September 98 Week 3


September 14
Hmmm, I got Friday's show again today. Here is Friday's summary, with the 2nd half i missed

Sami and Austin are standing by Will's side asking him to wake up. Craig comes to check on Will and he tells Sami that Will knows she is here and she needs to just keep on talking to him like she is doing.

Mike finds Carrie watching them from outside Will's room and asks if she needs someone to talk to. Carrie tells Mike that she feels she is to blame for Sami shooting Franco, but Mike tells her it's not her fault. Carrie tells Mike that he's such a good friend and she doesn't know what she'd do without him, and she hugs him.

Nicole notices that Eric is gone and wonders where he has gone. Eric is standing outside Lucas' room and hears Kate telling Lucas that he has to wake up so she can talk to him before anyone else does. Kate sees Eric and then panics, wondering how much he heard. Kate asks him what he wants and Eric tells her that Will is out of surgery, but he's in a coma. Eric tells Kate that he overheard her talking to Lucas and that kidnapping is a very serious offense. Kate says that he has no idea the damage Sami has done to them and Eric defends his sister. Kate says none of this would have happened if Sami didn't force Lucas out of Will's life. Eric is furious that she is defending Lucas, but Kate says that she's defending her son. She also adds that Sami is now a murderess and there is no way she'll lie her way out of this one.

Roman and Abe show up at the hospital and Roman learns that Lucas was way over the legal alcohol limit and that he had disguises and fake passports. Roman says they have enough evidence to charge Lucas with kidnapping. Kate overhears this and freaks out. Roman asks her if there is anything else they should charge Lucas with. Kate says he shouldn't be charged with anything because it's all Sami's fault. Roman says he also thinks Lucas can provide them with answers to what went on between Franco and Sami. Eric takes his dad aside and tells him about Kate's conversation with Lucas, she was desperate to tell him something. Sami and Austin come out of Will's room and Sami asks the entire family to join her in the chapel and pray for Will. Sami and the Bradys go to the chapel and Sami says a prayer to God to ask him to spare Will. Sami ends up in tears and Marlena and Austin help her to a pew. Suddenly, Abe shows up and arrests Sami for Franco's murder! Roman asks Mickey to meet him at the station and Abe takes Sami in. Sami asks Austin to make sure... but Austin says he won't leave Will's side and will make sure that he knows his mommy loves him. As Sami is handcuffed, she asks God not to forget what she said. Kate decides to go see Lucas and hears Roman station a guard outside Lucas' room so he can be the first one to speak to him when he wakes up.

Onboard the Empress Express, Stefano asks Vivian to give him power of attorney. Vivian is suspicious and says she's not sure he should be the guardian of her affairs. Stefano asks if she doesn't trust him and she says that he would, but he is involved with Kate. Stefano says that he and Kate are just partners, but he is interested in her. Stefano tells her that he cares for her and that why he wants her to give him power of attorney. Vivian then begins to worry and asks if he thinks something terrible is going to happen to her. Stefano says he is just concerned for her. Stefano starts talking about Jonsey's fortune and how she must protect it because Jonsey guarded it so well. Vivian asks Stefano how he knew Jonsey's habits and asks if he knew him. Stefano says that he saw the townhouse and the security alarms that Jonsey had installed to protect his treasures, which is all that he wants for her. Jonsey tells Vivian that he would want her to be well taken care of. Vivian asks Stefano to let her sleep on it and he tells her they can talk in the morning. Stefano hopes that Vivian will sign over power of attorney to him in the morning. Vivian has a dream in which Jonsey comes to her and tells her that everyone wants her to think she's losing her mind and she can't trust anyone. Vivian wakes up and realizes that she was dreaming. Suddenly, Jonsey's image appears again, but fades away.

