September 98 Week 2


September 7
At the station, Ivan and Celeste see the train pulling away and Ivan makes a desperate attempt to jump back onboard. Ivan misses the train and he and Celeste are stuck in the station. Celeste learns another train will be leaving in minutes and will arrive in Venice before the Empress Express, but neither of them have any money. Ivan tries to flag down a ride, but nobody will stop. Celeste then uses her feminine charm to get them a ride.

In her car, a very weak Vivian calls out to Stefano. Vivian's vision starts to blur and she eventually collapses to the ground.

Ms. Faversham runs into Stefano and tells him he'd like to introduce him to someone. Ms. Faversham and Stefano run into a man from the art festival and she tells him she has a wonderful surprise for everyone at the art festival. Stefano learns that Vivian has collapsed and tells Ms. Faversham that he'll have to catch up with her later. Stefano goes to Vivian and asks her what is wrong and she tells him that she's so weak and is having hallucinations. Stefano asks Vivian to let him help her, but Vivian says she's always relied on Ivan. Stefano says that Ivan is just a servant and she can't trust him with her portfolio. Vivian says Ivan has always cared for her and Stefano says he cares about her to. Vivian asks Stefano to get the train doctor to find out what is wrong with her. Stefano tell her all that she needs is some rest and his help. A man comes to see Stefano and he tells him that a family that owns the last Renet painting is onboard. Stefano says that he needs that painting to complete his collection. Stefano realizes what he has to do and he puts Vivian into an up mood. Vivian wants to go dancing and Stefano suggest they get a bite to eat first, knowing the people he wants to see are in the dining car.

Hope is recalling that she recognized a man from her past and thinks that she must have recognized him from a photo of Ms. Faversham's. Ms. Faversham shows up and see Hope looking at a book about hot-air balloons. She asks her if she remembers winning a hot-air balloon race, but Hope only remembers being scared to death in a hot-air balloon with Bo. Ms. Faversham tells Hope she ran into Rudolpho Meradi, aka Stefano DiMera, and tells her about him. Hope doesn't remember him and she tells Ms. Faversham that she does know that she is Hope, but was programed to be Princess Gina. Hope says she has so many questions and wants to know what brought her to her. Ms. Faversham says she doesn't know, but she knows how she left. Hope asks how and Ms. Faversham says she vanished the night they were going to see "The Marriage of Figaro." Ms. Faversham says she just vanished into thin air and Hope says that it sounds like Stefano's work. Hope says she believes once her purpose was fulfilled, Stefano took her back to Maison Blanche. Ms. Faversham tells Hope that she'll help her find the answers she wants and then they'll make Stefano pay.

In the Bayou, Bo's vision starts returning and he sees Swamp Girl and hugs her. Swamp Girl turns away from Bo, but he says he wants to look at her and she shouldn't be afraid. Swamp Girl runs off and Bo goes after her. Bo says that at least he knows the answer to the question haunting him. Meanwhile, Swamp Girl begins to cry. Bo finds her and tells her that he believes fate brought them together. Bo tells her that she is very beautiful and we finally get a look at Swamp Girl's face. Swamp Girl has a scar running from her forehead to her chin, but it's a zig-zag scar, not a straight one.

Eric and Nicole are dancing and kissing at Sami's wedding. As Mike and Carrie dance, Carrie says "it feels so right to be in your arms." Carrie is shocked by what she said and apologizes, but Mike says it's okay.

John is frantic to call Hope and warn her that Stefano is on the train with her, but the train has left the station and he can't call her till the next station. Lexie asks John if he's talked to Vivian and John tells her she and Stefano went on a trip. John suspects that Stefano is up to something, but Lexie defends her father.

Billie, who looks at her compact, realizes Bo has gone back to the bayou to find it. Billie runs into Kim, who gives Billie another dose of "wake-up" medicine. Billie tells herself that she has to get to the bayou to keep Bo from finding their baby. Later, Roman tells Billie that Stefano is on the train with Hope. Billie makes a joke out of it all, which Roman doesn't find funny. Billie says if she is really Hope, then Bo should know she's in danger and be on the way to rescuing her right now.

Austin wants to help Sami handle what he told her, but she says she knows what she's going to do. Sami says she's going to kill the bastard and runs off.

