comintern Troglodytes; (AO, MLS, Lotta Comunista); p. 4 Small Factories in Lodigiano; Ignis of Varese, and other consumer durable factories; p. 5 ENEL contracts; FIAT- Cassino; PCI and restructuring; p. 6 The Party System Against the Working Class; Death of Pasolini; p. 7 X of K; Housing Conference; Cefis like Sindona; p. 8 Brianza like Alabama; interview with young proletarian; Armed Groups; p. 9 More on Brianza; USA; p. 10 Unemployment Struggles; p. 11 Drugs; Discussion of Rosso in relation to Aut. 0p. ; p. 12 Student Orgabisations; p. 13 Red Brigades Leaflet; RB Kidnapping of Casabona; Article from San Vittore Prison – Create Counter Power; p. 14 NAP; Fascists; Soccorso Rosso; p. 15 L'Unit*a; Jacopo Fo Cartoon; Soccorso Rosso; p. 16 Statement of Aut. Op – "Beyond the Contracts".

No. 5 (20 December 1975) p. 2 12 Die; Historic Compromise; Feminism and PCI Officials; p. 3 In the Death-Hug of the PCI; Naples – The Organised Unemployed; p. 4 Contracts – SIT-Siemens; p. 5 Agnelli and the PCI – Strategies; p. 6 Porto Marghera Interviews – Neither Historic Compromise nor Self-Management; City-Wide Organisation in Genoa; p. 7 Christian Democracy; Napolitano and PCI leaders; (Cartoon of Marx Objects to Napolitano); p. 8 State Response to Self-Reduction; p. 9 Expropriation and Class Struggle; Detroit, Gdansk, Newark, Watts, Italy; p. 10 Schools; RAI; p. 11 Abortion – Wages for Housework; Bifo's Objection to Incidents at Abortion Demo; PCI vs Feminists in Padova; p. 12 Anti-Terrorist Planning of Della Chiesa; Drug Laws; Pricing; p. 13 Asinara Prison; Arrests of I Volsci; p. 14 Stammheim Trials; Switzerland Imprisonments; BRD Attacks Leftist Editors; p. 15 PCI; Town Planning Laws; p. 16 Appeal on Behalf of Imprisoned Members of Aut. Op.

No. 7 (13 March 1976) p. 2 Aut-Op. in Milano; PCI; p. 3 FIAT-Torino; SIT-Siemens; Wage Struggles; p. 4 CPO of Face-Standard on Lama; Milano; Small Factories; p. 5 Unemployment/Schools; FIAT-Cassino; Wage Struggles in Rome; p. 6 Naples Conference of Aut. Op. – After the Contract Struggles; p. 7 American Motor Industry Struggles; Radio Alice; p. 8 Wages for Housework and Milan Feminists; Proletarian Youth; p. 9 State and Unions vs Working Class; p. 10 Devaluation and Struggles; Self-Reduction; p. 12 Proletarian Youth and the "Marginalised";

No. 8 (24 April 1976) p. 2 DC/PCI; Tasks of Aut. Op. ; Lotta Continua and Parliament; Abortion; p. 3 Struggles at FIAT (Chronology); P. 4 Communist Organising in the Metropolis – Milano; Bergamo; Baglioni expelled from FLM; p. 5 Struggles in Roma – Policlinico, Unemployed, and Against Repression; p. 6 Struggles in Napoli, Porto Marghera; p. 7 Organising in Working-Class Communities; Class Recomposition in Genoa; p. 8-9 Feminists – 8 March; p. 10-11 Documents on Organisation – CPO, Bologna, Roma, Napoli; On the Council/Soviet Model of Organisation; p. 12 Wages, Inflation and Industrial Organisation; The Bank of Italy; p. 13 PCI Economists' Conference; p. 14 San Vittore; Mafia; p. 15 Bifo Arrested, Accused of Red Brigades Links; PCI vs The Movement; p. 16 NAP; More Aut. Op. Arrests.

No. 12 (25 October 1976) p. 2 From the Area of Aut. Op. to the Movement of Aut. Op. ; p. 3 General Strike in Milano; Porto Marghera – Autonomous Assembly on Restructuration; p. 4-5 "What and How Many are the Poisons Vomited by the Multinationals in Social Democratic Italy under the Historic Compromise"; p. 6 The Army; Mao; p. 7 Historic Compromise; Restructuration; the Corporate State; p. 8 Premonte; FIAT; p. 10 Parco Lambro; p. 11 Heroin; p. 12 Unions; p. 13 Hospital Struggles, Including Chronology; p. 14 Prisons; p. 15 European Convention on Terrorism; p. 6 Trial of Youths Accused of Killing Policeman.

No. 13/14 (12 December 1976) p. 2 Building a Revolutionary Area: on PC (ML)I, MLS, LC; Factory Interventions; p. 3 General Strike in Milano; p. 4 "For Working Class Organisation" – Aut. Op. Milano, PC(ML)I; p. 5 SIT-Siemens; Factory Struggles; p. 6 Alfa-Romeo; FIAT-Cassino; p. 7 Counter-Power in the Factory – January-November 1976; CPO Leaflets; pp. 8-9 Young Proletrians Against the Metropolis; p. 10 Local Authorities; Employment in the State Sector... 8 Years After; p. 11 The Diffuse Factory; Workers' "Ronde"; P. 12/13 Year of the Dragon Race; P. 14 Hospital Struggles in Milano; p. 15 Letters to Rosso – CAO pull out; Rosso Replies; Article on Feminists at Rimini Congress of LC; p. 16 China; Unions, Newspapers and Kulture; p. 17 On Alquati's Work in Aut-Aut on Students; pp. 18-19 History of the Patriarchal Family; p. 20 Women in Rebibbia; Statement by Notarnicola etc; p. 21 NAP Trial; p. 22 Letters from K-H Roth; p. 23 Nuclear Struggles in West Germany; p. 24 Carter and the Trilateral Commission.

No. 15/16 (February 1977) p. 2 Organisation; p. 3 Bosses and Unions Against Workers' Power; Counter-Power in the Social Factory; p. 4 Agnelli-Gaddafi Deal; Brigate Comuniste leaflet; p. 5 CPO-Face-Standard; Chronology of Struggles; p. 6 Philips-IRE; Hospital Struggles in Milano; p. 7 Situation in UK; pp. 8-9 Multinationals and US Domination; p. 10 Lavoro Nero; p. 11 Bologna; pp. 12-13 Prisons; Trials; Roberto Ognibene's Statement; p. 14 Situation in Switzerland; p. 15 Women's Liberation; PCI; p. 16 "Universities or New Centres of Proletarian Aggregation?"; PCI; Cassino.

No. 17/18 (March 1977) pp. 2-3 Collective Statement on the Events of February-March 1977; pp. 4-5 Events in Rome – March 12; Statements of I Volsci; Arrests; pp. 6-7 Feminists – 8 March; pp. 8-9 Bologna; Role of PCI; "Police Party"; p. 10 Della Chiesa; Prisons – Udine; p. 11 Repression; Arrests; Trials; p. 12 PCI Goon Squads in Action in Turin; Foremen; p. 13 FIAT; p. 14-15 Lama and the CGIL; p. 16 Appeal Over the Arrests of Negri etc; Last Words of Radio Alice.

No. 19/20 (June 1977) P. 2 "From New Rebels to a Political Movement Against the State"; p. 3 Understanding, and Starting Again; pp. 4-5 PCI-ism The New Anti-Communism; p. 6 Leaflet for Demonstration Against PCI Provocations and Arrest at Magneti; p. 7 "Against the State Enemy"; p. 8 Repression; Against Rosso; p. 9 Repression – Spring 1977; pp. 10-11 Turin – Struggles at FIAT and Workers "Ronde"; pp. 12-13 On Black Labour; Bassani-Ticino – a 'Model Factory'; p. 14 FIAT Cassino; p. 15 'Democratic' Reports of Via De Amicis Shoot-Out; p. 16 Bologna: Witch-Hunt in the PCI's Disneyland; G. Giannettini.

Special Edition (September 1977) "From Class Struggle to the Process of Proletarian Organisation at the Level of Civil War".

RN 601 A  - ROSSO No. 7 -  Double number – December 1973

RN 601 B – ROSSO, New Series, No 27/28, April 1978.

(There are large gaps in our collection of Rosso. Any contributions would be welcome).

RN 602 Numbers 1, 2 and 4 of Fuori Dalle Linee.

RN 603 Numbers 1,2 and 3 of La Classe.


No. 5 (16-22 October 1969) p. 1 Working Class Offensive; Torino – Corso Traiano Within Mirafiori; Mass Violence Against Studies; Unification of the Struggles on Working Class Objectives; State Industry in Milan; ; p. 2 Intervention in Florence; p. 4 Violence – USA; Repression; Provocateurs Old and New and Opportunists; p. 5 Political Use of the Student Struggle; Yugoslav Students; Florence; p. 6 Pirelli – Part-Time Working; FIAT-USSR; Japan.

No. 10 (27 November – 3 December 1969) p. 1 Arrests; The Only Killers are the Bosses; p. 2 Arrest of F. Tolin; p. 3 Workers Killed at Demonstrations 1947-69; p. 4 Optimism and Offensive; Lines of Conduct; The Repression at the Moment of the Contracts; Political Organisation of the Workers in Struggle.

No. 11 (11-19 December 1969) p. 1 Comrades, Let Us Not Respect the Truce; 1969-70 From Factory Guerrilla to the Struggle for Power; the Tolin Trial; p. 2 On the PCI; p. 3 Transcript of Part of Tolin's Trial; p. 4 Struggles and Organisation in Torino, Milano, Porto Marghera; p. 5 Roma – FATME; Technicians at Selenia; Demonstration in Rome; The Red Bourgeoisie of Emilia; p. 6 Potere Operaio and Trade Union Power in the Factories after the Contracts; Porto Marghera – Mass Meetings on the Contract; the "General Interest" of Development against the Interests of the Working Class; p. 7 Students Against the Social Factory; Social Understanding and Struggle; Technicians; p. 8 Materials for Political Intervention.

Supplement to No. 11 p. 1 Organise the New Wave of Attacking Struggles on the Basis of Working Class Objective of Power; Ten Thousand Under-Waged Workers Enter FIAT-Mirafiori; p. 2 Preparing for Struggle; Wages For All.

No. 12 (14-21 February 1970) p. 1 Building Political Organisation; p. 2 After the Contracts – Torino, Emilia, Toscana; p. 3 Milano – Free Transport; p. 4 Workers Against Capital; Schio/Valdagno – Employers on the Attack; p. 5 Against the School System; Bologna; Ferrara; p. 6 No to Democratic Frontism; Leninism; The International of Workers' Struggles.