Hope is still thinking about the doctor's words to her and now knows she was never burned. Meanwhile, Lucille decides to get rid of Princess Gina before she can steal Ms. Faversham's fortune. Lucille finds Hope outside and decides to push her off the train, but Hope sees her and asks her what she's doing. Lucille says she was just looking for her because the Dr. said he felt he upset her. Lucille asks what the doctor said to her, but Hope says it's none of her business. Lucille leaves and Hope remembers the cage scene. Lucille learns that the train will arrive in Venice in the morning and decides that she must get rid of Gina tonight. Lucille decides to try and get rid of Hope. Lucille says she must speak with her. Suddenly, the train stops and Lucille falls forward and knocks Hope off!

Down in the bayou, Greta tells Bo that she was the one in the cage when it exploded and it destroyed her life. Bo refuses to believe she was the one in the cage. Greta says that he talked to Hope in the cage, but Hope was safely taken out of the cage before it exploded and she was the one that was in it when it exploded. Bo is still confused and Greta tells him that she was working for Ernesto. Greta tells Bo that she was a local actress and Ernesto hired her to appear in a magic trick. Greta says she was supposed to impersonate Hope and she was to be switched right before the explosion. Greta says she doesn't know what happened to Hope after the switch, but Greta was switched with Hope when Ernesto disappeared in a puff of smoke. Greta says she didn't know what was going to happen, all she was supposed to do is scream his name and she and Ernesto were supposed to disappear. However, something went wrong and she fell into the acid after the cage exploded. Greta says she can't remember what happened afterwards, but all she remembers is waking up in the hospital and seeing Stefano. Bo realizes that Stefano was behind everything and that he must have taken Hope from Ernesto. Greta tells Bo that Stefano told her that Ernesto was dead and that he felt sorry for Greta, so he offered to restore her face. Greta says that the pain of the surgeries were unbearable, so she ran back to the bayou. She also tells Bo that Stefano warned her that her life would be in great danger if she told anyone about Hope's disappearance. Bo tells Greta that he'll protect her and won't let Stefano hurt her ever again. Bo asks Greta to go to Salem with him and tell Hope what she told him.


September 15
Billie shows up in the bayou to find Bo before he uncovers her secret. Billie finds Georgia's grave and remembers burying her little girl. Billie says that her daddy will be angry when he learns what his grandma did, which is why she can't let him find out or he'll leave her. Billie pulls out the compact and says that she can't let anyone know that she found the compact here and then starts wishing Georgia was still alive. Billie goes on to say that she believes with all her heart that she and Bo are meant to be together, which is why she has to keep these secrets. Billie sees Erlene watching her, Erlene has flowers, and Billie thanks her for bringing flowers to Georgia's grave. Erlene asks why she's here and Billie says she thinks her husband is down here and must find him. Erlene takes Billie to see Wayne and Earl and they tell her Bo is with Swamp Girl. They tell Billie all about the Swamp Girl and Billie wants to know who she really is and why Bo's with her. However, Wayne and Earl don't know.

Bo asks Greta to come to Salem and tell Hope the truth, but Greta says she can't. Greta says she is sorry for what has happened and that his life is in Salem with Hope, but her life is in the bayou. Greta tells Bo that he's made a huge difference in her life and she'll never forget him. Greta turns and walks away, but Bo stops her and tells her that she has to leave for herself. Bo says that staying here in the bayou alone isn't good for her, but Greta says that she has the animals and Wayne and Earl. Bo says he won't let her live like an animal and wants her to reclaim her life as a beautiful woman. Greta refuses and Bo says he know that she doesn't want to leave because of the scars. Bo says he'll help her and he decides to convince her to return to Salem with him because he feels like he's running out of time.

