September 98 Week 1


August 31
Kate goes to the police station and finds that Roberto has been brought in, which she planned. Abe starts questioning Roberto about the attempt on Sami Brady's life. Roberto says he doesn't know anything, but Abe doesn't believe him. Roberto is taken away to be interrogated and Abe goes to the other room to talk to Kate. Kate tells Abe that she is convinced that Roberto knows something about the shooting. Abe tells Kate he'll let her know what they find out. Kate knows that the bullet was meant for Franco, she just doesn't know who wants him dead and why. Eventually, Abe tells Kate that he has no evidence to hold Roberto any longer and has to let him go. Before he can do so, Abe is called away due to an emergency. Kate goes to see Roberto and tells him that Abe is away drawing up papers to have him charged with obstruction of justice. Roberto says he can't do that, but Kate says he can and she can help him, if he helps her. Roberto eventually agrees to tell Kate the truth, the Moroni brothers in Italy want Franco dead. Kate asks how the Moroni's found him and Roberto says that he ratted on Franco. Kate says that she now realizes why Franco wants to marry Sami. Kate and Roberto both agree not to tell anyone else what they have talked about. Roberto asks if she will help him get out of jail and she says he's already free to go, the police had nothing to hold him on. Roberto asks Kate why she hates Franco and she says all she wants is Sami.

At the pub, Sami's party is winding down and Marlena tells Sami that she should turn in early because she has a big day tomorrow. Sami tells Marlena that she's glad she is here to share in her happiness and that she's so sorry for all the time they lost because of her anger. Sami says she wants to make it up to her mom and Marlena says she's so glad to have her little girl back. Sami says that it is Franco who brought her back together with her family. Sami says good night to her family and leaves with Franco. After Sami leaves, Roman tells Marlena that he still doesn't trust Franco. Roman gets a call from Shane and learns that an ISA operative was killed tonight, it was a friend. Billie asks what case he was working on and Roman says it was the case they were working on. Roman says he has to return to Europe. Billie wants to go with him, but Roman tells Billie it's too dangerous. John asks Roman about the smuggling ring and Roman tells him that the ring is dedicated to stealing artwork from all over the world and selling them on the black market. Roman says that he's been assigned to try and nail this ring, but there is no proof at all that the art treasures have even been stolen. As Roman and John talk about the case, Billie tells Marlena how close she and Roman grew in Paris and she tells her that together, they will finish what they started in Paris. Later, Marlena tells John about her interesting conversation with Billie. Roman learns about Count Olenska's art festival and a deal going down there. John tells Roman that is where Hope and Ms. Faversham are headed and he realizes that they may be in danger.

Austin tucks Will in for the night when Sami and Franco return home. Franco says that he should be going home, but Sami says she wants him to hold her until she falls asleep. Franco agrees to stay, but Austin senses something is wrong when Franco keeps looking at his watch. Austin asks Franco if he has someplace to go. Franco says that he's just anxious to get to bed. Austin starts questioning Franco about the stripper, but Franco says that she is Roberto's friend. Franco starts telling Austin that he hopes they can somehow bring their wives back together as sisters. Austin leaves to check on Will and Franco makes a call.

Sami goes up to see Will and tells him that they are going to have a grand time living in California, but they'll visit Austin and Philip (he lives!) often, but not Lucas because he's not a very nice man. When Sami goes back downstairs, she catches Franco on the phone and asks who he's talking to. Franco hangs up and tells Sami that Roberto was calling to wish them the best. Sami says she wishes he hadn't hung up and wants to invite Roberto to the wedding, but Franco says that Roberto would feel uncomfortable at their wedding. Later, Franco calls Candy and makes a date to meet her at their usual place in the morning.

Kate returns to the mansion and Sami enjoys telling Kate that after she and Franco marry, they are going far far away with Will. Sami goes up to bed and Kate says that tomorrow, she will bring Sami down.

