September 98 Week 4


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September 22
Wayne and Earl are sleeping in the bayou and Bo realizes that he has to make his move now. Unfortunately, Bo manages to get caught by Wayne and Earl. Wayne asks where Swamp Girl is and Bo says she ran away, but they don't believe him and start roughing him up. However, Bo manages to get away and decides to get Greta out of the swamp fast.

Billie looks at a sleeping Greta and wonders if she knows the answers to Hope's past. Billie hopes that Bo never discovers the truth about Georgia because she'll lose her chance to be with him again forever. Greta wakes up and begins to worry about Bo. Billie asks Greta if she's changed her mind about the make-up. Greta says she doesn't think it will do much good, but Billie asks her to just let her try. Greta eventually agrees and Billie tells her to put on a new dress first. Billie puts the make-up and Greta sees her face in the mirror. The scars are almost undetectable and Greta thanks her. Billie tells her that she can teach her how to apply the make-up herself. Greta once again sees Billie with the compact and then remembers seeing her at the baby's grave. Greta tells Billie that she knows who she is.

Carrie has a dream about kissing Mike and telling him how much she loves him. When she wakes up, Carrie finds herself in Austin's arms. Carrie runs into Mike in the hall and tells him that her dinner with Austin went well. Mike tells Carrie that he just checked on Will and there is no change. Carrie sees the paper Mike is carrying and reads the story about Sami. Carrie shocks Mike by saying that she's going to go to Sami arraignment today. Carrie and Mike talk about her marriage and Carrie tells Mike that she has to be committed to Austin, but she begins to cry. Mike suggests she take some time off from work. Carrie says her job is the only thing that is keeping her sane right now. Carrie leaves to go find Austin and Marlena tells her that he's with Will. Marlena asks Mike if Carrie is all right and Mike tells her that she thinks Carrie is feeling much better now that she and Austin spent time together.

Kate is reading the story about Sami in the paper, which says there has never been an air tight case. Kate tries to go see Lucas, but she can't seem to get the guard to leave her alone with Lucas. Kate leaves and Lucas begins to mumble.

Austin runs into Marlena and learns that there has been no change with Will. He then runs into Kate and they begin to argue about Sami.

Roman is talking with Kim at the pub. Roman has read the story about Sami and hopes Lucas has the answers he's looking for. Mickey shows up and Roman asks him how the meeting with the DA went. Mickey has no new news and says they'll just have to wait till the arraignment. Roman decides to go to the hospital to question Lucas.

Roman shows up at the hospital and sees Kate is still there. He tells Marlena that he believes Kate knows more about the shooting. Kate sees Roman watching and hopes she'll get a chance to speak with Will while everyone is at Sami's arraignment. Kate overhears Roman say that Mike said Lucas wasn't going to wake up today, which causes her to decide that if she goes to Sami's arraignment it may make her look more supportive of Sami and get Roman off her back. That is exactly what Roman was hoping for, because he plans to stay behind to talk with Lucas. Lucas finally wakes up and Roman goes in to see him.

Carrie finds Austin and tells him that she wants to go to the arraignment to support Sami. Austin gives Mike his beeper number to have him paged if Will's condition changes. Austin then thanks Mike for being a good friend to Carrie.

In jail, Sami has a nightmare about being in hell and her family is telling her that she is twisted and evil and she's getting what she deserves. When she wakes up, Sami learns from a guard that she'll most likely spend the rest of her life behind bars, IF the jury lets her live at all. Sami thinks about her arraignment and tries to remember what happened on her wedding day before finding Franco. Mickey comes to see Sami and discusses the arraignment and how she wants to plead. Sami makes her decision, but we do not hear it.

Eric reads the story about Sami in the paper and is feeling guilty. Meanwhile, Jay is watching Eric from the bushes and is talking to someone on the phone about Nicole. Nicole shows up and they talk about the story in the paper which trashes Sami. Eric tells Nicole that he's scared to death for Sami and he doesn't know how to help her. Eric says he's beginning to doubt his trust in everyone, but Nicole tells Eric that he can trust her. Eric says he wants to trust her, but he needs her to be completely honest with him. Eric tells Nicole that if she is hiding anything then she should tell him now. Nicole says there is nothing else he needs to know about her other than she likes him. Eric and Nicole leave for Sami's arraignment. From the bushes, Jay decides to give Eric a dose of reality.

Everyone shows up at the hearing to support Sami. Sami is brought in and Pat Hamilton charges Sami with Murder 1, which pleases Kate.


