September 99 Week 4


September 20
In the park, Will gives Sami a picture he drew in school. It is of him, his mom, and Austin. Carrie, who is spying on them, is shocked to hear Will say that in the picture Sami and Austin are getting married. Austin says that he and her mom aren't getting married, but they love him very much. Austin asks Will what he learned in school today? Will says he learned about race cars. Austin gives Will a truck and tells him to go play with it. Will runs off, and Sami just smiles at Austin. She tells him how happy it makes her to see how much he loves Will. Sami tells Austin that she really did think Will was his son at first. Austin says there was a time that he didn't believe that, but now he knows she wasn't lying. Austin tells Sami that he should have believed her from the beginning, especially about Lucas drinking and hitting Will. Carrie barges into the conversation and tells Austin that he's kidding himself if he believes Sami. Sami asks if she is spying on them now? Carrie says no, she had breakfast with dad and was on her way to work. Sami tells Carrie that Austin had a photo of them as a family taken to commemorate Will's first day at preschool. Carrie says that Lucas will be unhappy to learn he missed Will's first day at school.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole is obviously bored. She goes to make herself a drink, but Lucas comes home from a business trip before she can pour herself one. Nicole didn't expect him back until tomorrow, but Lucas says he couldn't stand to be away from his gorgeous wife and son any longer. Lucas learns that Austin and Sami took Will to preschool. Lucas is furious that he was not told about this. Nicole tells Lucas where Will is going to school, Lucas says he and Will had an interview there a month ago and they were supposed to notify him when there was an opening. Nicole produces a letter and says that they did. Lucas looks at the letter, which Nicole says Sami hid in the guest house. Lucas can't believe Sami has done this to him. Lucas thinks that Sami is trying to convince Will that he doesn't care about him so she and Austin can be a family with Will. Lucas says he will kill Sami, and that she is a horrible mother. Nicole tells Lucas that he should never have allowed Sami to live here or share custody with him, hell he shouldn't have even confessed to Franco's murder to try and save her! Lucas says that Sami is a lying two faced bitch who deserves a good smack for depriving him of his son's first day at school. Nicole tells Lucas that there is only one thing they can do about it now, punish Sami! Nicole says she is sick of answering to Sami and putting up with her insults, she's sick of Sami! Nicole tells Lucas to throw Sami out of this house! Right on schedule, Sami and Austin show up and Sami asks if someone mentioned her name? Lucas tells Sami that he knows Will is at preschool, but he wouldn't know that because she hid the letter from him and made him miss Will's first day at school. Austin tries to defend Sami, but Lucas tells Austin that Sami hasn't changed at all!

In Paris at the castle, Gina is looking at the sketch she drew of Greta and is counting the hours till she meets her. Gina wonders what Kurt's surprise is for her, but could it possibly compare to the joy of being with her daughter again? Gina paces the room with a long cigarette in her hand. She looks at herself in the mirror and says she cannot go to the ball looking like this, and she wonders where Kurt is.

Eric finds Kurt going through the closet in Greta's room. Kurt claims that he's putting Gina's clothes into storage so Miss Greta can put her dresses in there. Kurt asks if Greta was planning to wear one of these to the ball, they are going aren't they? Eric says they are. Kurt asks if John is going as well? Eric asks Kurt why he wants to know? Kurt says he just likes to keep track of his guests. Eric says he does not think John will be attending the party. Kurt wonders why, he was good friends with Gina? Eric says he was, but John does not remember his past with Gina. Kurt doesn't understand, and Eric tells him it is a long story. Eric says that John doesn't care about his past with Gina, he has a wife and kids back in Salem. Kurt is shocked to hear that John is married. Eric says he is married to his mother, and asks if he has a problem with that? Kurt doesn't, he is just shocked to learn this bit of news. Kurt excuses himself because he has work to do.

In the living room, Greta tells John that Bo has asked her to pretend Hope is her mother tonight. Greta says she hates the idea of people thinking Hope is her mom, but she has to do this for Bo. She says that after tonight, Bo and Hope may be able to get Stefano out of their lives forever. Eric comes downstairs later and tells Greta that he found Kurt coming out of the closet. Greta giggles, and Eric says he was actually going through her mother's clothes. Greta says they aren't exactly his size. Eric tells her that he gave her a lame excuse, and he thinks there is something more going on with Kurt. John doesn't like Kurt and whatever he has in store for Eric and Greta tonight, but Eric says he can handle it. Greta asks John to go to the party with them tonight, but John says he needs to get home. John admits he doesn't want to see the people he once knew, but Greta asks him to please come to the party.