On the Empress Express, Hope is hanging onto the railing of the Empress Express and Lucille isn't quick to offer her a helping hand. Lucille's foot is stuck and she can't reach Hope, but she doesn't really want to reach her anyways. Suddenly, Stefano saves Hope! Stefano doesn't recognize her at first. Stefano helps Lucille and Lucille thanks Mr. Meradi. Hope is shocked and asked what she called him. Lucille asks "Princess Gina" if she's all right and Stefano looks at Hope with a stunned look on his face. Lucille introduces Rudolpho Meradi to Hope and Hope introduces herself as "Princess Gina." Stefano asks why she was falling off the train and Lucille says she knocked Gina over when the train lurched. Lucille leaves and Hope thanks Mr. Meradi for saving her. Hope asks Stefano why she is using an alias and Stefano says he uses it for anonymity. Hope asks why she is calling herself Princess Gina and Hope asks him to tell her. Stefano says he doesn't know what she is talking about. Hope says she knows he made her royalty for some purpose and that she became very close to Lily Faversham, so close that Lily left her estate to her. however, Hope says that Princess Gina suddenly disappeared, which must be when he took her to Maison Blanche and giving her back Hope's memories. Stefano thanks her for giving him so much credit for performing such wonderful feats. Hope says he made one error, he under estimated a Brady, even one by marriage. Stefano warns her that she is treading in dangerous waters and should be afraid. Hope says she'd be a fool not to fear him, but she refuses to leave Europe till she finds out everything about her past as Gina. Stefano tells her that she thinks she's so clever, but she may not be able to fit the pieces together. Hope says that she's already started to emerce herself into Gina's life, she can draw and play baccarat, and when she becomes Gina again, she'll learn what he has done to her and why. Hope leaves and Stefano decides to arrange for Hope to be Gina again.

Carrie brings Austin some coffee and tells him that she is blaming herself for Sami shooting Franco. Carrie says if she had trusted him none of this would have happened and Austin tells her that she is right. Carrie starts defending herself, but Austin ignores her. Mike tells them both that there is no change in Will, so they should go home and rest. Carrie thinks it's a good idea, but Austin says that he wants to go visit Sami in jail. Carrie says they need to talk, but Austin says that he has to go talk to Sami because their talk can wait. Carrie asks him to wait, but Austin says he wasn't there for Sami when she needed him, so he's going to be there for her now. Mike asks Carrie if she wants to talk and she tells him that she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Mike and Carrie go into Mike's office and Carrie tells Mike that she thinks she's losing Austin and it's because of her. Mike asks why she's saying that and Carrie says because she's the one that has changed, not Austin. Mike says he's partly to blame, but Carrie says he didn't do anything. Carrie says the tension in her marriage is her problem, but Mike says it's their problem because of the kiss. Mike says he regretted it ever happened, but Carrie says she doesn't.

Kate is standing outside Lucas' room and tells herself that she has to get in there to tell Lucas the truth. Kate tries to go see Lucas, but the cop stops her and says nobody can go in. Kate says she is this boys mother and starts crying about how she wants to give her son the will to live, or to at least say goodbye to him. The cop caves and lets Kate go in to see Lucas. Kate tries to tell Lucas what is happening, but he won't respond to her.

Sami is brought to the Salem jail and booked. Sami asks Roman to call the hospital and check on Will and then she breaks down in front of Eric. Eric asks her not to cry because he can't stand to see her cry. Sami thanks him for always being there for her and he tells her he'll always be there for her. After she's booked, Mickey and Roman tells Sami that they can't schedule her arraignment till tomorrow and she'll have to spend the night in jail. Eric begs his dad to do something, but Roman says he can't circumvent the law. Sami is dragged off, screaming and kicking, by a female guard. Roman talks with Mickey and learns that Sami could be charged with murder one and sentenced to death. Meanwhile, Austin shows up to see Sami and tells her she's not alone. Austin tells her that the doctors think Will is going to make it, which cheers her up. Sami tells Austin that she can't believe this is happening and she still can't remember what happened. Austin tells her that he won't let her go through this alone.


September 16
In Mike's office, Mike tells Carrie that he regrets their kiss happened, but Carrie says she doesn't . . . have any regrets, but it can never happen again. Carrie says she doesn't want to lose their friendship, but they are interrupted by Lexie, who has the latest lab reports on Will. Carrie tells Mike to go ahead and Mike checks on Will. Mike goes back to see Carrie and says he has to check on Lucas as well, but Carrie says it's okay because there is nothing left to say.

At jail, Austin is with Sami and tells her to have faith in her dad. Sami asks Austin to look after Will for her so he knows that she loves him and wishes she could be with him now. Sami then decides to admit something to Austin, she planned to marry Franco today to upstage Carrie on her own anniversary. Austin says he knew that. Sami says she really upstaged her sister all right. A cop comes to see Sami and tells Austin that his time with her is up. Austin gives Sami a picture of himself and Will to hold onto and she thanks him.

