September 97 Week 3


September 15
Today's Summary is by Laney
The show opens with Carrie and Austin waking up in their honeymoon suite. She tells him she had the greatest dream that they got married and he tells her it is no's true and they kiss. (Guess Salemites don't having "morning breath") They rehash the events of the preceding day and talk about all of Sami's scheming (especially lying about Will). They discuss their future and Austin suggests that they go away for a real honeymoon and tells her that Eric is helping him with the arrangements (he wants to surprise Carrie and won't tell her where they are going). Austin calls Eric to check on everything and Eric tells them to come by DiMansion to pick up the tickets and he and Marlena have something important to tell them (it's about John/Stephano)

At DiMansion, it looks like the Brady family has set up house while Kristen is away. Marlena and Eric discuss the John/Stephano situation. Marlena tells Eric that she feels it is all just another DiMera trick. (Listen for the funky jungle music here as the scene shifts to Stepahno, John, Kristen & Hope on the plane). Roman wakes up calling for them (he was having a dream about Stephano hurting his family). M & E discuss whether they should tell Roman the truth (that Stephano is free) and they discuss whether there is really a cure. M doubts it, but prays that it is true. Roman overhears part of their conversation and wants to know what they were talking about, but they cover and tell him nothing. Marlena goes to get Roman's breakfast as Eric goes to check on the arrangements for the trip. Roman turns on the radio (Now, THAT was leave a radio by the bed) and hears the newscast about Stephano's escape and the suspicion that John has helped him and goes ballistic. M&E rush in and they confirm the news. As Roman is ranting and raving he launches into a coughing fit and Marlena is trying to help (as Carrie & Austin walk in...boy, they are fast!) They explain to C&A and they can't believe that John is in on this scheme. Marlena wants Roman to calm down, so Eric, Carrie & Austin all leave the room. In the hallway, Eric explains to C&A as Marlena continues to try to help Roman. When they come back, C&A tell Roman that they are changing their plans and not leaving, but he convinces them to go. They say their good-byes and leave for their trip (Carrie still doesn't know where they are's a suprise...but all bets say ROME!). After they leave, Roman & Marlena talk and Roman feels helpless (He doesn't believe that John actually helped Stephano...rather Stephano escaped and John is tracking him down). Marlena tries to convince Roman that he WILL get better and he asks her where will she fit into his life if he lives. Startled, she says she will always be a part of his life...they have a family together. He asks her to remember their life together...all the good times...and that he was a fool to ever walk out on her. He tells her that he could die a happy man knowing that she loved him. He pulls her down and kisses her right on the lips. She tells him to rest, they will talk later. She leaves the room and in the hallway, Eric walks up. As she cries, she tells him that right now she feels unable to help either John OR Roman and Eric comforts her.

Later, Carrie & Austin are on the plane and the pilot announces they will be taking off soon for....TADA!!!...Rome. Carrie is excited because they will get to see Bo & Billie (who is having their own set of problems at the present!)

In Rome, Curtis is urging Billie to leave the room and go get a fix. He tries to convince Billie that Bo has abandoned her but she insists that he WILL return. Curtis continues to belittle and berate her and says you can dress up garbage any way you want...but underneath, it is still just garbage. He tells her that she is good for nothing, yadda, yadda. She is beginning to crack (this goes on and on). HE tells her to quit whining and just get up and walk out the door...nirvana's right around the corner! Billie finally gives in and heads toward the door and heads out. She says Curtis is right...Bo HAS indeed deserted her.

Out on the street, Bo runs into the cop/fashion model Petra (Poor girl...wardrobe department must've given her only one outfit...she still has on that short black dress). He tells her about Billie and she tells him to be careful, because the drug laws in Rome are so strict, if Billie is caught, she could get hard time. Bo tells her about Billie being forced into using and Petra issues an arrest warrant for Dino. Later they get a call that the cops have him cornered and they rush off. In an alleyway, they get into a shoot-out with Dino and he goes down. Bo grabs him by the collar and shakes him around a while, then turns him over to the cops. Dino tells Bo that Billies is nothing but a junkie as the cops drag him off. Bo tells Petra that Billie is safe we see her wandering the streets. She decides to pay Dino a visit for another fix (just one more...then she will quit) as she sees the cops dragging him by. (But she doesn't see Bo or Petra) She lies down on a bench and launches into a string of flashbacks concerning how Bo loves Hope...NOT her.