On the Empress Express, Stefano and Vivian enter the dining car and Hope is right around the corner. Stefano and Vivian sit around the corner from Hope and Ms. Faversham. Vivian tells Stefano that she's so happy to be back in society and Stefano tells Vivian that he wants to give her everything her heart desires. Vivian looks over Stefano's shoulder and sees an old ex-mate of one of her old flames. Vivian decides to go say hi and Stefano returns to his table, narrowly missing Hope once again. Later, Stefano talks to a man about something he wants. The man says he doesn't have it right now, but he will soon. Stefano says that he wants this object badly and he would have it if he hadn't lost Gina. The man tells Stefano that it will be dangerous and their is a risk, but Stefano says that he knows what he's doing. Later, Vivian sees a woman wearing a necklace called the Emerald Eye and she says how rare it is. Stefano also noticed it and says that it's a wonderful work of art.

As Hope eats, Charles Cahill the third sees "Princess Gina." He is hurt that she doesn't remember him and Ms. Faversham tells him that Gina suffered an accident and has some memory loss. Charles tells Gina that he's sorry, but he hopes she'll join him at some of the events he has planned at Count Olenska's art festival. Hope says she wouldn't miss it and he takes off. Hope tells Ms. Faversham that she hopes to learn much about her life as Gina on this trip. Ms. Faversham tells Hope that by the end of this journey, she hopes she'll feel at ease with her royal life once again. Hope says she's nothing like Princess Gina, but Ms. Faversham says that she is nothing like Hope. Hope asks Ms. Faversham to teach her to play Baca (not sure if that is the game's name) and Ms. Faversham takes her to the gaming car. At the same time, Vivian and Stefano decide to go to the gaming car, but Vivian becomes motion sick and leaves to get some medicine.

Stefano looks at the woman wearing the Emerald Eye and says he's going to get it, even if he has to do it without Gina's help.


September 1
Eric and Nicole return to Nicole's place and Eric gives Nicole a surprise. The surprise is a charm necklace, which she loves. Nicole is touched and tells Eric that nobody has ever done something like this for her. Eric thought that she was showered with gifts and attention while growing up. Nicole tells Eric that he has the wrong idea about the life she lived growing up. Nicole says that nobody paid attention to her while she was growing up and nobody made her feel special. Nicole tells Eric that her dad left when she was young and her mom had time for everything except her. She goes on to say that she spent most of her time alone wishing for a mom and dad who loved her. Nicole says she thought she put those feelings behind her, but seeing his family made her realize how much she missed out on. Nicole says she had nobody to cheer her on, to pick her up when she fell, to ask how she was. Eric says that maybe her family will see her now that she's a famous model, but Nicole says she doesn't want to see any of her family members ever again. Eric tells Nicole that he admires her even more knowing what she's over come to get where she is now. Nicole and Eric engage in some serious kissing and Eric tells Nicole good night. After he's gone, Nicole looks at the letters and tells them that there is no room in her life for him anymore.

In prison, the mystery man tells Jay to go to Salem and find Nikki. His parole hearing is coming up and the only way he'll get out is if Nikki pays the bill for a lawyer. The man asks Jay to go easy on her, he doesn't want to screw up her job because modeling has always been a dream of hers, plus he'd like to cash in on her job. He also tells Jay that he wants to know if Nikki is doing anything he wouldn't like her to be doing. Jay tells the man that when Nikki was in LA, she was with a guy who had it bad for her. The man in prison says he doesn't like this at all. The man asks Jay to find out if the guy is making moves on Nikki, and if he is, then he knows what to do.

At the hospital, Nancy runs into Carrie, who is working late. Nancy tells Carrie that she's waiting for her husband to show up so they can go out to dinner. Craig shows up and Nancy and Craig leave. Craig had plans at another restaurant, but Nancy tells him they have to go to the Penthouse Grill to check on Mike and Ali.

Mike and Ali are on their romantic date at the Penthouse Grill. Nancy and Craig show up and Craig can't keep his eyes off Ali. Nancy accuses Craig of having the hots for Ali, but Craig says that she's attractive, but he already has the woman he wants. Nancy tells Craig that what they need to do is make Carrie think that Ali is going after Mike beacuse Carrie will object to their dating because it will drive her insanely jealous. Meanwhile, Mike asks Ali if they can try and keep their relationship at the hospital strictly professional. Ali asks if someone has said something to him, but he lies and says no, they just shouldn't display their feelings for each other at work. Ali agrees, as long as they can display their feelings for each other in private. Ali kisses Mike and then excuses herself for a bit. Nancy follows Ali into the bathroom and starts talking to her about Mike. Nancy tells Ali that she should make her feelings known to Mike, because she thinks Mike would reciprocate them. Later, Ali kisses Mike on dance floor.