Austin finds Carrie and tells her that he saw Franco bopping the stripper and he told Sami, who ran away. Carrie says this is Sami's problem, not his. Austin says he realizes both she and Franco don't care about Sami, but he does.

Franco is about to kill Kate with a fire poker when he is shot. Kate turns around and finds Lucas holding the gun and she asks him what he's done. Lucas asks Kate why Franco was trying to kill her. All Kate can say is that Franco is dead. Kate tells Lucas to leave now and throws him out. Sami strolls into the living room, sees Franco, and then faints. Kate walks into the living room and finds Sami out cold on the floor. Kate wipes Lucas' prints off the gun and then puts it in Sami's hand. She then wipes the prints off the poker and returns it to the fireplace. Kate leaves and goes up to her room. Kate says she didn't mean for all this to happen.

Austin and Carrie find Franco and Sami on the floor and Carrie rushes to get her father. Roman shows up, along with many other people. Abe asks Austin what happened and he says that he just found them like this. Everyone sees the gun in Sami's hand and Eric says "oh no, oh Sami, no." Austin begins to blame himself and Carrie tells him that she was the one who stopped him from going after Sami. Sami begins to come to and sees a priest giving Franco his last rights. Sami looks at the gun in her hands and wonders what she has done.

Lucas gets in his car and drives off. Lucas finally realizes that he killed a man, but he tells himself he did it to protect his mom. Lucas calls his mom and she tells him that she's taken care of everything and that he needs to go to the airport as planned. Lucas asks what she means when Will starts crying. Kate hears Will and tells him to turn the car around and bring him back. Suddenly, the car crashes and Kate hears it.


September 8
Bo looks at Swamp Girl, who he knows isn't Hope, and tells her that she is very beautiful. Swamp Girl asks why it was so important that he see her face and Bo says he wanted to know who she was because she's his friend. Bo tells her that she doesn't have to be afraid anymore, but Swamp Girl says that isn't true. Bo asks her if she'll tell him her name and she says it is Greta. Greta recalls Stefano warning her not to tell anyone who she is and what she knows, so she refuses to tell Bo anything else. Bo asks who she is afraid of and she says a man, that's all she'll say. Bo asks who the man is, but Greta tells him she can't say and runs off. Bo chases after Greta and end up in the dungeon of Maison Blanche. Bo finds John's initials and realizes where he is. Bo asks Greta how she found this place.

Onboard the Empress Express, Hope explains to Ms. Faversham about her accident with the acid vat and how Stefano took advantage of her while recovering in the hospital. She also tells Ms. Faversham about her surgeries and how she doesn't know who completed them. Ms. Faversham says she thinks she knows how she can find out about her surgeries. Ms. Faversham tells her that there is plastic surgeon onboard, Dr. Philippe Renot, and he can look at Hope. Ms. Faversham also admits that he's done some work on her. Ms. Faversham introduces the doctor to Princess Gina and she leaves them to talk. Hope shows the doctor the picture of her scarred face and the doctor tells Hope that no plastic surgeon could restore her face to perfection, she was never burned and the picture she has isn't of herself.

Stefano puts Vivian into an up mood. Vivian asks where Ivan and Celeste are and Stefano says they got off in Milan. Stefano tells Vivian that he doesn't trust them and then tells Vivian that he found Celeste stealing a necklace Jonsey gave her. Vivian doesn't understand and Stefano tells her that Celeste and Ivan were going to sell it in Milan, but he got it back. Stefano leaves so Vivian can get ready and he goes to meet the Duke and Duchess to steal their Rennet painting. Stefano says he remembers stealing their last one and how Gina helped her.

"Rudolpho" goes to talk to Ms. Faversham and she tells him that she can't wait till he meets who she's traveling with, she's an old friend of his. Rudolpho is intrigued and asks who she is with. Ms. Faversham tells Rudolpho she wanted to surprise him, but oh well. She tells him that she's traveling with Princess Gina,which throws him for a loop. Meanwhile, Vivian puts on some hideous Chiquita Banana Lady outfit to go dancing with Stefano.

At the mansion, Kate is talking with Lucas on the car phone when she realizes that Lucas has Will. Kate orders Lucas to bring Will back when Lucas crashes his car. Kate hears the car crash and screams. Kate wants to call Lucas back, but she can't because the call will show up on her phone bill. Kate calms herself down and goes downstairs and acts shocked that Franco is dead and that Sami killed him.