Eric is arguing with Roman about what they can do for Sami. Roman says that the only person that can help Sami is Lucas. Eric tells his dad about Kate trying to tell something to Lucas earlier at the hospital. He also tells his dad that Sami doesn't remember shooting Franco, she seems to have blacked everything out. Roman and Eric go to see Sami to find out everything that went on in the house. They talk and Sami tells her dad that the gun was unregistered and was hers, Franco gave it to her. Roman asks if anyone knew she had the gun and Sami tells him only Franco and Lucas. However, Sami says she kept the gun locked up and hid the key.

Kate is with Lucas and she feels that what she has done has been justified because Sami is the evil one. Roman calls the officer guarding Lucas and learns that Kate is with Lucas. Roman tells him not to let Kate be alone with Lucas.

Kate finds Carrie in the hallway and asks where Austin is. Carrie says he went to see Sami, which angers Kate. Kate asks Carrie if she could arrange for her to have a room at the hospital so she could be near Will and Lucas and Carrie says she'll see what she can do. Mike talks with Kate about Lucas and he tells her that Lucas may be physically okay, but the mental consequences are going to be great. Lexie also reminds her that Lucas could face DUI and kidnapping. Kate realizes if they only know what else Lucas has done. She says she must go see Lucas again to try and talk to him, but the cop won't let her back in. Austin shows up and Austin and Kate argue, Kate blames Sami for what happened to Will. Austin and Kate end up arguing and Carrie is forced to watch Austin defend Sami.

Mike talks with Lexie about his dilemma with Carrie. Lexie tells Mike that Carrie wasn't meant to be with Austin, maybe she is meant to be with him.

Down in the bayou, Wayne, Earl, and Billie find Bo's backpack. They try to signal Swamp Girl, but she doesn't respond and Wayne and Earl think that Bo must have killed her. Billie finds Bo's wallet and is disgusted that he has Hope's picture in it. Wayne and Earl take off to find Swamp Girl and Billie tries to keep up with them, but falls into the swamp and a gator heads right for her. Wayne and Earl manage to save Billie though.

Greta tries to hide her face from Bo, but he tells her that she doesn't have to do that and he's not leaving without her. Bo asks Greta to please return to Salem with him and they can find some way to cover her scars. Greta says that even if her face was restored without surgery, which she refuses to have, she can't face Stefano. Bo says Stefano won't hurt her now because he claims that he wants a clean image. Bo asks her once again if she'll return to Salem with him and she agrees. Suddenly, stuff from the cave roof starts to fall in and Greta says Wayne and Earl must have found the enterance she sealed. Greta and Bo make their way through a very unstable passage and end up running right into Billie!

The Empress Express has arrived in the Venice station. Ms. Faversham notices bruise on Hope's arm and asked what happened. Hope tells her about her accident and how Mr. Meradi rescued her. Hope asks Ms. Faversham how well she knows Rudolpho, but Ms. Faversham says she just met him at art festivals. Hope then gets John's telegram about Stefano, a little too late. Hope then tells Ms. Faversham that Meradi is an anagram for DiMera. Ms. Faversham asks why Stefano would brainwash her and pose as someone else. Hope says that is a good question, and she thinks she has a way to find an answer. Hope says that she now knows Stefano deliberately lied to her for four years and she has to find out everything about her life as Gina.

Stefano calls Rolfe and tells him that Hope is traveling on this train as Gina and she looks exactly the same. Stefano believe Hope hasn't had any memories yet, so it does not matter if she's recognized. Stefano says that Hope may be faithful to the Brady's, but Princess Gina is only faithful to one person, himself. Stefano looks at Hope and wonders if Gina could be useful to him once again. Stefano runs into Lily and Princess Gina and says how fortunate he did.