No. 13 (28 February – 7 March 1970) p. 1 Migrant Workers as a Vector of Organisation; Let Us Begin to Prepare a General Offensive of Working Class Political Struggle; Red Europe; Milano; p. 2 No To The Truce – The State as Inflation; Mature Reformism; The Party in the Factory; p. 3 The Unions in the School System; Il Manifesto; Working Class Factory Organisation; p. 4 The Working Class of Emilia; p. 5 Intervention and Organisation; Justice USA; Ford-UK; p. 6 Mass Struggle in Belgium; FIAT; Alfa-Sud.

No. 14 (7-14 March 1970) p. 1 Political Unity of the Working Class for the Mass Offensive Against the Project of the Reformists; FIAT-Turin; The PCI in the Factory.

No. 16 (21-27 March 1970) A 36 Hour Week for All! Working Class Interests versus the "Social State"; p. 2 The Right to and Income for All; Emilia; Wage Packets After the Contracts; p. 3 Milano – The Objective is to Break the Union Truce; Limbiate; p. 4 Synthetic Fibres; ENI; Porto Marghera; SIT-Siemens; p. 5 Against the Ideology of Skill-Gradings; Bologna – Schools; Padova – Faculty of Humanities.

No. 18 (11-18 April 1970) p. 1 Torino – Re-Opening the Wage Struggle; Comrade Students; p. 2 Against the Ideologues of Deskilling; The Revolutionary Dividing Line; p. 3 Students in Ferrara; p. 4 Inflation and Deflation; Roma – New Practices in Intervention – FATME.

No. 19 (18-25 April 1970) p. 1 Exploitation Plan in the South; Switzerland; p. 2 Struggles in the South; Rhodiatoce – Casoria; p. 3 Development and Under- development in the South of Italy: "Critica Marxistalt; p. 4 Piombino – the 36 Hour Week; FATME – Against Gradings.

No. 20 (25 April – 2 May 1970) p. 1 Against the Initiative of the Reformists – For the Party; Porto Marghera; p. 2 Political Struggle and Militant Commitment; Transport-Sector Workers; IRE-Varese; p. 3 Workers' Leaflet About Pinelli; p. 5 Materials for the Conference on the South; p. 6 Let us Build in the Factories the Organisation of Class Unity.

No. 22 (16-23 May 1970) p. 1 Working Class Internationalism Here and Now means Struggle Against the State's Reform Programme; FIAT-Turin; p. 2 First Conference on the South; p. 3 Universities – Southern Italy; Ignis- Varese; Bologna; p. 4 Conference in the Venice Region; p. 5 Materials for Intervention – Padova; Chioggia; Porto Marghera; p. 6 Padova – Schools; Skill – A Capitalist Ideology; p. 7 The Political Class; Against the Opportunism of the Student Movements; p. 8 Towards a Red May in America.

No. 23 (23-30 Mav 1970) p. 1 A Front of Egalitarian Objectives; Our "Electoral Campaign"; Organising Conference on the FIAT Cycle of Production; p. 2 The "Value of Labour"; Struggles against Imperialism – First Hypotheses, p. 3 Teachers, Students, Reforms; Padova – Students; p. 4 The Regional Question – Here is the "New Majority"!; Red Emilia; UK – Pilkington Strike.

No. 25 (13-20 June 1970) p. 1 Building a New Cycle of Struggles; The Weapon of Organisation; Torino – FIAT; Regions Cut to Measure; Trade Union Unity; p. 2 Comrades, Immigrant Workers; No to the Blackmail of Inflation; p. 3 Conference of the Porto Marghera Workers' Committee; Introductory Speech; p. 5 Workers of IRE-Ignis! p. 6 Education and the Working Class; Class Struggle against Imperialism; Gauche Proletarienne.

Special Supplement No. 25 (20-27 June 1970) p. 1 Struggle Against the State and Inflation; p. 2 FATME – There is No Continuity Between Class Struggle and the Ballot Paper.

No. 27 (27 June – 4 July 1970) p. 1 To Build the Party of the Communist Revolution; TORINo. FIAT; Let's Build a New Unity in Movement; p. 2 Against the Bourgeois State – Struggle, Not the Ballot Paper; Inflation; p. 3 Milano – SNIA; Modena – FIAT; Rome – FATME; Pavia; Political Unity for Class Organisation; p. 4 The Crisis of Social Democracy in Europe; The Name of Togliatti Does Not Convert Soviet Workers to the Cause of Productivity.

No. 29 (1-8 October 1970) p. 1 Building the Revolutionary Organisation out of the Crisis of the Power of Capital; Nixon's War is Capital's Peace; p. 2 The Line of the Committees for a Working Class Leadership of the Struggle; Torino; Porto Marghera; p. 3 Roma – Nixon Molotov; Reggio Calabria; Bologna; p. 4 FIAT.

No. 30 (8-15 October 1970) p. 1 General Strike ' or Strikes in General?; The "Red Shift" of Porto Marghera; p. 2 Milano – Alfa Romeo; Working Class Leadership of the Struggles; Verbania – Rhodia; p. 3 The Mass-Student Against Capital – Milano, Torino, Roma; p. 4 The True Killers are the Bosses; USA; West Germany; UK; Centocelle; Torino; The South; P. 4 Against the "Decretone" – Redouble the Struggles!; Reggio Calabria.

No. 33 (7-14 November 1970) p. 1 For a Working-Class Breakthrough of the Crisis; Technicians Against the Value of Labour; p. 2 Milano – Students; Bologna; Porto Marghera; p. 3 Working Class Absenteeism Amounting to 30 Million Hours; Roma, Torino, Genova; p. 4 We Want to Live for Free; Napoli; Firenze; Ferrara; Modena.

No. 35 (27 November – 5 December 1970) p. 1 From the Struggle on Wages to the Struggle for Power; Workers Want the Party; p. 2. The Factory in the Hands of the Workers' Committees; Porto Marghera; Milano; p. 3 The Mass Line – Street Struggles; Schools; Roma; p. 4 Second International Conference of Potere Operaio – Zurich.

Supplement to No. 38/39 (1 May 1971) p. 1 The Present Situation and the Party.

No. 40/41 (29 Mav – 12 June 1971) p. 1 Relaunching the Political Programme, Within the Crisis; p. 3 FIAT – Against Union Blackmail – Workers' Power! p. 4 FIAT; Olivetti; p. 5 Porto Marghera; Padova; p. 6 Pordenone; p. 7 Roma – Within the Red Suburbs the Party of Insurrection is Born; p. 8 Porto-Torres SIR; p. 9 Proletarian Struggle for Education – Roma, Milano, Firenze; p. 10 "The Infinite Power of the State" – Arrests; p. 12 Capital's Demands in Order to Get the Law of Value Respected; Reform – A Con – Take Housing Now! p. 13 On the Elections; p. 14 The End of the Dollar Standard; p. 15 China – Diplomacy for a Reduction; p. 16 The Immigrant Worker is the Strong Point; Ceylon – Brezhnev the Butcher; p. 17 "Labour Peace"Collapses – Towards Revolutionary Organisation; p. 18 Let Us Build the Party of Insurrection; p. 20 Repression at Zola.

Supplement to No. 40/41 (4-26 June 1971) p. 1 Battle in Turin; p. 2 29 May 1971 – National Day of Struggle of the Revolutionary Left.

Supplement to No. 42 (6 July 1971) Special Court in Torino.

No. 46 (February 1972) (Monthly)

No. 45 (December 1971) (Monthly)

No. 47/48 (May-June 1971) (Monthly)

No. 49 (June 1972) (Monthly)

THE NUMBERS OF POTERE OPERAIO IN THIS LIST ARE: 5,10,11,12,14,16,18, 19,20,22,23,25,27,29,30,32,33,35,40/41,42,45,46,47/8,49 (Supplements) If anyone can supply us with the missing copies, we would be grateful.

RN 605 Further Issues of ROSSO:

No. 21-22 (Nov. 1977);

No. 23-24 (Jan 1978);

No. 25-26 (March 1978);

No. 27-28 (April 1978);

No. 29-30 (May 1978);

No. 31 (Nov. 1978);

No. 32 (May 1979);

No. 11 (Oct. 1974);

No. 13 (Dec. 1974);

No. 16 (May 1975).


The following is a list of all the copies of Lotta Continua that we have in the archive.

·         1970 January 31

·         1971 None

* 1972

May 19

June 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 28

July 13, 14, 19, 26, 27

August 1, 2, 4, 5

October 6, 8, 11, 15, 25, 27, 28, 31

November 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23

December 8

* 1973

January 9

February 2, 3

March 18, 29, 30, 31

April 3, 4, 5, 7

May 10, 31

June 1, 2, 3

* 1974


* 1975

August 1, 2, 3-4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24-5, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31-1/9

September 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14-15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21-2, 23, 26, 27, 28-9, 30

October 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12-13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19-20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26-7, 28, 29, 30, 31

November 1, 2-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16-17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23-4, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30-1/12

December 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 14-5, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21-2, 23, 24, 27, 28-9, 30, 31

* 1976

January 6, 15, 16, 17, 18-9, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25-6, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31

February 1-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15-6, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24,, 25, 26, 27, 29-1/3

March 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14-15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21-2, 23, 24, 25

April 3, 4-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11-12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23, 25-6, 28, 29, 30

May 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9-10, 11, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23-4, 26

June 6-7, 8, 12, 13-4, 15, 16, 17, 19

July 22

December 24, 28, 29, 30


January 6, 7, 8, 15, 16-7, 29, 30-1

February 1, 4, 5, 6-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-4, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27-8

March 1, 2, 3, 4, 6-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-4, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20-1, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27-8, 29, 30, 31

April 3-4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-8, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24-5, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

May 1-2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15-6, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22-3, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29-30, 31

June 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12-3, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19-20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26-7, 28, 29, 30

* 1978


* 1979

January 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14-5, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21-2, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28-9, 30, 31

February 3, 4-5, 6, 7, 8, 11-12, 17, 18-9, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25-6, 27, 28

March 1, 4-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11-2, 13, 14, 17, 18-9, 20, 21, 25-6, 27, 29, 30, 31

April 1-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 24, 26, 28 May 3, 4, 5, 6-7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-4, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20-1, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27-8, 29, 30, 31

June 1, 2, 3-4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-8, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24-5, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

July 1-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15-6, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22-3, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29-30, 31

August 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12-3, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26-7, 28, 29, 30, 31

September 1, 2-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 15-6, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23-4, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30-1

October 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-8, 10, 12, 13, 14-5, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21-2, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28-9, 30, 31

November 1, 2, 3, 4-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11-12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18-9, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25-6, 27, 28, 29, 30

December 1, 2-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16-7, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23-4, 27, 28, 29, 30-1




January 3, 4-5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11-12, 13, 14

March Special Issue (No. 11)

April Special Issue (No. 12)

July Special Issue (No. 13)

July Special Issue (No. 15)

August 1, 2

September 27

October 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27,"28, 29, 30, 31

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December 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31


January 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30, 31

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June 6, 8

Lotta Continua ceased publication in June 1982. Many of the gaps in our collection are due to periods when the paper was not printing (especially in the later years). However, as you can see, there are years for which we have no issues at all. If anyone is able to fill some of these gaps, we would be very grateful. Send us your papers! For the history of Lotta Continua newspaper, see our published "An Interview with the Editor: An Almost Complete History of Lotta Continua Newspaper"