September 23
Wayne and Earl are still searching the bayou for Swamp Girl. Bo realizes he has to create a distraction to get Billie and Greta out of the swamp. Bo distracts tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb and returns to the catacombs. In the catacombs, Greta sees Billie's compact and says she stole her compact. Billie says she didn't steal it, but it's very special to her. Greta then realizes Billie is the woman who lost the baby and she tells her that she was there at the funeral. Billie asks Greta if Bo knows about the grave and Greta says she doesn't think so. Billie tells Greta that she can have the compact back, but she has to promise to never tell Bo what she saw. Greta doesn't like the idea of lying to Bo. Billie says that burying her baby was the most painful thing she's ever done and he doesn't him to know about it. Greta doesn't understand why she doesn't want Bo to know. Bo suddenly returns and thanks Billie for making Greta look amazing. Bo says he hopes she's ready to leave the bayou with him and Billie. Billie tells Bo that they shouldn't force her, but Greta says she will go with them. Bo, Billie, and Greta leave, but Billie is captured by Wayne and Earl.

On the Empress Express, Hope is trying to find something dazzling to wear to her party. Lily thinks that Hope should be careful, but Hope says she won't let Stefano to stop her from learning the truth. Lily is still nervous and Hope says that she seems like she doesn't want her to remember her past as Gina. Lily admits that she is afraid she'll go back to Salem after she's learned what she wants to learn. Hope promises Lily that they'll always be close, no matter what.

Stefano goes to see Vivian, who has just dreamt of Jonsey. Stefano asks Vivian if she's ready to give him power of attorney, but Vivian recalls Jonsey telling her not to trust anyone, so she tells Stefano to stuff his power of attorney. Vivian tells Stefano that Jonsey wouldn't allow it and she doesn't know if she can trust anyone anymore. Stefano tries to convince her to give him power of attorney, but she refuses to change her mind. When Vivian calls for a doctor, Stefano puts her into an up mood.

Hope goes to her party with another statue of liberty type tiara on her head. She doesn't see Mr. Meradi, so she asks someone to bring him to the party. The man goes to Stefano's room, but he is gone. Vivian is there and he tells her that her presence has been requested at Princess Gina's party.

Meanwhile, Stefano asks the monocled man to make sure Hope never reaches Count Olenska's festival. Stefano then plans to search Hope's room to see what she's learned so far. Stefano finds the sketch Hope drew and is shocked. Stefano panics and wonders if Hope is becoming Gina on her own. Stefano returns to his room and learns that Vivian has gone to Princess Gina's party.

At her party, Hope tells everyone that she has amnesia and is hoping that this party will help her remember her past. So, she asks all her guests to tell her everything they know about her. Kevin McDonald comes forward and tells Hope that she stole something very precious from him, his heart. Suddenly, Vivian shows up and asks Hope what the hell she's doing here. A guest says that this is Princess Gina, but Vivian says it's Hope Williams Brady from Salem USA.

At the hospital, Lucas comes to and asks where he is. Lucas thinks he's in prison, but Mike tells him he's in the hospital. Lucas remembers the car accident and Mike tells him about Will. Lucas says he never meant for this to happen and Mike tells him he should of that about this before drinking and driving. Lucas begins to cry and says he deserves to be dead. Mike tells him to pull himself together because the police want to talk to him. Mike goes outside and tells Roman that Lucas is lucid and can be questioned. Roman goes in to see Lucas and he tells Roman that he's guilty and asks Roman to arrest him. Lucas admits that he went to the Kiriakis mansion to kidnap Will. Roman then asks him what he did and saw when he broke into the house last night. Lucas says he'll talk.

In the court room, Sami almost collapses to the floor when she is charged with murder in the first degree and hears that the DA wants the death penalty. When she gets her composure back, Sami starts screaming that her son needs her. As Pat Hamilton makes her little speech, Sami cries in her mothers arms. Pat says that Sami planned Franco's murder and carried it out execution style. Sami starts screaming again and Mickey has to tell Sami not to scream at the judge. Sami asks Marlena where her daddy is and Marlena tells her that he'll be here very soon. Kate then begins to wonder where Roman is as well. Mickey pleads his case for manslaughter because of suppressed memories, but Pat Hamilton continuously interrupts Mickey with bitchy little comments. Mickey's words go unnoticed when the judge asks Sami to rise and charges her with murder in the first degree. The judge asks her how she pleads and Sami says "NOT GUILTY!" The judge says that the defendant will be remanded into custody. Pat Hamilton opposes it and says that Sami is a danger to society. Mickey begs the judge to release Sami to be with her son. The judge says he'll take a short break to think about it. Sami removes Franco's anklet and the judge returns. The judge says that he will allow Sami to be released on 1 million dollars. Marlena decides to call John to get the bail money, but Kate comes forward and says she'll pay the bail money.


September 24
John comes over to the townhouse to see Celeste about Vivian. John hopes Hope will stay safe while she's on the train, but Celeste tells him that if Stefano feels threaten, no place is safe. Celeste tells John about Hope and how she tried to warn her, but Stefano tricked her and Ivan into getting off the train. John begins to worry about Vivian and he's also hoping Stefano's motives towards Hope tie into his own past. Celeste tells John about her concerns for Vivian's health and John is concerned as well. John tells Celeste that Hope confronted Stefano and caught him in a bold face lie. Celeste is shocked and John asks her if she knows what really happened at Maison Blanche. Celeste asks what this is about and John tells her that Hope learned she never had any plastic surgery. Celeste says she never knew that, she was only told that Hope was scared and had surgery. John asks Celeste to call him if she hears anything about Vivian. Celeste says that she suspect Stefano is after Vivian's treasures and John says it might be possible. John wishes he could remember his time in Switzerland because he feels it has something to do with what Stefano is up to. Celeste vows to help John anyway she can because Vivian and Hope are both in danger.