September 17
Wayne and Earl notice that Billie is missing and suspect she may have found Bo and Swamp Girl. Billie runs into Bo and he asks why she's here. Billie says she was concerned about him. Bo asks if anyone saw her and Billie says that Wayne and Earl helped her look for him. Bo panics and says if they find them then they are dead. Billie doesn't know why and Bo says that Wayne and Earl don't want him to take Greta out of the swamp. Greta mysteriously vanishes around the corner and Bo says Greta needs to talk with Hope back in Salem. Billie says Hope is in Europe discovering her past. Billie says there is something he needs to know, Kate hired Franco to break him and Hope up. Bo says that's not a surprise at all to him. Bo says that Kate will answer to him because he's tired of the lies and of being manipulated. Greta listens in as they talk and Billie becomes angry because Bo came down here just to help Hope. Bo says he didn't leave Salem to do this, he left to get away. Billie says of course he did, but his thoughts naturally turned towards Hope. Bo says he'll never forgive himself for what happen, but Billie says he should because it's Hope's fault. Bo says it's not Hope's fault, he never blamed her because he is to blame for what happened. Billie goes off on how she knows they can have a future together again, but Bo tells her that will never happen. Billie asks if he's learned anything else while here in the bayou and he tells her that Greta told her the truth about what happened . . . . to Hope. Billie asks why Greta hid her face and Bo tells her about the scars. Bo has to try and find a way to cover the whole Billie fell through and Billie decides to go find Greta. Billie finds Greta and asks her not to run away because she wants to be friends.

On the Empress Express, Lily tells Stefano that Hope was just telling her about him. Stefano asks her what she was saying about her. Hope says that she was just saying how he saved her from death and she is indebted to him. Stefano says he wouldn't dream of her owing him something, but should there come a time where he needs a favor. Stefano stops his train of thought and leaves to talk to an old friend. Hope thanks Lily Faversham for not blowing her cover and Lily says it's obvious that he doesn't want her to discover her past. Hope wonders what Stefano is up to and Lily says she thinks that he probably just wants to buy art. Hope tells Lily that until she learns what is going on, they must not let anyone know who Rudolpho really is. Meanwhile, Stefano talks with the Duke and Duchess and tries to purchase his Renet painting, but the Duke says it is not for sale at any price. Stefano looks at Hope and says there are always other ways. Hope, Lily, and Charles Cahill leave to play some Baccarat and Stefano watches. Hope makes a point to prove to Stefano that she is regaining her memory. Stefano says that if Hope intends to be Gina then it will be on his terms.

At the hospital, Kate can't believe that Austin is defending Sami and blaming himself. Kate says that it is because of Sami's selfishness and vindictiveness that Will will grow up without a mom or a dad. Kate walks off and Carrie asks Austin if he's okay. Austin says it's just not fair. Carrie suggest they go out to eat to celebrate their anniversary, but Austin refuses to leave Will. Carrie talks with Caroline, who just came from the chapel. Caroline asks Carrie why she's not with Austin and Will and Carrie says she think Austin would rather be alone. Caroline asks what has happened between the two of them. Carrie and Caroline talk and Carrie tells her grandmother that she feels like she's neglected her marriage. Caroline says that Austin has been very supportive of her and now he needs her to be there for her. Carrie says she needs to find a way to show Austin how much she loves him.

In his office, Lexie talks with Mike about Carrie. Lexie feels maybe he belongs with Carrie, but Mike says he won't let himself come between Austin and Carrie. Mike says he should move on with Ali, but Lexie tells Mike that he doesn't love Ali.

Carrie runs back into Mike and tells him that she can't let what happened between them affect her marriage and she must find a way to show Austin how much she loves him. Mike finds Austin and tells her that Carrie wants to see him in room 347. Austin leaves Will to see Carrie and finds that she's planned an anniversary dinner for them.