Marlena shows up at the hospital to talk with Carrie. Marlena senses that something is bothering Carrie, she senses tension between her and Austin. Carrie says it is because of Sami, but Marlena doesn't believe that. Marlena brings up the amount of time she spends at work. Carrie says that work is the only thing going right in her life. Marlena tells Carrie that she may be fooling herself about her relationship with Mike, but she's not fooling her. Carrie says that she can handling working with Mike and that nothing has happened since the barbecue. Marlena says she was afraid she'd find her working with Mike tonight, but Carrie says she's out on a date. Carrie starts talking about Ali and how she is very open with her feelings towards Mike and it could be damaging to the hospital's reputation. Marlena tells Carrie that she sounds like she's jealous of Ali. Carrie says she isn't jealous, she just thinks Ali isn't the right woman for Mike. Marlena tells Carrie that she is not Mike's personal protector, and if she continues to act like it, it will backfire. Carrie says that she's already made her feelings known to Mike, and she can't stop doing it. Carrie says she loves Austin and her marriage means everything to her. Marlena knows that, but she says she also has feelings for Mike that she must put aside. Carrie begins to cry and says she doesn't know how to push her feelings for him aside.

Onboard the Empress Express, Hope and Ms. Faversham decide to go to the gaming car. Hope plays a game of bacra (?) very well, which puzzles Hope because she doesn't even know how to play! Ms. Faversham tells "Princess Gina" that it's so wonderful to have her back and Hope says it's wonderful to be back.

Vivian tells Stefano that she's not feeling well and decides to retire for the evening. Stefano decides to use the device, despite Dr Rolfe's insistence that he not over use it. Celeste and Ivan show up and Vivian starts feeling poorly again. Ivan begs Vivian to get off at the next stop and see a doctor. Vivian says she just needs to sleep, but Stefano pushes the up button and Vivian asks Rudolpho to joining her in the gaming car.

Stefano sees a crowd gathered at a table and learns from another man that a beautiful woman is playing an excellent game of bacra. Stefano says bacra is his game and maybe he should try playing the lady, who is Hope. However, Stefano sees some one he wants to talk to. Stefano talks with the man who he was talking with earlier about getting the Emerald Eye. The man tells Stefano about a painting for sale and says that he can arrange a meeting for him about purchasing it.

Ivan, Celeste, and Lucille show up at the gaming car. Lucille tells Celeste about Ms. Faversham and how Princess Gina is ruining her relationship to Ms. Faversham.

Vivian ends up gambling a ton of money away. Stefano realizes he has to get her under control and puts her in a normal mood. Vivian can't believe she's been so careless with her money. Ivan and Celeste become concerned for Vivian and take her back to her car. Stefano damns them for interfering in his plans.


September 2
At the hospital, Carrie approaches Mike and tells him that she needs to talk to him. Mike and Carrie go out to the terrace and she tells Mike that she knows why she had a strong reaction to him dating Ali. Carrie tells Mike that she's jealous and can't stand seeing him with another woman. Mike asks what she is saying and Carrie tells him that he knows what she's saying. Mike says he's waited for this moment for a long time, and then they kiss. Of course it was all a dream and Carrie wakes up to find Austin has made her breakfast, it's their anniversary. Carrie tells Austin that he's so good to her and she doesn't deserve it. Austin tells Carrie that he loves her so much and doesn't want anything to ruin their anniversary. Carrie and Austin have gifts to exchange, but Austin says they should wait until after Sami's wedding when they can be alone together. Austin tells Carrie that it's been a long time since they last made love. Austin then tells Carrie that there is something he wants to talk about, his boxing. Austin says that his old trainer wants him to box for a charity event for the hospital, but Carrie says it's just a ploy to lure him back in. Austin assures her it's just a one time thing and this will be such a good chance for them to work together again. Carrie says she'll think about it and Austin leaves to check on Will.

At the hospital, Ali kisses Mike and he tells her to remember their deal while at the hospital. Ali says it was a moment of weakness and won't happen again. Ali says she wants to keep seeing him now that she knows he's not seeing anyone else.

