September 97 Week 2


September 8

In the church Sami is screaming and banging on the church window trying to stop the wedding. Shawn and Caroline are worried and decide to go handle her.

Hope is in the garden at the church and is so happy Carrie and Austin together, and she wonders maybe if things could work out for her and Bo. Franco tells her that Bo and Billie are on their honeymoon and she has to let him go. Suddenly Sami tries to run into the church and Hope grabs her. Caroline and Shawn run out and tell her they aren't going to let her ruin Carrie and Austin's wedding again!

Kristen approaches John in the church and sits by him to act like his wife, for Roman's sake. As Maggie, Mickey, and Alice discuss Sami's situation Eric listens in and feels bad that his grandparents have to babysit Sami. Eric gets up and goes outside to tell his grandparents he'll babysit Sami instead. Sami asks Eric how he could do this to her, and he says she did it to herself. Sami thinks he was out to get her from the very start. Eric then tells Sami that he told Roman his notions about her, and he faked his collapse in order to buy Eric the time to find out the truth. Sami can't believe her dad has turned against her as well. Sami asks how her dad could betray her, but Eric asks how she could have betrayed Roman by lying to him? Sami says that Carrie could have fallen for Mike in time, and she could have been happy with Austin.

Lucas, Kate, and Will are sitting in a pew. Lucas is angry with Sami, but he realizes he has lost Carrie and she deserves to be with Austin. Kate is proud of his change of heart and Lucas says he wants to set a good example for his son.

Laura is so angry that this wedding is going off, she feels Mike is much better for Carrie. At the altar Austin apologizes to Mike for the way he's treated him and can't believe he thought Mike was trying to take Carrie away from him. Austin wonders what the holdup could be and he asks Mike if perhaps Carrie has changed her mind. Mike tells Austin he's sure she hasn't, but he silently hopes she has.

Susan is talking to Celeste and bets her this wedding won't happen. Celeste says she knows it will, she's rarely wrong about these thing. Celeste says that she feels that she knows Little Elvis' father. Susan just responds "You know Mr. Elvis Presley?"

In jail Stefano laughs when he thinks about Susan. We see Stefano dressed as Elvis in an OR where Susan will be implanted with a his child. The doctor says that it's very rare that he found a genetic match. Stefano says indeed, but they both know that this child will be much more than his son. Stefano asks Susan if she's ready baby, and Susan only sees a blurry image of Stefano dressed as Elvis and thinks he's really Elvis, and that he's going to make love to her.

Back in the brides room Roman asks Carrie if she wants to go through with this marriage today. Carrie wonders if she should listen to Mike and Marlena about postponing the wedding, and Roman says it may not be such a bad idea. Carrie says she's dreamed for this for so long and Roman makes her realize that Marlena and Mike only wanted her to be happy. Carrie says she should apologize to Mike, and Roman tells her whatever she wants to do is okay with him. Carries says she wants to be married now, she doesn't want to wait.

Roman and Carrie leave the brides room and meet up with Marlena and Abbey at the chapel entrance. Marlena and Abbey walk down the isle and are followed by Roman and Carrie.

Outside Sami hears the wedding march and tells Eric he should go watch his sister walk down the isle. Eric says she's his sister too, and he thought he did what was right for everyone. Eric tells Sami he does love her and she cries on his shoulder. Sami walks off crying, and Eric follows her. Sami goes to the window of the church and watches and cries no no no no no.

Back in the church Roman gives Carrie away. As the minister begins to speak, outside Sami says she has to stop this and runs off. Sami runs into the church, but Eric grabs her and covers her mouth. Austin and Carrie say the traditional wedding vows (minus the obey line) and exchange rings. The priest pronounces them man and wife, and Austin kisses his bride. Everyone is happy and claps, well Mike isn't so happy but he claps. Sami is definitely not happy and runs outside and almost keels over from crying and just says Austin over and over.

Everyone congratulates Austin and Carrie and Kate invites everyone to her house for the reception. Lucas congratulates Carrie and Austin, and Will calls Austin daddy. Austin says no Will, and Lucas says it is okay, they will make everything workout for Will. All the Hortons come over and congratulates them and Alice hopes they will be as happy as she was with Tom. Carrie asks where Eric is, and Roman says he's watching Sami. Marlena hopes Sami will accept their help in time. Carrie apologizes to Mike for snapping at him, and she promises to help him find his dream girl after her honeymoon. Carrie wants him to be as happy as she and Austin are, but Mike doesn't think that's possible.