Steph, Kristen, John & Hope all wake up on the plane (after flying all night). They are descending and John demands Stephano to tell him just where they are. (Why doesn't he just ask the pilot?) (Watch for the boom mike shadow on Steph's face) John questions him and Steph assures him that there IS a cure. As they prepare to land, John tells Hope as soon as they land, the plane is heading back to Salem...with HER on it (but she insists on staying...finally she tells him "whatever you say..." but we know better!) The next we see of the Salem Safari, they are arriving at a rundown shack and have picked up 2 new members to their merry little group. Steph pulls the 2 aside and whispers something and they leave. Kristen comments "You have connections EVERYWHERE, don't you?" ROFL! John demands to know where the cure is and Stephano tells him that HE is in charge now. John pulls his gun and says is Steph is lying, then he has a CURE for that too! John says he is going back to the plane tell Hope she strolls in and says "Why, are you going somewhere?" She refuses to leave. Kristen & Hope get into it as K brings up the B&B situation and tells her to stay out her business. Kristen tells her to just go back home and "marry her pretty boyfriend". They hear the plane revving up and Hope tells them they are stuck with her. John tries to call the pilot, but Hope tells him not to bother, the pilot will not answer. Steph tries the radio, but Hope has the batteries (Now, HOW and WHEN did she do that?) Funny, Kristen asks her the same question! Hope says face it, she isn't going anywhere. Steph seems to be agitated by all this. Later, Kristen comes on to John and tries to convince him that she is helping only to help Roman, but he will have NONE of it and turns her down flatly. Hope and Stephano argue and she tells him that she knows why he wants her out of there...because of the secret she learned at Maison Blanche...and he tells her she is making a BIG mistake. Later, we see John and Hope (she has changed from the red blouse to khaki jungle attire). She tries to convince John that she is experienced enough to help him. He finally agrees to let her help him, BUT for her to be careful, stay out of trouble and follow his lead. After he walks off, Hope thinks to herself "Bo had to learn the hard way, guess you will too John...I NEVER do what I'm told" and smiles (sounds like the Hope of old to me). As they arrive back at the hut, Stephano and Kristen have also changed clothes (Kristen is in a white tank top with a ball cap on) They urge John and Hope to sit down and eat something but John refuses and tells Stephano to quit stalling. (Funny...check out the table cloth...looks like they took Kristen's lepoard skirt and threw it over the table!) As they argue over who is in charge, Kristen informs them that Hope has disappeared. When John goes to look for her, Steph assures Kristen that everything is under control. Hope is snooping around in a room (that looks awfully lot like a jail cell to me). John finds her and they argue about her listening to him. Then they hear a SLAM...(guess it really IS a cell after all!) as they realize they are trapped.....and the credits roll.


September 16
Bo returns to the hotel room with some groceries only to find that Billie is gone. Bo fears she has gone looking for a fix and runs out of the room. Billie is on a bench somewhere and is dreaming about how much Bo loves Hope.

Carrie and Austin's plane is about to land in Rome and Austin says Bo and Billie are going to be surprised to see them. Carrie is still worrying about her dad, and John. Austin tells her that miracles can happen, they're living proof.

Austin and Carrie are walking around Rome, unfortunately Bo and Billie weren't in their hotel room. Austin says he can't wait to see his sister, he's so glad that she's finally happy. Carrie and Austin decide to go back to the hotel when Bo spots them and wonders what they are doing here. Austin and Carrie find the Club Fortuna and Carrie thinks it sounds like a fun place, but Austin rather go back to the hotel. Meanwhile Bo is still looking for Billie and gets side tracked when he sees a women who looks like Hope.