Kurt realizes that Gina is going to be heartbroken to learn the truth about John. He goes into see Gina, who is anxious to know what her surprise is. She asks him not to keep her in suspense! He fears Gina could not go on if she knew the truth about John. Kurt present her with diamonds, it was a gift from the Prince Von Amburg to her years ago. He also presents her with a dress. Gina remembers the dress, she says John spilled champagne on it once. Kurt tells her that he can't see the stain. Kurt then asks what she thinks happened to John? Gina thinks that John must be dead. Kurt asks what if Stefano did something to John's memory? Gina says it is possible, John was under Stefano's control since he was a child. She tells Kurt, who is shocked, that she and John were Stefano's art thieves. She tells him that she and John stole all known Rennets for Stefano, all but the one the Duke and Duchess have, which they will see tonight at the ball. Kurt suggests that Stefano might have stolen John's memories, that is why he hasn't come. Gina refuses to believe that John could forget her, but Kurt says that he is afraid John has. Kurt says perhaps Stefano learned the truth about her and John and robbed him of his memory. Gina refuses to believe that and says she will not listen to him any longer, only one thing could have kept John from her. Kurt fears this party will bring back too many memories of her life with John tonight. Gina, who is crying, says she will not cry any more because tonight will be Stefano's turn to shed tears for the pain he has caused her.

At the Paris house, Doug and Julie show up and Bo tells them about his and Gina/Hope's plan to nail DiMera. Doug is happy that they got through to Hope yesterday, but he fears for his daughter's safety around DiMera. Bo says DiMera couldn't do anything worse to her than he already has. Still, both Doug and Julie are worried about Hope, they don't even know if Hope is back. Bo is positive because Hope lied to DiMera last night to protect him. Bo gets a call from John to ask if there is anything he can do. Bo tells him that he can handle it, but he set everything in motion and he thanks him for that. John tells Bo that if he needs anything to just call him. After the call, Doug tells Bo that no way is Hope going to the party tonight! Bo says that Hope wants to do this, she knows it is the only way to get her life back. Bo convinces them to come to the party and look after Hope with him.

In the lab, Gina shows up to see Steffie. Stefano tells her that tonight she will steal the final Rennet for him. Gina tells Stefano that she cannot wait! Gina says tonight everyone will accept her as the real Princess Gina, and everyone, even him, will bow to her. Stefano says once she has acquired Spring Morning for him, he will be happy to bow to her. Gina asks Stefano if the reason he brought her back is to complete this final job? He says partially, he has other plans for her which she will have to wait to learn about. Gina asks what his plans are, are they going to retire and live off of her bacra winnings? Stefano tells her that he will no longer impose his will on her, she will have her freedom. Gina is shocked, but says she is looking forward to a life of danger and excitement. However, she wonders what he will do with Bo? Stefano says Bo will be dealt with soon. GIna demands to know what he is going to do to Bo. Stefano asks why she cares? GIna says that because she is part of this plan and doesn't work well in the dark. Stefano smiles and says he disagrees. Gina gives him a "touche," but still wants to know what he is going to do with Bo. She says if he won't be a pawn, he should be allowed to go back to Salem and get him out of their hair. Stefano thinks he knows what is going on, she is afraid of losing Bo. Gina says she is the one who saved Bo from the potion the other night and covered his tracts by saying he had food poisoning. Stefano tells Gina that Bart will take care of Bo, and suddenly Bart shows up. Bart, Stefano, and Gina look at a map of the castle and plan the theft. Stefano tells Gina that she will ask to Duchess to use one of their guest rooms because she will get a dizzy spell, and after everyone has left, she will go to work. Stefano presents Gina with a forgery of Spring Morning. Gina feels it and says she did not paint that. Stefano says the real Gina was a brilliant artist, but she is a brilliant thief. Stefano says this is the one heist the real Gina failed, but she will not fail him. Gina asks once again what happened to the real Gina. Stefano says she died shortly after the transformation at Maison Blanche. Stefano tells Gina that by following his orders tonight, she will prove her loyalty to him. Gina tells Stefano that tonight Bo will realize Hope is gone and Gina is here to stay. Stefano tells Gina that once she has the Rennet, she may do what she sees fit with her life. The two then toast to a perfect crime, and everything they dream of.


September 21
At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas and Sami argue about the letter that was sent to Will's parents, which Lucas reminds her are himself and her, not her and Austin. Austin asks Lucas what he's saying? Lucas says he missed his son's first day at preschool and that's the way Sami wanted it! Lucas asks her how she could do this to him? Nicole tells Lucas to call the judge and go back to the original custody agreement. Sami says he can't do that, and Lucas asks why not? Who is going to stop him? Sami tells Nicole to stay out of this, but Lucas says that Nicole is Will's legal stepmother, she has more rights than Austin does. Austin tells them if they would all stop arguing they could find out how the letter ended up in the guest house in the first place. Lucas says that is not a mystery, and Nicole tells Austin that Sami is a liar. Austin says that is not true, but Sami says it is, she hid the letter from Lucas. Austin is shocked to hear Sami say she lied. Sami says she did not do it for the reasons Lucas thinks, she knew he was going on a business trip. Lucas says he would have gladly canceled the trip. Sami apologizes, says she won't do it again, and asks for his forgiveness. Lucas doesn't believe she means it. Austin tells them all to stop fighting, what type of example are they setting for Will? They basically blow Austin off and keep arguing, Lucas still wants to call the judge. Sami tells him to go ahead, she will prove him an unfit father by proving he and Kate framed her for murder. Nicole tells Sami to give it a rest! Sami and Nicole start arguing, Sami says she knows she married Lucas for money. Nicole says she married him for love, and Sami says "yeah, love of money!" Nicole throws her drink in Sami's face, which makes Lucas laugh. Sami tells Nicole that was a mistake. Nicole walks out of the room and Lucas tells Sami to stay away from them, he never wants to see her face again! Sami asks Austin to hand her a napkin, and says Nicole is messing with the wrong woman! Austin tells Sami that he's going to the gym, and walks out of the room.