Laura approaches Mike, who doesn't want to hear it. Laura tells Mike it's only a matter of time before Carrie realizes she was wrong about marrying Austin.

Back in the church Kristen asks John to take her with him when he breaks Stefano out, but John pretends he has no clue what she's talking about. John tells her to stop interfering, and then he walks off. As Kristen tries to sneak away Roman asks where she is going, and she says to take care of a few things.

Susan talks with Maggie, Mickey, Alice, and Celeste and tells them her man will be coming for her very soon, and they'll marry in Las Vegas. Susan remembers talking to Elvis (Stefano), who says one day he'll return for her and their very special child. Suddenly we see Stefano, who is still remembering the events as well. Stefano says he will come for his child, who will carry on the DiMera dynasty and will remain a huge part of Salem for many years to come.

Hope continues to wonder if she and Bo could reunite, but Franco says she needs to move on.

Everyone gets ready to throw the birdseed and Susan has tied the tin cans to the back of their car. Carrie and Austin come out of the church and are showered with bird seed.

John, Abe, and Lexie talk about breaking Stefano out. Abe tells John that the DA has ordered his officers to shoot and kill Stefano, or any accomplices, if he tries to escape. John says that's just a chance he'll have to take.

Kristen goes to see Stefano, who could care less about Austin and Carrie's marriage. Kristen tells Stefano John is going to break him out and when she wants to go with them Stefano says no way, it will ruin his plans.

Sami is still pouting and Eric asks if she's okay. Sami says no she's not okay because Carrie married her husband. Eric tells her to accept this and move on, but Sami says this isn't over. Sami says Carrie belongs with Mike and that Austin is HERS! Lucas approaches Sami and tells her he's taking Will to the reception and Sami wants to go with him. Lucas says no way, and Eric says that's not a good idea. Sami wonders to herself how to get Austin back and thinks she should try at the reception tonight.

In Rome Billie is going through withdrawal and Bo is helping her through it. Billie keeps insisting she's no good and Bo tries to tell her she's a beautiful wonderful person. Bo promises to help her beat the drugs and then begins to make a list of supplies they'll need. As Bo writes Billie says she needs a fix, but she has to handle these cravings on her own, she can't let her family know about this. Bo says that Billie should call Kate, hearing Kate's voice would cheer her up. Billie says NO! she doesn't want to talk to her mom. Billie doesn't want her mom or Austin to know she's hooked on drugs, and she fears Kate may pick up on her condition. Billie says Kate will know if she speaks with her and Billie asks Bo to call her. Bo says Kate will know something is up if she doesn't talk to her. Billie asks Bo to call Kate but then she suffers a cramp attack. Bo tells her she has to eat something and gets her to eat a cracker. Bo tells her he's going to call Kate now, and Billie hopes she can handle this.


September 9
Bo is calling Kate in hopes that Billie will tell her mother the truth, but Billie says no and makes him promise not to tell her mom what is going on.

At the church Eric is still with Sami. Sami asks Eric to take her to Kate's, but Eric tells her he'll take her to the pub. Sami asks if he's trying to keep her from her reception and Eric says "Hello?, you need to face reality." Sami thinks everyone hates her but Eric assures her they don't. Eric says life isn't fare but she needs to grow up. Eric tells her to think about Will and Sami says he's right. Sami says she'll go to the pub and naive Eric gives her the keys to his car, he'll walk over to the reception at Kate's. After Eric leaves Sami says she's going to find a way to get Austin back, she has too.

At the reception Laura is still nagging Mike about telling Carrie the truth but he refuses to do so. Kate is so happy for Carrie and Austin and a photographer says a messenger will bring proofs over from Titan later today. Kate has to leave to take a phone call and says she'll be back. Hope and Franco are together and Hope leaves to check on Shawn D. Franco wonders if Hope will ever give up on Bo.