In jail, Roman tells Sami that the DA wants to charge her with murder in the first degree, but Mickey is pushing for involuntary manslaughter. Eric says that if anyone is to blame it is Franco, but Sami says dad tried to warn her. Roman tells Sami that he needs her to focus on what happened when she went into the house and if she saw anyone else there. Sami says she doesn't remember anything but waking up with a gun in her hand. Roman says that they have to find someone to testify that she and Franco fought and Roman thinks that person is Lucas. Sami says that Lucas hates her as much as Kate and he won't help her. Roman believes Kate is hiding something. Sami asks what happens to Will if she goes to jail, but Roman says he'll do everything in his power to make sure that doesn't happen. Roman leaves to go check on Lucas and Sami tells Eric that she's ruined this family. Eric tells Sami that there is more to what really happened and that their dad is convinced that Lucas is the key. Sami tells Eric he needs rest and should go home, but Eric refuses to leave her.

Back at the hospital, Kate asks a nurse about Lucas, but she tells her that Lucas hasn't woken up yet. Roman shows up and starts accusing Kate of hiding something from him. Lucas begins to wake up as they argue. Ali tells Kate and Roman that Lucas is coming too. In his room, Lucas starts mumbling "No . . . I killed Franco."


September 18
In jail, Eric is talking with Sami and giving her support. Eric feels bad because his faith in relationships has been dealt another blow. Sami tells Eric not to compare Franco to Nicole. They talk about their mom's choice of men and Marlena, who is there, overhears Sami tell Eric that the choice their mom had to make was the hardest one of her life. Marlena shows up to see Sami and Sami tells her mom that she wishes she hadn't come because she's treated her so badly for so long. Marlena tells Sami that is in the past and she is here for her now.

At the hospital, Austin finds Carrie has set up a special dinner for them. Carrie blames herself for the tension between them, but Austin says that he is the one who drove her into Mike's arms. Austin says that his life is such a mess right now and he can't face this without her, but he feels like he's losing her. Carrie tells Austin that he'll never lose her and they kiss.

Kate wants to see Lucas now that he is awake, but Mike says that Lucas has fallen back unconscious. Roman asks Kate why she's nervous and Kate says she's afraid that Lucas won't survive. Roman doesn't believe that because he thinks she's afraid of the jail time he'll face. Kate goes off on Roman and says it's obvious Sami got her mean side from him and now she sees why Marlena chose John over him, John has love and compassion. Roman apologizes to Kate and didn't mean to be cruel. However, Roman still believes she knows something about the shooting. Kate tells him that everyone saw Sami with the gun and said Franco deserved to die. Kate tells Roman to face the fact that his daughter killed Sami in cold blood. Suddenly, Lucas codes. Mike manages to save Lucas and he tells Roman and Kate that Lucas was trying to say something before he went into cardiac arrest. Mike tells them both that Lucas can't have visitors till the morning.

Roman goes to see Sami and update her on Will and Lucas' situation. Unfortunately, Sami's visiting time is over and everyone has to leave.

Down in the Bayou, Billie tells Greta that being back in the bayou reminds her of what she's lost. Greta says she overheard her talking with Bo and is sorry. Greta turns toward Billie and covers her face when Billie reacts to the scars on her face. Billie tells her she doesn't need to hide her face. Billie tells Greta that she thinks she can help her out where her scars are concerned. Billie says she thinks she can cover her scars with make-up. As Billie goes through her stuff, Greta sees the compact with a G she placed on the baby's grave.

Bo finds his way out of the catacombs and finds Wayne and Earl plotting to get rid of him.

Onboard the Empress Express, Stefano plays Bacarrat with Hope and begins to win, but Hope slaughters him in the end. Lily is very troubled that Stefano lied to her, but Hope tells her that it is okay. John calls Hope and she tells him what happened between her and Stefano. John wants her to return to the States immediately, but Hope tells him no. Hope tells John that she's learned that she was never even burned! Hope says that she needs to find out what happened to her. After their call, Hope tells Lily that she's decided to host a special party tonight and invites everyone on board, but they must tell her everything they know about Princess Gina in order to attend.

Stefano has another flashback of Hope, this time her hair is straight and she has red streaks in her hair. Stefano gave her a map of Count Olenska's festival and Hope told him that she wouldn't fail because she is the best. Stefano gives Rolfe a call and tells him that he has to prevent Hope from ever reaching Count Olenska's art festival.

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