Tomorrow Is A Distant Memory
All artwork done by Brian Thomason unless specified otherwise
Here are some wallpapers and other peices of artwork
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Erika Never Die


Erika And Brian +| Togeather Forever |+

Ecocide Wallpaper

Thorn Wallpaper

Melt Wallpaper

Pencil Scratch Wallpaper

My AFI Wallpaper

Angel Wallpaper

Fade Wallpaper

Angelic Being Wallpaper

Fantasy Picture

Peirced Limb Wallpaper


Shatter Picture

Sedition Wallpaper

Sedition Light Wallpaper

Outbreak Wallpaper

Tomorrows Memory Picture

These Are My 3DS Max Renders

Phase18 Orb

Desk Scene

Grassy Medow

Table Scene

Golden Lake

These Are Animations I Made



Cup And Balls Movie

New Eye Animation

Juice Box Animation

Images from a game in progress

Ship 1 Front

Ship 1 Side

Ship 1 Back

Helicopter Side

Helicopter Back

Helicopter Front

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