At the hospital, Carrie is in her office signing some papers. She signs Carrie Reed, and says "not for long." Marlena is standing in the doorway listening to Carrie and Carrie eventually sees her. MArlena walks into Carrie's office, and Carrie asks her if one ever gets used to being divorced? Marlena says that her divorce isn't final yet, but Carrie says it will soon and she'll be Carrie Brady again. Marlena says she will still be the same sweet girl. Marlena is glad she decided to come back to work and asks her what she's working on? Carrie tells Marlena that she's working on a fund raiser for pediatric research. Marlena remembers the charity boxing match she was working on with Austin. Carrie says it will still be with Austin. Marlena is concerned about her working with Austin, but Carrie says just because they are divorced doesn't mean they don't care for one another anymore. Marlena tells Carrie that that kind of caring can blur the lines in this new relationship, is that what she wants? Carrie says "I see you have been talking to Sami." Marlena says she has and Sami cares for Austin. Carrie says she does not want to see Sami hurt Austin, but Marlena says protecting Austin is not her job anymore. Marlena thinks that she misdirecting her anger at Sami, perhaps she fears that Austin might find the happiness with Sami that he couldn't find with her. Carrie says Austin didn't deserve the pain she put him through, but he does not need Sami pulling his strings. Marlena says she has no place in Austin's life anymore. CArrie asks her if she stopped caring about her dad when she divorced him? Marlena tells Carrie that was different because they had children to bond them. Carrie says that is another way she let Austin down, she wasn't ready for kids. Carrie says it is so unfair, Austin forgave Sami for everything but he can't forgive her for one mistake. Marlena says it was a big mistake, but Carrie says that she never meant to hurt Austin. Marlena tells Carrie that people have higher expectations from those they have made a commitment to love and honor them. She says that Austin has asked for a divorce and it is time for her to move on. Carrie says "you mean it's time to let Sami have him!" Marlena says she doesn't not know how that will play out, but it is wrong to destroy Sami and Austin's bond. Carrie says she isn't destroying anything, she'd be saving Austin. Marlena suggests that Austin may not want to be saved.

In Paris at the castle, John tells Greta and Eric that he can't go to the ball. He says that with him out of the way, things will be easier for Bo and Hope, if Hope is fully back. John says Hope/Gina can't see him, otherwise Gina may return with a vengeance. Greta says she understands why he can't go to the party, but she is upset about it and begins to cry. Eric comforts Greta and tells her that he will be there for her tonight. John tells Greta that Eric will take very good care of her. Greta tells them both that they have been so good to her since they came to France, but she feels bad for her mom because nobody was there for her when she needed her and Father John. Eric says that is why Bo's plan has to work, he has to save Hope from meeting the same end her mother did. John tells Greta that he knows she has a lot of memories of his times with her and her mother, but that man is gone, and he doesn't want to remember him. He tells Greta, who he calls honey, that that man was a man created for Stefano to do whatever he wanted him to. Greta knows that her mother is gone, and he is different, but she can't stop wondering what would have happened if Stefano hadn't interfered with his or her mother's life. Eric says they will never know. Greta says she knows that her mother would still be alive, she knows that. Eric tells Greta that his mother was taken away as well, but Greta says she was hoping she would have gotten her mother back as he did. John tells Greta that her mother loved her and would want her to live her life, not be stuck in this might have been zone. Eric tells Greta that they should get ready for this party, but Greta doesn't know if she can go. Eric tells her that it is being thrown in honor of her mother, and Bo needs her there. He says he knows it is to late to save her mother, but it is not to late to save Bo and Hope. Greta says she will go for Bo and Hope. John tells Greta that he is proud of her and gives her a kiss on the forehead. John says he is out of here, and wishes them luck. Greta says they'll be leaving all this behind soon. Eric says it will be good getting back to Salem. Greta says this place has been a comfort to her. Eric says she doesn't have to sell this place, money isn't everything. Greta says she'd gladly give it all away to have her mom back for just one day. Eric holds and comforts Greta.