No. 1 (June-September 1973)

   S. Bologna: Money and Crisis: Marx as correspondent of the New York Daily Tribune

   S. Tait: The Origins of the Communist Movement in the USA: Louis Fraina, theorist of mass action

   B. Cartosio: Notes and Documents on the Industrial Workers of the World

   M. Antonioli/B. Bezza: Interpretative approaches for a history of the Unione Sindacale Italiano

   G. Buonfino: Graphics and propaganda of the IWW

No. 2 (October 1973-January 1974)

   S. Bologna: The factory-society relationship as an historic category

   Dates in the History of FIAT 1900-1940

   A. Bronzino, L. Germanetto, G. Guidi: Organisation of work and restructuring in the FIAT-Mirafiori Body Plant

   M. Antonioli, B. Bezza: Notes on industrial unionism

   F. Gambino: Regulating the proletariat; transforming them into the poor

   F. Arcangeli: Labour market and class recomposition

   V. Hunecke: The Paris Commune, 1871

   H. Prieto: The 'Gorillas' were among us

No. 3 (February-September 1974)

   S. Bologna: Class composition and crisis of the state

   L. Berti: Money as capital

   U. Sereni: Revolutionary syndicalism in Parma

   P. Ortoleva: Working class and political power in America 1860-1920

   E. Behrens, K. H. Roth: Nazism and working-class resistance

   C. Bermani: Documents of the partisan struggle: the Pomati case

   G. Buonfino: Agitprop and "counterculture" in the Weimar Republic

No. 4 (February-September 1974)

Combined issue with No. 3

No. 5 (Spring 1975)

   L. Berti: Inflation and recession; policies of the Bank of Italy 1969-74

   B. Longo: Less wages, more income: Cassa integrazione

   S. Bologna: Danile Montaldi

   C. Bermani: Ten years of work with oral sources

   P. Ortoleva: Proletarian accounts of US history: Mario Manzardo, Stan Weit, Joe Morrison

   M. Revelli: Fascism as 'revolution from above' (1920-25)

   B. Mantelli: Christian Democracy: party of mediation S. Bologna: Towards a history of the Communist International

No. 6 (Winter 1975-6)

   Gisela Bock: Unemployed workers in the USA

   P. Ortoleva: Unemployed workers in the USA; a critical note

   R. Buttafarro, M. Revelli: Absenteeism and cycles of struggles in the USA

   W. Watson: A car worker speaks

   S. De Brunhoff: Marxist viewpoints on the monetary crisis

   L. Berti: Reply to S. De Brunhoff

   J. Reiche: Marx and the problem of inflation

   F. Levi, B. Mantelli: Trade union strategy since World War II

   R. Bordiga: Towards a history of the Spanish anarchists

   S. Bologna: The debate on the "other workers' movement" in Germany

   For K. H. Roth and others

No. 7 (1976)

   L. Berti: Between crisis and historic compromise

   F. Gori: A research project on state expenditure

   S. Bologna: Review of A. Negri's State and Proletarians

   M. Davis: The IWW

   B. Zanatta: Lorry drivers

   P. Martin: Workers and the auto crisis in Great Britain

   Account of struggles in Innocenti

No. 8 (Spring 1977)

   S. Bologna: The Tribe of Moles

   M. Zanzani: Crisis and the myths of crisis

   B. Longo: Workers and unions in Milan

   G. Buselli: The Modern Prince in Bologna

   G. De Masi: Tronti, or the Italian Ideology

   A Buiatti: 3 unpublished pieces of Lu Hun

   L. Berti: a letter to Claudio Napoleoni

   C. Napoleoni: A letter

   P. Ortoleva: The unemployed movement in the USA (1930-33)

   R. Carrobbio: A year of housing struggles in Milan

   B. Bottero: Research and analyses on the city

   No to the criminalisation of the communication of dissent

No. 9-10 (Winter 1977-78)

   M. Messori, M. Revelli: Working class centrality

   Turin Editorial Group: The workers' inquiry

   L. Parlanti: From Valletta to Piazza Statuto

   B. Mantelli: FIAT Materferro; two years of struggle (1975-77)

   D. Carosso: Working class subjectivity in a small Turin factory

   Genova Port Workers' Collective: The Genova Port Workers

   W. Dalla Costa: On Welfare ...

   C. Bermani: the Volante Rossa (Summer 1945-February 1949)

   G. Buselli, M. Zanzani: Society and the political system

   C. Marazzi: The crisis of the "double whirlpool"

   F. Gori: Who's digging what?

   L. Berti: Does the Movement have power?

No. 11 (Winter 1977-78)

   L. Berti: To the heart of the state and back...

   M. Galeotti: The military and the political

   M. Lombardi: The financial restructuring of companies

   C. Marazzi: A comment of Convenevole

   With Blood in their Eyes ...

   G. De Masi: From "new ways of making cars" to "Self-valorisation"

   C. Tonini: Full employment policies in Poland (i)

   B. Cartosio: Histories and historians of American workers

   Eight theses for militant historiography.

No. 12 (Winter 1978-9)

   S. Bologna: Editorial

   F. Bortolini: A history of containerisation

   Trade unions and working class in goods transportation

   R. Mazzanti: American truck drivers

   C. Marazzi: A dollar without qualities

   The Turin FIAT workers' coordination group

   B. Mantelli, Nino Scianna: Revolution from above at FIAT

   L. Arrighetti: Florence; struggles in the hospitals

   M. Glaberman: The FBI and the organisation of the black working class in Detroit

No. 13 (Autumn 1979)

   G. De Masi: Class composition and a political project

   FIAT; A Turning Point

   S. Bologna: 'Primo Maggio'; Beyond the Movement

   M. Lombardi: Finance and power in Italy; the case of chemicals

   G. Moriani, M. Ruffato: Subcontracting work at Porto Marghera (1970-79)

   O. Marchisio: Intermodality in the world goods market

   A. Macor: Restructuration and working class fragmentation in Italy's ports

   S. Portelli: On the diversity of oral history

   M. Dalla Costa: Female labour power and formation of the urban proletariat in Trieste

No. 14 (Winter 1980-81)

   M. Revelli: The Workers of Turin and the 'Others'

   C. Bermani: Gramsci as a workerist, and proletarian literature

   F. Bortolini: Restructuration of the Italian fleet

   F. Fasce: Reindustrialisation in N. America

   B. Longo: Iran after the revolution

   R. Battaggia: Michal Kalecki

   Michal Kalecki: Is a 'capitalist' escape from the crisis possible (1932)

   M. Messori: When proletarian capitalism repeats itself

   A. del Re: The family-factory

   R. Battaggia: The mass worker and the social worker: considerations on 'new class composition'

   P. Moroni: We have lost a proletarian intellectual

No. 15 (Spring-Summer 1981)

   M. Revelli: Crisis of the system, and the party of capital

   B. Mantelli: Restoration of command at FIAT

   N. Scianna: Voyage through time in a mobile world on wheels

   The 'Primo Maggio' conference in Mantova

   V. Marchetti: For a genealogy of the demand for 'workers' control'

   G. Nordio: A small negotiation in a very small factory

   F. Cattaneo: Struggles at ICI

   P. B. Farnetti: American blacks after Black Power

   H. Shaiken: Numerical control and skill levels

   O. Marchisio: Numerical control

   M. Boninelli: The 'new train' at Dalmine

No. 16 (Autumn-Winter 1981-2)

   P. Mattera & V. Passas: Reagan's "Counter-revolution" and the American crisis.

   B. Cartosio: Moscow 1921: An interview with "Big Bill" Haywood

   LT. Vecchi: Our interview with Heywood, on the situation of the working class in the USA

   N. Vecchi: Haywood's thinking on the Russian Revolution

   S. Ghetti: The IWW and the restructuration of capital in the 1920s

   C. Bermani: Brief history of Proletkult in Italy

   A. Salomoni & M. Zalambani: Working class science and proletarian culture in Russia in 1917

   C. Preve: Ontology of social being and class composition

   U. Gay: The Radio of the impossible

   Letters between Radio Populare and San Vittore Prison

   R. Simone: San Vittore: Continuity and originality of a struggle

   F. Schenone: Party organisation and proletarian organisation, between class struggle and anti-fascist war in occupied Italy.

No. 17 (Spring 1982)

   C. Bermani: Poland and the Italian working class

   CS & DP: Milan in crisis

   D. Potenzoni: After FIAT, Alfa?

   Interviews: The January 14th mass meeting on the 1

   Massacesi happy with the unions –

   C. Scarinzi: The Hot Autumn of the precarious sector in society

   R. Bellofiore: Threshold payments and index-linking: analysis of the recent debate.

   A. Arcangeli: A eulogy of inflation in 1920s Russia

   S. Federici: the Great Caliban: the struggle against the social body

   B. Cartosio: Memory and class composition: the Mantova Conference and after.

   G. Naria: An intervention on ontology of the social being and class composition.

No. 18 (Autumn-Winter 1982-3)

   B. Cartosio: Italian emigres and the IWW

   C. Scarinzi: Milan: living as precarious workers

   Interview: Legal negotiations as a sourse of income

   Primo Moroni: Autobiography: From "Don Lisander" to "Calusca"

   Primo Maggio: Reply to Mangano

   A. Mangano: A different view about "Poland and the Italian working class"

   V. Rieser: Raniero Panzieri's alternative

   S. Portelli: Notes on Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings

Quaderni di Primo Maggio 1 (Dossier on Transport)

   For working class unity in the transport sector

   The restructuring of the transport sector

   On the CISCO conference

   Lorry Drivers (Reprint)

   The Genoa Dockers (Reprint)

   Towards the diffused port Notes on the Port of Amsterdam

   The Port of Antwerp

   Porters and haulage drivers in Milan.

Quaderni di Primo Maggio 2 (Essays on money)

   Money as capital

   Inflation and recession: Bank of Italy policy 1969-74

   Marx and the problem of inflation

   Marxist viewpoints on monetary crisis

   For a research into state spending.

   The crisis and its myths

   Reply to Napoleoni

   Some proposals for work on "money and class composition"

Documenti di Primo Maggio 4

   V. Hunecke: The Paris Commune

Documenti di Primo Maggio 5

   B. Cartosio: Notes and documents on the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

No. 19-20 (Winter 1983-4)

   C. Bermani, B. Cartosio: Ten Years of Primo Maggio

   B. Carchedi: Computers: Technology of Social Control

   S. Bologna: Workerism and "new movements" in Germany

   G. Crespi: Primo Maggio and the transport sector

   R. Manstretta, P. P. Poggio: Gianfranco Faina (1935-81): elements for a political-intellectual biography.

RN 608 POTERE OPERAIO (Additional Issues) (see also RN 604)

No. 13 Year II 28 February – 7 March 1970

No. 21 Year II 2-9 May 1970

No. 28 Year II 11-18 July 1970

No. 31 Year II 15-22 October 1970

No. 33 Year II 7-14 November 1970

No. 37 Year III 5-19 March 1971

No. 38-9 Year III 17'April – 1 May 1971


No. 1 Year I 21 February 1972

No. 13 Year I 4 June 1972

No. 17 Year I 5 November 1972

No. 21 Year I 3 December 1972

No. 26-38 Year II 28 January 1973

No. 42 Year ? 6 December 1971

Supplement to PO del Lunedi No. 62


No. 7 July 1964

No. 8-9 September 1964

No. 1 Year III May 1966

No. 2 Year III October 1966


No. l: Documents of the class struggle: Struggles At Pirelli: Milan, June-December 1968. Document of the Unified Base Committee at Pirelli.

