KC KQ Zippos Kate 15YO black quarter horse mare
Sired by Zippos Red Ridge Out of Coins For Kate
Showing In:halter
Retired From:cutting, barrel racing, pole bending, hunter under saddle, eventing, jumping & western pleasure

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Blood:100% Quarter Horse
Zippos Red Ridge Wranglers Ridge Rocket Wrangler
Divi Zippo Zippo Pat Bars
Dividend Lady
Coins For Kate Rare Ole Coin
Go Ole Dollar
Dunny Kate Dunny D
Cow Kate Wimpy

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- SAI Zippin Temptation, black quarter horse colt // Zippos Mighty Temptation
- KC Dashin Kate, black quarter horse filly // TC Dash My Way
- KC Zippos Smooth Talker, black quarter horse filly // Nikos Explosive Boy
- SAI My Rugged Kayte, palomino quarter horse filly // My Rugged King
- S Lukes Lika Zippo, black quarter horse colt // LukeToTheStars
- S December Zip, bay morgan sporthorse colt // December AI


- Champion of Show, Sex & The City Quarter Horses Only Show
- Champion of Show, Crystal Fires Western Breeds Show
- ResChampion Sr Mare, ASSHA Super Eight Show 2008

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ASSHA Points:23

Sex & The City Quarter Horses Only Show
5th in Mare Halter
1st in Showmanship 4 & Over
1st in Advanced Equitation
5th in Intermediate Hunter Over Fences (2'6" - 3'3")
4th in Intermediate Dressage
5th in Intermediate Cross Country
3rd in Intermediate Eventing
3rd in Beginner Pleasure Driving
4th in Intermediate Horsemanship
5th in Intermediate Western Riding
2nd in Intermediate Sorting
6th in Intermediare Pole Bending
Grand Champion Versitality Of Show

RE-Kick Off The New Year-Western Division
4th in Pole Bending

RE-Kick Off The New Year-Jumping Division
4th in Advanced Jumping 4'3" - 5'0"

RE-Kick Off The New Year-Eventing Division
1st in CCI*

In The Spotlite Quarter Horse Halter Show
5th in Halter

Silvercreek Acres Grand Re-Opening Show
1st in Hunter Over Fences 3'3"
3rd in Jumper 3'6"
5th in Dressage Level II

Ocean Side Farms Show July 15th
6th in Dressage Level II

Ocean Side Farms Show February 10th
4th in Stockhorse Halter

Ocean Side Farms Show March 21st
1st in Modified Equitation on Flat

SCI Silver Buckle Show
8th in Western Pleasure Open
1st in Western Sidesaddle
Grand Champion Western Pleasure
1st in Open Reining
4th in Open Trail

SCI Spring Even Halter Show
5th in Quarter Horse Halter

Perferito Park Boards Opening Show
3rd in Stock Horse Halter

ISEA 2004 Mid October Show
4th in Preliminary Division

BJSB February 2005 Jump-Off
1st in Jumping 3'6" - 3'9"

ISEA Halloween Event
5th in Preliminiary Division

Beallagh's Show
10th in Reining
4th in Cutting
8th in Working Cow Horse
6th in Roping
7th in Heeling
2nd in Team Roping with KC Rojo Freckles
4th in Barrel Racing
3rd in Pole Bending

Wild West Working Western Show
8th in Sr Reining
7th in Sr Cutting
9th in Sr Roping
4th in Sr Heading

Indoor Jumping Show
4th in Level II Table I
9th in Level II Table II
4th in Level II Table III

PF St Patricks Day Eventing Show
1st in CCI*

PF Western Pleasure Saturday Show
1st in Sr Western Pleasure

POSB Gold Wedding Ring Hunter Under Saddle Show
2nd in High Working Hunter Under Saddle

POSB Endless Matrix Jumping Show
8th in Grand Prix Jumping 5'0" - 5'6"

2005 All Sim World Show First Go Rounds Quarter Horse Division
3rd in Mare Halter
1st in Sr Hunter Under Saddle
11th in Hunter/Jumper 3'0"
8th in Sr Barrel Racing
3rd in Sr Pole Bending

Specially For Phangal Dressage Show
8th in Dressage Level II

BW Heres To Hot Chocolate Hunter Show
6th in Regular Working Hunter Under Saddle 3'6"

Dressage Under The Lights Show
5th in Dressage Level II Test I
4th in Dressage Level II Test II
5th in Dressage Level II Test IV

Its A Rainbow Reining Show
8th in Open Reining

Dash Away Hunter Show
6th in Regular Working Hunter 3'3" - 3'6"

Long Time No See Dressage Show
Reserve Champion Dressage Level II

Second Time Around Eventing Show
1st in Eventing Preliminary Level

Where Are All The Western Shows Show
1st in Open AQHA Halter
Grand Champion Open AQHA Halter
6th in AQHA Showmanship