Kate talks to Bo on the phone. Kate is relieved that he found Billie, and Bo tells her she's fine. Kate wants to know why he never called her back and Bo says they were touring Italy. Kate says it sounds like they're having a really great time, which Hope overhears. Kate asks to speak with Billie and Bo hands her the phone. Billie talks to Kate, and when Kate looks over her shoulder and sees Hope, Hope walks off. Kate tells Billie she seems tired and Billie says she just woke up. Kate thinks Billie and Bo are back together but Billie says they are just friends. Kate asks why he is there and Billie says he's here because you asked him to come. Billie tells Kate they are just friends but Kate tells Billie that Hope has moved on, this is her chance to get Bo back in her life! Kate tells Billie to use this time to remind Bo of the wonderful, decent, caring girl he once loved. Billie says that's not possible but Kate tells her he can fall in love with her again. Billie tells Kate she has to go and almost breaks down. She hands the phone to Bo who asks Kate if he's heard from Hope. Kate tells him about the wedding and that Lucas is Will's father. Bo asks Kate to give everyone his love, and when he asks how Hope is again, Kate tells him she's with Franco, and she seems happier than she's seen her in a long time. Bo tells Kate he'll take care of Billie and they both say goodbye.

Bo tells Billie he will take care of her, and Billie continues to hear her mothers words and wonders if Bo loves her. Suddenly Billie falls unconscious!

Hope goes back to the reception and Franco consoles her, Hope thinks Bo and Billie are having an incredible time in Rome. Franco proposes a friendly trip for the two of them and asks if she will go. Jen talks to Hope later and Hope tells Jen she has to let go of Bo, and she's considering Franco's proposition.

Kate returns to the reception and apologizes to Hope, she knows it must have hurt to hear that. Kate talks to Franco, and they both feel that Hope is giving up on Bo.

Jennifer asks Mickey if any new evidence has been found, but Mickey says no. Jen isn't going to give up hope, but it's hard at times, especially for Abbey.

Shawn and Caroline are happy for Austin and Carrie and they both wish Bo and Hope would get back together.

John and Abe are talking at the reception, John is planning to break Stefano out tonight. John and Roman have arranged a romantic trip for Austin and Carrie, and they give him a key to a hotel room. Later Marlena gives Roman some medicine and he leaves to rest. Marlena says the medication is making him stronger, but they need to find a cure soon. John tells her to hold on, and before they can get to close Roman returns. John tells Roman he should be resting but Roman says the drugs only take a few minutes to kick in and then he'll be fine. Roman talks to Abe and Lexie about Peter, and he learns what happened with Jack.

Abe and Lexie talk to Mike, Lexie says when Carrie returns she's planning to find a woman for Mike. Shawn says it's time to toast the bride and groom and lets Mike make the toast. Mike toasts to the special love and bond Carrie and Austin share, and hopes their love will grow and endure.

Eric shows up at the reception and he tells Marlena that Sami has gone back to the pub. Marlena is relieved because she was worried Sami might show up at the reception.

Sami has shown up, she's wandering the Kirkiakis stables when she finds something dangerous, a lantern I think. Sami then fantasizes that she saved the horses from a fire and Austin tells her that he loves her and shouldn't have married Carrie. Sami wakes up and says that's how she'll make Austin realize he loves her. Sami then realizes she couldn't do that, the fire could get out of control and hurt everyone. She puts whatever the fire hazard was in a safe place and then decides to figure out what to do.

Back at the reception Carrie wishes Bo and Billie could have been here. Carrie and Austin eat their wedding cake while Sami watches from the window. Austin and Carrie then dance to their song (No idea what it is). John steals Marlena away from the party and they go outside for a few minutes. When Lexie can't find John, Abe says he won't be getting Stefano out till the reception is over. They are both worried for John, but Lexie has to believe there is some good in her father. Outside Marlena says someone has to find a cure for Roman and John wonders if Stefano has a cure. Marlena is sure he doesn't, if he did he would have given it to Kristen because she knows if Roman lives she has a chance with him (John). John and Marlena hold each other and Marlena believes things will work out for them. When they kiss Sami shows up! Sami cries that her father is dying and all her mother can think about is making love to John. Sami says that's quite an example she's setting. Marlena tells her she won't allow her to speak to them that way, but Sami says she is sick of her mother's double standards. Sami says they can blame their affair on Stefano, but when she tries to hold onto the man she loves they call her evil. They argue with her and Marlena tells Sami to get out of that dress and go back to the pub. John tries to take Sami back to the pub, but she says he isn't her father even if he is sleeping with her mom. Marlena slaps Sami and Sami tells her mother she hates her. Marlena asks John to leave them and they argue. Marlena tells Sami she loves her but she will not let her ruin Carrie's happiness. Laura overhears the argument and before Sami leaves she says she knows Carrie has fallen in love with Mike. Laura takes Marlena back inside and Sami returns, she's not going to leave.