Eric and Roman are at the Java Cafe talking about Sami. Roman still has doubts about the wedding, but Eric says Sami is a grown woman who has changed a lot. Roman comments that maybe he'll (Eric) be the one to marry next, but he knows he's not been a fan of marriage. Eric says that he's rethinking his feelings about marriage now that he's made progress with Nicole. Roman asks if he's thinking about marrying Nicole, but Eric says that he just thinks maybe some day he'd like to take the plunge. Roman asks Eric to go slow because he doesn't know Nicole very well, but Eric tells Roman that Nicole opened up to him about her past last night. Roman warns Eric that Nicole sounds like a person with a lot of baggage and he has no idea what else she may be keeping from her. Eric tells his dad that Nicole is starting to be honest with him and they are growing close. Eric says he better go and Roman says he'll always be here if he needs to talk.

Nicole is at Titan and is thinking about the necklace Eric gave her. Taylor shows up because Nicole asked to see her. Nicole tells Taylor that she's cashing her paycheck and wants her to give the money to their mom. Taylor tells Nicole that they don't need her damn money! Outside the lab, Jay listens in on their conversation. Taylor says they are doing fine with their own jobs, but Nicole knows that they need the money. Taylor says she refuses to sponge off someone who won't acknowledge her own family, but Nicole tells her to just take the money. When Taylor mentions Eric, Nicole warns Taylor to stay away from Eric because she doesn't want her past to come back to haunt her. Nicole storms off and Jay says her past is about to come back and haunt her. Eric shows up at Titan and runs into Taylor, but Nicole shows up and Taylor decides to leave. Nicole thanks Eric once again for the necklace he gave her.

Lucas wakes up in his car, which is in the middle of a forest. His head is hurting because he has a major hangover. Suddenly, Lucas hears sirens and panics. Lucky for Lucas, it was an ambulance that was just going by. Lucas chuckles that he's going to take Will someplace today where nobody will find them. Lucas realizes he can't use his own car, so he'll have to rent his one. Lucas picks up some phony passports for himself and Will and then rents a car. Lucas realizes that he missed an AA meeting and hopes Maggie doesn't find out.

At the Kirkiais mansion, Franco sneaks out of bed to go meet Candy. As he is about to leave, Sami catches him and asks where he's going. Franco says he was leaving because it's bad luck for them to see one another. Sami wants to make love, but Franco says they both have so much to do before the wedding. Franco eventually convinces Sami to let him leave, but he's caught leaving by Austin. When Austin goes back to his room, Carrie is dressed and has to leave for work. Carrie runs into Sami in the hallway and they start arguing. Sami asks Carrie to at least pretend to be happy and Carrie says she is happy that she won't have to live in the same house with her and she's happy that she's Franco's problem now.

Downstairs, Kate plots her revenge on Sami by turning her wedding into a nightmare. As Kate plots out loud, Billie walks into the room and asks her mom if she's crazy! Kate asks what she's talking about and Billie says she can't believe all the stuff Kate has bought for Sami's wedding today. Kate tells Billie that after today, she'll have her life back and be rid of Sami. Maggie suddenly calls Kate and tells her that Lucas has skipped his AA meetings and has suddenly vanished. Later, Carrie runs into Kate as she is leaving for work. Kate tells Carrie that Sami will get what she deserves at her wedding. Franco leaves to "pack for his honeymoon," so he tells Kate and Billie. Billie says that Franco seems happy, but Kate says not for long. Franco calls Candy and his conversation is overheard by an angry Austin.

Roman goes over to the Kiriakis Mansion to see a very happy Sami. Kate is there and Kate and Sami act civil in front of Roman. Roman tells Sami that he can't believe his little girl is about to walk down the isle.

