September 99 Week 2


September 6
At the Kiriakis pool, Lucas tells Nicole that the place looks wonderful and she has a real talent for this. Nicole tells him that Sami deserves a lot of the credit. Austin and Sami are playing in the pool, and Lucas is glad to see Austin smiling again. Kate shows up and Lucas brags to his mom that Nicole did this all herself. Billie and Nicholas arrive, Billie says that she invited Nicholas to crash the party with her. Billie asks Nicole if she minds, and Nicole says not at all and she's glad she brought a date. Nicholas quickly points out that he is not her date. Nicholas says that Billie told him this was a celebration of their marriage, so he gives them a gift. Nicole opens it, it is a painting, and she says it is nice. Lucas tells Nicole that this is a Jour Jaques, it will be priceless one day. Everyone starts to mingle, and Nicholas asks Kate how she is doing? Kate says she expected to have Victor home by now, but she is dealing with it. Nicholas tells her that he is here if she needs him. Kate tells him that she was going to call him later about a new marketing strategy, but Nicholas says they should take the day off and go for a swim. Nicole walks over to where Nicholas and Kate are to grab a drink. Kate tells her that she did a wonderful job with the party, but Nicole insists Sami is to thank. Nicholas tells Belle that he hopes to get to know his cousins better, and Belle says she'd like that and they hug. As Nicole chugs down her drink, she tells Brandon that Kate is such a bitch, walking around with her nose in the air thinking she is better than everyone. Sami pops out of the bushes and tells Nicole that her true colors are shining through at last. Nicole asks what she is talking about? Sami says she heard her call Kate a bad word, but Nicole says she was just telling Brandon what she overheard a woman at the office call Kate. Lucas, who left, returns with Will. Belle tells Brandon that she was inside and took a message for him, the hospital called and needs him to report to the office and fill out some paperwork for his new job. Brandon says he didn't want to take advantage of Lucas and Nicole's celebration, but everyone is happy for him when he tells them about his new job. Brandon picks up Belle and pretends like he is going to throw her into the pool. Meanwhile, Kate talks to Austin, who says he is just fine. Austin says he is moving on with his life, and privately Kate hopes he isn't moving on with Sami. Austin talks with Billie about how he is doing. Billie is worried about her brother and tells him not to make any life decisions without being objective. She also wants him to give Kate a chance, but Austin thinks her loyalties lie with Lucas. As Lucas tells his mom about a surprise he has for Nicole, Kate can't take her eyes off of Nicholas. Austin tells Billie that he doesn't trust Vivian's nephew, but Billie thinks that Nicholas has been good for their mom, and she assures Austin that she plans on keeping an eye on Nicholas Alamain. Later, Kate returns in a swimsuit and Nicholas tells her that she looks terrific. He asks how about that swim, but she says maybe later. Nicole overhears this and tells Brandon that this might be her lucky day, she thinks that Kate can't swim. Belle talks with Sami about how cute Brandon is and how she wants a mature relationship with a guy. Sami tells her not to rush things, date a lot of guys before she gets serious with one of them. Belle tells her sister that she sounds like mom. Lucas finds Nicole and tells her it is time for her surprise. He leads Nicole, whose eyes are closed, to her surprise, When she opens them she finds a big wedding cake in front of her. Lucas proposes a toast to Nicole and says that his greatest happiness is sharing his life with her. Nicole tells him that this is so great, and toasts to her life partner and Kate's friendship. She assures Lucas that she will always keep the vows she made on their wedding day and will strive to be the wife he deserves. As Lucas and Nicole take pictures, Sami tells Kate that it is too bad Nicole's speech wasn't true. She tells Kate that she and Nicole have a lot in common, they are both from the wrong side of the tracks, selfish, deceitful, and devious! Kate tells Sami not to even think about causing trouble, Lucas could retract his joint custody offer at any time. Sami doubts that, and then asks Kate if she paid Nicole to marry Lucas? Kate just walks away from her. Everyone takes pictures of Lucas and Nicole as they feed one another cake. Billie gives Nicholas a piece of cake, and he thanks her for bringing him to the party. Billie says that the first rule of business is to get to know thy enemy. Nicholas hates to think that she sees him as an enemy. Billie says the jury is still out on that one, but Nicholas insists that it won't be out for long. Brandon begins to become concerned about Nicole's drinking, but she says that she is fine. Austin talks with Belle a bit about high school, she will be a junior this year. Kate tells Lucas that sometimes she wishes he had let Sami die. Lucas says she can't do anything to them, and Kate says she will make sure of that!

In the Paris countryside, Eric and Greta are on the verge of kissing when John calls Eric. John tells him that he has gotten all the paperwork for the exhumation done and he's coming up from Paris now. Greta says they should probably get back to the castle, so they start packing up the picnic basket. Greta sees that Eric is a bit down and asks what is wrong? Eric says he's just thinking about all the grief he has given John over the years about his relationship with his mother. Greta says they all make mistakes and that John has forgiven him, so he needs to forgive himself. Eric thanks her and tells her that she always knows how to pick him up. Greta says she learned it from her mother, and then begins to think about how her mother looked last night. Eric tells her that was just a nightmare.

At the castle, Princess GIna is still puffing away at her cigarette and looking at the picture of Greta. Kurt brings her some fresh flowers, but Gina says fresh flowers won't do a damn thing for her. She tells Kurt that Stefano has robbed her of John and Greta's love. Kurt asks Gina what the last thing she remembers before coming here? Gina tells him that she remembers being at Maison Blanche. Flashback time! Stefano tells a youthful looking Gina that he has asked Rolfe to help her, he will perform a procedure to help remove these mood swings she is going through. Back in the present, Gina tells Kurt that Stefano might as well have killed her. However, one day soon he will regret that he did not! Gina tells Kurt that Stefano stole her entire being during the procedure. Kurt asks if something could have gone wrong during the procedure, but Gina says Stefano never makes mistakes. Flashback time again. Gina remembers hearing Stefano tells Rolfe to get Hope Williams ready for the procedure, he wants the change to be seamless. Kurt asks Gina who Hope Williams is, and what does she have to do with the procedure? Gina says she doesn't know, she just remember Stefano telling Rolfe to get her. Gina says the next thing she remembers is being here. Gina looks at her picture of Greta, but Kurt says he must return the picture to Greta before she notices it is gone. Gina gives it to him and says when they are reunited she wants to look like she did in this photograph. Kurt leaves, and Gina looks out the window and sees Eric and Greta returning. She says that one day Greta will look at her and smile, not scream.