Kate bails Sami out and claims it's for Will's own good. Sami takes the bail and Marlena tells Kate that she and John will pay her back. As everyone thanks Kate, Sami whispers to her that she knows she's up to something. Kate asks where Roman is and Carrie tells her that Roman is with Lucas at the hospital. Kate flips out when she learns Lucas is conscious and rushes to the hospital. As she speeds toward the hospital, she is pulled over by the police for speeding.

Sami tries to leave the courthouses, but is swarmed by reporters. Carrie takes charge and says she will speak for the family and gives them a spiel about Sami's pleading not guilty and that the family supports her.

Eric and Nicole goes back to Nicole's place and Nicole tells Eric that it's possible that Sami didn't kill Franco, and because she doesn't remember it, it could get her off. Eric says she knows a lot about the law and Nicole says she used to want to be a lawyer.

At the hospital, Lucas tells Roman that he will tell him everything he knows. Roman says there are questions about Franco's death that need to be answered and he asks Lucas to tell him everything he saw. Lucas says he knows he can't make up for what he's done. Lucas explains that kidnapping Will was his idea, nobody helped him. Lucas recounts how he snuck in, kidnapped Will, but had to go back in to get Will's teddy bear. Roman asks if Kate helped him at all and Lucas swears she didn't. Before he can say anything about Franco, Lucas' monitors start beeping. Mike rushes in makes sure Lucas is okay, and then Roman continues his questioning. Lucas continues his story and says that if he hadn't gone back in for Will's teddy bear . . . Roman asks him if he saw Franco and Sami arguing, but Lucas says no and tells Roman that he has it all wrong. Roman asks what he means and Lucas starts drifting off. Roman asks how Franco was killed, but Lucas says he's too tired.

Sami shows up to see Will and apologizes for leaving. Mike learns what Carrie said at the court house and she tells him that she did it for her marriage.

Wayne and Earl catch Billie and they want her to take her to Swamp Girl. Bo and Greta are hiding and Bo hopes Billie will cover for them. Billie covers for Bo and says she spent the night in a lean-to (sp?) and came looking for them because she was alone and scared. They all begin to search for Swamp Girl and Billie tries to throw them off the trail, though she did contemplate turning Greta in to protect her own secrets. As Bo and Greta make their way through the bayou, they run right into Wayne and Earl pointing a shotgun at them.

On the Empress Express, Stefano learns about Hope's party. Stefano laughs and says she will never learn anything about her past life, but he wants to put an end to the game she's playing. Stefano tells his associate that he knows what to do.

At Hope's party, Vivian exposes Hope's cover. Rudolpho shows up and Vivian asks him to explain to everyone who Hope really is. Hope decides if her cover is blown, so is Rudolpho's. Hope exposes Rudolpho as Stefano DiMera. Hope explains how Stefano stole for years of her life. Unfortunately, Vivian says that Stefano is Rudolpho Meradi. Hope tells everyone that they know her as Princess Gina, and that is who she is, but she was honest about her amnesia. Hope says that no matter what anyone says about her other life, she is Princess Gina and has the royal birthmark to prove it. Stefano is steaming with anger, but he tells Hope that she is disturbed and hopes she calms down. Vivian tries to lighten things up and starts singing the Chattanooga ChooChoo and she's terrible. Ms. Faversham says it will be her pleasure, but when she confronts Vivian, Vivian faints! When Vivian comes too, Lily is gone. Lily asks Hope how she knows this woman and Hope says that she is John's aunt from Salem. Suddenly, an explosion occurs and the train derails, throwing everyone around. The show ends with a shot of Hope laying unconscious and blood is trickling down the side of her head.


September 25
This is TV Guide's summary because I have yet to see the show
Taylor fantasizes about being with Eric but is interrupted by Jay. He asks her to find out where Nicole is living. Wayne and Earl catch Bo and starting fighting him. After they stop, they meet Greta who Bo claims is Hope and they fail to recognize her as the swamp girl. Bo promises them that they will leave the bayou and never come back if they let them go. Lucille finds Stefano's remote control box and starts pressing the button over and over again. When the train derails in the mountains, the passengers are told that the mountains prohibit any kind of rescue squad arriving. Stefano uses his own personal radio to send out a call for help. Vivian stares at Ms. Faversham as if she knows her from somewhere. Calling him out of Lucas' hospital room, Marlena reveals to Roman what happened to Sami in court. Kate tricks the guard into taking care of the nosy reporters so that she can slip into Lucas' room. She's worried when he confesses that he told Roman everything. Kate insists that it was Sami who shot and killed Franco but he argues that it's not right to blame her for something he did. She admits that she is framing Sami for his sake.
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