Carrie runs into Mike at the hospital and apologizes for butting into her love life with ALi. Mike tells her it's okay and he could never be mad at her. Mike asks how things are with Austin and Carrie says today is their anniversary. Mike realizes something is wrong and Carrie tells Mike about Austin's desire to box again. Mike tells Carrie that maybe she should let him follow his dreams. Carrie hopes it won't be a problem and Mike tells her as long as he trusts in their love it shouldn't be. Mike leaves to see a patient and Carrie talks with Ali, who is glowing about her relationship with Mike. Carrie says she didn't realize they were so serious and Ali says that she and Mike agreed to be formal at work during the day, but not at night! Later, Carrie and Mike talk and Carrie tells Mike she's remembering what Mike said to her a year ago before she married Austin. Mike remembers telling Carrie not to rush into a marriage, but he says that it seems she and Austin made it. Mike is beeped away and Carrie wonders what if she hadn't married Austin. Carrie tells herself she has to stop this line of thinking because she vowed to love Austin forever.

Lucas returns to Alice's place and tells Gran and Maggie that he fell asleep at Titan. Alice tells Lucas to call his mom and let her know that he's all right. Lucas calls her and Kate tells Lucas that she's taking steps to insure his future with Will is secure. They says their I love yous and hang up. Afterwards, Maggie tells Lucas that she knows what he's up to and he won't get away with it. Lucas plays innocent, but Maggie says that she knows the signs of a hangover. Lucas says he wasn't drinking last night. Maggie suggest they go to an AA meeting together, but Lucas says he has to go out of town for business. Alice asks where he is going and for how long. Lucas says he's taking a trip abroad and he hopes by time he returns he'll be able to see Will again. Lucas leaves to pack and Maggie tells Alice that something is not right, and Alice agrees. Lucas gets ready to leave and Maggie tells Lucas to call her if he hits a rough spot.

Franco meets up with Candy at a scummy little hotel and Austin sees Franco go into a room with Candy.


September 3
Stefano calls Dr. Rolfe to see what is going on in Salem. Rolfe is in Salem Place watching John read a paper. Stefano asks Rolfe if John has seen him, but he hasn't because Rolfe is wearing a costume. Stefan says that his trip is going well and he's run into some old friends. Stefano tells Rolfe about Celeste and Ivan interfering with his plans. Rolfe warns Stefano that using the device too much could debilitate Vivian before she signs over power of attorney. Stefano decides to go see Vivian, but Celeste says she is resting and Ivan is with her. Stefano tells himself that he has to find a way to get Celeste and Ivan off the train.

Hope is looking at her comb and wondering about the brush that she was supposedly given to her as well. John gives the good Princess a call to see how she is doing. Hope says she's doing well and that everyone on the train remembers her as Princess Gina. Hope also says she's starting to feel more and more like Princess Gina and that last night she won a fortune playing baccarat. Hope reluctantly says she's beginning to think that she really is Princess Gina, but John tells her that she is Hope and she proved it years ago. John tells Hope that the reason he's called is about Roman's ISA case. John says that the people from the smuggling ring could be onboard the Empress Express. He also warns her to be careful because anyone could really be working for Stefano. Later, Ms. Faversham talks to Hope about how she used to talk about her one true love long ago that she never betrayed. Hope says maybe Stefano couldn't fully erase her love for Bo back then, and she still loved Bo, she just didn't know who he was. Ms. Faversham says if this love is so powerful, why can't she feel where he is now? Hope asks Ms Faversham if anyone else is on the train that she knows. Ms. Faversham says she heard Rudolpho Meradi is on the train, he's a great lover of art. Meanwhile, Lucille tells Celeste about Princess Gina. Celeste sees Hope and runs to warn her about Stefano, but Stefano pushes his way by her, intent on seeing someone.

Down in the bayou, Swamp Gal is combing her hair with, you guessed it, Hope's missing brush. Swamp Girl remembers Stefano finding her in the hospital and tells her that he'll make sure her reconstruction is completed, but he must make sure she never remembers what really happened. Swamp Girl says maybe Bo can help her overcome her other fears, but nobody can help her overcome the way she looks. Meanwhile, Bo dreams that Hope has come to the compound to find him. Later, Bo finds Swamp Girl and asks her what she's been doing. Swamp Girl guides his hand to her hair and he feels that she's cut it. Bo says he wishes he could get cleaned up and Swamp Girl offers to shave him. As she shaves him clean, Bo remembers Hope shaving him once before. Bo asks where they are and Swamp Girl tells him it's a storage room. She gives him a tuxedo and asks him to wear it. Bo says they should have a celebration and Swamp Girl thinks the idea is delightful. Swamp Girl sets up a room with candle light and she puts on a dress and her hair is cut similar to Hope's. Bo puts a radio on and then recognizes Swamp Gals perfume, Lilly of the Valley. Swamp Girl asks how he guessed and Bo recalls that Hope used to wear it. Bo asks her to dance, and the two dance.