Kurt returns the picture to Greta's room and finds the invitation to the Duke and Duchess ball in honor of Gina. Eric and Greta return, and Greta is shocked to see him in her room. Eric asks him what he thinks he is doing in Greta's room? Kurt says he just brought fresh flowers, and leaves. Greta sees the photo is back, and Eric thinks that maybe Kurt took it. Eric wonders why Kurt is so intent on them leaving, what is he afraid that they will find?

Kurt returns to Gina's room and asks if she knows the Duke and Duchess of Haraman? Gina says they are close friends, and wants to know why he is asking? He says that they are throwing a party in her honor.

At a restaurant, Julie asks Bo if he and Hope are going to marry here in Paris? Doug offers to make arrangements to bring Alice over, but Bo says that is not it. Bo says he wants to marry Hope, but she is gone and they have to get her back first. They think that Hope is missing literally, but Bo tells them it is not what they think. Bo explains to them that when Hope was missing those four years they thought she was dead, Stefano changed her into Princess Gina Von Amburg. He tells them that Stefano has once again changed her back into Princess Gina. Doug wants to know what is going on, so Bo tells them to sit down so they can talk. Bo explains everything to them, and they are furious. Bo tells them that Hope thinks she is Gina, but she still has all of Hope's memories. Doug asks Julie what they can do to help bring Hope back? Bo is glad they asked, and then explains what he wants them to do. We are treated to a flashback in which Doug gave a very young Hope a baby blanket that her mom knitted for her when she was pregnant. Doug tells her that she loved this blanket, and thought that maybe her baby (Shawn D) would like it too. Hope tells Doug that she loves it and gives him a kiss. Doug wishes he and Hope had remained closer, but Julie says they are here for her now, that is all that counts. Bo suggests they go see Hope now, but warns them that she won't jump for joy when she sees them. As they get up, Bo is hit by another dizzy spell, but attributes it to lack of sleep.

At the Paris house, Gina is still in tears from John's rejection. She screams "Damn you Stefano!" Gina begins to remember Bo warning her that she would go insane or end up dead like the real Gina, and then she hears John telling her that he will never love her. Gina covers her ears with her hands and screams "No, No, Stop!" When the voices stop, Gina guzzles down some champagne and then makes a call to Bo's room. Unfortunately he is not there, and she doesn't leave a message. She tells herself that she wishes Bo was here, for some unknown reason she feels safer when he is around. Gina says she wants Bo's help, but she wants to live as Gina, not Hope. As she rubs her head, GIna says she cannot live without John anymore. She also tells herself that she will not let herself go mad like the real Gina. Gina wonders how she and John can escape from Stefano, and then remembers the letter. She once again begins to ransack the place searching for the letter. Gina wonders if the letter is at the castle, and decides to go there. As she is thinking about leaving, someone arrives at her door. She thinks it is probably Stefano, and is shocked when she finds Bo, Doug, and Julie standing on her doorstep.


September 7
At the Labor Day pool party, Sami, Austin, and Will are playing in the pool. Carrie shows up and Belle asks her why she is here? Carrie says that Nicole invited her. Belle wants to know where her date is? Carrie says she came alone. Belle can't believe she's not with Mike and says "Don't tell me your not together?" Carrie blows Belle off to say hello to Nicole.

Nicole returns and Lucas wants to have his picture taken with her again, he clams they are the happiest people in the world, even though Nicole looks miserable. Later, Lucas takes Will inside to play with his new Indy car. After they leave, Sami says "That's right, buy your son's heart." Austin steps out of the pool and when Sami goes to get him a towel, she finds him talking to Carrie. Austin is surprised that Carrie is here, and Sami asks "You were invited?" Carrie asks if that is a problem, and Austin tells her no. Carrie says she doesn't want to ruin the party, when suddenly a drunk Nicole comes up behind her, puts her arm around her, and says she couldn't ruin the party because this is her party. Nicole tells Carrie to grab a drink and hit the buffet, so Carrie does just that. Austin excuses himself from Sami to be with Carrie, which upsets her. Austin tells Carrie that they need to talk, so they head off. Brandon tells a worried Sami that it is not what she is thinking, and that not even a divorce agreement can break their bond. Austin tells Carrie that he wants to put everything behind them and remain friends. Carrie tells him that she could use a friend right now. Austin asks what is going on? Carrie tells him that Mike left town. Carrie explains what happened with Mike, and how she doesn't know if she'll ever see Mike again. Austin is shocked and says he thought they had their whole lives mapped out together. Carrie apologizes to Austin for laying this on him after what she did to him. She says Mike also feels terrible about what he did, and that is one of the reasons he left. Austin says that maybe there is hope for him after all, and Carrie says maybe it is a good sign. Carrie tells Austin that this is strange talking to him life this. Austin says it is strange, and tells Carrie that he doesn't hate her. He says he wants to move on with his life, and is happy here with Will. Carrie asks if he is happy with Sami as well? Austin says that he and Sami are good friends, and he is used to living with Sami. Carrie says she is glad he has her to help him through this transition period. Austin asks if anyone is helping her? Carrie says no, and maybe it is what she deserves. Austin doesn't believe that and tells her that he's going to make them a plate to eat. As the go to the buffet, Belle approaches them and hostilely asks "What is up with you two?"