Sami goes inside and up to her room. Kate finds her and asks what she's doing here and Sami says she lives here. Kate tells her to move out but Sami won't leave, she wants to keep an eye on her. Kate says she kept up her end of the bargain but Sami calls their deal off. Sami says she just has to decide when to tell everyone about her past, and she'll start with the fact that she hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope.

Downstairs Marlena tells Carrie and Austin they should slip away and Carrie goes to get her bouquet. Roman talks to Jen and tells her he was sorry about Peter, he thought maybe he'd be like Kristen, untouched by Stefano's evil. Roman promises Jen that Jack will be freed and she says she wants to believe that. Mike asks Laura why Marlena looks upset and she tells him about Sami and Marlena's argument. John tells Abe he's going to be leaving soon, and he'll come back with a cure for Roman. Meanwhile Roman asks Eric to drive him somewhere, there is something he has to do.

Lucas finds Kate who is distraught over Sami. Lucas wants to throw her out but Kate tells him to leave her alone, she's a ticking time bomb. In the other room Austin throws the garter, which Mike catches. Of course Laura gives her son a happy look and Laura tells Jen that Mike and Carrie will be together one day. Carrie gets ready to throw the bouquet and she hopes Jen will catch it. Carrie tosses the bouquet and Sami runs in front of Jen and catches it!

At the jail Stefano is arguing with Kristen. Kristen wants to go with Stefano but he refuses. Kristen wonders if he even has a cure and she asks if this whole plot is just to permanently get rid of John. Kristen screams at him that he promised not to hurt John and that he had a cure. Stefano says he's not lying but his plan doesn't involve her! Kristen then asks "father" if he ever loved her to let her come along. Stefano tells her that she doesn't fit in the plan and if she wants to be useful she should find John and see why he's not here yet. Kristen begs Stefano to let her go along but he ignores her and turns on his classical music. Kristen bangs and yells she's not giving up, but eventually leaves.

Roman shows up to see Stefano. Stefano asks why he is here and Roman says he just wanted to see Stefano locked up for good. Roman tells him he's going to rot in here for the rest of his miserable life.


September 10
Carrie throws her bouquet and Sami charges in front of Jen to catch it. Everyone can't believe she did this and Susan says she's mean mean mean meaner than Kris-tan. Austin tells Sami to leave and give Carrie the bouquet back but Carrie says no. Carrie tells her she just ruined a beautiful moment and she can choke on the bouquet. Carrie then tells Sami she has no right to wear that dress and rips Sami's tiara/veil off her head! Sami wants Austin to let her explain and Carrie says let me guess, your amnesia has come back right? Austin says there is no reason for her to explain. Austin tells everyone to keep on partying and Austin and Carrie prepare to leave. Carrie apologizes to Jen for Sami ruining her chance to catch the bouquet but Jen says her friendship means more and she's happy to see the good guys win for once.

Lucas approaches Sami with Will. Sami wants to take Will but Lucas says no way, he's his father, he'll take care of him, and he's making up for lost time. Lucas walks off and Sami says everyone is going to be very sorry. Before walking out of the room Sami finds some envelopes with Carrie and Austin's wedding photos in one, and her and Austin's photos in the other!

Carrie and Austin go to their hotel room which has been decorated with candles and flowers. Carrie says Alice always says true love wins in the end and Austin says Alice is always right. Austin picks Carrie up and takes her to the bed where they engage in ritualistic wedding night practices.

Back at the party Susan is just shocked over what Sami has done. Keith from Titan tells Kate he has to go but he tells her he's left two envelopes of photos in the dining room for her, one of Austin and Sami and one of Austin and Carrie. Lexie and Marlena are talking outside while inside John tells Abe he may have to say goodbye to Marlena for the last time. Abe suggests he say good night and plan on coming back. John goes out to patio and asks God not to let this be their last night together. John asks what Marlena is thinking about and Marlena wants to ask Sami to move into the penthouse. John tells her that Sami just needs time alone to come to her senses, but Marlena says she's praying for that but doesn't expect it. Marlena says she's going to the check on Eric and then to the pub and asks him to join her. John tells her he will.

Upstairs Sami is busy crying and tearing up Carrie and Austin's wedding photos. Sami has this fantasy about Austin being in love with her and forgiving her for not telling him the truth about Will. Sami says she is Austin's bride!

