S Marvel In Riches 3YO bay thoroughbred stallion
Sired by A Phenomenon Out of SAI Take A Mint
Showing In:racing
Retired From:nothing

Bred By Me

Blood:100% Thoroughbred
A Phenomenon Pleasant Colony His Majesty
Sun Colony
Scattered Cat Storm Cat
Northern Gal
SAI Take A Mint Karls Nickel
Karl Kani
Silver Nickel
Weeping Willow Key To The Mint
Wooly Willow

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SMO Old Navy Three Day Event
2nd in Eventing Prospect

RP Good Times Eventing Special
9th in Eventing Prospect

HM Venus Glow Dressage Show
Champion Dressage Prospect

HM Baby Blue Prospect Show
7th in Dressage Prospect
4th in Eventing Prospect
4th in Showjumping Prospect

HM Lime Time Halter Show
4th in Gender, Colt
9th in Age, 2005,2004
ResChampion Breed, Thoroughbred
6th in Colour, Bay/Brown
2nd in Confirmation, Colt

HM Big Bang Horse Trial
4th in Eventing Prospect

RP Birds And Bees Dressage Show
8th in 2/3yo Dressage Prospect

WF Dinner Jacket Dressage Do
3rd in 2yo Dressage Prospect
2nd in Dressage Horse In-Hand Colts 3yrs under

SAI’s One Dream Three Day Event
4th in Eventing Prospect

SAI’s Headin Out Thoroughbred Halter
4th in Age, 2-3yrs
4th in Colour, Bay
Champion Height, 15.-16hh

GMR’s 2007 Smooth Moves Classic
ResChampion Dressage, Prospect

HM Tricks Of The Trade Jumping Show
1st in Showjumping Prospect

HM Tip Tap Dressage Show
4th in Dressage Prospect

HM Bullet Proof Three Day Event
ResChampion Eventing Prospect

RP Lay It Out Dressage Show
1st in Dressage Prospect

HM Ruby Three Day Event
5th in Eventing Prospect

ASHJA Breezin Through Jump Show
1st in Showjumping Prospect

ASHJA Tick Tock Jumping Show
5th place in Showjumping Prospect

ASHJA Baby Blues Prospect Show
Champion 2yo Showjumping Prospect
7th in Colt Confirmation
5th in Colt Movement

ASSA Tactical Mission Jumping Show
6th in Showjumping Prospect

ASSA Miracle Of Youth Prospect Show
1st in 2yo Showjumping Prospect
ResChampion Colts Confirmation
Champion Colts Movement

ASSA Slow Change Jumping Show
1st in Showjumping Prospect

No Fault Here Jumping Show
7th in Showjumping Prospect

ASSA Just For The Prospects Show
4th in 2yo Showjumping Prospect
3rd in Colts Confirmation
3rd in Colts Movement

ASSA Low Level Jumping Show
5th in Showjumping Prospect

ASSA Black Cat Jumping Show
1st in Showjumping Prospect

ASSA Slow Beat Jumping Show
7th in Showjumping Prospect

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