Austin and Carrie return to their room and crack open some champagne. Carrie wants to call Bo and Billie again, but Austin side tracks her with a kiss, and they soon end up in bed.

At the DiMera mansion Marlena is wishing John would call and Eric tells her John will be okay. Marlena tells Eric she's so glad he's here, but that they can't let Roman know John released Stefano. Sami shows up to see her dad but Marlena says he is resting. Sami and Eric go downstairs when Roman calls for Marlena. Roman is worried about John, he heard reports on the radio that John released Stefano because of Kristen. Marlena tells him everything he's hearing are lies, John is going to track Stefano down and bring him back to jail. Roman asks Marlena what is wrong, and she says she fears nobody will ever see John again. Roman looks at her and asks if she still loves him. Marlena says John is a very special man, and Roman agrees. He tells her that it's okay, he loves him too, he owes John a lot. Roman doesn't blame John for anything, it was all Stefano's fault. Roman says that is why John must bring Stefano back and lock him up for good. Marlena gives Roman a kiss on the head and then leaves. Outside the room Marlena says that Roman and John are the two men she's loved most in her life, and now she may lose them both.

Downstairs Eric and Sami argue. Sami doesn't think she did anything wrong, and brings up the fact that John and their mom lied and hurt everyone, and are still lying to their father. Eric tells Sami that Kristen is the one who lied to their father, and if he learns Kristen lied it could set him back, he needs to hang on until John returns with a cure. Sami says once that cure is found and dad is better Marlena will drop him for John, and crush his heart all over again. Sami says everyone may think she's a lying witch, but she learned it from her mother. Eric tells her that there is no way she can compare her situation to mom's. As Sami and Eric argue Marlena walks into the room and asks Eric to go sit with his dad while s he talks to Sami. Marlena tells Sami to accept the fact that Austin will not be a part of her life. Marlena wants Sami to be happy, but Austin isn't going to be a part of it. Marlena tells Sami to seek some counseling and Sami throws her mothers lies in her face. Sami says they are both doing anything and lying to anyone so they can have the men they love. Marlena says she is only doing what she is doing out of love for Roman, Sami is doing what she is doing out of love, Sami is doing it out of hate and selfishness.

Eric goes up to see his dad, who tells Eric he loves his mother so much and wants to rekindle his love with her before he dies. Roman says he could die a happy man if he had Marlena's love back. Eric goes back downstairs and tells Sami that Roman wants to see her. Marlena reminds Sami that Roman isn't very strong, and she says she'd never do anything to hurt her father, he's the only one who really loves her. Sami goes upstairs and is lectured to by Roman. Roman tells Sami that real love wins out in the end, that is why Carrie is with Austin and he and Marlena are destined to be together. Sami says she is destined to be with Austin and Carrie came between them. Roman tells her she came between Carrie and Austin, and he fears she'll do it again. Sami says if her dad wants her to be happy he'd help her get Austin back. Roman tells her to stop lying to herself, Austin loves Carrie. Sami tells her dad that everyone in this family tells lies, and Roman says he already knows about the lies, everyone is trying to convince him he can get well. Sami says he will not die, she loves her dad and Austin more than anyone in the world and won't loose either of them. Sami cries and runs out of the room.

Sami goes downstairs and cries and says she does belong with Austin. Eric comes to check on her, he tells her he does care about her and wants to help her. Sami tells Eric he can't imagine how she feels, he's never loved someone and then lost them. After Sami leaves Eric says "Who says I haven't". Upstairs Roman tells Marlena that there is a way to show Sami that if two people are supposed to be together they will be, and suggests they teach Sami themselves!