No. 2:

No. 3: Documents of the class struggle: Education and Capitalist Development: by the Commission of the Technical and Scientific Faculties, Student Movement, Rome.

No. 4 Documents of the class struggle: Potere Operaio: National Organising Conference: Florence, 9-11 January 1970.


No. 6 December 1982

No. 7 March 1983


No. 27 February 1983. Dossier No. 4: Self-Criticism of the Guerrilla Movement


No. 2-3 Year I May-June 1970

No. 5 June 1981. Articles by Piperno, Castellano, Bifo, Guattari, Virno, Negri et al.

No. 7 December 1981. Articles by Castellano, Virno, Berardi, Pace, Lo Sardo, Cleaver et al.


(Lotta Continuals newspaper for the South)

No. ? 27 November 1971

No. ? 9 February 1972

RN 617 POTERE OPERAIO DFL LUNEDI (Additional Issues) (See also RN 609)

No. ? 6 December 1971

No. 3 6 March 1972

No. 5 26 March 1972

No. 7 16 April 1972

No. 10 7 May 1972

No. 11 21 May 1972

No. 12 28 May 1972

No. 14 18 June 1972

No. 16 29 October 1972

No. 22 10 December 1972

No. 39 4 February 1973

No. 43 4 March 1973

RN 618 POTERE OPERAIO (Additional Issues) (See also RN 604, RN 608)

(The weekly newspaper of Potere Operaio – successor to La Classe)

No. 1 Year I – 18-25 September 1969

No. 2 Year I – 25 September – 2 October 1969

No. 4 Year I – 9-16 October 1969

No. 5 Year I – 16-22 October 1969

No. 9 Year I – 20-27 November 1969

No. 11 Year I – 11-19 December 1969

Supplement to No. 11 Year II – 7 February 1970

No. 12 Year II – 14-21 February 1970

No. 13 Year II – 28 February – 7 March 1970

No. 14 Year II – 7-14 March 1970

No. 16 Year II – 21-27 March 1970

No. 19 Year II – 18-25 April 1970

No. 23 Year II – 23-30 May 1970

RN 619 FUORI DALLE LINEE (Bolletino Provinciale degli Operai, Disoccupati, Lavoratori dei Servizi, del Pubblico Impiego, Comunisti di Padova e Provincia)

No. 0 November 1982

No. 0 May 1983

No. 0 March-April 1984

No. 3 Undated

No. 4 Undated

No. ? Undated

RN 620 7 APRILE (Newspaper of the International "April 7th" Committee)

No. 1 (Undated)

No. 2-3 (Undated)

No. 4 1979

RN 621 Bolletino del Comitato Popolare per la Salvaguardia della Salute, Guizza Albignasego. Anti-pollution struggles, Padova province. 1982. (8pp, 297x210, pamphlet)

RN 622 Bollettino del Comitato Disoccupati di Battaglia T. Bulletin of a Padova Province Unemployed Committee. (297x210, 26pp duplicated pamphlet) (1982)

RN 623 Bollettino del Coordinamento Operaio Bassa P. D. "Note sul Costo del Lavoro". Bulletin of a Padova Province Workers' Coordination. Notes on Labour Costs. (297x210, 12pp duplicated pamphlet)

RN 624 Contro L'Inquinamento dell'Ambiente. Anti-Pollution bulletin published by the Environment Commission, Centro Sociale, Monselice. (297x210, 8pp, duplicated pamphlet) (1981)

RN 625 URLO – Giornaletto Studenti Medi di Monselice High-school students' newsletter. 8. 6. 1983. (297x210, l0pp, duplicated pamphlet)

RN 626 Bollettino della Commissione Ambiente del Centro Sociale (Monselice) Bulletin of the Monselice Social Centres Environment Commission. 18. 1. 83. (297x210, 4pp, duplicated broadsheet)

RN 627 Bollettino della Commissione Culturale di Battaglia Terme. Bulletin of the Cultural Commission of Battaglia Terme. (297x210, 5pp, duplicated pamphlet)

RN 628 AVAST! (Periodico Politico dei Comunisti dell'Autonomia Operaia Foggiana) Autonomia publication from Foggia. Numero Unico March-April 1984. (297x 210, 16pp, litho broadsheet)

RN 629 Bollettino del Comitato Territoriale dei Gruppi Sociali della Bassa Padovana. Padova Province bulletin. Special issue on prisons and repression. January 1982. (297x210, 12pp, litho broadsheet)

RN 630 Senza Galere Veneto. Bulletin of the Prison Action Group of the Veneto, pub. Bertani, Verona. Undated, but material dating from 1979. Numero Unico. (242x167, 96pp, Pb)

RN 631 Materiali per la Questione Internazionale: La Tortura, le Condizioni di Vita e le Lotte di Migliaia di Proletari Detenuti nelle Carceri Speciali d'Europa – Irlanda, Inghilterra, Germania, Svizzera, Italia. Comparative documentation of prison struggles in various European countries. Pub. Centro di Documentazione Lib(r)era, Udine May 1979. (240x17O, 104pp, Pb)

RN 632 AZIMUT (Revista Sindacale di Economia Politica Cultura) No. 6 1983

RN 633 QUOTIDIANO DEI LAVORATORI ("Workers' Daily" – daily newspaper of Democrazia Proletaria ("Proletarian Democracy") – large gaps in our collection, but the period of the Moro kidnap is fully documented.

1978 (Year Five)

February 11, 18, 19-20, 23, 24

March 2, 9, 11, 12-13, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19-20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26-7, 28, 29, 30, 31

April 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16-17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23-4, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

May 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-8, 9, 18, 23, 24, 26, 27

June 1, 2, 3, 4-5, 6, 7, 10, 16-17, 28

July 26, 28, 30-1

August 23, 25, 26, 27-8

October 5, 26, 27, 28

November 3, 8, 22

QUOTIDIANO DEI LAVORATORI – Edizione Settimanale (As above; weekly edition)

1980 (Year Seven) December 12

1981 (Year Eight)

January 23, 30

February 6, 20

March 6, 13, 20, ?

Supplement April 10, 24

May 1, 8, 22, 29

June 5, 19

August 1 (Special Edition)

November 20

December 4

RN 634 UNITÀ PROLETARIA ("Proletarian Unity". Bimonthly journal of Democrazia Proletaria ("Proletarian Democracy")

Year 4, No. 3, June-July 1978

Year 4, No. 4, November-December 1978

RN 635 IL PROGRAMMA COMUNISTA ("The Communist Programme". Organ of the International Communist Party)

Year 30, No. 4, 21 February 1981

RN 636 SINISTRA '78 ("Left '78". Monthly journal published by Mazzotta, edited by Cavazzuti, Fiorentini, Passuello and Rieser)

Year 1 No. 1 March 1978

RN 637 DEMOCRAZIA PROLETARIA ("Proletarian Democracy". Fortnightly internal bulletin of Democrazia Proletaria ("Proletarian Democracy").

No. 13/14, 30 September 1979. Outline theses for the Second Congress of DP.

No. 15/16, 15 October 1979. As above.

RN 638 COLLEGAMENTI/WOBBLY ("Link-Ups/Wobbly". Independent left review)

No. 11-12, Winter 1984

RN 639 L'AVVENTURISTA ("The Adventurist") Eleven issues of a scurrilous satirical magazine published as a supplement to Lotta Continua newspaper in 1978. Precursor of Il Male.


640a The Ciampani Document: the charges brought by State Attorney Giorgio Ciampani against 81 comrades of the 7th April group, in the Rome wing of the legal proceedings (including Negri, Scalzone etc). Published Rome, 18 December 1980. (A4 duplicated, 155pp)

640b The Palombarini Document. Instructing Judge Giovanni Palombarini's document committing for trial 137 comrades of the 7th April group, in the Padova wing of the proceedings. Published Padova, 4 September 1981. (A4, photocopy, 1045 pages)

640c Documents (Palombarini, Calogero etc) relating specifically to charges brought against comrades Del Re, Bianchini and Serafini, of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Padova University, arising out of the April 7th trial, (A4 photocopy, 480pp). Also includes defence document of Emilio Vesce.

640d A collection of documents, news articles, petitions, statements and support documents published by the Italian April 7th Committee. (A4 photocopy, 240pp)

RN 641 IL BOLLETINO (Il Bolletino del Coordinamento dei Comitati contro la Ripressione, Milano). Publication of the Coordination of Committees against Repression, Milano. Publishes not only material on trials and prison issues, but also detailed economic and struggle overviews and analyses.

No. 7 March 1983

No. 8 May 1983

No. 10 November 1983

No. 11 February 1984

No. 12 April 1984

No. 13 July 1984

No. 14 October 1984

RN 642 A collection of leaflets arising out of housing struggles in Rovigo, Veneto (Foolscap, duplicated, 7pp)

RN 643 Leaflets calling for a national demonstration on Article 901 of the Penal Code. Published Gruppo Sociale di Rovigo. (Foolscap, duplicated, 6pp)

RN 644 Roma: Le lotte in una metropoli: 8 mesi d* . ne di case i occupazio 'pub. Movimento di Lotta per la Casa, Roma 1982/3. An account of 8 months of housing struggles in Italy. (A4 36pp pamphlet)

RN 645 Tutti a Comiso. Pamphlet calling for support for anti-nuclear camp in Sicily. Pub. various Anti-Nuclear Committees, 1983 (A4 pamphlet, 4pp)

RN 646 Le Proposte di Modifica degli Organi Collegiali di DC, PSI, PRI. Pub. Studenti di Democrazia Proletaria, Varese, 13 November 1980. (A4 photocopy, 6pp)

RN 647 Tutti a Bologna... Ma a Fare Che? Alternative programme published by Democrazia Proletaria for the 4-day festival organised by the PCI administration of Bologna in 1980. (A3 poster, offset)

RN 648 No Alla Morte di Carcere: Chiudere S. Maria Maggiore. Documents relating to calls for 'death' prisons to be closed – particularly Voghera. Also ref. Claudio Grassetti. (A4 duplicated, 6pp)

RN 649 Various movement leaflets, 1984 (A4 duplicated, 6pp)