Nicholas leaves Kate and Billie to refill their drinks. Billie is taken by Nicholas and tells her mom that she thinks she likes him. Later, Nicholas finds Sami and talks to her, he says his Aunt told him that she knows where all the bodies are to be found. Sami says not all of them, looks at Nicole, and says if there are more she will uncover them. Nicholas hooks up with Billie once again, and Billie asks him to help her out with some of Countess Williamenia's finances. Nicholas tells her that nothing makes him happier than helping a beautiful woman. Kate spots the two of them together and she doesn't look pleased at all. Kate approaches Nicole, who is drunk, and then she stomps away from Nicole in an even pissier mood. Brandon tells Nicole that she has had enough, and Lucas wants to know what is going on with his wife. Nicole says she is fine, the heat is just getting to her. BRandon says she hasn't eaten either. Lucas says he will remedy that and will fix her a plate. Brandon tells her that he's going to get her some coffee. Meanwhile, Kate continues to watch Billie and Nicholas as they flirt with one another.

Sami appears at Belle's side after she asks Carrie and Austin what is up with them. Austin says that Carrie was going to leave, but he talked her into staying. Belle says that is fantastic, but Sami doesn't think so by the look on her face.

At the castle in Paris, Greta wonders why Kurt took the picture from her dresser. Eric says Kurt is crafty, and that they don't need his help. Greta thinks about digging her mother up and says it sounds like something out of a horror film. John soon shows up at the castle and Greta welcomes him with a hug. John tells them that he's cut through the red tape, but dealing with the bureaucrats will take a couple of days. John promises Greta that he will have Gina exhumed and an autopsy performed on her. Eric asks if he remembers anything by being here, but John doesn't. Greta asks him if he has seen "Hope" and how she is? John says that Hope is under Stefano's control, she is Princess GIna once again. Later, Greta tells John that she saw her mother, but Eric says it was a dream. Greta insists it wasn't a dream, and she explains everything that happened when her mother visited her, how she looked old and scary. Eric says they have been hearing a lot of ghost stories about Gina, but Greta says she knows it was real because her mother touched her. John tells Greta that he thinks she might have been dreaming as well, but Greta is positive that what happened to her was real. Greta and Eric give John a tour of the castle, and when he sees the portrait of Gina in her room he lets out a "woah!" Greta asks him what is wrong, is he remembering something? John says it is more of a feeling, and he tells Greta that he feels her vision. Eric asks what he is feeling? John says he feels that Gina is very close, eerily close, to them right now. John looks through Gina's closet and smells her clothes, which gives him an overpowering feeling. John swears that Gina is in this castle, and Greta says she feels the same way. Eric suggests they go to the front of the house so they can hear the authorities when they ring. John says that is a good idea because he needs to know the truth as badly as Greta does.

In the tower, Kurt is unhappy that Gina is not eating her food. Gina says she needs to be with her daughter, but Kurt tells her that is not possible. Gina becomes upset and yells "So you keep saying!" Gina tells Kurt to hell with him and his pronouncements, she will make it possible. She swears to Kurt that she will hold her daughter in her arms again. Kurt asks her to trust him, she doesn't always think too clearly, she gets confused. Gina asks Kurt what she is confused about? Kurt says she is confused about her daughter and her daughter's reaction to her. He tells her that she can't go to Greta looking the way she does, which is why she has to trust him. Kurt tells her that her food has grown cold, so she will prepare her something else to eat. Kurt grabs her tray and leaves. Gina looks in the mirror and sees herself as the young and beautiful woman she once was. She hears a young Greta telling her that she wants to be as beautiful as her when she grows up, and then she hears an adult Greta screaming. In the mirror, Gina's youthful image fades. She says that Kurt is right, she can't see her precious baby looking like she does now. Gina ends up trashing a portrait of John, and then quickly begins another painting. However, this is a painting of a sleeping Greta. Kurt returns with a hot meal for Gina, and looks at her sketch. He is amazed that she remembers Greta so well. Gina says that the image is burned into her brain. Kurt tells her that she is beautiful. Gina says yes, but I am not. Gina is sad because she has lost the two people she loves most in this world, Greta and John. Gina says that she knows now that John is not coming back for her. Kurt picks up the portrait of John that Gina threw across the room, and Gina tells him to throw it away because she can't stand to look at it when there is no hope of his returning. Kurt leaves with the painting, and Gina talks to her portrait of Greta. She says that she is so close, but so far away. However, she is not as far away as the man that she loves, the man she'll never see again. Gina tells herself that John will never come for her, so she must focus on Greta.

Downstairs, John makes some calls and the exhumation is scheduled to begin shortly. John tells Eric and Greta that he isn't looking forward to this, and he wonders what surprise lie out there for them, or in here.