Sami calls Austin and Carrie's hotel room and claims it's about Will. Austin refuses to fall for any of her games and hangs up. Sami calls once again about Will, she says it's not a trick. Kate comes in the room and takes the phone, Kate says she'll calm Will down. Austin is still upset, and Carrie says that she could hear Will crying over the phone. Carrie tells Austin he should go help Will, she'll wait for him here. Austin arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and calms Will down. As he is about to leave Sami shows up in a night gown and says "Hello Austin."

Mike and Jen return home. Mike hopes Carrie will be happy and Jen says she truly believes Carrie will be happy with Austin. When Jen goes upstairs Mike says he could have made her happy too. The hospital calls for Mike, a man at a hotel is having chest pains, but he doesn't want to go to the hospital so he has to take this call. Mike leaves and Jen begins to write a letter to Jack when she finds his notes on the prison exposee article he wanted to write. Of course Trent comes over to see Jen, who tells him about Jack's expose and how Jack's former cell mate Travis has just disappeared. Jen tells Travis she is going to free Jack, and right now she's going to help Jack with his expose and find Travis!

Mike ends up meeting Carrie at the Hotel when she heard him drop his bag in the hall. Mike tells her to go back to Austin but Carrie says Austin isn't here!

At the jail Stefano gives Roman his best wishes on his daughter's wedding. Roman tells him to cut the bull, he's here because he knows about John and Abe's plan. Stefano pretends he has no idea what Roman is talking about but Roman knows better. Stefano says Roman must be hallucinating but Roman says no. Roman says he knows Abe and John want to cut him a deal to come clean about Peter, and Roman asks Stefano to take the deal! Stefano says he couldn't do that, Peter is dead. Eric shows up and Stefano says Jack is where he belongs, in jail for murder. Stefano tells Roman he's lucky to have such a fine son as Eric. Roman says he knows Stefano is up to something and asks what it is that has him so sure he'll be getting out. Roman tells Stefano what ever he's planning it won't work, he's never going to break out. Roman wishes he had the code so he could get in there and rip the smile off his face, but he'll settle with the fact that he'll be confined to this cage for the rest of his life. Stefano laughs and tells Eric both Roman and John were once worthy adversaries. Roman tells Stefano he loses this time, but Stefano tells him the game isn't over, and one day the two of them may become friends. Roman laughs and says it will never happen, and then he and Eric "get the hell outa there." Meanwhile Kristen has shown back up and is shocked to see Roman there, so she shuts herself in a closet. Eric finds Kristen, and he's not pleased with her and he tells her she makes him sick. Eric tells Kristen if she hurts his father, so help her. Roman returns with someone for Eric to meet and Kristen returns to her closet, where she is locked in! Kristen has a lame fantasy of John letting her out and then kissing her. When Kristen snaps back to reality she begins banging on the door to be let out.

Marlena and John go to the pub to meet Eric and Roman, but they aren't there. Roman and Eric eventually show up, which is John's cue to move on with his plan. Abe approaches John and tells him he's going with him, but John tells him no way, Abe has to remain in Salem and protect his family if he doesn't return. John tells Marlena he loves her, and has to take off to do some things. Marlena tells him during the ceremony she kept thinking it should have been them getting married. John says he had the same thought, tells Marlena he will always love her, and then leaves.

Hope and Alice are at the pub as well. Hope asks Alice what she thinks about going on a trip with Franco. Alice says she always thought she'd get back together with Bo, but Hope says that won't happen. Hope makes her decision and tells Franco she can't go away with him, it's too much of a commitment. Franco tells Hope he has been offered a modeling job in France and will be staying there for awhile, but he will be back!

Hope just happens to overhear John and Abe talking about breaking Stefano out. Abe and Hope argue about stopping John, but Abe tells her it's to late. Unfortunately this time Marlena overheard them talking!

At the jail Kristen has managed to get out of the closet and Stefano has allowed her to join them. John shows up in a police uniform and unlocks the door to Stefano's cell.


September 11
At the hotel Carrie invites Mike into the hotel room to talk. Mike asked where Austin went and Carrie says he went to Sami. Mike is confused and angry with Austin and she explains what happened. Mike apologizes and he's just tired of Sami making everyone's lives miserable. Carrie says you really does care about me and Mike says he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Carrie hugs him for always being there for her and she laughs because she's spending her wedding night with Mike. Carrie and Mike talk about the past, and Carrie's crush on him. Carrie says that these last months were such a nightmare, and she only smiled when she was with him. Carrie says she's happy at last and now she wants him to be happy too. Carrie says she is going to find this mystery women he loves and she leaves to get the champagne to toast with. Mike say she's the mystery women, but she can't know that.