RN 650 Document circulated by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, against conditions in Italian prisons (including articles published in Il Manifesto 22 March 1984) (A4 duplicated, 6pp)

RN 651 An appeal to the Padova Court by Ferruccio Gambino, of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Padova University. (A4 photocopy, 6pp)

RN 652 Concluding document of the Democrazia Proletaria conference, Roma, 13-16 April 1978. (A3 newsprint, 8pp)

RN 653 Dal Blocco degli Sfratti alle Occupazioni. Documents on housing struggles in the Veneto, pub. Comitato per il Diritto alla Casa, Mestre-Venezia, October-November 1981. (A4 pamphlet, 80pp)

RN 654 Sviluppo Tecnologico e Antagonismo Proletario. Document on technological development and proletarian antagonism. Pub. Padova students. Undated. (A4 duplicated, 8pp)

RN 655 L'Altro Movimento. Journal published from Verona on theoretical questions of work, civil rights etc. Pub. Verona. No. 3 May 1980

RN 656 No all'Aborto Clandestino. No al Mercato dell'Aborto. Women's leaflet on Law 194. Pub. PCI. (A4 offset, 4pp

RN 657 Documento del Coordinamento dei Comitati di Lotta per la Casa. Undated. (A4 duplicated, 4pp)

RN 658 Collection of documents deriving from communist students at Padova University, dealing with varied issues. (A4 duplicated, 40pp)

RN 659 Bolletino del Coordinamento Anti-Nucleare Antimilitarista Veneto . Bulletin of the Veneto Anti-Nuclear, Anti-Militarist Coordination). No. 7 July 1984 No. ? April 1984

RN 660 Tuttinsieme. Bolletino a cura del Coordinamento Nazionale Liberate Tutti. Journal dealing with prison struggles. No. 0 April 1984.

RN 661 FUORI DALLE LINEE (Padova) No. ? December 1983

RN 662 Tortura in Italia: Le misure segrete del governo Spadolini. Dossier of torture measures introduced by the Spadolini Government in 1981/2. Pub. Libreria Calusca, Milano, March 1982. (A4 offset, 94pp)

RN 663 Torture in Italy: A Constant in the "Democratic" Italian Republic. A translation of the above pamphlet. Pub. National Coordination of the Committees Against Repression, Milano. Circulated in the UK by Franca Rame. (44 photocopy, 40pp)

RN 664 A collection of documents in Japanese Left publications relating to the April 7th Trial and other developments in Italy. (Various sizes, photocopy, 44pp)

RN 665 Promotional documents for the International Conference on "Movement and Repression", Padova 6-8 April 1984, organised from the Veneto Anti-Nuclear Anti-Militarist Coordination. Also in German. (Foolscap duplicated, 16pp)

RN 666 QUOTIDIANO DONNA ("Women's Daily") Pub. from via del Governo Vecchio, Rome. Issues: 19 March 1980, 16 April 1980, 28 May 1980, 4 June 1980, 26 June 1980, 9 July 1980, 16 July 1980, 3 July 1981, 5 March 1982.

RN 667 INDOLENCIA. (Spanish autonomist journal) No. 2 April/May 1982.

RN 668 IL MANIFESTO (Communist Daily to the left of the Communist Party)

* 1983

February 23, 27,

March 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 30, 31

April 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 21, 24, 28, 29, 30

May 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22y' 24, 26,

June 18, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30,

July 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16

RN 669 LE OPERAIE DELLA CASA (Journal, bimonthly, of the group "Autonomia Femminista". Part of an archive of materials sent to us by comrades in Padova)

No. ? 1 May 1975

No. 0 April-May 1976

No. 1 June-July 1976

No. ? Sept-Dec 1976

No. 01 Nov-Dec 1976

No. ? Jan-April 1976

No. ? 1 May 1978

RN 670 LOTTA FEMMINISTA (Part of archive above)

No. ? Sept 1973


Bulletin issued by the Veneto Wages for Housework Committee, March 1974. No. 1. (Part of archive above)

RN 672 DONNE ALL'ATTACCO (Bulletin of the Trieste Wages for Housework Committee)

No. ? November 1977

RN 673 BOLLETTINO (Bulletin of the Emilia Wages for Housework Committee) (Part of the archive above)

No. ? 1975

RN 674 MADONNA DI FATIMA (Circular of the Italian Madonna of Fatima Committee) (Part of the archive above)

Year 34, No. 19 May 1983

RN 675 A folder of leaflets of the group Lotta Femminista, 1972-3. (Part of the archive above)

RN 676 A folder of leaflets of the group Lotta Femminista, 1973-4. (Part of the archive above)

RN 677 A folder of leaflets of the Italian Wages for Housework Committees, 1976-9. (Part of the archive above)

RN 678 Riproduzione Femminile a Forma-Famiglia: Appunti per un'Analisis Comparata. Article by Mariarosa Dalla Costa, on women's reproduction and the family form. Reprint from Socialismo Oggi 1982. (A4 photocopy, 4pp)

RN 679 Percorsi Femminili e Politica della Riproduzione della Forza-Lavoro negli Anni '70. Article by Mariarosa Dalla Costa, on women and reproduction in the 1970s. Reprint from La Critica Sociologica No. 61, Spring 1982. (A4 photocopy, 13pp)

RN 680 Fuori dal Mulinello. Article by Mariarosa dalla Costa, for Conference on State intervention in Reproduction in the Capitalist System. Napoli November 1980. (Photocopy, A4, 7pp)

RN 681 Emigrazione, Immigrazione e Composizione di Classe in Italia negli Anni '70. Article by Mariarosa dalla Costa, on emigration, immigration and class composition in Italy during the 1970S. Reprint from Economia e Lavoro, October-December 1981. (A4 photocopy, 6pp)

(Nos. RN 678-681 are part of the archive above).

RN 682 IL MALE (Highly rude and satirical leftwing cartoon newspaper)

1979 "La Stampa" Special

1980 "L'Unità" Special

"Bild" Special

"Pravda" Special

"The Times" Special

April 13, 23, 30

May 7, 14, 21, 28

June 4, 11, 18, 23, 30

July 7, 14, 21, 28

August 4, 11,

September 8, 15, 23, 30

October 6, 13, 20, 27

November 3, 10, 16, 24

December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


January 12

PIT 683 review in t-. r;r-lish

p,,(,[email protected] ',)opsier o. @i Comiso)

6 [email protected]@ of P. r,or!)Lt,,ito Proletirio Tpi,ritorial,-. V(?neto)

l-)77 1 -n77 3,,)

ber lq77 – 14, 21, [email protected] 'r)er 1 q77 – [email protected], lq

RN 685 L'ESPRESSO Two issues:

10 April 1977 (on Student Revolt)

8 February 1981 (on Soviet roots of terrorism)

RN 686 Bollettino del Coordinamento Regionals Anti-Nucleare, Anti-Militarista, Veneto

No. 1 1982 3

No. 2 1982 3

No. 3 April 1983

RN 687 ROSSO VIVO (Journal covering questions of science, energy, nuclear etc)

No. 1 February/March 1979

No. 2 July/August 1979

No. 3 January/February 1980

RN 688 AUTONOMIA (Autonomist political weekly published from Padova)

RN 688/A No 2 – 17 November 1978

RN 688/B No. 3 – 27 November 1978

RN 688/C No. 6 – 19 December 1978

RN 688/D No. 8 – 27 February 1979

RN 688/E No. 9 – 6 February 1979

RN 688/F No. 10 – 20 March 1979

RN 688/G No. 12 – 2 April 1979

RN 688/H No. 11 – 27 March 1979

RN 688/I No. 14 – 1 May 1979

[Il 7 aprile 1979 l’intera redazione di Autonomia veniva incarcerata o costretta alla latitanza da un’ infame montatura architettata dal regime della “solidarietà nazionale...”]

RN 688/J Numero Unico – April 1982?

RN 688/K No. 27 – April 1982

RN 688/L No 28 – November 1982

RN 688/M No. 31 – June 1984

RN 689 SINISTRA PROLETARIA (Journal of the Collettivo Politico Metropolitano of Milan)

No. ? June 1970 No. 0 July 1970

No. 1 12 September 1970

Also 2 supplements to the above.

RN 690 COMBAT (Newspaper published by the Centro d'Iniziativa Comunista, Padova)

No. 0 Undated 1979

No. 0 bis Undated 1979.

RN 691 ESPERIENZE SINDACALI (Periodic review for shop stewards, pub. by the FLM Engineering Union for Torino and province) Year 10 No. 1 June 1981. Report of seminar on trade unions and the press.

RN 692 "La Lotta dei 35 Giorni alla FIAT: Un'Analisi Sociologica". Report by the Sociology Department of Turin University, together with CESPE, on the 1980 FIAT struggles. Reprint from Politica ed Economia, November 1984. (A4 Photocopy, 14pp)

RN 693 A collection of discussion documents prepared by Potere Operaio, Milano in 1972, dealing with a variety of struggle issues (Foolscap, duplicated, 36pp)

RN 694 Three files containing extensive materials (news clippings, leaflets, documents etc in English and Italian) about the "April 7th Trial" and associated arrests 1979-84.

RN 695 Le Nostre Lotte e la Repression: Per Lo Sviluppo dell'Organizzazione Autonoma di Classe al Petrochimico di Porto Marghera. A documented chronology of struggles at the Petrolchimico plant, answering accusations of terrorism. Pub. Workers' Committee of Petrolchimico, October 1982. (A4 pamphlet, 32pp)

RN 696 MAGAZZINO (Autonomist, workerist magazine of general theory) (Milano)

No. 1 January 1979

RN 697 LAVORO ZERO (Autonomist review, pub. Porto Marghera)

No. 11 112 April 1980. Special issue (after presses seized) on Minamata pollution scandal.

RN 698 ASSEMBLEA (Political/cultural periodical, pub. Rome)

Year III No. 5 March/May 1984. Articles by R. Curcio, G. Salierno, E. Gallo, Nautilas.

RN 699 SEDICESIMO (s no (Magazine about repression and political prisoners, sls ed. Oreste Scalzone Calusca, Milano)

No. 1 15 June 1983 "Liberare Tutti"

RN 700 REPORTER (1985, daily newspaper)

No ? 17 May 1985

No. 151 28 August 1985

RN 701 U RIBOMBU (Newspaper of Corsican nationalists)

No. 125/6 30 August 1985

RN 702 POTERE OPERAIO (Newspaper of Potere Operaio)

Year III No. 44 November 1971 (Photocopy)

RN 703 Ricomporre le Forze dell'Antagonismo: Per lo Sviluppo di un Movimento della Liberazione. Poster leaflet outlining theses for a renewal of political movement in the area of autonomy, and for freedom for political prisoners. Pub. supplement to Tuttinsieme/Stampa Alternative, Roma ?1982/3.