At the Paris house, Gina/Hope answers the door, thinking it is Stefano, so she plans to be rude to him to make him go away. She opens the door and blows smoke in someone's face, Julie's! Gina is shocked to find Bo, Doug, and Julie on her doorstep. She asks them what they are doing here? Julie just laughs, and Doug gives her a big hug. Bo, Doug, and Julie walk in and Julie quickly snatches Gina's cigarette away from her and says "there, better!" Doug asks when she started smoking? Bo says she just has one every once in a while, and Gina says it relaxes her. Julie tells her that it does the opposite, Nicotine is a stimulate, it zaps your energy, and makes you sick as a dog! Bo pats Julie on the shoulder to calm her down, and Doug says they should concentrate on their reunion. Bo suggests they all sit down and make themselves comfortable, so they do. Doug asks how his princess is doing, and Gina quickly snaps "Why in the hell would you call me that?" Doug tells her that is his petname for her, he says it with affection! Gina apologizes and says she is overly sensitive these days. She says she wishes she knew they were coming, she is so busy and doesn't know how much time she can devote to them. Gina reminds Bo about the party, but Bo suggests Doug and Julie joining them. Doug says that they can talk about that later, and Gina asks them how long are they staying? Julie gives her an evil look, and Gina says she doesn't mean to be rude but they did intrude on her unannounced. Doug asks why she doesn't want to see them, and Julie asks what she is afraid of? Gina knows this isn't a casual visit, Bo called them. Julie wants to be straight and tells Gina that they are here because Bo asked them to be here because he is concerned about her. Gina says she is fine dammit, and turns her back to them. Doug tells her that she is very different, she is not herself. Gina says they haven't seen her for awhile, and she has been under a lot of stress. The phone rings and Gina answers it. As she is talking, Bo tells Doug and Julie that it is probably Stefano on the phone. Gina tells whoever it is that she will take care of it as soon as possible and hangs up on them. Doug tells Hope that they got a wonderful letter from Alice the other day, Shawn D is moving back home and will do his senior year and Salem High. Doug says that it seems like yesterday she was that age. Bo says Shawn D is coming home this weekend. Gina tells him to go home to Salem and be with him, but Bo refuses to leave her. She says she isn't his co-dependant wife anymore, she can take care of herself. She wonders why in hell they are all here? Julie tells her that they are here because they love her, she means the world to them and want to be with her, is that too much to ask? Later, Bo serves them all ice tea, and Julie tells Gina that her father has been signing professionally again. Gina says "how exciting" without any enthusiasm. Julie remembers when Doug used to sing to Hope at Doug's place. DOug says those are his favorite memories. Doug tells her that when he sings now, he always dedicates one to her. He says that he introduces the song by telling the audience that he has an exceptional daughter, who is not only beautiful, but has a kind heart. He goes on to say that she is the light of his life, and being a father to her made him want to be a better man. Finally, he says that along with Julie, his daughter is the best thing that ever happened to him. Julie tells Doug to sing the song for his daughter. Doug turns to his daughter, lifts her head up with his hand under her chin, and sings to her. He sings "You must have been a beautiful baby" to her (I think that is the name of the song). As he sings, Gina remembers flashes from Hope's life. Julie is moved to tears, and one tear streams down Gina's face. Doug tells "Hopie" that he knows she hasn't forgotten all those memories, and inside Gina's mind Hope's voice cries out "Daddy please help me!" Gina blurts out loud "Help me!"


September 8
Brandon walks Belle home to the penthouse. Belle thanks him for carrying her stuff, he is very Richie Cunningham. Brandon tells her to just make sure she tells her sisters that she got her home safely. Belle says her sisters constantly think she is a little kid. Brandon offers to listen to her if she ever wants to talk, but Belle says she doesn't want him to know her secrets. Meanwhile, Sami is tucking Will in and talking on the phone to her mom at the same time. Sami tells her mom that Belle should be home any second. Marlena tells her that she is becoming very protective. Sami tells her that being a mother does that to you. Marlena asks if the party was fun? Sami says it was until Carrie showed up. Belle and Brandon go into the penthouse and Belle introduces Brandon to her mom. Brandon tells her that she will be working at the hospital, and he is very interested in her work, especially her articles on hypnosis. Belle suggests they talk about it right now! Marlena says that Brandon probably has to be up early, but Brandon says he has some time. Belle says she got a new grind from the Java Cafe, and Brandon adds which is where Nikki got discovered. Brandon apologizes for mentioning his sister. Marlena asks Brandon if Nicole is happy with her choice? Brandon says he doesn't like to speak for others, but his sister seems perfectly happy. Marlena says that she thought Nicole loved Eric, maybe she has a future as an actress. Belle returns with a tray with coffee and cups, and tells her mom that Nicole is taking over Sami's old job. Marlena looks at the time and says it has gotten so late and she should set up another time to meet with Brandon. Marlena says that tomorrow is Brandon's first day, and Belle has her first day as a junior tomorrow. Brandon says good night, and then leaves. Belle tells her mom that she has changed her mind about being a deb this year, and because community service is a part of it, she thinks she'll see if Lexie has room for her in the pediatric ward. Marlena didn't know she had any interests in that field. Belle says she has a lot of interests, she is a Renaissance woman! Belle and Marlena exchange hugs and kisses, and Marlena goes up to bed. Belle lags behind to clean up the coffee stuff and says, with a little gasp, "Brandon!"

At the pool, Carrie and Austin are the only ones left hanging out. Austin is telling her a story about how Will stuck caterpillars in the butter case in the refrigerator because he thought it would make them turn into butterflies. Sami comes out to go to the guest house and is surprised to see Carrie is still here. Sami tells Austin that Will can't get to sleep, he wants Austin to read the caterpillar book to him. Carrie says she better go, but Austin says this won't take long and she can stick around. Sami says that Carrie probably wants to get back to Mike. Austin and Carrie exchange glances, and Austin tells Sami that Mike left town. Sami asks what do you mean, and Carrie says that Mike went to visit his son. Sami then asks if she is going to meet them in Israel? Carrie and Austin look at one another, and Sami wants to know what they are keeping from her. Austin decides to let Carrie handle this and goes to check on Will. Carrie tells Sami that Mike needed time alone, and she doesn't know when he is coming back. Sami doesn't understand why they aren't together when it was what they both wanted. Carrie says she knows, and she hopes it doesn't mess up her future plans. Carrie wants to know why she is in such a hurry to get her out of the country. Sami says that she just thought she wanted to be with Mike. Carrie says her life has completely changed this year and she doesn't know where she wants to be. Sami wonders if Carrie has decided that she wants Austin back? Carrie can't believe this and she doesn't know why she bothers with her, she has no clue what it is like being in a relationship. Sami says she does know what love is, and then starts talking about when she and Austin were on the run. Carrie tells her not to confuse compassion with love. Sami becomes angry and accuses her of showing up here to hurt Austin. She thinks that Carrie came here because Austin is finally getting over her, and she can't stand it that Austin is moving on. Sami informs Carrie that Austin is going back to boxing, which he didn't tell her because his future does not concern her anymore. Carrie lets out an Ahhhh and says "But it does concern you, right?" Sami says that Austin started sharing his feelings with her about the same time she started sharing her feelings with Mike. Carrie tells Sami not to count on Austin falling in love with her. Sami says that at least she knows he's over her. Carrie asks if she believes that, why is she so worried? Carrie tells Sami to tell Austin good night, and leaves. Austin returns and asks where Carrie is? Sami only says that she left. Austin says it was good to have a few laughs today.