Sami goes over to Marlena's place where Marlena, Belle, and Nicole are waiting to prepare for the wedding.

In a seedy hotel room, Franco is busy making love with Candy. Austin listens at the door and realizes that he can't let Franco do this to Sami. Candy tells Austin she'll miss him while he's on his honeymoon. Franco says maybe there is a way she can come.

Eric arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to prepare for the wedding. Lucas, who is drinking, is about to sneak into the house to steal Will when he spots Eric. Lucas hides from Eric in his car, and the takes another sip from his flask.

Kate is counting down to her moment of glory when she crushes Sami's life. Roman tells Kate that she looks very happy and he know why she's throwing this wedding for Sami. Roman says that he thinks she's trying to atone for hiring Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Kate says she has no regrets about what she did and she'd do it for any of her other kids. Kate eventually gets annoyed with Roman and walks off. Eric approaches Roman and asks what all the security is for and Roman says he is just protecting Sami in case someone tries to shoot her again.

Lucas sneaks into the house posing as a florist. Austin returns to try and find Sami, but Kate says she's at Marlena's. Just as Lucas was about to snatch Will, Austin goes to see Will.

Roberto calls Kate to make sure that she hasn't sold him out. Kate hasn't, and after Roberto hangs up, Franco asks Roberto what the hell he was doing talking to Kate Roberts. Roberto tells Franco that he was just trying to find out where to send a gift. Franco believes him and tells Roberto that he wants him to book a room for himself and Candy onboard the cruise he and Sami are going on for their honeymoon.

Sami arrives at the mansion for the wedding. Sami and Nicole decide to change into their gowns. Sami runs into Roman and she thanks him for giving her this day. Nicole and Sami then head off to get dressed.

Marlena runs into Austin and learns that Sami's in the guest house. Marlena is going into Will's room to change, which happens to be where Lucas is! Lucas tries once again to get Will, but has to hide in a closet when Roz comes in to check on him.

John shows up for Sami's wedding and he and Marlena kiss, right in front of Eric and Roman. John asks Roman if he's ready to give his daughter away and he says not yet.

Franco shows up for the wedding and runs into Kate. Kate tells Franco that they need to talk. Kate asks Franco if the name Agent Raskin of the INS means anything to him.

Austin goes out to the guest house to talk with Sami. Nicole decides to go find Eric so Austin and Sami can talk alone. Sami is already in her wedding gown and tells Austin how much in love she is with Franco and how she cherishes her friendship with him now. Sami tells Austin not to look so sad, but Austin says he has something to tell her about Franco.


September 4
Onboard the Empress Express, Celeste snags Stefano before he can find Hope. Celeste tells him that he should sit with Vivian for a bit and Stefano asks her why. Later, Celeste distracts him once again to keep him from seeing Hope. Celeste takes Stefano to see Vivian, but Ivan refuses to let him see her. Celeste tells Ivan that she wants to get off the train to get some air and she drags Ivan with her.

Ms. Faversham and Hope start arguing about who she is. Ms Faversham says the birthmark proves she is Gina, but Hope says Stefano could have given that to her. Ms. Faversham says she wants to get off the train to buy some magazines, but Lucille convinces her to let Hope do that. Hope says she'd be honored and gets off the train.

In the station, Celeste tells Ivan that Hope is on the train and they must warn her that Stefano is on the train. Meanwhile, Stefano plots to keep Celeste and Ivan from getting back on. Hope runs into yet another man from her past while in the station and she actually remembers him! Stefano hires someone to snatch Celeste and Ivan's bag while they are in the station in order to keep them from getting back on the train. The police catch them all and they all accuse each other of stealing their bags.

Hope returns to the train and tells Ms. Faversham that she recognized a man from her past. Hope tells her the man's name and Ms. Faversham says she recently pointed him out in a picture, but Hope says she remembered him! Suddenly, Ms. Faversham sees Stefano and goes over to him and starts bringing her to see Hope.