My Car Needs A Wash Show pt I
4th in Hunter Hack
9th in Jumping Novice Level 3'0" - 3'3"

My Car Needs A Wash Show pt II
6th in Cross Country Novice Level

Western Pleasure Show
3rd in Western Pleasure Classic 7 - 10 Year Olds

Tamareya Three Day Event
1st in Dressage Training Level
6th in Cross Country Training Level
7th in Stadium Jumping Training Level

Corra Caballos Corra Gymkhana Show
9th in Advanced Barrel Racing
7th in Advanced Pole Bending

Money Prizes Cutting Event
4th in Open Cutting

Stock Breed English/Western Show
6th in Sr Hunter Under Saddle
1st in Working Hunter 3'0" - 3'3"

El Cadete Western Classic
3rd in Stakes Race
3rd in Bulldogging
2nd in Team Penning with KC Rojo Freckles & WW Questioning Comets

Arabian & Stock Horse Show
7th in Quarter Horse Mares Halter
Reserve Champion Black Horse Halter
5th in Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle
1st in Quarter Horse Western Pleasure
2nd in Quarter Horse Western Riding
10th in Quarter Horse Horsemanship
2nd in Hunter Hack
3rd in Working Hunter on Flat
4th in Jumping
Reserve Champion Pleasure Driving

Leviathan Show Boards Sea Water Halter Show
9th in Quarter Horse Halter

Crescent Jumping Competition
1st in Jumping 3'3"

RVF's Rainy Day Quick Show
2nd in Dressage Level II
8th in Hunter 3'6"

RVF's Sunset Quick Event
8th in Eventing Preliminary Level

NP Shows Strides N' Tides Three Day Event
4th in Quarter Horse Halter

Starless Ltd. Grand Opening Halter Show
Reserve Champion Quarter Horse Halter

Crystal Fires Western Breeds Show
1st in Color Halter
Grand Champion Of Show

July 4th Fireworks Event
4th in Green Hunter Over Fences 3'3"
6th in Green Hunter Under Saddle

BJSB Western Cherokee Series I
3rd in Quarter Horse Barrel Racing
9th in Intermediate Cutting
3rd in Advanced Reining

The Pinewood Classics
4th in Dressage Level II

2004 Fiesta Stock Horses Cattle Event
8th in Cutting Horse
3rd in Team Penning Healing
2nd in Steer Stopping

The Qafz Garmaan Show
5th in Show Jumping 3'0" - 3'3"

The Yaasmiin International
6th in Quarter Horse Halter

Daristika Western Galore
Grand Champion Flag Race

Gettysburg Western Show
4th in Sr Barrel Racing
7th in Sr Pole Bending
5th in Sr Cutting
5th in Sr Western Pleasure

Bahrdin Halter Show
5th in Quarter Horse Halter

Too Much Time Cutting Show
Reserve Champion Sr Mare Cutting
9th in Open Mare Cutting
8th in Advanced Cutting
9th in Quarter Horse Cutting

Cold Case Files Jumping Show
6th in Jumping Grand Prix Level (5'0" - 5'6")

Farewell Romano Eventing Show
5th in Eventing CCI**** Level

WF Parasail Western Show
Reserve Champion AQHA Western Pleasure Speciality

SAI's Hello There Breed Halter Show
7th in Quarter Horse Halter

SAI's Greenlight Stock Horse Show
5th in AQHA Cutting
Reserve Champion AQHA Pole Bending

SAI's Nothin To Do Breed Halter Show
10th in Quarter Horse Halter

WF High Tide Halter Classic
7th in Quarter Horse Halter

SAI's Got No Sense Western Pleasure Show
4th in AQHA Western Pleasure

SAI's Many Different Breeds Halter Show
Grand Champion Quarter Horse Halter

SAI's Cow Sense Cutting Show
5th in AQHA Cutting

SAI's Noisy AC Western Pleasure Show
Grand Champion AQHA Western Pleasure

SAI's Easy Turnin Barrel Race
9th in AQHA Barrel Racing

SAI's Shark Bait Western Pleasure Show
6th in AQHA Western Pleasure

SAI's Speed Demon Barrel Race
3rd in AQHA Barrel Racing

SAI's Lexmark Jumping Show
Reserve Champion Grand Prix Level (5'0 - 5'6)

MM's Twist N' Spin Barrel Race
8th in AQHA Barrel Racing

ASSHA Malpensa Cavalli 2008
Top Ten in 11 & Over Mares

ASSHA Super Eight Show 2007
Champion 11 & Over Mares
ResChampion Sr Mare

ASSHA Region III Experience 2008
Top Ten in 11 & Over Mares

ASSHA Florida State Fair 2008
Top Ten in 11 & Over Mares

ASSHA Dixie Horse Classic 2008
Top Ten in 11 & Over Mares

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