In the mansion, Kate talks to Ruth on the phone, who is extremely pleased with how Nicholas has handled her account and that she will be renewing her contract with Titan. After the call, Billie walks into the room in a very tight white dress. Kate takes one look at her and asks where she is going dressed like that? Billie doesn't understand what she means and says that white is one of her best colors. Kate says that she wasn't talking about the color, she was talking about the image. Billie says that she thinks she looks great, and she is sure Nicholas will think so too. Kate comments that he certainly doesn't waste much time. Billie asks her mom if she has a problem with her seeing Nicholas? Kate says she doesn't have a problem with it, but she works with him and is involved with Roman. Billie tells her mom that she and Roman aren't seeing much of them anymore, they both got over loosing the ones they really loved. Billie looks in a mirror and puts on a scarf. She tells her mom that she is excited to go out with a man under thirty. She sees the look on her mom's face and apologizes for what she said, age never mattered to her and Victor. Kate tells Billie not to talk about Victor in the past tense, they will be getting married as soon as possible. Billie says it would be great if her mom could finally have Victor and she could have someone to help her forget about Bo. When Kate says "Like Nicholas?" Billie replies "Maybe." Billie fiddles with the scarf for a bit, but eventually decides to ditch the idea all together. Kate is browsing through her scrap book and looking at her "wedding" photos. Kate pours herself a drink and says that as soon as Victor is recovered, they will be married and neither Sami nor Vivian can separate them. Billie decides to go upstairs and change into something a little less revealing, and asks her mom to entertain Nicholas if he shows up early.

At the home, Nicholas drops by to see Victor. Victor isn't in a good mood and says this is not a good time for a visit. Nicholas tells him not to let minor set backs get him down, but Victor says he was supposed to be home by now, not stuck in a wheel chair. Victor tells Nicholas that he has no idea what that is like, but Nicholas says he also doesn't know what it is like to have a woman like Kate to love him. Victor wishes he could love Kate back, it has been years now. Nicholas says that Kate is not complaining, her life is all about him and her love for him. Nicholas tells Victor to fight for his family, and he hopes the present he brought him will help. Victor looks in the bag Nicholas brought and asks him if this is his idea of a joke? Nicholas pulls a laptop out of the bag and tells Victor that this laptop is different, it is one controlled by voice command. Nicolas tells him that with this laptop he can actively participate in Titan once again. Nicholas turns it on and sits it on a table in the room. He then pulls out an old photo of him, Vivian, and Victor. This photo was taken on one of their sailing trips, which they both remember. Victor asks Nicholas why he is doing this for him? Nicholas says he was there for him when he was a kid, so this is his way of repaying him. Nicholas hopes they can continue these visits, and he wants to help him get home as quick as possible because he is sorely missed. Victor wonders what he gets out of this, and Nicholas says he gets to work with a legend. Nicholas shows Victor how to boot the computer up, but says he has to go because he has a date with a beautiful woman tonight. Victor says that he's heard he is widely admired. Nicholas tells Victor that he has the undying devotion of two extraordinary women, Kate and Vivian. Nicholas says he wouldn't mind learning his secret. Victor says it is all about finding the right woman, for him it is Kate.

Back at the mansion, Nicholas sneaks up on Kate, Billie is still upstairs changing. Kate says Henderson is supposed to announce her guests, she will have to have a talk with him. Nicholas tells her to do that, she wouldn't want anyone stealing her silverware. Kate tells him that it takes a thief to know a thief, he has the thieving Alamain genes in his blood. Nicholas acts crushed, and Kate reminds him that he is here to take out Billie, not her. Kate decides to leave and spend some time with Phillip. Before she leaves, Nicholas tells her that he thinks will work out for her and Victor. Kate cries that tonight was her "supposed" wedding anniversary and she had plans to dance with Victor tonight, but now he may never dance again. Billie shows up and asks her mom what is wrong? Kate says that she was just telling Nicholas what today was the anniversary of. Billie and Nicholas decide to leave, but before they do Nicholas tells Kate that her love for Victor will give him the strength he needs to get well. After they leave, Kate looks at herself in the mirror and wonders what is going on with her.

In Paris at the Paris house, Hope's voice blurts out "Help Me!" However, when Bo puts his arm on her shoulder and says they are right her, Gina smacks his arm, backs away from him, and warns him not to come any closer. Julie and Doug get up, and Gina warns them all to stay away or something awful will happen. Bo says they know she is scared, but they are all here to help her because they love her. Gina says she does not want to hear that and turns her back on them. Bo tells "Hope" that it will be okay, but Gina says since she came to Paris everything has gone wrong because of him. Bo tells her it is Stefano's fault, he is the one messing with her life. Bo tells her that Stefano isn't here and can't hurt her. Gina starts giggling. Bo tells her about the trip they took to Paris with Shawn D. Doug tells Gina that they remembering coming to Paris with her when she was younger. "Hope" says she remembers, but Gina tells herself that Hope is gone and is never coming back. She begins to become agitated, and tells herself that she does not need them. All these voices flood into Gina's head, and she curls up in a ball on the floor and cries out "No no no no!" Gina tells them that if they care for her they will leave. Bo says they will leave if she wants them to, but first he wants to know if she remembers spending time with her family in Paris. "Hope" nods and smiles, but Gina quickly takes over and tells Hope that she is gone and dead! Julie tells Gina about the chocolate shop in Paris that she loved, the black cat. Gina remembers the memory of Hope's and says that she loved that place. Julie tells her that it is still there, and Bo suggests they go visit it. Bo puts his hand out for her to take, and asks if "Hope" will show him the chocolate shop. Gina tells him that it is too late, but Bo says the stores in Paris are always open. Gina tells herself that she can't wait until Stefano finishes programing him. Bo calls the chocolate shop and learns they are open all night. Gina has no choice but to go along with them. She takes Bo's hand, and he kisses it. As Gina puts on her lipstick, she sees everyone staring at her. Bo tells her that she is just so beautiful. Gina tells him that he needs a new line, but Bo says he never needed a line with her before. Julie excuses herself to freshen up, and Doug excuses himself to check their messages. When they are alone, Bo asks Gina if she's ready for a walk down memory lane? Gina is, as long as there aren't any expectations. She says so much has changed, but Bo says not the important things. Gina tells him that he is full of surprises lately. Bo tells her to wait and see what he has in store for her tonight. Bo puts his hand on her cheek and tells her that she hasn't seen Paris until she's seen it with him. Gina touches Bo's cheek, and then hugs him.