Down in the bayou, Bo and Swamp Girl are dancing. Bo tells her that she's a very good dancer and she tells Bo that she took ballet and modern dancing while growing up, which Hope also took. Bo suggest they have champaign, but Swamp Girl says she's not good at opening them. Bo recalls that Hope could never open champaign bottles, he always had to do it. Bo opens the bottle of champaign and Swamp Girl pours them some. Bo toasts to their first formal evening together and Swamp Girl takes her shoes off, for some odd reason. Bo starts asking Swamp Girl questions and says he is curios about her past, now that they've become friends. Swamp Girl says that is probably the cop in him, which shocks Bo. Bo asks her how she knows he was a cop. Swamp Girl tells Bo that she went through his wallet and found his badge. Suddenly, Bo's eyes begin to burn. Swamp Girl leaves to get some herbs for Bo's eyes, but she says if it doesn't work, she's going to get Erlene. Bo and Hope's song starts playing on the radio when Swamp Gal returns. Bo can see her face and tells her that he can see. Bo's vision is blurred and he thinks that she is Hope!

Everyone gathers for Sami's wedding. Billie is trying to find out where Bo is and asks Abe to put a missing persons search for Bo. Billie looks at her compact and realizes that Bo must have gone down to the bayou to find the compact for Hope.

Carrie shows up looking for Austin and Laura tells her that he's in the house. After Carrie leaves, Laura tells Mike that she wishes he would have stopped her from marrying Austin because they (Mike and Carrie) belong together. Mike asks his mom not to go through this again.

Roman gets another call from Shane and asks Mike to dance with Carrie. Carrie and Mike dance and Carrie tells Mike "it feels so right to be in your arms." Roman finds John and tells him that Stefano is onboard the Empress Express! John says he has to warn Hope.

Up in Will's room, Lucas hides in Will's closet while Roz sits with Will. Caroline comes up to relieve Roz and decides to read Will a story. Kim shows up and Caroline decides to get Will's tuxedo from his closet. She opens the closet and finds all of Sami's childhood toys. When Kim and Caroline finally leave, Lucas sneaks out and nabs Will. Lucas and Will get in the car, but Will says "teddy." Lucas promises Will to buy him a new bear, but Will keeps calling for his teddy.

In the living room, Kate tells Franco that she knows about his phony green card. She also says that the only reason he's marrying Sami is to stay in the States, and she's not going to let that happen. Franco claims to have fallen in love with Sami before he learned his green card is a fake. Kate tells him to save it because she knows he's been meeting Candy at the Capri Hotel. Franco asks Kate what she's up to and Kate says "revenge!" Kate tells Franco that he wants her to announce that the wedding is off when Sami arrives at the alter. Franco tells her no way, but Kate tells him that he will do this. Franco tells her that as soon as he gets hi green card he'll leave, but Kate says she won't allow the wedding to happen. Franco says he can't be deported and Kate tells him that she knows about the Moroni family. Kate tells Franco that Roberto told her, and he sold him out to the assassin. Kate tells him that he can either go along with her, or take his chances with the INS and the Moroni family. Kate assures Kate that she can still get her revenge without stopping the marriage and begs her to let him marry Sami.

In the guest house, Austin tells Sami that he has to talk with her about Franco. Sami starts talking about how she never thought it was possible for a man to love her, but she sees the look on his face and asks if Franco has changed his mind about marrying her. Austin says he hasn't seen Franco. Sami starts talking about Franco's love and how she's really sorry for trying to break up his and Carrie's marriage. Sami says she never thought she could consider him a friend. Austin says that he's forgiven her for everything, but there is something she needs to know. Austin tells Sami that Franco has been unfaithful to her. Sami asks how and Austin tells her about him and Candy having sex at the hotel. Sami is crushed and begins to cry in Austin's arms. Sami says that Franco has made a fool of her for the last time and she will have the last laugh. Austin tells her to calm down and figure out how to handle this, but Sami says she knows how she's going to handle it, she's going to kill the bastard! Sami runs off and Austin tries to stop her.

Back in the mansion, Kate decides to call agent Raskin. Franco picks up a fire and is about to kill Kate when shots ring out and he goes down. Kate looks at Franco and says "Oh my God!"

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