At the Kiriakis Sami shows up in a nightgown and Kate asks "What the hell are you wearing!" Sami says she was so worried about Will she didn't think about changing. Sami thanks Austin for coming and is so glad he came and hopes they can work things out and be a family again. Austin says he only came here for Will and Austin and Lucas go upstairs to read Will a story. Austin tells Will he's lucky to have two dads who love him and that he has to go away with Aunt Carrie for a bit but will be back soon. Austin and Lucas leave and Austin tries to explain to Lucas about telling Will he has two dads. Lucas says he understands and says he loves Will a lot and will take care of him. Lucas thanks Austin for coming by to see Will, he really needed to see his other dad.

Kate tells Sami she's deluding herself if she thinks that Austin loves her and that they will be a family again, but Sami says we'll just see. Kate tells Sami that Will will suffer if she doesn't face the fact that Austin is married to Carrie. Austin comes downstairs and Sami asks him to come up to her room, she knows she can make him want her, not Carrie. Austin tells her to get away from him. Sami says if they could only make love, but Austin tells her she doesn't even know how to love, all she knows is how to lie, manipulate, and use people. He tells her that Will will never forgive her for using him and lying to him. Austin says he's going to be with his wife, the only women he'll ever love. Sami says Carrie has fallen in love with Mike, she may not know it yet, but if he goes to her he's making the biggest mistake of his life. Austin says "I don't think so" and leaves.

Sami starts screaming for Austin but Kate tells her to shut up or she'll wake the children. Sami tells Kate their marriage won't last, Carrie has fallen for Mike. Sami says Carrie will wake up one day and prove her right! Kate doesn't think so, she knows Carrie wouldn't break her wedding vow. Lucas comes down to talk to Kate and he tells her that Will means everything to him. Kate says she hopes he really will change for Will and not get involved with Sami again, but he says he won't. Lucas says Sami is crazy for thinking Carrie could fall for Mike, the only man she can love is Austin. Upstairs Sami tells Will that Austin will come back to them.

Back at the hotel room Mike is remembering kissing Carrie at the cabin but Mike stops himself because Carrie is a married woman. Carrie returns with the champagne and he ends up spilling it on her nightgown. Carrie says she'll rinse it out and while she's in the shower he can dry it with a hair dryer, if he doesn't mind, which Mike doesn't. Mike blow dries the negligee and Carrie when Austin walks in to see Mike holding it and Carrie standing there in a towel!

At the penthouse Susan is ranting about the people in this town and how they are weird, weird, weird. Suddenly Sister Mary shows up at the penthouse to see Susan. Susan thinks Mary is angry at her, but she assures her she only wants answers about her and this child. Susan says this child is named Elvis and she tries to change the subject, but Mary won't fall for it. Susan says that Elvis is her child's father but Mary says that Elvis is dead! Susan won't have her child hear this and goes to take him to bed. Mary says she feels her sister and nephew need her protection, but she doesn't know what from.

At the station John can't believe he is letting Stefano go and tells him this better not be a trick. John gives Stefano uniform and then shoves him into a room when he hears a sound. John returns to get Stefano and he's gone! John asks Kristen where Stefano is and she says she honestly doesn't know, but he doesn't believe her. Kristen says maybe he went to the airport and they should meet him their. John is angry that he believed Stefano had the cure but Kristen says he does have a cure and they need to go to the airport. John tells her he better be there, or both she and Stefano will pay.

Celeste runs into Stefano in front of Marlena's apartment building. Celeste wonders where John is, and if he's here to snatch Marlena. Stefano says he's just passing by, that's all, but he has something important to do. He tells her he'll be gone for awhile and asks her to protect Alexandra. Celeste asks where he is going, but he won't say. Celeste knows he's up to something and senses incredible danger.