September 9
Billie and Nicole go to the Cheatin Heart for their date. Nicholas jokes that this must be where the unfaithful hang out. Billie says he might be able to find a few, but she likes the atmosphere here. They get down to business and start discussing Countess Williamina. Eventually Billie asks Nicholas why he is really here, and what does he get by helping Vivian get into Titan? Nicholas asks why she is suspicious of him? Billie says that he is Vivian's nephew, but Nicholas assures Billie that nobody, not even Vivian, will come in between Victor and Kate. They decide to change the topic and play a game of pool. They make a bet that the winner will pick the prize. Billie beats the pants off Nicholas, but scratches on the eight ball. Nicholas tells Billie that all he wants is a dance. Billie suggests they play again and up the ante, but Nicholas says maybe another night. The two then dance.

Kate shows up at the nursing home to find Victor working with a physical therapist. Victor tells Kate that he knows what the doctor said, but he does not intend to rot in this chair for the rest of his life. The therapist leaves, and Kate asks Victor if it is wise to push himself? Victor says it is the only way he will ever get home to her. They share a kiss, and Victor says he didn't expect to see her. Kate tells Victor about Lucas and Nicole's pool party, which was a horrid fiasco. Kate says she doesn't want to talk about that, and asks Victor if she knows why she is here. Victor knows, tonight should have been their wedding anniversary. We then see a flashback of Kate and Victor's nuptials. Kate tells Victor that she brought him a present, its a picture of the two of them and Phillip. Victor thanks her, and Kate decides to put it next to his bed. When she goes to put it on his nightstand, she is shocked to see a photo of him, Vivian, and Nicholas. Kate asks if Vivian has been here again, but Victor says Nicholas brought it. Kate asks what in the hell Nicholas was doing here? Victor says Nicholas just dropped by to see him, he brought that photo and a notebook computer. Victor tells Kate that he likes Nicholas, they share a special bond and he managed to lift his spirits. Kate remembers how Nicholas comforted her, and she warns Victor that he must not get close to Nicholas, she doesn't trust him. Victor asks her to give him the benefit of the doubt, Nicholas encouraged him to work hard so he could go home to her, he really inspired him. Victor promises Kate that he will work to come home to her, Nicholas reminded him what he has to live for. Still, Kate doesn't trust Nicholas and says he is out this very minute ingratiating himself to Billie. Victor thinks that he might help Billie forget Bo. Victor tells Kate that Nicholas has what it takes to move Titan into the 21st century. He urges her to help Nicholas out in every way.

At the castle in Paris, Greta begs Kurt to let her see her daughter. Gina's pleas fall on deaf ears, Kurt refuses to let her see Greta. Gina is furious, and then realizes Stefano might know Greta is here. Kurt doubts that, but Gina says Stefano must never learn she is here, and if he ever goes after her daughter . . . . Gina says that if she hadn't been kept prisoner all these years, her dream of spending her life with John has been lost. She says that seeing Greta has made her face reality. Though Gina doesn't want Greta to see what she looks like, she wants to see Greta. Gina promises Kurt that she won't try and contact Greta, but she does want to watch her. She begs Kurt to allow her to see her daughter, if she does not she will have nothing to live for. Kurt says very well, he will take her downstairs.

Eric, John, and Greta are waiting for the grave diggers to show up. Eric says that Kurt doesn't want this exhumation to happen, Eric thinks he knows what they will find in the grave. Greta thinks that maybe Kurt is just appalled at the thought of digging up Princess GIna. John comforts Greta and says he knows this must be tough, but this is the only way to get answers. John wants to meet this Kurt and asks where he can be found? Eric says the last time he saw him he was snooping around Gina's bedroom. The grave diggers and the magistrate show up, and Greta begins to feel uneasy. John pats her on the shoulder and says he and Eric will take care of everything, she can wait here. As she sits on the sofa, GIna spies on her from the secret passage. Greta says that she feels her mother's presence so strongly, and she looks at the photo of her and her mother. She tells her mother that she misses her so much. She remembers Gina taking her to the Black Cat chocolate shop, the same one Hope visited with Doug and Julie as a little girl! In the secret passage, Gina is in tears and cries that her daughter remembers her. Back in the parlor, Greta hears a woman crying and she calls out "Mother, is that you!" Greta keeps crying out for her mother, and Gina continues to cry. Greta asks her mother to come to her. Gina says she is here, and runs away from Kurt. Gina tells Kurt that she must go to her daughter.

Outside, John and Eric watch as Gina's coffin is exhumed. The magistrate tells Jon and Eric that the body will be taken to town, identified, and an autopsy will be performed. John tells Eric that if Gina isn't in that coffin, they will have more questions than answers.

At the Paris house, Bo, Doug, and Julie go over their strategy to break through Gina and get to Hope. Gina returns from fixing herself up, and Doug suggests they should go eat out somewhere. Doug and Julie walk off hand in hand, and Bo takes GIna's, after kissing it. Moments after they leave, Stefano calls.

