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Hi this is Skip I know your wondering what do real hard cichlid's stands for. Well let me answer that question for you at Skip's aquarium & Real hard cichlids hatchery we have made a commitment to breeding our own unique line of cichlids. Combined with intelligence,toughness and high drive. In essence we have created the most physically impressive cichlids around. Such as the PyroMac cichlid a true Trimac, the Dovii cichlid and the Umbee cichlid all are off the L.E.S strain.

Skip's top 10 most powerful & toughest aggressive Cichlids in the world.

1.)Dovii - aka. Wolf cichlids
2.)Umbriferum - aka. blue freckled monster
3.)PyroMac - aka. the true three spotted cichlid
4.)Buttkoferi - aka. the big tilapia
5.)Grammodes - aka. little dovii
6.)Managuense - aka. jaguar cichlid
7.)Motaguense - aka. red tiger cichlid
8.)Blue Devil - aka. midas cichlid
9.)Haitiensis - ake. the dinosaur cichlid
10.)Beani - aka. green guapote cichlid

We at real hard cichlids maintain our commitment to our line and have great hopes for future generation.

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