Celeste goes up to see Susan, something drew her to Susan. Susan introduces Celeste, the gypsy fortune teller with the power, to her sister. Mary is angry with Celeste for filling her sister's head with delusions about Elvis and Susan's babies father. Susan leaves to get some tea and Celeste tells Mary that she believes someone is playing a trick on her sister, and she doesn't like it. Mary says she doesn't like it either and that she will find out who is doing this, and they best beware! Susan returns with the tea and Mary wants to talk about the night little Elvis was conceived. Celeste is looking at the tea leaves and drops the cup. Susan asks what she saw but Celeste says nothing, it was an accident. Susan and Mary leave to get some sponges and Celeste says there is something evil here. Celeste tells Mary that she senses a threat to little Elvis' future, but Mary says if anything evil threatens her sister or nephew she will bring them down!

Upstairs Stefano tells little Elvis he will be far more powerful than him, he's more than his son, he's his future!

Marlena is shocked to hear John is going to break Stefano out and she rushes to the station to stop him, and Hope follows. Marlena and Hope go to the jail and see that Stefano is gone, so they head to the airport.

At the airport John and Kristen are waiting for Stefano when Marlena shouts after him. John says oh no and Marlena grabs him and says she won't let him go. John tells her that Stefano isn't here and Marlena says she was right, it was all a trick. John tells Marlena that if Stefano does show up he's going with him! Marlena says no he can't go with him, he can't. Hope tells Kristen this is a new low, allowing Marlena to believe Roman could be saved. Kristen says there is a cure and she's going with John to make sure they find it. Hope knows Kristen is only going because she's planning to seduce John away from Marlena. Hope says that perhaps Stefano isn't even going to show up, maybe he lied to her as well. Suddenly Stefano shows up and says he's keeping his promise to lead John to the cure for Roman. Marlena says this whole thing is a plot but Stefano tells her there is a cure, and he will bring it back! Stefano wants to prove there is a goodness in him. Marlena won't let him take John, but Stefano says that's John's decision. Marlena asks John to stay here with her, and she hugs him. John backs away from Marlena and says he has to take this chance, he has to help Roman. John tells Marlena he loves her and he'll come back to her. Marlena realizes he's made up his mind and she can't stop him. Marlena says if he's going then she's coming with him! Hope looks at Stefano and asks him what he is up too. John tells Marlena no way, but Marlena says if he goes, she goes!

In Rome Billie wakes up but she thinks she sees Curtis. Bo tells Billie she's hallucinating, Curtis is dead. Curtis has some drugs for her, but Billie won't take it. Curtis says she deserves a reward for trying to get clean and that one little taste won't hurt her. Billie snaps out of it and is really craving. Bo tells her he'll give her anything she wants and Billie says she wants the hypo(dermic needle), she needs it and screams for him to give it to her. Bo refuses to give it to her and he holds her so she can't get the drugs.


September 12
In Rome, Bo has to go get some groceries for them but Billie is frightened and fears he won't come back. Bo promises he won't leave and that he'll be right back. Bo takes the hypodermic needle with him because it's to much of a temptation for Billie. Inside Billie really needs a fix when Curtis shows up. Curtis tells Billie that Bo isn't coming back, he's the only one who loves her now. Curtis convinces Billie that she isn't good enough for Bo.

At the Kiriakis mansion Lucas asks Kate about Bo and Billie. Kate says she spoke with them during the reception, she said they seemed happy but Billie sounded tired. Lucas says they'll stay happy if Sami stays out of their lives. Kate says now that Austin and Carrie are together there is nothing Sami can do to break them up. Sami listens in on the conversation when Lucas asks Kate what Sami has on her. Lucas wants to help his mom and make up for everything he's done. Kate says maybe he should know before the rest of the world finds out. Lucas promises to stick by his mother and suddenly Sami walks in and suggests Kate keep quiet. Kate says why bother, she's going to tell Austin and Billie as well. Sami says she's bluffing and has no idea what she has planned for her. Lucas tells Sami he won't let her hurt his mother and Sami tells Lucas if he sides with his mother she will make sure he never sees his son! Sami wants to speak with Kate alone and Lucas leaves when Kate insists he go. Kate asks Sami what she wants and Sami says to get Austin back, and you are going to help me! Kate looks at Sami and tells her she's insane. Sami says she's not crazy, Carrie and Austin won't stay married. Sami says she won't drop the bomb about her and Franco just yet, she wants Kate to sweat it out. Kate tells Sami to get help but Sami says she'll be the one who needs help, Austin and Billie will hate her more than they ever hated Curtis.