Up in her room, Gina tells Kurt that John is gone, but she is not. Gina tells Kurt that Stefano may think she is crazy, but he will soon learn. Gina says she plans to avenge John's death at the party tonight. Kurt tells her that she cannot go to the party tonight. Gina says "How dare you forbid me to attend!" Kurt says that the Harriman's believe she is dead, which is why Gina says she must attend! She says that she will get her revenge on Stefano, after she forces him to tell her how her beloved John died. Kurt says DiMera will just lie to her, and Gina says he is right. However, she says she could turn DiMera into the authorities, she knows enough about his art crimes to have him put away. Kurt says that she and John stole the painting, DiMera would implicate her and she would lose everything. Gina laughs and tells Kurt that she has already lost everything, John, Greta, her sanity, her beauty! Gina says she has nothing left to lose, nothing! Gina tells him to bring the car around while she gets ready. Kurt says she can't go, but Gina says she will and she shall! Kurt returns after Gina has changed into her black dress and diamonds. He tells her that she can't go to the ball dressed as she is, everyone will recognize her. He suggests she wear a black hat and veil, but Gina says it will make her look like Mata Hari. Kurt reminds her that she has sensitive skin and has to protect it from the light. Gina takes the veil and puts it on, and says this shall work very well. This way, Gina says she will make Stefano suffer, but he will not know who has done it to him! Gina knows that the only reason Stefano is going to the party is for the Rennet, it is all he ever cared about. Gina remembers painting the final forgery for Stefano years after he took John from her. Stefano told her how she was supposed to steal the painting that night, but Gina tells Kurt that she failed the heist. Kurt brushes Gina's hair and asks Gina what exactly she is planning for tonight? Gina tells him that he shall find out soon. She tells Kurt to go get in his tux, she doesn't have all day son. Kurt asks if she just called him son? Gina says yes, as he pointed out she can't go to this ball as herself, she will go as his mother! Kurt smiles and says very well mother, and then he leaves to change into his tux. Gina looks at a painting of John and says Stefano can choke on his damn Rennet, this is the only painting she will treasure. Though she can't bring him back from the dead, Gina says she can make Stefano suffer for what he has done to them.

John calls his pilot to tell him to get the plane ready to return to Salem. Meanwhile, Princess Gina and Kurt are making their way out of the castle to head to the ball. Kurt opens the secret passage and is about to walk out with Gina, unaware that they are about to step into the room where John is! However, John leaves the room right before Gina and Kurt enter.

At the Paris house, Bo is getting ready for the ball. Julie and Doug show up, and Bo calls out Hope thinking it is her. Doug is furious to learn that Hope isn't back from seeing DiMera yet. Doug fears that Gina might betray him tonight, but Bo says Hope won't let that happen. Doug refuses to let Hope go to this party and he says he will go find Hope now and bring her back. Bo stops him as he is leaving and says he can't let him do that. Doug says he is Hope's father and he has to protect her and go get her. Bo says that if he does that he will sign Hope's death warrant. Doug thinks that Bo has risked her life by sending her to DiMera, but Bo says this is the only way they can get Hope back and put Stefano away.

In the lab, Gina/Hope and Stefano toast to the realization of their dreams and his soon to be complete collection of Rennets. Stefano asks Gina how he can make her fondest dreams come true? Gina says she is his creation, she has no dreams of her own. Stefano says that is nonsense. He tells her if everything goes right tonight she will be free to live her life as Princess Gina. Gina and Steffie then toast to Princess Gina. Gina asks if she is as lovely as the real Gina was? Stefano says she and the real Gina are identical in looks, but the real became depressed when she lost John. Gina realizes that Stefano took her to Maison Blanche after her descent into madness. Stefano says he did, and tells her no more questions! The voices in Gina's head return, and Gina tells herself that she will not let this happen to her! Gina asks Stefano once again what happened to Gina after the memory transfer? What went on inside her head? Stefano says he no longer cared because he had her. Gina says that is when he told Greta her mother died, and brought her to Europe to impersonate Gina. Stefano says she became Gina, she did not impersonate her.

Gina leaves the lab and struggles with what to do tonight. She knows if Stefano finds out she betrayed him tonight, he would kill her. Gina tells herself to forget Bo's plan, steal the painting, give it to Stefano, and get her freedom. She says her life is on the line and their is no guarantee Bo's plan will work. She lights up a cigarette, but burns herself in doing so. Back in the lab, Burt asks Stefano what will happen if Gina breaks down again, just like the real Gina did right when she was supposed to steal the painting? Stefano says he'd hate to have to build another castle, but says that is a bad joke. Stefano is positive that this Gina will not fail, and that Bart should make room in the gallery for the crown jewel! Bart leaves and Stefano tells himself that one day his Von Amburg forgeries might fetch a high price in the art underground, depending on the fate of the artist. Stefano says that Gina wants her freedom so desperately, it is a shame she can't have it, once she delivers the paintings into his hands he will have to keep her silent somehow, one way or the other!

Gina returns to the Paris house, and Bo is glad to see she is back. The show ends with Gina hugging Bo.


September 22
Sorry this is so late, was a bit under the weather. This is shorter than usual.
At the hospital, Lexie gets on Craig's badside once again. This time she missed a slide presentation which all residents are required to attend. Lexie says that she had an emergency with a patient, but Craig says they have a staff of trained doctors to take over for her in cases like these. Lexie tells Craig it won't happen again. Craig says good, and tells her not to have her husband come defende her again.