In the lab, Stefano tells Rolfe that he has to get a new batch of the potion to Gina to complete Bo's transformation, but Gina isn't answering the phone. Rolfe asks Stefano if he is worried about Gina? Stefano says he's seen a change in Gina, and Rolfe thinks that Gina may not be happy with what he is doing to Bo. Stefano doubts that, he thinks she can't wait to get rid of Bo. Stefano tries to call her again, but she does not answer. Rolfe says that perhaps Gina is getting ready for the party. Stefano says "Ahh yes, the party." He says that Gina will once again become the belle of the ball, she'll steal the Renet, she will transform Bo into a permanent pawn, and finally he will get his revenge on the Brady's. Rolfe questions Stefano about his hatred for the Bradys, but Stefano says it is personal. However, using Bo and Hope against them will be the perfect revenge for what they did to him. Stefano tells Rolfe to keep trying to get a hold of Gina and call him when he does, he is going for a walk. Stefano worries about Gina's mental health and fears she may travel down the dark path the real Gina did. He tells himself as long as Gina finishes Bo's indoctrination and steals the last Renet, Gina will be as expendable as the original was!

Bo, Gina, Julie, and Julie go out for dinner and eat Escargot. Doug teases "Hope" by telling a story about how when she was little and would come home from trick or treating she would have to organize all her candy. Doug says those were wonderful times and they made a lot of beautiful memories. Gina tells him that they did. Gina and Bo end up on a boat looking at Notre Damn. Bo talks about the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Gina reminds him that the story did not end happily, but Bo says what is important is that Quazimoto (sp?) would do anything for the woman he loved. Gina thanks him for being here, and as they snuggle close, Bo says he will not leave her until he knows she is safe. The go to the Black Cat and Gina orders dark chocolate troubles, Gina's favorite. Julie asks when she started liking dark chocolate? Gina scratches her order and orders a pound of milk chocolate. Julie and Doug want to send some home to Alice, and Bo wants some for Shawn D. Bo asks what Shawn D's favorites were again, and Gina says chocolate covered cherries. Later, the group goes to a cafe for a late dinner. However, Bo is not with them, at first. Bo went to his hotel and returns later with a gift for Gina. Gina opens the gift, it is her old music box. As she listens to the tune, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, Gina has memories of Hope's first Christmas and New Years with Bo. Gina gives Bo her hand, which he kisses, and thanks him. Gina is in tears again and excuses herself to freshen up. Bo, Doug, and Julie all agree that their plan is working. In the ladies room, Gina is confronted by Stefano!


September 10
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Carrie drops by the penthouse to visit with Marlena. Carrie tells Marlena that she was at the pool party and didn't want to go home alone. Marlena invites her to sit so they can talk. She asks Carrie where things stand with Mike? Carrie tells Marlena that Mike left Salem to visit Jeremy. Marlena says she didn't expect that, and Carrie says "neither did I." Carrie asks Marlena how it all went so wrong. Marlena moves next to Carrie of the sofa and hugs her. Carrie tells Marlena that she never imagined she and Austin would spend their second wedding anniversary finalizing their divorce. Carrie says she doesn't know if she has a future, and she feels alone, like she has nothing left. Marlena says she still has her family. Carrie feels bad about how she hurt Austin, and Sami hates her more than ever. Carrie says that Sami is convinced she wants Austin back now that Mike is gone.

In her room, Belle talks to Mimi on the phone. She dishes all the gossip from the party. She says that Sami is afraid that Carrie will move in on Austin now that Mike is gone. Mimi asks Belle if there were any hoties there? Belle tells her there was a really cool, mature, manly yet sensitive hotie named Brandon, who is all around perfect in Belle's eyes. Mimi realizes that Belle has a crush on Brandon, but Belle says having a crush is so junior high. Mimi asks if she is in love with him? Belle says no, she's only seen him a few times. Belle says that she just happens to like hanging out with a mature man. Mimi tells her that he is way older than him, it will never work. Belle knows she won't be going out with him, but she can work with him at the hospital.

Belle walks downstairs just as Carrie was telling Marlena that Sami thinks she wants Austin back. Belle says it is true isn't it, you do want Austin back don't you? Belle says she doesn't want to take sides, but it looked like she was going after Austin tonight. Carrie says that is not true, they were trying to get past the anger. Belle says that they should get one with their lives, and Carrie says that is what they are trying to do. Belle wishes she'd tell that to Sami because she is worried. When Carrie says that is none of Sami's business, Belle points out that Sami is living with Austin. Carrie quickly replies "Only for Will's sake, Sami and Austin are not involved." Belle just replies with whatever you say. Marlena tells her that it is time for her to go to bed. Belle asks if this is a private conversation? Marlena says no, she is always welcomed to speak, but not argue. Belle says all she wants is Sami to be happy, and Carrie says she wants the same, but Austin isn't interested in Sami, not after the hell she put them through. Belle says Austin has already forgiven Sami, but Carrie says it is too soon for Austin to get involved, she doesn't want to see him hurt. Belle doesn't think that Sami couldn't possibly hurt Austin more than she has. Marlena tells Carrie that she should go back to her job at the hospital. Carrie says she will think about it and thanks her. Belle says she will be working at the hospital as well. Marlena thinks it would be wonderful if they could all work at the hospital. Carrie says she had several fund raisers planned for the hospital, one in particular if she can get Austin back in her corner. Belle quickly pipes "So you are going after Austin!" Carrie says Austin is a free man, he doesn't belong to anyone. Carrie decides to go, and Marlena and Carrie hug one another and say their I love yous. After Carrie leaves, Belle tells her mom that she thinks Carrie regrets losing Austin and Sami has every reason to worry.