RN 704 AUTONOMIA (see RN688 above)

No. 27 – April 1982 (On torture)

No. 28 – November 1982

No. 29 – April 1983 (On torture)

No. 30 – December 1983/January 1984 Special trilingual edition (Italian, German, English) – Undated

RN 705 Bollettino della Commissione Nazionale Lotte Operate di Lotta Continua. Bulletin of the LC Workers' Struggles Commission, dealing in detail with struggles in various sectors5

N. 8 – September/October 1974 (Auto, textiles, petrochemicals etc)

RN 706 L'OFFENSIVA: Quaderni di Lotta Femminista (Journal published by the International Feminist Collective, Padova)

No. 1 – December 1972 (reprinted November 1974)

RN 707 OPERAICONTRO (A newspaper reporting workers' struggles) (Milano)

Year IV No. 26 June 1985

Year IV No. 27 July 1985 (special on Denmark)

RN 708 A file of various assorted Italian-language leaflets, articles, news- clippings etc, ranging from Lotta Continua 1969 to the present day. These are for the reader to sort and index!

RN 709 A file of articles, leaflets etc relating to the work of Dario Fo and Franca Rame.

RN 710 Bollettino Mensile di Documentazione: Federazione CGIL/CISL/UIL Torino (Monthly bulletin of trade union issues arising in the Torino area

No. 4 May 1977

No. 13 March 1978

No. 18 November 1978

No. 21 March 1979

RN 711 La Vertenza Auto-Indotto-Trasporti: line Proposta Alternative di Political Economica. Trade union document on negotiations in the transport sector. Pub as No. 12 of Esperienze Sindacali, FLM Torino, December 1975 (27Ox195, 40pp, pamphlet)

RN 712 RASSEGNA SINDACALE (Fortnightly publication of the CGIL)

Year XXII No. 315 – 13 July 1975 (on trade unions and the media)

RN 713 SINDACATO UNITARIO (Trade union newspaper published by the ToriNo. region FLM engineering union)

No. 1 5 March 1979 No. 2 ? March 1979 No. 3 5 April 1979 Various undated broadsheets.

RN 714 L'Area della Detenzione Politics in Italia. A sociological analysis of political prisoners in Italy, conducted by the Sociology Dept of the University of Rome, with the collaboration of prisoners in Rebibbia. Draft pub. September 1984. (A4 photocopy, 80pp)

RN 715 AUTONOMIE: Materialien gegen die Fabrikgesellschaft (German Autonomy journal)

No. 5 February 1977 (Special on political trials, including K. H. Roth)


No. 0 1978

RN 717 BOILER (Movement magazine from Padova)

No. 1 ?1980

RN 718 PASPART]G (Movement newspaper from Padova)

No. ? Undated ?1982

RN 719 A file of assorted Lotta Continua leaflets, ranging from 1969 to 1977. RN 720 An extensive file of materials – leaflets, articles, pamphlets etc – produced by the Wages for Housework groups in Italy (Padova, Veneto, Ferrara). Includes both agitational and theoretical materials.

RN 721 Appunti e Voci Varie di Donne sul Carcere. Pamphlet about the conditions of women political prisoners. Pub. Collettivo Donne Sparse in LibertA Vigilata, Torino, June 1978. (A5 photocopy, 16pp)

RN 722 VOGLIAMO TUTTO: Nuova serie. "Per una iniziativa proletaria a Napoli e nel Sud".

No. 1 15 October 1980

RN 723 SENZA PADRONI: Bollettino peraio per l'Organizzazione Comunista in Fabbrica. Workers' bulletin linked to Autonomia. Motor industry, petrochemicals, state repression post April 7th '79.

No. 0 12 July 1980 No. 1 Undated.

RN 724 Bollettino di Controinformazione a cura del Comitato di Controinformazione sull'Omicidio di Pietro Maria Walter Greco – "Pedro" Bulletin investigating the police murder of an autonomist comrade in Trieste, 9 March 1985.

RN 725 OPERAICONTRO: Giornale per il collegamento e la lotta degli operai contro lo sfruttamento Monthly newspaper, published from Milan, documenting labour struggles.

No. 29 December 1985 No. 30 March 1986 No. 31 April 1986

RN 726 Bulletin of the National Lotta Continua Workers' Struggles Commission

No. 2 December 1973 (FT-AT; Investment in the South; Factory Councils; Inflation and Devaluation; Lanerossi; etc)

No. 3 January 1974 (FIAT; Sit-Siemens; Energy Crisis; Olivetti; FLM etc)

No. 4 February 1974 (FT-AT; Redundancy Law; PCI and CGIL policy; Italsider; Sardinia; SIR-Porto Torres; Zone Councils; Outworking etc)

No. 5 March/April 1974 (FT-AT; Textiles; Legal Tribunals; New Tactics; Sardinia; the 150 Hours etc)

No. 6 May-June 1974 (FT-AT; Chemicals; Rubber; Food industry etc)

No. 7 July 1974 (British Leyland; Alfa; Shipyards; Scala Mobile; Taxation etc)

RN 727 COLLEGAMENTI Internazionali per il Comunismo Journal documenting workers' struggles in Italy and overseas.

No. 1 July 1973 (Workers and peasants in France; British dockers; Spain – Vigo uprising; West Germany – wave of strikes 1973)

No. 2 ? Date (Wildcat dockers' strike in Belgium; Ford struggles in UK; Immigrant struggles in France; Renault; Wage battles in W. Germany)

No. 4 May 1974 (Miners in Britain; West Germany – Brandt resignation; Unions in Sweden; Spain – 10 years of struggle at SEAT; European round-up)

Special: Blansol: Una lucha obrera mas Pamphlet on history of struggles at a factory in Barcelona, Spain.

No. ? March 1977 (New Series) (Auto sector crisis; OM-FIAT; Refusal of work; Absenteeism; Public spending)

RN 728 LOTTA CONTINUA PER IL COMUNISMO Bimonthly magazine of social and political comment.

No. 2 October 1979 No. 3 December 1979 No. 4 February 1980 No. 5 May 1980 No. 6 October 1980 No. 7 December 1980 No. 8 March 1981 No. 9 June 1981 No. 11 February 1982

RN 729 METROPOLI: Per l’autonomia possibile. Magazine featuring writers from the Autonomy movement – Pace, Virno, Piperno, Scalzone, Castellano, Negri, Ferrari-Bravo etc, post '79 arrests.

No. 3 February 1981

RN 730 MAGAZZINO Magazine of the area of Autonomy represented in the 7th April 1979 arrests.

No. 3 May 1979 (Special issue on the "Diffuse Factory") RN 731 LAVORO ZERO: Bollettino della Assembles Autonoma di Porto Marghera Bulletin of the Workers' Autonomy Assembly in Porto Marghera, special reference petrochemical industry.

No ? Undated No. ? May 1974 No. 4 December 1976

RN 732 IL BOLLETTINO del Coordinamento dei Comitati contro la Repression, Milano (See RN 641)

No. 15 December 1984 No. 19 October 1985 No. 20 February 1986 No. 21 May 1986

RN 733 SOSPETTARE E PUNIRE Bulletin of the Padova April 7th Committee

No. ? February 1980 No. ? Undated (Early 1980)


Mutual Aid in Australia has a substantial collection of Italian anarchist magazines and books, which they are able to either sell, or photocopy, on request.

Their address is: Mutual Aid, PO Box 20, Parkville 3052, Melbourne, Australia. Write for their list, as published in Libertarian Worker

The material which they hold includes:

Umanita Nuova 1980/81 Volonta nos. 1 and 3

L'Agitatore nos. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 (1981-2)

Autogestione No. 7 1981

Lotta di Classe Vol-3 no. 1 1981.

CDA nos. 21, 22, 23 (1979)

Anarchisms No. 36 (1981)

Bounty vol. II no. 2 (1980) Biblioteca Franco Serantini no. 1

Comitato d'Azione Diretta no. 2 (1981)

Azione Diretta nos. 64-68

Revista Anarchica vol. XII, nos. 1-5

Senzapatria vol. IV, nos. 1-3

Seme Anarchico vol- 3 nos. 1-4

Autogestione Autogestione Conference Report (Florence 1981)

RN 735 WILDCAT- ZIRKULAR This is a regular bulletin issued by the WILDCAT network in Germany, which includes regular reporting on working class struggles and issues of international importance. The issues contained in the Red Notes Archive are the following:

Index for Wildcat-Zirkular 1-24; No. 1, February 1994; No. 2, March 1994; No 8, 0ctober 1994; No 9, November 1994; No 10, December 1994; No. 11, January 1995; No 12, February 1995; No 13, March 1995; No 14, April 1995; No 15, May 1995; No. 16, May 1995; No 17, July 1995; No. 18, August 1995; No. 19, September 1995; No. 21, November 1995; No. 22, December 1995; No. 23, January 1996; Supplement Unser Leipzig, January 1996; No. 24, February-March 1996; No. 28-9, October 1996; No. 32, December 1996; No. 33, January 1997; No. 34-5, March 1997; No. 36-7, April 1997; No. 38, July 1997; No. 39, September 1997; No. 40-1, December 1997; No. 42-3, March 1998; Supplement on self-employed workers in UK, 42-3, March 1998; No. 44, April 1998; No. 46-7, February 1999; Supplement to No. 46-7: Die Kommunismus ist die materielle Gemeinschaft; No. 50-1, May-June 1999; Supplement to No. 50-51, Wenn die Aufst"ande sterben; No. 52-3, July 1999; Supplement to No. 52-3, Niedergang und Widerkehr der kommunistischen Bewegung; No. 54, November 1999; No. 55, March 2000; No. 56-7, May 2000; No. 58, December 2000; No. 59-60, July-August 2001; No. 61, January 2002; No. 62, February 2002; No. 63, March 2002; No. 63, March 2002; 

RN 736 UN ANNO DI LOTTE OPERAIE NELLA CRISI CAPITALISTICA: Rassegna stampa dal 1 gennaio al 31 dicembre 1993, curato da un compagno dei COBAS di Bologna (A4, c. 400pp)


RN 737 Collection of the journal I VOLSCI, Mensile dell’autonomia romana.

RN 737 / 1 – No. 1 February 1978

RN 737 / 2 – No. 2 March 1978

RN 737 / 3 – No. 3 April 1978 [Two copies]

RN 737 / 4 – No. 4 May-June 1978 [Two copies]

RN 737 / 5 – July 1978

RN 737 / 6 – October 1978

RN 737 / 7 – No. 7, November-December 1978

RN 737 / 8 – No. 8 April 1979

RN 737 / 9 – No. 9 July 1979

RN 737 / 11 – No. 11 October 1981


RN 738 / 3 No 3-4 – July 1974

RN 738 / 5 No. 5/6 – ? August 1974


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The following section, filed under the rubric RNB 0000, consists of published books contained in the archive.