In the jungle Stefano has locked John and Hope in a bunker. John asks Stefano to let him out, but Stefano says all in good time. John asks Kristen to open the door, but she goes with Stefano. In the bunker Hope and John argue and Hope tells John the reason she stowed away was not only to watch him, she did it for love. Hope says she doesn't think it's right for Stefano to become between anyone in love. Hope says she's lost Bo and can't do anything about that, but she can help him and Marlena, and Roman as well. Hope asks John to please let her help him

Meanwhile Kristen tells Stefano she won't let him hurt John, she loves him as much as he loves Marlena. Kristen wants in on his plan, but he tells her it's extremely complex. Stefano decides to show Kristen just how much he loves Marlena, and he shows her a room which he turned into a shrine of Marlena. The room is covered with gold framed pictures of Marlena throughout the years. Kristen laughs and says this is so revolting, it's an obsession. Stefano calls it love, in it's purist state, and one day he and Marlena will be together. Stefano and Kristen argue about love, and Kristen says the one difference is that John actually loved her at one time, Marlena never loved him. Stefano reminds here there is a chance John will never love her again, but she says she will get him back. Stefano tells her she sounds obsessed, and she says at least she didn't build a shrine to the man. Stefano tells her there is a way to get John back, there is a procedure that can remove a portion of John's memory. He tells her that John will remember everything, except for the fact that he loves Marlena. Kristen says it sounds dangerous, there must be another way. Stefano tells her he doesn't think there is, and then tells her to go. A ticked of Kristen storms out of the holy shrine of Marlena. Stefano then calls someone and initiates phase 2, which involves the cure.

Kristen brings John and Hope some food, and tells John she'll consider letting him out if he gives them another chance. John says he loves Marlena and Hope tells Kristen to let them out, Stefano will kill them. John says if she has an ounce of goodness left in her she'd at least let Hope out, but Hope won't go anywhere without John. Kristen says all right, give me your gun and I'll get the key from Stefano. John looks at Kristen and asks if she would really murder Stefano to try and win his love back. Kristen says she has no intention of killing Stefano, she needs a weapon to get the key. Hope says it's a trick and John tells her that he maybe able to forgive her, but he won't forget, and he'll never love her again. Kristen tells him that hurts and to think about what he said, and she slams the window on the door shut.

Kristen returns to Stefano and tells him he was right, John will never love her without help. Kristen asks Stefano if this procedure will only take away John's love for Marlena and Stefano says he is positive. Stefano says all she has to do is say the word and he'll perform the procedure.


September 17
Today's Summary is by Linda (Dustin has to be out most of the day)
Viv is dreaming of being given a diamond necklace by a nicely dressed Jonesy. He offers her a glass of wine and finds a huge diamond ring in the wine glass. For emergencies she's given a box with money in it. Ivan sees her saying "money, money" in her sleep. Viv tells Ivan she's ready to be Jonesy's flora dora girl or whatever to have money, but Ivan gives her a greed or reason lecture. Being they've started on the proverbial straight and narrow path though, she thanks him for correcting her. Bertha comes with an ad for a new job and being it's white collar, they agree. As they close the door, Bertha smiles to herself (uh oh, what's up for them now?). Ivan drives Viv over to their new job in a big truck for their managment job in WD and finds out it's a glorified title of garbageman. (funny how Ivan takes Viv out of the truck stiff as a board and sets her down). The man tells them to empty dumpsters. Ivan rolls the dumpster over to the truck (is he going to lift it himself?) Viv refuses to help him. Holding her nose, she says that's enough and leaves.

Ivan stumbles in to their room exhausted and Viv calls out if he finished the job. He said yes, he did it all himself. She comes out in a roaring 20's gold shimmering outfit and says Jonesy, here comes your Flora Dora girl..ROFL, with a cigarette in a long holder.

Jack calls to wish Jen a happy birthday a day late. She tells him they had a little birthday party after he asks how it went. The guard cuts off his call. Mike walks in and tells her he took the day off due to personal reasons. She guesses Carrie and he said yeah, he had planned the whole day with her, right up to telling her he loved her. Jen tells Mike about wanting to find Travis as an expose with Jack (sp?) type of story while Trent listens outside. In jail, Jack remembers Travis' advise about Jen. The florist delivers some flowers to the house and Jen thinks they're a belated bday gift from Jack, but Mike corrects her that they were for Carrie. He's about ready to throw them away, and she said to give them to someone else he cares for. He hands them to her and says Happy Belated Birthday and she tells him NO,. that's not what she meant. She gives his ego a kick and he rushes off saying he knows the perfect person to give them to (Alice?, Laura?). Jen starts to work and Trent knocks on her door. She tells him she's on her way to see Jack to tell him she's going to help Jack start a story on Travis. He tries to talk her out of it, but rushes off when he gets a beeper message to make a call.