Sami wakes up to see Franco receiving his last rights and herself holding a gun. Sami then asks "What have I done?" Roman tells Sami to drop the gun and she does so. Roman asks her what happened, but Sami doesn't know. Abe asks one of his cops to take the gun downtown and have it dusted. Kate walks in and acts surprised that Sami killed Franco. Sami is still confused and thinks she must have killed Franco. Kate begins to feel guilty and doesn't understand why Sami is admitting to killing Franco. Sami turns to Austin for support, which Carrie isn't very happy about. A man is measuring the bullet angle to tell how far away the gunman was and Kate realizes she did the right thing by moving Sami. Suddenly, Sami yells "You lying bastard you deserved to die!" Roman asks what Franco did, but before she can tell him she faints again. Marlena, Eric, and Nicole decide to go with Mike to the hospital with Sami.

Roman talks with Kate because he thinks she has some answers since she was the only person in the house when Franco was shot. Kate tells Roman that she didn't hear anything and hadn't seen Franco since this morning. Kate plays innocent and says that Sami does whatever she wants, she can't control him. Suddenly, Caroline runs in and says "Will is gone!" Kate tells them all to settle down because Roz probably took Will out. Meanwhile, Shawn begins to wonder why Sami would shoot Franco. Austin shows up and tells them all that he knows why.

At the hospital, Sami cries to Marlena and her family about Franco. Eric asks her why she killed Franco. Sami says she was angry and went to confront Franco, but everything else is a blank. Eric asks why she had to confront Franco and she tells him about Candy.

Lucas climbs out of his car and then saves Will moments before the car catches fire. Eventually, Lucas passes out.


September 9
Vivian, the Chiquita Banana Lady, is admiring herself in the mirror. She becomes dizzy again, but she swears that she'll have a good time if it kills her. Vivian runs into a Duke and Duchess, who find her outfit different. Vivian becomes dizzy again and this time she sits down. Vivian drinks some water and begins to feel better and starts dancing. As she dances off, the Duchess tells her husband that Vivian has lost it.

Ms. Faversham tells Stefano that she's traveling with Princess Gina, which throws Stefano for a loop. Stefano says it can't be Princess Gina, but Ms. Faversham says it is her. Stefano becomes angry and refuses to believe it's possible. Ms. Faversham tells him that Princess Gina suddenly showed up at her house in Lugano, and she looks exactly the same. Ms. Faversham says that it's been like old times and Stefano asks how much of the old times Gina remembers. Ms. Faversham says that Gina has amnesia about their time together and that her companion Lucille refuses to believe she is the real Gina. Stefano tells Ms. Faversham that perhaps Lucille is right and this woman is just trying to take advantage of her. Ms. Faversham says it is Gina and she takes him to the parlor car to see her.

In the parlor, Hope is shocked when the plastic surgeon tells her that she was never burned and never had plastic surgery. Hope explains to the doctor that a doctor in New Orleans gave her this picture, but the doctor once again says that no surgery could make her face look the way it does now. The doctor tells her that there is only one answer to the photograph, it's not her. The doctor looks at her face and says that if she was the woman in the photo, she would need skin graphs and he would be able to tell by the roughness of her skin if she had any. He tells her the only scars she has are BEHIND HER EARS and near the hair line. Hope asks if that scars could have been put there deliberately and he tells her yes, but why would someone want her to think she had plastic surgery? Hope knows the answer to that one. Hope thanks the doctor for talking to her and decides to leave. Lucille asks the doctor what is wrong with Gina and the doctor says he upset her. Ms. Faversham and Stefano show up and wonder where Gina is. Ms. Faversham sees Lucille and decides to ask her. Lucille says that Gina stepped out for some air. Chiquita Banana Vivian shows up and wants to dance. Stefano asks her what in the world she is doing, but all she wants to do is dance. Stefano normalizes her and she runs off when she sees what she's wearing. Ms. Faversham somehow recognized Vivian's voice, but she couldn't see her face. Stefano takes Vivian back to their car and decides to return for Princess Gina.

Hope goes out for some air and begins to wonder what Stefano did to her after the explosion.