RNB 1001 Finalments il Cielo e Caduto Sulla Terra, by Franco Berardi ("Bifol' Edizioni SquiLibri, Milano 1978. About the Movement of 1977-78, and the experiences of Radio Alice. (193x1l9, 140pp, Pb)

RNB 1002 'La Crisi dell'Economia Politics e la Teoria del Valore, by Giorgio Lunghini, Feltrinelli Economica,Milano 1977. (177x1O8, T8p. p, Pb)

RNB 1003 I Consign di Zona: Indicazioni di LavolD per i Delegate, by the Centro Operaio of Milano, Coines Edizioni, Roma 1974. Notes for shop stewards on the role of "Zone Councils". (l90x1l9, 136pp, Pb)

RNB 1004 Amati Amanti, by Marisa Rusconi, Feltrinelli, Milano 1981. Psychology, sexuality and relationships. (125x205, 296pp, Pb)

RNB 1005 Scuola e Lotta di Classe nel 1973-74, by Lotta Continua, pub. Edizioni Lotta Continua, Roma, 1974. Documents on the struggle in the schools 1973-4, from LC national Conference on school struggles. (183x1l2, 168pp,, Pb)

RNB 1006 Ci Siamo Presi la Liberia di Lottare: il Movimento di massa dei detenuti da gennaio a settembre 1973, by Lotta Continuals Prisons Commission, pub. Edizioni Lotta Continua, Roma 1973. The mass movement of prisoners, January-September 1973. Photos. (186x1ll, 160pp, Pb)

RNB 1OO7 Irlanda: Un Vietnam in Europa, by Lotta Continua, pub. Edizioni Lotta Continua, Torino 1969. Ireland, a Vietnam in Europe, with introduction, documents, interviews with militants. Photos. (210x150, 216pp, Pb)

RNB 1008 'Occupazione Giovanile e Fabbrica Diffuse, Vol 4/5 of Quaderni del Territorio, pub. Celuc Libri, April 1978, Milano. Documents from a conference on Youth Employment and the Diffuse Factory. (210x150, 318pp, Pb)

RNB 1009 Operai e Fabbrica in Unione Sovietica. by Rita di Leo, pub. De Donato (Serie Movimento Operaio No. 14), Bari, 1973. Work and conditions of workers in the Soviet Union, seen through letters to Trud and. Pravda. (210x130, 318pp, Pb)

RNB 1010 Contropiano Vol. 2/70. Articles by Cacciari on Class Composition, Gobbi on FIAT Strikes 1969-70, Schiavuta on Scientific Research etc. pub. La Nuova Italia, Firerize May-August 1970. (200x129, 224 pp, Pb)

RNB 1011 S'Avanza Uno Strano Soldato, by Guido Viale, pub. Edizioni Lotta Continua, Roma 1973. Political writings of Guido Viale 1968-73. (214x155, 176pp, Pb)

RNB 1012 Students in Revolt in Italy. Special Edition of International Socialist Journal, No. 26-27, July 1968, Roma. (214x150, relevant pages 191-258, Pb)

RNB 1013 Dopo il 20 Giugno by Adriano Sofri, Intro. by Lisa Foa, pub. Savelli, (serie Attualita Politics), Roma 1977. Sofrils speeches to the Second National Congress of Lotta Continua, after the 1976 Elections. (184x128, 136pp, Pb)

RNB 1014 Operai Senza Politica: il caso Moro alla FIAT e ii liqualunquismo operaio" by Brunello Mantelli and Marco Revelli, pub. Savelli, (Serie Attualita Politica no. 31), Roma 1979. FIAT workers' reactions to the Moro kidnap. (183x130, 208pp, Pb)


RNB 1015 Agnelli Ha Paura e Paga La Questura: i documenti dello spionaggio e della corruzione FIAT by Lotta Continua, pub. Edizioni Lotta Continua, Torino, January 1972. Documents about FIAT's use of police and fascists. (210x147, 62pp, Pb with photos)

RNB 1016 'Operai e Capitals, by Mario Tronti, pub. Einaudi, Torino 1971. Major theoretical writings of Tronti. Expanded edition. (215x156, 314pp, Pb)

RNB 1017 'Italy: Documents of Struggle. Special issue of The Ripening of Time, containing articles by Workers' Autonomy, NAP, Prima Linea, Red Brigades etc. No. 12, April-December 1979, Dublin. (217x155, 100pp, Pb)

RNB 1018 'Da Quando Son Partito Militate, by Proletari in Divisa, pub. Edizioni Lotta Continua, Milan, March 1973. Letters, documents and testimonies about the conditions and struggles of soldiers in Italy. (207x150, 222pp, Pb with photos)

RNB 1019 'Lotte Operate e Ambiente di Lavoro: Mirafiori 1968-74, by Alfredo Milanaccio & Luca Ricolfi. – pub Einaudi (Serie Politica No. 49), Torino 1976. Workers' struggles over health and safety at FIAT. (l80x1O5, 198pp, Pb with diagrams)

RNB 1020 'La Rivolta di Piazza Statuto: Torino Luglio 1962, by Dario Lanzardo, pub Feltrinelli (Serie Economics), Milano, September 1979. The FIAT workers' revolt, Piazza Statuto, 1962. (180x110, 214pp, Pb with photos)

RNB 1021 'The Italian Communists Speak for Themselves, ed. Don Sassoong pub. Spokesman, 1978. Articles by Berlinguer and others. (210x136,,198pp, Pb)

RNB 1022 'Il 20 Congresso di Lotta Continua, pub. Edizioni Coop. Giornalisti Lotta Continua, distrio. Savelli, Rome 1976. The speeches from Lotta Continua's final Conference before dissolution, 31 October-4 November 1976. (210x143, 316pp, Pb)

RNB 1023 Le Tesi, Le Relazioni Politiche, Lo Statuto pub. Edizioni Lotta Continua, Serie Materiale per La Formazione Politics, Roma, 1975. Principle theses and contributions to Lotta Continuals First National Conference, 7-12 January 1975.

RNB 1024 Disoccupati e Stato: il movimento dei disoccupati organizzati di Napoli 1975-81), by Pietro Basso, pub. Franco Angeli Editore, Milano 1981. The unemployed movement in Naples, 1975-81. Account and analysis. (220x140, 224pp, Pb)

RNB 1025 I Maestri Cantatori: Saper tacere, saper ignorare, non dire niente, non confessare mai, by Victor Serge, pub. Ruggiero Editore, collana Senza Galere, 1980. Edition of Serge's "What Every Revolutionary Should Know about Repression" (206x143, 78pp, Pb)

RNB 1026 Nous Voulons Tout by Nanni Balestrini, pub. Seuil, Paris 1973. Novel about Southern FIAT worker in Turin. (205x140, 174pp, Pb)

RNB 1027 Critica Leninista del Presente, ed. L. Geymonat, pub. Feltrinelli, Serie Economica, Milano, June 1980. Leninist analysis with reference to Italy. (180x110, 210pp, Pb)

RNB 1028 Come Pesci nell'Acqua Inguinata, by Alfonso Natella, pub. LibriRossi, Milano 1978. Autobiographical account of working-class struggles in Naples. (204x125, 108pp, Pb)

RNB 1029 Proletari Senza Rivoluzione: storia delle classi subalterns in Italia by Renzo del Carria, pub. Savelli, Roma, 1975. Vol. 1 1892-1914. Proletarians without revolution. History of the "lower orders" in Italy, from founding of the Socialist Party to "Red Week". (185x132, 276pp, Pb)

RNB [email protected] 0 Proletari Senza Rivoluzione: storia delle classi subalterns in Italia As RNB 1029. Vol. 2 1914-1922. From the First Imperialist War to the events of Parma. (185x132, 260pp, Pb)

RNB 1031 Quaderni del Progetto Vol. 2, Padova, July 1977. Theoretical articles on class composition. (l90x145, 216pp, Pb)

RNB 1032 Manuals dell'Assenteista, pub. Le Vipere Padane, Bologna, February 1978. The Manual of the Absenteeist. (l7Ox122, 62pp, Pb)

RNB 1033 La Crisi del Sistema Sovietico by Victor Serge, pub. Edizioni Ottaviano, Milano 1976. Nine articles, dated 1933-1947. (184x110, 218pp, Pb)

RNB 1034 Armed Struggle in Italy: A Chronology, Pub. Bratach Dubh, Anarchist Pamphlet No. 4, Catania, September 1979. (212x156, 96pp, Pb with photos)

RNB 1035 Gli Operai Contro Lo Stato: Il Rifiuto del Lavoro. Translation of Materiaux Pour L'Intervention. Pub. Filorosso. , Milano, June 1980. Potere Operaio perspectives.

RNB 1036 The Italian Communists: Forei,-n Bulletin of the PCI. Special Issue, 1978; Draft Theses for the 15th National Congress of the PCI. Pub. PCI, Roma, 1978. (225x173, 124pp, Pb)

RNB 1037 The Italian Communists: Foreign Bulletin of the PCI,. [email protected] 2,_. April- June 1978. Pub. PCI, Roma, 1978. (225x175, 84pp, Pb)

RNB 1038 Contratto Nazionale di Lavoro: Addetti all'Industria Metalmeccanica Private. National engineering workers' contract, 1979. Pub. FLM, Torino, 1979.

RNB 1039 Vento dell'Est Vol. 51/52, February 1979. Report on a trip to China. Lisa Foa and others. Pub. Edizioni Oriente, c/o Mazzotta, Milano, 1979.

RNB 1040 -Storie Italians di Violenza e Terrorisms by Giampaolo Pansa, pub. Laterza, Bari,: March 1980. Stories of violence and terrorism in Italy. Interviews and analysis. (210x140, 280pp, Pb)

RNB 1041 Tre Anni Cosi, by Bruna Alasia, pub. Vangelista, Milan, March 1978. A novel about student life. (210x146, 232pp, Pb)

RNB 1042 The Valpreda Papers: the prison diaries of Pietro Valpreda, by Pietro Valpreda, pub. Gollancz, London, 1975. (220x140, 316, Hb)

RNB 1043 Proletariato Industriale e Organizzazione del Lavoro: Antologia, Ed. Martino Ancona, Francesco Steri, pub. Savelli, Roma, June 1975. Anthology of industrial sociology. (185x130, 382pp, Pb)

RNB 1044 Assenteismo: Un Terreno di Lotta Operaia by the Autonomous Assembly of Marghera, pub. Nuovi Editori, Padova, March 1975. Study of absenteeism as a form of workers' struggle. (165x120, 124pp, Pb)

RNB 1045 FIAT: Struttura Aziendale e Organizzazione dello Sfruttamento, by G. Guidi, A. Bronzino, L. Germanetto, pub. Mazzotta, Milano 1974. Study of the structure of FIAT and the organisation of exploitation. (l90x1l3, 248pp, Pb with diagrams)

RNB 1046 Crisi e Mobilita Operaia by Aviana Bulgarelli, pub. Mazzotta, Milano 1978. Study of workers' mobility in the motor industry, particular reference to FIAT. (230x150, 154pp, Pb)

RNB 1047 Metropoli e Lotte Operate: unlindagine sull'area torinese 1970-72, by S. Belforte, A. Ferroni, P. Morello, Danilo Riva, pub. Nuovi Editori, Padova 1975. Marxist urbanism, analysing relation of Turin city to workers' struggles, in particular FIAT. (213x157, 156pp, Pb with charts and diagrams)