Jen visits with Jack (pretty cool prison, anytime you want to visit). Jen tells Jack about her plan to work together on the story about Travis and he tells her no way. Jack tells her he needs to have someone on the inside to help him. They yell they love each other and that's why they're doing this and he goes back to his cell.

Jen's already talking with Jack at the prison, but Travis is still on the phone with Stephano. He assures Stephano that Jack and Jen will never be together.

Yup, the flowers were for Alice. She tells him to sit down and talk. Another ego boost and telling him he reminds her of Tom. She guesses the flowers were for Carrie. He tells her he has fallen in love with Carrie. He tells her how it lead to love, but trying to protect her, etc. and that something happened while they were in the hut after the accident. (yeah, everyone tells their grandma mushy stuff). Her kissing him and telling him she loved him was meant for Austin. Alice suggests someone who might help and knowing what she means, asks to use her phone. He tells her it's long distance (Jeremy?) and she said that's ok. Two for two, yeah, it's Mike calling his son to come visit. Jeremy reminds him he's in school and Mike said maybe over the holidays. Jeremy tells Mike he's got a girlfriend, but she doesn't know it. Mike tells him to tell her and go for it, not to give up on love (yeah, a real father-son talk there!).

Jen calls Mike on her cell phone from the prison. He tells her even though Jack says he doesn't want her in his life anymore, to hang in there and stay strong and fight for your love. She knows it's coming from the heart knowing the pain he's in (he does look awesome sitting in his vette). Jen sees the bulletin board with jobs posted on it and gets an idea as to how to be on the inside (I'm sure there's no question like is anyone you know in prison?). Mike dreams of him and Carrie by the car and says everything reminds him of Carrie, even the car, and thinks of selling it.

Austin and Carrie wake up and agree they don't want to leave the hotel room. Housekeeping calls to ask if they are ever leaving so they can clean the room (I'm sure they would do that!!) Feeling they are probably the talk of the hotel, they decide to shower and go see some of Rome, but instead get back to what honeymooners do ;-) While Carrie showers, Austin calls B & B's room and finds they haven't been back for a few days, probably sight seeing. Off comes the towel and you know what.

Austin and Carrie run into an older couple out on their honeymoon too, saying they've waited 20 years to get married and appreciate not having to wait THAT long. Wine is delivered to their table, courtesy of the house. The waitress tells them she's still looking for Mr. Right.

Billie is still on the park bench dreaming of Bo and Bo finds her. He wakes her up and she's shivering. He apologizes for leaving her along and promises not to again, they're going to beat this thing. Bo has Billie back in bed wrapped up in blankets and he can't realize how anyone could hurt anyone as sweet and caring as she is while she's out of it. He goes to get her water and she remembers her Curtis hallucination about another fix. She tells Bo she'll do anything for a fix and he calms her down again. He talks to her about good memories on his motorcycle and Green Mountain. She mutters don't leave me and he tells her he won't.