Lexie has a powwow with Abe on the terrace, she is furious that he went behind her back and confronted Craig. Abe says that he is sick of Craig making her life hell, but Lexie says she has to fight her own battles and he made her look foolish. Abe appologizes and Lexie tells him that she has to deal with Craig on her own.

Nancy surprises Craig with his new office, which includes a jaccuzzi in the bathroom! Craig and Nancy hop in the jaccuzzi, which Nancy says they paid for so he doesn't have to justify the expense to the board. Craig is miffed at first, but Nancy convinces him that they can afford it now. Craig and Nancy talk for a bit, Craig asks her if she regrets not having children? Nancy says no, and Craig says he guesses there wasn't time for kids. They then play a game of "submarine."

On his way home on the jet, John calls Belle and asks for her help arranging a surprise for her mom. Meanwhile, Sami goes to the hospital to talk with MArlena about how she may have ruined everything with Austin. Unfortunately, Belle shows up and tells her mom that they have to go shopping for a dress for her right away, it is mega important. Sami tells her mom to go on and have fun, so Belle and Marlena hit the dress shop. They both decide to get new outfits, and Belle convinces her mom to wear them home because there is no time to change, she suddenly gets hit with an anxiety attack. They go home, and Marlena is thrilled to find John waiting for her in a tux. John has fixed the penthouse up with lights and a romantic dinner. Belle goes to Mimi's to spend the night so John and Marlena can enjoy their romantic evening alone.

Back at the hospital, Brandon finds a worried Sami on the balcony. They decide to go to the Java Cafe for some coffee to talk. Sami is possitive that she has lost her best friend, Austin will never forgive her. Brandon tells her to calm down and relax, Austin will forgive her, he's possitive. He even bets Sami five bucks that Austin will forgive her.

At the gym, Carrie shows up to talk to Austin about the boxing match. She has a list of fighters for him to look over, but Austin says that none of them will do, she really has her work cut out trying to find the perfect fighter. They talk for a bit, Carrie tells Austin that he doesn't have to do this if he wants to, but Austin says he loves boxing and thinks this is important. Carrie tells Austin that she was going to go over to the newspaper to do some research on boxers to compete against him, and invites him to come if he doesn't have plans. Austin says he'd love to come, which makes Carrie smile.

Vivian meets up with Nicholas in Salem Place and tells him that she thinks something is fishy at the hospital where Victor is staying. She tells Nicholas that she thinks the doctors are lying to Victor about his health. She explains how she snuck a peak at Victor's chart and it says that Victor is having problems with his right hand and needs to do some work on it with the PT. However, Vivian says Victor had no trouble giving his doctor a firm handshake with the same hand! She convinces Nicholas to go back to the hospital with her to find the evidnence she needs to prove to Victor that he's being duped. Vivian thinks that he will be eternally greatful to her if she can get him out of the home.

At the hospital, Kate shows up to meet with Victor. Victor tells Kate that he's been doing some thinking about alternative medicine and thinks that he will take Vivian's advice and see Dr. Wu. Kate becomes furious and will not allow Victor to go see that quack, he could kill him! She convinces Victor to let her look into things for him. Kate meets with Victor's doctor, who tells Kate that he thinks Victor is getting the best treatment he can, but there is no guarentee that Victor will fully recover. He says that there are others out there that might tell her different, but they would only be preying on her pocketbook.

Back in Victor's room, Vivian and Nicholas show up. Nicholas shakes Victor's hand, and they discuss a new internet company for Titan to aquire. Victor looks over the plans and thinks that the deal sounds good. Vivian asks Victor to sign the authorixation because she wants to have a record of all their meetings, just in case. As he is about to sign the form, Kate walks into the room and is furious that Vivian is here. She yells at Vivian and ends up throwing both her and Nicholas out of the room. Outside, Vivian is livid that Kate interupted her plan just as Victor was about to sign his name. SHe tells Nicholas to keep Kate busy tonight, because she is coming back to get the proof she needs!


September 23
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Austin and Carrie are walking through Salem Place to the newspaper office. Carrie thanks Austin for agreeing to help her out with the research. Austin tells Carrie that she will never forgive herself for what she did to him. Austin tells her that the only way to heal the wounds is for her to forgive herself. Carrie says maybe she will someday.