Down in the bayou, Bo asks Greta how she found the dungeon of Maison Blanche. She tells Bo that she found it while exploring one day. Greta tells Bo that she watched Maison Blanche burn down from the bayou. Bo says he was there that night to and that Stefano DiMera is the most evil man in the world. Greta asks how he knows Stefano and Bo tells her that Stefano DiMera has put his family through hell for years and they don't know why. Bo explains to Greta about Roman and John and what Stefano did to them. Bo says that he will make Stefano DiMera pay for what he did to his family and Hope. Greta asks what Stefano did to Hope and Bo tells Greta about the explosion Hope was in and then says Stefano claims to have found Hope in a hospital, but didn't know she was Hope. Bo says that Stefano knew she was Hope, but kept her from her family. Greta asks how he found Hope and Bo says that John Black found her at Maison Blanche the night it burnt down. Bo goes on to say that he and Hope came down to New Orleans to try and find out what Stefano did with Hope during her missing four years. Bo says that he now knows that she, Greta, knows something. Bo leaves to find a picture of Stefano to show Greta, but she already knows who he is. Greta says if he (Stefano) knew she was alive . . . Bo returns with a picture of Stefano and Greta tells Bo she can't help him. Bo knows she knows Stefano and presses her for answers and says he'll protect her from Stefano. Greta eventually tells Bo that Stefano DiMera destroyed her life!

Back at the wedding, Kate begins to worry that Lucas and Will may be hurt. Austin tells everyone that Sami shot Franco because of him. John asks why it's his fault and Austin explains everything about Candy. Kate is oh so happy that Sami had a motive and Roman asks Austin how he could drop a bomb like that on her and run off. Carrie tells her dad that it is her fault because she stopped Austin from chasing after Sami.

Lucas and Will make it to the side of the road. Lucas notices Will has stopped breathing, but manages to get Will breathing again by CPR. Lucas stops a passing car and he gives Lucas and Will a ride to the hospital.

Mike and Lexie are at the hospital and neither can believe that Sami shot Franco. Craig butts himself into the conversation and says that he can't believe Sami would murder someone, but on the bright side the scandle doesn't involve a member of his family!

Sami tells Marlena, Eric, and Nicole that she's glad Franco is dead because she hates the bastard. Marlena asks exactly what Franco did and and she tells them about Candy. Nicole remembers Kate hiring Candy and that she must have known all along what was going on. Eric asks what happened when she went to confront Franco and Sami tells him that she doesn't remember. Suddenly, Lucas shows up at the hospital with Will. Sami panics and then asks Lucas what he did to her son. As Sami demands an answer, Lucas passes out on the floor.

Back at the party, a cop tells Roman that Lucas and Will were in a car accident and that they are both hurt. Caroline asks Kate how this is possible and Kate says that Lucas must have taken Will. Everyone goes to the hospital, except for Roman, who stays behind to question Kate. Kate says she wants to go to the hospital now, but Roman says the only way Lucas could have taken Will is with her help. Kate says she didn't help Lucas steal Will and she never saw Lucas. Roman tells Kate that he doesn't believe her.

The Brady's show up at the hospital and learn that Craig is running tests on Will. John and Marlena talk about Sami, John says it doesn't look good. Marlena hopes that Sami shot him in self defense. Mike comes out and tells them about Lucas, but Sami says this is all his fault and she hopes that drunken bastard dies! Marlena tries to calm Sami down and comforts her. Carrie, Austin, and Eric talk about what Lucas did. Carrie thinks Lucas must have been afraid he'd never see Will again. Craig comes out to talk to Sami and says that Will has sustained serious head trauma. Sami learns that Will could die and decides to go see him no matter what. Austin stops her and says that when Will wakes up, they will be the first people Will sees.


September 10
Down in the bayou, Bo sympathizes with Greta and thanks her for telling him she knows Stefano. Bo asks her what Stefano did to her and Hope. Greta tells him that Hope was never in the hospital, she was never burned. Bo says she is mistaken because they met the doctor who performed her surgeries. Greta says that Doctor Harper was her doctor. Bo then realizes that she was the woman in the hospital, but he still thinks Hope was burned in the explosion because he saw the explosion happen. Greta tells Bo that Hope was never in the cage that exploded, she was!