September 18
Today's Summary is by Tracy (Dustin will be back writing summaries tomorrow)
At the prison, Jack is about to put up pics of Jen when he says no he canít do it - he told Jen to make a new life for herself and he should do the same (with what one of your jailmates?!). His cellmate comes in and they talk about the new guard TC and how he is out to let everyone know he is on charge. Then we see him walk by and pull out his phone and call Trent to let him know he has been assigned to Jackís area. In the meantime Jen has gone to see Gran and tells her of her plan to help Jack. She tells Gran that she plans to pose as Hope to get the job as a guard when Gran tells her Hope is out of town (Jen remembers she said she may go away with Franco). Knowing that Hope would agree she decides to go ahead with the plan but is concerned about the warden calling Abe for references. Gran tells Jen to get the interview and she will take care of the rest. Jen calls later to report that she has an interview but itís in an hour. Gran says go ahead sheíll handle things on her end. Susan has stopped by to visit Gran with her Elvis records and try her famous donuts. She dips them in milk and just has a ball eating them. (too funny she has 2 curlers in her hair). Gran tells Susan she needs her help and Susan agrees. At the station Gran gets Susan to cause a distraction when the officers are around. Conveniently Abe is out for a while so she asks to wait in his office for him and when Officer James is in the office Gran starts coughing and he offers to get water but not before Susan comes running in hollering thereís vampires out there. The officer offers to go out with her and while he is out the warden calls for references. Gran crosses her fingers as she lies to the warden that she can help him with any questions he would have for Abe. Jen has dyed her hair brown (or is it a wig) and wearing it like Hope does. Jack knocks at the wardenís door and comes in to clean but he sees the warden is busy and says he will come back - he only sees the back of Jenís head. The warden congratulates her and says she has the job.

Viv is in the park and runs into Susan who says how pretty she is. She asks if she is going to a costume party ROTF. Viv says she wouldnít be dressed like that if Susan had not told the cosmetic lady she was broke. They talk about Stefís escape (Viv saw the headlines on a paper in the trash) and Susan says that John is off looking for Stef not helping him escape. She says that Kristen is gone too and now there is one less mean, mean, mean person in Salem. Ivan shows up and Susan starts sniffing him (ROTF) saying he smells like the menís cosmetic counter when she was in high school. He comments that heís a little long in the tooth for that (Iíve never heard that before) and brushes her off to join Viv. He tells her after he showered he still smelled so he put a few extra drops on. They venture on to Jonesy house and find it empty. But then Jonesy comes in and he is glad to see his Flora Dora. He puts on music and they start dancing the Charleston. He is twirling her when all of a sudden he falls on the couch and Viv goes flying into the wall. Ivan thinks heís dead but they find he is just sleeping. Viv notices that she bumped into a pic and thereís a safe behind it. She plays around with it and manages to crack the code (smart women huh?) about the time Jonesy wakes up. Now he says she is not his Flora Dora and wants to know if BaBa told her she could be there. Viv says of course and he tells her to go get her and passes out again. She is trying to figure out who BaBa may be and searches the house to no avail. Ivan remembers in the old country that a grandma was called a BaBa and Viv agrees Jonesy is old enough to be a grandpa. She has this look on her face and Ivan is concerned that this is her most ridiculous adventure yet.

In the jungle, John and Hope are talking and he is considering taking Kristenís offer to get out. Hope says she wonít let him do that but he tells her that it may be their only choice. Kristen and Stef are talking over the laser thing and Stef assures her it is safe - he has been working on this for years. Kristen thinks this is the only reason he brought John here was to erase more of his memory and he does not have a cure for Roman. She gets a conscious and says she canít do it he has already lost his childhood memories and some of his adult ones too. She will take the chance that Marlena will choose Roman and then John will be alone. Stef tells her Marlena may still choose John so Kristen says then she will use the laser procedure as a last minute option (so much for the conscious). Kristen is concerned that Hope and John are locked up together after all they are two healthy human beings (are you insinuating they might do the wild thing?!) and demands that Hope be released. He refuses and she asks what secret Hope knows about him. He is getting ready to go out and they argue because he wonít tell her what he is planning. She slams her fist down on the desk and notices a button. Stef tells her not to touch it but since when did she ever listen to him and pushes it. A dart flies across the room and he tells her that is contains poison to which there is no antidote and will kill who it hits. He has them strategically place around the room (the shrine to Marlena) to protect his stuff. He leaves and then we see him talking to someone whom we never see (Peter?) saying that things are going fine. John and Hope hear a noise and so Hope starts moaning. The guards opens the door and John over powers him and gets his gun. As they run out 3 more guards arrive. Hope falls down moaning again and John hollers about her heart. They overpower these guards too and manage to escape. They find the Shrine to Marlena and realize just how sick Stef if. Kristen walks in on them and wonders how they escaped - Hope comments that the guards are no rocket scientist. (Kristen dreamed earlier that John forgave her and still loved her - yep dream on honey). John sees they heart brooch he gave Doc in a case and remembers the moment on the docks when he gave it to her (flashback with long hair John). He breaks the case just as Stef comes into the room. John tells him that the brooch does not belong to him and they argue about who is in charge. Stef tells John he is on charge and walks behind the desk and reaches over and hits the button to release the dart. Hope sees this and jumps to get John out of the way but is hit by the dart. Kristen gasps and tells John it was a poison dart and Hope will die as the credits roll.