Lucas goes up to see Sami, who's looking at her wedding pictures of Austin. Lucas tells her to move on and Sami says Austin and Will are her life. Lucas tells Sami if she tries to take Will from him he will make sure she's the one who doesn't see Will. Sami warns him of what she could do now that she's not with Austin and happy. Sami leaves and Lucas goes to talk with Kate, who is afraid she's Sami's next victim. Kate tells Lucas this nightmare with Sami is far from over.

In the hotel room Austin has shown up and Mike says he can explain everything. Austin said that if this happened a few weeks ago he'd freak out, but not now. Carrie takes her negligee and leaves. Mike is still embarrassed and he explains everything that happened. Austin laughs and said been there done that. Austin knows now that he and Carrie are just friends. Carrie returns and asks about Will, Austin says Will is confused but Lucas is going to make a terrific daddy. Austin tells them about the run in with Sami, who still insists Carrie is in love with Mike but doesn't know it. Austin hopes when she calms down she'll wake up to reality. Mike leaves and realizes Carrie can never know he loves her. In the hotel room Austin carries Carrie back to bed. Austin tells Carrie they will be together, now and forever. Austin also promises to never hurt her, disappoint her, or let her down again. Carrie says that is the past, what matters now is their future.

Mike is at the pier remembering all the wonderful times he spent with Carrie over the past few months (The song is How Do I Live by LeAnne Rimes, PLEASE do not e-mail me about it). Sami shows up on the pier and sees Mike, where he lectures her about love. Mike tells her Austin will never love her and never has loved her, but Sami says she won't be without him for long. Mike tells Sami if she really loves Austin then she should let him go and allow him to be happy. Mike then walks off and Sami realizes Mike has fallen in love with Carrie. Sami says all she has to do is make sure Mike ends up with Carrie, and then he will owe her big time. Sami says everyone who thought she was mean before ain't seen nothin yet.

Abe is wracking his brain saying he should have gone with John, those damn DiMeras can't be trusted. Lexie says Abe! I'm a DiMera! Abe gives her the same old speech that she is nothing like the DiMeras when the report of Stefano's escape comes over the radio.

At the airport Kristen tells Marlena that Stefano will get the cure and John will be safe, she's going along and she'll make sure of it. This does not please Marlena but John says he will never fall for any of Kristen's tricks. Marlena insists she go but John says she needs to stay with Roman. Kristen tells John they really need to leave but Marlena refuses to let him go without her. Hope tells Marlena that maybe Stefano has wanted her to go the entire time. The sirens begin to blare and Hope runs off. John and Marlena kiss and she cries for him not to go. Stefano tells Kristen that this will be the last time John and Marlena hold each other. Kristen, Stefano, and John board the plane. Abe shows up and tells them to take off. Abe holds Marlena back and tells her to go with Lexie now!

Marlena is angry and Lexie tells Marlena she was the one who helped John break Stefano out. Marlena ask why and Lexie says she has to know if there is some good part to him. Marlena tells her she is nothing like Stefano, and she doesn't believe there is one shred of goodness in that man. Abe shows up and they all hear on the radio that a warrant is out for John's arrest for helping Stefano DiMera escape! Abe says that Stefano must have had one of his men plant the story which has made John a hunted man who can never return to Salem!

On the plane John gives Stefano a chart and asks him to mark the location they need to go to. John looks at it and says that's an uncharted jungle, but Stefano swears the cure is there. John takes the map to the pilot and Kristen asks Stefano if this whole plan was just to get out of jail. Stefano says things will work out just like he told her, he will have Marlena and she will have John. Stefano says there are things in Salem he'd rather not deal with, and he remembers his encounter with Hope. John returns and pulls out a gun, Stefano tells him to relax, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Kristen decides to go freshen up and she jumps when Hope is hiding in the bathroom! Hope says she came to watch John's back, and she tells Stefano she knows something about him, something he fears. Stefano tells her that's absurd but Hope says the more she is around him the more he fears she'll remember. Stefano tells John she was not part of the deal and John has decided to return to Salem. Hope grabs John's arm and says "Oh no your not!" Hope tells her if they go back to Salem they will all be arrested and Roman will die. Stefano tells John that Hope has a point, every airport in the world will be looking for them. John says when this plane lands the pilot will take Hop back to Salem. Kristen warns Stefano that everything better work out fine, he better make sure of it! John tells Hope to call Shawn D and tell him he won't be home until tomorrow. Hope calls him and says she's gone on a trip and will be home soon. John tells Hope he appreciates what she's trying to do, but the second this plane lands she's going back to Salem.

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