At the Java Cafe, Sami tells BRandon that she wishes she was is confident about Austin forgiving her as he was. Brandon cheers her up by sticking his spoon on his nose. Belle shows up and joins Sami and Brandon. Belle tells BRandon that soon they will probably be seeing a lot more of each other now that she has been assigned to pediatrics. When Sami says that she has a feeling her assignment was more than just a coincidence, Belle kicks her sister under the table! Belle sees Carrie and Austin and yells at them to come over and say hi. Belle asks what they are doing together? Austin says he and Carrie are working on the charity boxing match. Mimi suddenly shows up and tells Belle that she and her mom were waiting for her out front of the movie theater, they are going to be late for Fatal Heat. Carrie asks if that movie isn't rated R? Mimi says yes, but her mom has seen it and says it is pretty tame. Belle says she doesn't know if she has time for a movie today. Mimi, who has suddenly become a very goofy acting kid, asks what else is she going to do, clean out her sock drawer? Mimi grabs Belle's wrist and drags her off. Carrie wonders what is up with Belle, normally she loves hanging out with her friends. Sami says she has an idea, but will keep it to herself for now. Austin and Carrie tells Brandon about the boxing match, and Brandon says he'll fight Austin in the ring. Brandon says he used to box and was going to pursue a boxing career. Austin thinks Brandon could get hurt, but Brandon jokes that he might be the one who gets hurt. They decide to go ahead and do it, and Carrie says she has all sorts of plans for corporate sponsorship. Austin says he will call his mom to see if she wants to contribute.

At the theater, Belle asks Mimi where her mom is? Mimi says she lied, her mom would not approve of her seeing this movie! Belle asks how they will get in? Mimi says their friend is an usher and will sneak them in. Belle is upset because she told her mom that Mimi's mom was taking them. Mimi tells Belle to live on the edge for once! Belle says she is not going to risk getting grounded for a movie that is already getting horrible reviews!

At the penthouse, Marlena and John dance in their living room, which John has decorated to look like Paris. John tells Marlena that he will never take another trip without her. Marlena says she understands why he had to go and help Eric and Greta. John says that it was much more than Eric in Greta, Bo is planning to destroy DiMera once and for all! John serves Marlena some French champagne and tells her how disappointed Greta was when she learned her mother was dead, but now she can get on with her life. Marlena wonders if Greta's future includes Eric? John says that they are getting closer, so anything could happen. John thinks it would be great, he practicaly raised Eric and he still feels connected to Greta. Marlena asks if he feels connected to her mother too? John says his past is in the past, she is his future. Still, Marlena worries that Bo and Hope might discover something that could affect them. John tells her that nothing can change the way he feels about her, and then he kisses her. As they eat dinner, Marlena asks John to tell her about Hope. John tells Marlena about Bo's plan for Hope/Gina, and the part he played in the plan. However, he tells her not to worry, and then they start to get down to business.

Eric and Greta are driving to the ball, Greta tells Eric that she doesn't know if she can carry this off tonight. She says she is nervous, but having him around boosts her confidence. Greta assures Eric that she wants to help Bo and Hope as much as she can. Eric promises her that he will be with her every step of the way. Greta tells Eric that she is afraid of making a mistake tonight, there will be so many people there she hasn't seen in years and she'll have to face Stefano knowing what he did to her mother. Eric promises Greta that he will take care of her and watch over her tonight. As they drive, Greta tells Eric where to turn to get to the Harriman's castle.

Gina and Kurt return to the castle because Gina has changed her mind, she doesn't think this plan will work. Gina tells Kurt that the idea of going out into the real world is incomprehensible for her. Kurt tells her that she should go to this party because she has to break the hold this place has on her. He says he doesn't want to pressure her, but tonight may be the last chance she has to see her daughter. Kurt persuades Gina to go to the ball, and they drive out to the castle. Gina tells Kurt that she doesn't know if she can remember how to act in society. Kurt tells her that it will all come back to her. Still, Gina doesn't know if she can be the woman she once was, she doesn't know if she will have the courage to step into the ballroom. Gina tells Kurt that it will be so hard not to reveal herself to Greta and her old friends, especially when they all believe she is dead. However, Stefano will be the one who wished she was dead after tonight! Gina hopes she can pull this off and asks Kurt if he thinks she can do it? Kurt tells her to stay calm, he will be with her. Gina says she can't handle this, but Kurt says she has no choice. He reminds her that if she reveals herself, Stefano will put her away for good. He tells her that in order to reclaim the woman she once was she has to call up the spirit of that woman and find her confidence. Gina says he is right, she can do this! They arrive at the estate and Kurt tells Gina that this is it.

Stefano arrives at the ball in his tuxedo. He looks around the castle and is greeted by the Duke and Duchess, who invite him to look around their gallery. He thanks them both and looks around the castle. In the foyer of the castle is a large portrait of Gina. Stefano sees it and says Gina certainly was glamorous. Bart shows up disguised as a waiter. Stefano assumes everything is ready for the heist. Stefano goes into the gallery, which is well guarded, and looks at Spring Morning. One of the other party goers tells Stefano that this is the last known Rennet and it is priceless, which is why the Duke and Duchess have spared no expense in security. Stefano calls Gina, and afterwards Bart tells Stefano that he hid the forgery of Spring Morning where Gina can easily get to it. Stefano says excellent, and after he has the painting, Bo and Gina will be out of his life at last. The Duke and Duchess talk with Stefano about the Rennet. They have made this gallery the permanent home of Spring Morning. When they leave, Stefano laughs and says "not as permanent as you think!"