Onboard the Empress Express, Stefano takes Vivian back to her room and she is very confused and tired. Stefano leaves Vivian to change and thinks she will be all right. He then begins to worry about Princess Gina being on the train. Vivian changes into some cosmetic puff like outfit and tells Stefano that she feels so out of control. Stefano tells her it will be all right and she needs to put herself in his hands. Vivian tells Stefano how she has been so careless lately with her money. Stefano tells Vivian that she is in danger of losing her business, her wealth, and her reputation. Stefano asks Vivian to let him handle her affairs until she can find an accountant. Vivian says maybe she could get John to help her, but Stefano says that John wasn't there for her when she started her business. Stefano tells Vivian that he knows a way to help her. Vivian asks how he can help her and he asks her to sign over power of attorney to him.

Outside, Hope begins to wonder that if she was never in the explosion, what did Stefano do to her? Lucille and Ms. Faversham argue about Gina. Lucille is positive that Princess Gina is a fraud, but Ms. Faversham says she isn't. Ms. Faversham tells Lucille that she will be rewarded for her loyalty, but her estate will go to Gina. Ms. Faversham goes to find Hope and Lucille plots to keep Gina from getting what is hers. Hope tells Ms. Faversham that she never had surgery, which makes Ms. Faversham even more sure that she is Gina. Ms. Faversham offers Hope her help, but Hope says the only person can help her is Bo. Hope tells Ms. Faversham that she may be Princess Gina, but only because Stefano made her. Ms. Faversham says she may not be Bo, but she will help her.

Roman confronts Kate and tells her that he think she did see Lucas at the house. Kate says if she had seen Lucas take Will out of the house then she would have stopped him. Kate says she's going to the hospital, but Roman warns her it would be better if she told him the truth now. Kate says that Lucas called her from the carphone before the accident and didn't tell her that he had Will. Roman still refuses to believe that Kate didn't hear a gunshot and she didn't see Lucas or Franco. Roman says that if she didn't see Franco, maybe Lucas did. Roman thanks her for her time and leaves to see Lucas. Kate realizes that she has to get to Lucas first before he confesses anything.

Roman and Abe talk and discuss the case. They both think Kate is hiding something and Abe suggests that nothing would make Lucas happier than seeing her charged with murder. Abe then gets a call and learns that Sami's fingerprints are the only ones on the gun. Roman asks whose gun it was, but Abe says it's unregistered. Abe says the coroner says there seem to be no signs of struggle with Franco. Roman still finds it strange that Sami passed out, but Abe doesn't and says she already admitted to shooting Franco to all of them. Roman says that what Sami said was out of anger, but Abe says that Sami killed him and admitted that she was glad he died. Abe tells Roman he can't ignore the evidence, he has to arrest Sami.

At the hospital, Austin comforts Sami and tells her that she needs some rest. Suddenly, Will crashes. Sami screams at Mike not to let him die. Mike tells Sami that Will needs brain surgery and if they don't operate, Will will die. Nicole asks Eric if he's all right and he says he'll make Lucas pay when he wakes up.

Carrie tells Marlena how she blames herself for Sami's shooting Franco because she stopped Austin from going after Sami. John tells her that it's not her fault. Marlena asks John to let her talk with Carrie in private and Marlena tells Carrie she knows why she feels so guilty. Marlena tells Carrie that she saw her and Mike dancing in the garden. Marlena urges Carrie to put her feelings for Mike aside and be there for Austin. Carrie once again tells Marlena she will stay faithful to her vows and her relationship with Mike is strictly professional.

Kate shows up at the hospital and Sami asks her how she could do this. Kate plays innocent and Sami tells her that she knows she helped Lucas kidnap Will and then she slaps her. Kate learns that Will is undergoing surgery and Sami says that it is her and her drunken son's fault that Will may die. Later, Lexie tells everyone that they got Lucas' blood test results and that he had alcohol in his blood. Sami finds an unconscious Lucas and starts yelling it him for doing what he did to Will. Sami says she wishes he would die, which a very unhappy Kate overhears. Kate and Sami get into a huge argument and Austin eventually drags Sami out of the room.

Will comes out of his surgery and remains unconscious. Craig tells Sami that her voice might help Will to regain consciousness. Austin and Sami go to see Will. Carrie watches Austin and Sami standing over Will's crib and Austin says "I'm never going to leave you." Meanwhile, Kate begs Lucas to wake up so she can tell him what she did to protect him.