September 19
Jen, posing as Hope in a brunette wig, gets a job as a guard at Jack's prison. Jen remembers Jack warning her about prison, but she says this is something she has to do. Jack calls Mrs Horton to ask her to try and discourage Jen from helping him write a story about prison. Alice tells Jack that Jen can handle herself. T.C. calls Travis, who thinks he's convinced Jen not to work with Jack in the prison. Just then Jen/Hope is introduced to T.C. as a new guard and is asked to show her the ropes. T.C. takes Jen/Hope to the rec room where Jack is! T.C. tells her she probably won't be assigned to this floor, and he stares at her. He tells her she so beautiful, he doesn't understand why she's working here. T.C. then points out Jack Devereaux and wants to introduce her! However, Jen/Hope manages to disappear before Jack can see her. T.C. wonders where she went and when he finds her she says she was checking out some suspicious activities. Jack is gone so he decides to take her to the cell block. Later Jack wakes up to find Jen standing over him in a wig, and they kiss (dream).

Susan goes to see Alice when Caroline and Sister Mary show up. They invite them to go to the park but Alice can't go but Susan wants to go with them. Caroline and Susan leave but Sister Mary wants to speak to Alice. Sister Mary asks Alice about this ESP twin bond she mentioned. Alice says that Sami and Eric share a special bond, and she was curious if she and Susan shared the same thing. Sister Mary feels that Susan has gotten involved with the wrong people, and she fears for her sister and her nephew.

Eric finds Sami sulking in the park, the place she and Austin spent time with Will. Eric tells Sami she has to let it go, but Sami knows she and Austin can be happy again, she just has to find a way to make it happen.

Roman and Marlena are also walking in the park. Roman tells Marlena he has a surprise and asks her to close her eyes and follow him (he's holding her hand). Roman surprises Marlena with a little picnic in the park, including strawberries and whip cream! Roman thinks it was something special that they alone shared, and Marlena remembers John serving them to her as well. Marlena tells Roman that she's not really hungry and he says they can eat later, they should enjoy this wonderful afternoon. Roman remembers bringing Sami and Eric to the park to play in a sandbox, but Marlena can't help but think how much things have changed. Roman tells her that when he was away, the memories of their good times got him through the bad times. Roman tells Marlena that he hopes they can recapture those feelings. Marlena looks at Roman and sees John, but she tells herself that she must focus on Roman now and what is right for him.

Eric and Sami see Marlena and Roman in the park. Sami thinks her mother is leading her father on, she is going to betray him and break his heart again. Roman sees them and invites them to sit and join them. Sami sees that he brought a Frisbee and she and Roman go off and play. Marlena asks if Eric has heard from John or Stefano, via Abe. Eric says no, but he thinks his mom and Roman must be having a good time. Marlena tells him part of her heart will always belong to Roman, but she loves John. Eric tells her he trusts her to do what is best for Roman.

Sister Mary and Susan show up, and Susan introduces Marlena to Mary. Sami then tells her mother she is a hypocrite and a liar, and she will never forgive her for what she is doing to her father. Suddenly Mary grabs Sami by the ear and tells her that is no way to speak to her mother, and leads her away by her ear! Mary tells her she should be ashamed of herself and what she has done. Mary pulls a ruler out and tells her she should be ashamed of herself and she should run and pray for forgiveness. Sami then runs away. Mary tells Marlena she didn't strike her, nuns aren't aloud to do that anymore. Mary says she only wanted to get through to her, and Marlena says she hopes she has. When Marlena tries to leave Mary says not so fast, she has some choice words for her as well. Mary has talks to Marlena about the men in her life. Mary says that in the eyes of God, Roman is still her husband. Mary tells her that she loved Roman at one time, and perhaps she could still find some love in her heart for him. Mary says she's on a difficult road with a difficult decision to make, she just hopes Marlena makes the right one.