Eric and Greta arrive at the ball and are greeted by the Duke and Duchess. They tell Greta how lovely she has become. They says they are anxiously awaiting her mother's arrival. Eric and Greta mingle, both can't believe Stefano went to so much trouble to make all these people believe Hope is Gina. Eric and Greta look at the picture of Gina, Greta doesn't know if it is of her mother or of Hope. She says that Stefano's power scares her, what if Bo can't bring Stefano down and Hope decides to stay as Princess Gina? Eric says that will never happen because Bo has the power of love on his side, the love Bo and Hope share is too powerful. He says that his mom and John's love has survived everything Stefano has thrown at them, so he's positive that Bo and Hope will come out on top. Later, Eric warns Greta that Stefano is here. Eric and Gina face Stefano, who is stunned to see them! Stefano says hello to them and asks what in the world they are doing here? Greta says the party is in honor of her mother, so she is here out of respect for her.

Kurt and the real Gina show up for the party, Gina is still worried about whether or not she can pull this off.

At the Paris house, Gina/Hope tells Bo that everything went well with DiMera. Doug and Julie hug Gina, they are thrilled she is back and safe. Julie asks if she is all right? Gina says of course she is, why wouldn't she be? Gina begins to hear Stefano's voice in her head telling her over in over that she will have her freedom. Bo assures Gina that he will take care of DiMera and protect her, no matter what it takes. Gina goes to her room to get ready, and Doug continues to tell Bo that he doesn't like this plan. Bo says this is the only way to get to DiMera, he has to trust him. The phone rings and Gina answers, Bo is positive it is Stefano. On the phone, Stefano asks Gina when she is going to arrive, the ball has already started! Gina says she is the guest of honor, it can't really start without her. Gina assures Stefano that she will be there soon and everything will go as plan, he has her word. Stefano tells her if she fails, she will answer to him! Stefano goes up to Gina's room to help her get ready. She is wearing a white ball gown with her hair up and a tiara on her head. Gina tells Bo how afraid she is, but Bo says everything will be fine. He tells her to remember to trust him and his love for her, if she does then everything will be okay. Bo assures her that he will protect her tonight and every night, and then hugs her. Later, Bo introduces Princess Gina Von Amburg to Doug and Julie. Doug says that he's never seen his girl look so much like a princess! Julie says that she will be the belle of the ball tonight!


September 24
At the nursing home, Vivian plans to get the evidence she needs that the doctors are lying to Victor. Vivian goes to see Victor, who asks her to just leave! Vivian tells him to calm down and hands him a glass of water. Victor can't hold the glass, and he drops it. A nurse comes and tells him that he can't use a glass like that, his muscles are still weak. Vivian is confused, she said she saw him shake hands with Nicholas? Victor says his grip comes and goes. Vivian tells Victor not to give up, prove he is the man she knows and loves. Vivian asks him to sign the dinner menu to prove he can still fight! Victor takes the pen from Vivian and begins to sign the menu.

At Titan, Kate is upset that Nicholas had the nerve to show up at work. Kate tells Nicholas that their truce is off, and he and Vivian are fired! Nicholas refuses to leave and tells her that he and Vivian are trying to remind Victor of what he can do, not what he can't do. Nicholas says he understands Victor's frustrations, he wants his manhood back and that is what he and Vivian are trying to do. Nicholas accuses Kate of undermining Victor's recovery by shutting him out of what is going on with the company. Kate can't believe what she is hearing and says she wants Victor to concentrate on getting well, that is why she hasn't told him about work. Nicholas says she is robbing him of motivation, and that he loves Victor like a father and wants him to get well. Kate says she knows his intentions are good, but Vivian has other motives. Nicholas says Vivian feels horrible about causing Victor's stroke and wants him home just as bad as she does. Nicholas decides to go pack his office up, but Kate asks him to wait. Kate says she's going to regret this, but they aren't fired and she'll try to keep her truce with Vivian. Kate decides to go see Victor, but Nicholas convinces her to let him rest and check on him in the morning. Kate says she doesn't want to go home, so Nicholas convinces her to go out and have a drink with him.

At the Paris house, Doug and Julie leave to get the car so Bo and Hope/Gina can talk. Bo tells his Fancy Face that he knows she is scared, but he, Doug, and Julie will be there for her. Gina asks him why she is doing this for her after all she has done to him? Bo says she is not responsible for what she has done, and he is doing it because he loves her, he is doing it for their family, and he is doing it for their future. He tells her that after tonight, DiMera will be behind bars forever. Bo tells Gina that he has something for her, it is the diamond bracelet he bought Hope in Santa Rosa. Alice sent it to her, along with the music box. Gina says she will wear it for luck, so Bo puts it on her wrist. Julie returns and tells Bo the car is ready. Bo tells Gina that he loves her, and she says she knows. Gina asks for a moment alone before they leave, so Bo goes to wait for her in the car. Gina says that Brady really is something, but he has no idea what he is up against with Stefano. She says that everyone is expecting Princess Gina tonight, so Princess Gina is who they shall get!