RNB 1048 La FIAT Com'e: la ristrutturazione davanti all'autonomia operala, ed. Enrico Deaglio, pub. Feltrinelli, Milano 1975. The restructuring of FIAT in the face of working class autonomy. (180x110, 316pp, Pb with charts)

RNB 1049 Mo' che il Tempo S'Avvicina, pub. Edizioni Lotta Continua, 1973, distrib. Savelli. The documents from Lotta Continuals conference on Southern Italy, Naples, 11 February 1973. (1-95x122, 176pp, Pb with photos)

RNB 1050 Les Temps Modernes Vol 29, no. 335, June 1974. Special issue on Italy. Articles by Lotta Continua, Viale, Sofri, Platania. (215x135, 200pp, Pb)

RNB 1051 Les Temps Modernes Vol. 25, no. 279, October 1969. Special issue on Italy. Articles by Gorz, Castellina, Bouguereau, Sofri, Luperini, Magri. (2l5x135, 200pp, Pb)

RNB 1052 Lotte Operate e Organizzazione del Lavoro , by Marino Emilio and Regini Reyneri, pub. Ricerche Sociologiche, No. 5 October 1970, Padova. Marxist analysis of changing organisation of work and class composition in Italy. (209x133, 192pp, Pb)

RNB 1052 Bologna Marzo 1977: Fatti Nostri, by Molti Compagnie pub. Bertani, Verona 1977. Illustrated chronological account of the events of the Movement in Bologna. (215x137, 246pp, Pb with photos)

RNB 1053 Operai, Impiegati: Quale UnitA? by the Workers' Political Collective of Sit-Siemens, Milano, pub. Quaderni Operai (no. 2), Milano 1972. Analysis of the prospects for unity between white and blue collar workers. (174x1l3, 94pp, Pb)

RNB 1054 L'Organizzazione Socials del Consenso by Marcello Santoloni, pub. CGIL, Serie Materiali Formazione Sindacale no. 2, Roma, 1973. (212x155, 108pp, Pb)

RNB 1055 Da Valletta ad Agnelli: Cronaca Giudiziaria della FIAT, by Magistratura Democratics. Special issue of Magistratura Democratics, Vol. VI, no. 21/22, January-June 1978, Torino. Stories of some of the court cases brought against FIAT or by FIAT. (240x160, 174pp, Pb)

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Mistero Buffo

Clacson, Trombette e Pernacchi

La Madre

L'Opera dello Sghignazzo Michele Lu Lanzone

Gli Imbianchini non Hanno Ricordi

L'Uomo Nudo e L'Uomo in Frack

Non Tutti i Ladri Vengono per Nuocere

I Cadaveri si Spediscono, Le Donne si Spogliano

Un Morto da Vendere

All unpublished.

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c) Egualitarismo e Politica Salariale 1968-77 by Ada Becchi CollidA, 1977.

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No. 15 Quasi Una Favola... Cartoon history of exploitation. Undated (l0pp)

No. 16 Cottimo. On piecework. Undated. (l0pp)

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Vol. 5, no. 1, January-February 1971: Labour movement in US

Vol. 6, no. 2, March-April 1972: Working class organising in the South, and Quebec

Vol. 6, no. 5, September-October 1972: Special issue on Quebec [2 copies]

Vol 6, no. 6, November-December 1972: Workers' struggles in the 1930s

Vol. 7, no. 1, 1973: Quilts: women's unrecognized art

Vol. 8, no. 5, September-October 1974: Class struggle in Britain

Vol. 10, no. 6, November-December 1976: Italy: Women, the Left, communists

Vol. 11, no. 2, March-April 1977: Spain – communism and repression… Professional-managerial class

Vol. 11, no. 3, May-June 1977: Professional-managerial class… Beauty parlours…

Vol. 11, no. 4, July-August 1977: Gay rights and the Left… Southern black workers

Vol. 12, no. 4, July-August 1978: Sexual harassment… Chile… Assembly line politics

Vol. 12, no. 5, September-October 1978: The Black south in the 1920s… Italy's Communist Party

Vol. 12, no. 6, November-December 1978: Organizing… Farm workers… Civil Rights… GE [2 copies]

Vol. 13, no. 4, July-August 1979: Gay politics in California… Britain turns right

Vol. 13, no. 5: September-October 1979: Feminism and Leninism… anti-semitism… With Banners and Babies

Vol. 14, no. 1, January-February 1980: Movies about workers… Hungary…

Vol. 14, No. 2, March-April 1980: Anti-nuclear movement… Black socialism and feminism…

Vol. 14, no. 6, November-December 1980: Tupperware strategy… Northern Ireland… Civil rights…

Vol. 15, no. 6, November-December 1981: Reviewing radical history

Vol. 16, nos. 1 and 2, January-April 1982: The American family goes camping… Postal workers… Radical history

Vol. 16, no. 3, May-June 1982: 15 Years of Radical America: An anthology

Vol. 16, no. 6, November-December 1982: Lebanon since the invasion… Black textile workers… feminist theory…

Vol 17, no. 1, January-February 1983: Green movement… Report from Gaza

Vol. 17, nos. 2 and 3, March-June 1983: Environment special issue

Vol. 17, no. 4, July-August 1983: Political Uses of the Holocaust… Abortion… Seneca camp

Vol. 17, no. 6 and Vol. 18, no. 1, November 1983- February 1984:  The Mel King campaign and coalition politics in the 1980s

Vol. 18, nos. 2 and 3, March-June 1984: Voices of Black Feminism

Vol. 19, no. 1, January-February 1985: Peace movement…

Vol. 19, no. 4, July-August 1985: Central America… feminism…

Vol. 20, no. 1, January-February 1986: Women and war…

Vol. 20, nos 2 and 3, March-May 1986: Chernobyl

Vol. 20, no. 4, June-July 1986: Sexual politics of women's blues

Vol. 20, no. 5, September-October 1986: Race and community controls

Vol. 20, no. 6, November-December 1987: Facing AIDS: A special issue

Vol. 21, nos. 2 and 3, March-April 1987: AIDS action… West Bank, Gaza…

Vol. 21, no. 4, July-August 1987: Contesting families… Palestine…

Vol. 21, no. 5, September-October 1987: Alliance Party

Vol. 22, no. 1, January-February 1988: The politics of drag… the 1960s…

Vol. 22, no. 4, July-August 1988: China and Mexico: Rebellions at the grassroots

Vol. 22, no. 6, November-December 1988: Repression and resistance in South Africa

Vol. 23, no. 1, January-February 1989: Puerto Rico and the colonial dilemma

Vol. 23, nos. 2 and 3, April-September 1989: Panama… Narco-terrorism…

Vol. 24, no. 4, September-December 1990: Lesbian and gay politics and culture…

Vol. 25, no. 4, October-December 1995: Music industry… New World Order…

Vol. 26, no. 1, January-March 1992: The politics of resentment: Welfare

Vol. 27, no. 1, 1996: The politics of resentment: Immigration



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The numbering resumes here with general books and pamphlets. The starting number of this section is RNB 2000


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RNB 2028 “Alfa Romeo: Dalla Lotta all’Organizzazione”, Lotta Continua, Milano, 1971. Collection of factory leaflets. (Foolscap, 20pp, pamphlet)




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Section 4: Gunn-Cuninghame materials

Materials gathered by Patrick Gunn-Cuninghame for his thesis


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RNG92 Democracy and Disorder: Protest and politics in Italy, 1965-1975 (photocopy, A4), by Sidney Tarrow, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1989 (300x217, Pb)


RNG93 Reading Capital Politically (photocopy, A4), by Harry Cleaver, The Harvester Press, Brighton, 1979 (304x215, Pb)


RNG94  Autonomia: A movement of refusal – social movements and social conflict in Italy in the 1970s (bound thesis), by Patrick Gun Cunninghame, Middlesex University, 2002 (301x215, 246pp Pb)


RNG95 Forcing the Lock? The problem of class composition in Italian workerism (thesis, photocopy, A4), by Steven John Wright, Monash University, 1988 (220x305, Pb)


RNG96 Memoria: “La parabola del oberismo”, by Mariella Berra and Marco Revelli, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, 1995 (285x220, 42pp Pb)


RNG97 Operai e Capitale (photocopy, A4), by Mario Tronti, Giulio Einaudi Editore, 1966 (220x300, Pb)


RNG98 Working Class Autonomy and the Crisis: Italian Marxist texts of the theory and practice of a class movement, 1964-79 (Photocopy, A4), by Ed Emery, Red Notes, London, 1979 (305x215, Pb)


RNG99 A Documentation of Class Struggle in 1974 (photocopy, A4), by Ed Emery, Red Notes, London, 1975 (305x215, Pb)


RNG100 Dall’Operaio Massa All’Operaio Sociale: Intervista sull’operaismo (photocopy, A4), by Toni Negri, Multhipla Edizioni, Milano, 1979 (217x300, Pb)


RNG101 Per L’autonomia di Classe, Various Authors, Conference papers from Assemblea Nazionale, Bologna, 23-24 March, 1996 (300x215, Pb)


RNG102 Zero Network, Nos. 11, 13-14, 16, 20-22, 25-26 (465x320, Pb)


RNG103 Seminar in Padova, by Renato Curcio, Calusca 3 Co-op, 1994 (210x197, Pb)


RNG104 Italy 1977-8: “Living with an earthquake” (unbound photocopy, A4), by Ed Emery, Red Notes, London, 1978 (297x210, Pb)


RNG105 Un Quotidiano Comunista, supplement to Il Manifesto, Roma, 1991 (350x285, 25pp Pb)


RNG106 Il BIMestrale, supplement to Il Manifesto no.25, Roma, 1989 (350x285, 98pp Pb)


RNG107 A and B Folder containing the archive list of the Texas archives of autonomist Marxism; the archive list of the Red Notes Italian archive; photocopied texts from the Italian Autonomia movement


RNG108 Folder containing documents of the Italian movement of 1977


RNG109 Folder containing photocopies of journal articles about extraparliamentary politics in Italy, 1968-77


RNG110 Folder containing policy documents of the Italian Autonomia movement, 1976-77


RNG111 Folder containing various newspaper articles on the political scene in Italy up til 1998


RNG112 Folder containing documents, interviews, texts and critical reviews of the writings of Toni Negri and Oreste Scalzone


RNG113 Folder containing general English-language debates on ideas of the Italian autonomy movement


RNG114 Folder containing audio-visual documentation of the Italian movement 1976-77


RNG115 Interviews with Toni Negri, Guido Bianchini, Alisi Del Re’, Luciano Ferrari Bravo, Oreste Scalzone, Emilio Vesce, Paolo Virno and Ferruccio Gambino


RNG116 History of the Occupation of the Leon-Cavallo Social Centre, 1975-1980


RNG117 A and B Folder containing articles relating to the Italian movement 1976-77



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