September 11
The 2nd half of the soap was interrupted because of the STAR REPORT. This summary is what I was able to see

Sami and Austin are standing by Will's side asking him to wake up. Craig comes to check on Will and he tells Sami that Will knows she is here and she needs to just keep on talking to him like she is doing.

Mike finds Carrie watching them from outside Will's room and asks if she needs someone to talk to. Carrie tells Mike that she feels she is to blame for Sami shooting Franco, but Mike tells her it's not her fault. Carrie tells Mike that he's such a good friend and she doesn't know what she'd do without him, and she hugs him.

Nicole notices that Eric is gone and wonders where he has gone. Eric is standing outside Lucas' room and hears Kate telling Lucas that he has to wake up so she can talk to him before anyone else does. Kate sees Eric and then panics, wondering how much he heard. Kate asks him what he wants and Eric tells her that Will is out of surgery, but he's in a coma. Eric tells Kate that he overheard her talking to Lucas and that kidnapping is a very serious offense. Kate says that he has no idea the damage Sami has done to them and Eric defends his sister. Kate says none of this would have happened if Sami didn't force Lucas out of Will's life. Eric is furious that she is defending Lucas, but Kate says that she's defending her son. She also adds that Sami is now a murderess and there is no way she'll lie her way out of this one.

Roman and Abe show up at the hospital and Roman learns that Lucas was way over the legal alcohol limit and that he had disguises and fake passports. Roman says they have enough evidence to charge Lucas with kidnapping. Kate overhears this and freaks out. Roman asks her if there is anything else they should charge Lucas with. Kate says he shouldn't be charged with anything because it's all Sami's fault. Roman says he also thinks Lucas can provide them with answers to what went on between Franco and Sami. Eric takes his dad aside and tells him about Kate's conversation with Lucas, she was desperate to tell him something. Sami and Austin come out of Will's room and Sami asks the entire family to join her in the chapel and pray for Will.

Onboard the Empress Express, Stefano asks Vivian to give him power of attorney. Vivian is suspicious and says she's not sure he should be the guardian of her affairs. Stefano asks if she doesn't trust him and she says that he would, but he is involved with Kate. Stefano says that he and Kate are just partners, but he is interested in her. Stefano tells her that he cares for her and that why he wants her to give him power of attorney. Vivian then begins to worry and asks if he thinks something terrible is going to happen to her. Stefano says he is just concerned for her. Stefano starts talking about Jonsey's fortune and how she must protect it because Jonsey guarded it so well. Vivian asks Stefano how he knew Jonsey's habits and asks if he knew him.

Hope is still thinking about the doctor's words to her and now knows she was never burned. Meanwhile, Lucille decides to get rid of Princess Gina before she can steal Ms. Faversham's fortune. Lucille finds Hope outside and decides to push her off the train, but Hope sees her and asks her what she's doing. Lucille says she was just looking for her because the Dr. said he felt he upset her. Lucille asks what the doctor said to her, but Hope says it's none of her business. Lucille leaves and Hope remembers the cage scene. Lucille learns that the train will arrive in Venice in the morning and decides that she must get rid of Gina tonight.

Down in the bayou, Greta tells Bo that she was the one in the cage when it exploded and it destroyed her life. Bo refuses to believe she was the one in the cage. Greta says that he talked to Hope in the cage, but Hope was safely taken out of the cage before it exploded and she was the one that was in it when it exploded. Bo is still confused and Greta tells him that she was working for Ernesto. Greta tells Bo that she was a local actress and Ernesto hired her to appear in a magic trick. Greta says she was supposed to impersonate Hope and she was to be switched right before the explosion. Greta says she doesn't know what happened to Hope after the switch, but Greta was switched with Hope when Ernesto disappeared in a puff of smoke. Greta says she didn't know what was going to happen, all she was supposed to do is scream his name and she and Ernesto were supposed to disappear. However, something went wrong and she fell into the acid after the cage exploded. Greta says she can't remember what happened afterwards, but all she remembers is waking up in the hospital and seeing Stefano. Bo realizes that Stefano was behind everything and that he must have taken Hope from Ernesto.

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