At the Kiriakis mansion, the party is over and everyone has left, so Brandon decides to do a little skinny dipping. Unfortunately, Sami walks outside and sees Brandon in the pool. Brandon hides by the edge of the pool and flirts with Sami a bit. Sami tells him Austin is out training for boxing. Brandon says he used to box, and Sami asks if he has what it takes to be a contender? Brandon says he can't show her until she throws him a towel. Sami walks over to the other side of the pool to get his towel, and realizes he is skinny dipping. He invites her to join him, but Sami gives him an "I don't think so!" Sami turns her back and hands him the towel. Brandon gets out of the pool, and Sami asks what he's been up to other than indecent exposure? Brandon says he got her sister home, and Sami thanks him for that. Sami says Belle looks up to her, but she doesn't want to be a role model for Belle. She hopes Belle doesn't make the same mistakes she did. Brandon asks about her other sister. Sami says she and Carrie used to be close before Austin came along. Sami is thankful that Belle doesn't hate her guts the way Carrie does. Brandon suggests going to conflict resolution, but Sami says her mom is a shrink and nothing she has done has helped. Sami says she has tried to be the bigger person, but Carrie is always superior. Brandon doesn't believe that at all, he thinks Sami is a true heroine. Sami thinks Brandon is lying to her, but Brandon says he really likes her. She tells him that she has had a hard times trusting people. The soon start joking around, and Brandon picks her up and acts like he's going to throw her in the pool. Sami laughs and tells him if he does he will lose his towel! Brandon puts her down and tells her that she certainly knows how to get her way. Sami wishes that were true. Brandon tells Sami that he sees the way she and Austin look at one another, there is a fire ready to ignite. Sami says they are getting along great as friends, she doesn't want to jinx it. Brandon tells her that if she ever does, she always has a movie date with him. Sami thinks he has girls lining up around the block waiting to date him, but Brandon wants a serious relationship with someone like her.

At the castle in Paris, Greta continues to call out to her mother, who is watching her from behind the secret passage. Greta yells out that she knows she is here. Greta ask her mother to come to her. In the passage, Gina whispers that she is here. She tells Kurt that she must go to her, and tries to flea. John and Eric return and ask Greta what is going on? Greta says that her mother is here, she's sure of it. Greta tells them to just listen. In the passage, Gina hears a familiar voice, but Kurt tries to drag her away. John thinks that she is just upset. John tells her that there was a body in the grave and an autopsy will be run on it. Greta was hoping the coffin would be empty, but they don't know if her mother is the body inside yet. Greta says she knows what she heard and knows what she is feeling. Suddenly, they hear a noise! In the passage, Gina wants to see Greta now because she believes she is dead! Kurt says that this is not the time, they had an agreement. Gina says very well, but the minute Kurt turns his back on her, Gina makes a break for it. Eric and John search around for the source of the sound, but find nothing. John tells Greta that he knows she wants answers, he does to, and tells her that they will get the answers together. Meanwhile, Kurt gets Gina and is dragging her off to the tower. Gina knows another man is in the castle, aside from Eric, and begs to look at them one more time from the secret passage. Kurt allows her to look, and she sees a man on the phone. It is John but she only sees his back.

At the restaurant, Bo, Doug, and Julie believe that they are breaking through to Hope. Bo begins to wonder what is keeping Gina, she's been gone a long time. Outside the bathroom, Gina is confronted by Stefano. He tells her that he's been trying to reach her all night, what is going on with her? Gina claims that she needed to get some air, but Stefano notices something different about her tonight. Gina claims that she was just stunned running into him, what is he doing here anyways? Stefano tells her that she has to give Bo the potion. Gina refuses and tells Stefano that she can't do it. Stefano warns her not to even think of defying him again. Gina says that she simply meant she couldn't help him right now, she insists it is very complicated. Stefano tells her it is very simple, she gives Bo the potion and waits for his orders, what is so damn complicated? Gina looks over at the table, and Stefano follows her eyes. He sees Bo, Doug, and Julie and asks what in the hell are they doing here? Gina tells him that it is not her idea, Doug and Julie are traveling across Europe and wanted to see their Hopey-Dopey. Stefano is positive that Bo arranged this, and Gina tells Stefano how tortuous it is hanging out with Hope's family, she pity's Hope. Gina says she has to get back to them, but Stefano grabs her arm and tells her that she doesn't go until he tells her to. Gina tells Stefano that playing Hope is becoming tiresome, she asks him to send Bo back to Salem and forget about making Bo his pawn. Stefano says that is out of the question. Stefano hands her the potion and tells her to give this to him tonight. Gina doesn't race to take it, so Stefano asks her whose side she is on, his or Bo's? Gina tells him of course she is on his side, but Bo is not ready to steal the Renet. Stefano says he still needs Bo as a mercenary. When Gina asks why, he tells her that is none of her concern. Gina claims she does not want to go back to Salem, she wants to stay here with him. Stefano asks her if she has a hidden agenda? Gina says no, so Stefano tells her to prove it by giving Bo the potion and meet him back at the house. Gina asks what he has in mind for Bo tonight? Stefano says he will do battle in the ring. Gina remembers her dream of John and Bo killing one another. Gina tells Stefano no, she does not want that. Stefano asks her where all this resistance is coming from? As Stefano takes her hand, Bo shows up and asks what in the hell is going on here? Bo grabs Stefano, but when Stefano says "At ease soldier," Bo is sent into a dizzy spell. Gina runs to his side, and Stefano claims he had no idea they were in Paris, he is here for the Duke and Duchesses party. Bo and Gina leave, and Stefano says that Gina better give Bo the potion if she knows what is good for her.

BAck at the table, Doug worries about Bo and Hope, but Julie says that Bo can take care of her. Julie remembers the cruise when they lost Hope the first time. Doug prays they can bring her back now before they lose her forever. Gina and Bo return, and Bo says he better take Gina home. They all say good night, and Julie tells Gina that she hasn't seen the last of her. Gina tells herself that she can't do this to Bo, she will not do it!

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