Later Eric plays with Will and takes him to get some ice cream. Sami says she will find a way to get Austin back! Roman tells Marlena he's had a great time and thinks this is a pretty good re-start. Roman says the worst part of this is that if he hadn't taken so long to realize why she and John had the affair than they may still be together. Roman tells Marlena that his love for her is stronger now than the day they married.

In the jungle Stefano shoots a dart at John, but Hope leaps in front of him and is hit. Kristen says that it's a poison dart, there is no antidote and the poison works in seconds! John pulls a gun on Stefano and says if she dies, he dies. Stefano says if he dies, Roman dies! Hope stands up, she says the dart didn't hit her, she only hit her head. Stefano takes the dart and tells them he had no intention of killing anyone, he did it to prove a point. With the dart Stefano sticks himself to prove the dart isn't poisonous. Stefano says he only locked them in the bunker for their protection, the natives don't like strangers. Stefano tells John and Hope to come with him, he will show them the cure. Stefano leads them to his laboratory and introduces them to Dr. Rolfe, the man in charge of finding the cure. Hope wonders if she has meet Dr. Rolfe before, but he says no and Stefano quickly breaks them apart to show them the cure. Stefano has a vial which he claims will save Roman's life. John wants to get back to Salem with the cure but Stefano says that can't do that yet. Stefano gives a speech about how we (the world) are destroying the Rain Forest, which is a valuable source of goodness. John and Hope talk about Dr. Rolfe, Hope wonders if he knows her from Maison Blanche. Meanwhile Stefano tells Dr. Rolfe he is never to leave that (no clue what that is) out while she (Hope) is around!

Stefano leaves to take a call from Travis. Travis tells Stefano everything is under control. Stefano tells him he doesn't want Jen investigating the prison system! John leaves to try and call Marlena and Hope begins to poke around. Hope finds a framed picture of Maison Blanche, when Stefano returns! Hope begins to remember being bandaged and Stefano standing over her at Maison Blanche after she recovered. Stefano doesn't like this and tells Kristen he may have made a mistake shooting that dart without poison. Stefano tells Kristen that Hope is going to be big trouble for him!

In Rome, Austin tells Carrie their honeymoon will last them the rest of their lives. Austin and Carrie go to bed and make whoopee. Suddenly Austin gets a feeling that someone he loves is in trouble. Austin makes some calls and learns Will is okay, but he's still worried because he learned as a child that good things don't last. Later Austin remembers the nightmare he had about Curtis weeks ago.

In Bo and Billie's room, Bo asks Billie why she took off. Billie says she thought he left her but Bo tells her he'd never do that and asks why she would think that. Billie says Curtis told her he would leave her. Bo tells Billie that Curtis is dead, it's just the withdrawal. Suddenly Curtis shows up and Billie says he's here! Billie points Curtis out, but Bo can't see him and tells her it's the drugs. Billie tells Curtis she told him Bo would come back, and she asks Bo to make him leave. Curtis laughs and tells her he can't help her, she's no good and nobody wants to help her. Curtis tells her she's always been trouble and she should look what she's done to Bo, he thinks she's pathetic and no good. Curtis tells her to say she's no good, and she does. Bo tells her not to listen to Curtis, who tells her she'd be better off dead. Curtis tells her to die and join him in hell, where she belongs. Billie begins to slip away and as Bo tells her to stay with him Curtis screams Die Billie Die! Bo grabs a medal and begins to pray to God to help him fight the evil that has taken over Billie's mind, body, and soul. Bo's spirit comes out of his body and confronts Curtis! Curtis tells Bo to go away, but Bo tells him he'll have to get through him to get Billie.

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