At the ball in Paris, Stefano is shocked to see Eric and Greta are in attendance. Stefano asks what in the world they are doing here? Greta says that the ball is in honor of her mother, so it is only natural that she is here out of respect for her. Eric says it is odd to have a party for someone who has been dead for years. Stefano says who knows why people do the things they do. Stefano hopes Greta learns something about her mother here tonight, but Greta says she already has. Stefano asks what she has learned? Eric says they have learned that Gina is making an appearance here tonight. Stefano knows nothing about that, but says that it must be Hope's obsession with becoming the Princess. Greta says that is because he transformed her into Gina, but Stefano says she put the idea in Hope's head at Maison Blanche. Stefano says he is here to have a good time and excuses himself.

Kurt and the real Gina show up at the ball and Gina remembers the last night she attended a party here, it was the night she was supposed to steal the last Rennet. Gina tells Kurt that she doesn't know if she can do this. Gina sees the picture of herself and remembers when it was done. A woman tells them that Gina is so special, and she doesn't recognize Gina in her disguise. Gina looks around at all the people who think she is dead. She sees so many of her old friends, and points them out to Kurt. Gina asks Kurt to bring her a glass of champagne at once, so he reluctantly leaves her to get one. Gina runs into the Duchess, literally, and tells her that she is so sorry and hopes she didn't spill her drink. The Duchess says no harm was done, and then asks Gina if they have met? Gina says of course they have, it is I!

Greta and Eric run into Kurt, who says he is here with his mother. Greta says "But I thought your mother was dead?" Kurt says she is, he is here with his step-mother. Eric notices that his mother is wearing one of Gina's dresses, but Greta says it is okay. Greta wants to meet his mother, but Kurt says she is busy right now. Kurt goes over and interrupts the real Gina and the Duchess before Gina can give herself away. Eric and Greta walk over and Kurt introduces them to his mother. Gina holds her hand out to Eric, who kisses it. Gina tells Greta that she looks so much like her mother. Greta asks "You knew my mother?" Gina says of course, she knows all about Princess Gina's life. Greta asks her how? Kurt says his mother is fascinated with Gina's life, she read a lot of books about her. Gina wants to talk with Greta some more, buy Nathan, an old friend of Greta's, butts in. Nathan says he had a terrible crush on her and has been pinning away for her all these years. Eric jokes around that he must be the only one here with born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Eric and Nathan dance, and Gina says that is the kind of man her daughter should be with. Gina tells Kurt to bring her another glass of champagne because hers has lost its effervescence.

Bo, "Hope," Doug, and Julie drive to the party. Julie is very nervous and says that the Duke and Duchess have one of the most fabulous art collections in Europe. She asks "Hope" if she has seen it? Gina says she has, but it was many years ago. They arrive at the ball and Doug and Julie go in first so Gina can make her grand entrance. Bo tells her that if she has any doubts of what to do tonight all she has to do is look at the bracelet because it will remind her how much he loves her. Bo goes inside and meets with Doug, Julie, and Eric. Bo decides to go look for Stefano, and Doug and Julie notices how Eric is watching Greta and Nathan. They both tell him that he should cut in on Nathan and Greta. Later, Doug and Julie tells Greta how happy they are to finally meet her. The console her about her mother's death, and Greta thanks them. Greta tells them both that she is going to help Bo and Hope tonight, she owes Bo so much.

Bo finds DiMera in the gallery looking at Spring Morning. Bo shows up right behind DiMera as he says soon he will have Spring Morning and will no longer have a need for Gina. Bo says "nice painting" and Stefano says it is breathtaking. Stefano is glad to see he is feeling better and asks where the lovely Hope is? Bo tells him not to worry, she will be here. Stefano asks him why he lets Hope go around pretending to Gina? Bo says he knows damn well she is not pretending. Stefano says if he wants to end this he should expose her as a fraud to everyone at the ball. Bo asks why he doesn't do the same? Stefano says it is no concern to him, and tells him to enjoy the party.

Bo returns to the party and talks with everyone. Greta asks Bo if he is sure Greta will do her job? Bo is certain she will. Out in the car, Gina sees faces and hears voices in the rearview mirror. She sees herself telling her that she is the real Princess Gina, Bo telling her that after tonight they will be rid of DiMera, and DiMera telling her she will have her freedom. GIna yells at them to stop it and to get a hold of herself.

Back inside, the real Gina finds Stefano in the gallery looking at Spring Morning. She remembers failing Stefano years ago. She told him she froze when she tried to steal the painting, she hadn't been the same since she lost John. An angry Stefano told Gina that she was useless to him and had to find another way to get the painting. Gina approaches Stefano and says "Once you fall in love with a painting, you never forget it do you?" Stefano turns around and looks at her.

Hope/Gina makes her way to the castle and is mobbed by reporters. Before entering the ball, she stops to have a cigarette. Later, Gina is introduced, and she makes her entrance. Kurt becomes concerned and wonders where the real GIna is. Kurt is stunned when the false Gina enters. Gina says she is back, but this time she is here to stay. Everyone applauds, and Gina soaks it up.

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