September 97 Week 1


September 1
Kristen returns to jail to ask Stefano what Hope was talking about Mansion Blanche and Stefano tells her it was nothing. Stefano tells her to concentrate on John and helping to find a way to get him out of this cell, otherwise she'll be alone for the rest of her life, Roman will die, and he will rot in jail forever.

At Abe's place John and Lexie apologize to Abe for what they did and Abe says he knows they wouldn't risk their marriage/friendship with him if they didn't believe there was a cure. Abe still has his reservations and tells John he's going to go with him, but Lexie tells him he can't! John tells Abe that Lexie is right and he says he'll stop him from going if it causes them their friendship. John says he has to do this alone, and if this is a trap he takes comfort that Abe is back in Salem looking after the people he loves. Abe tells him okay and wishes him luck. John leaves and Lexie thanks Abe for what he did. Abe tells her they need to talk about what she did, and what it means to their relationship. Abe asks why she couldn't talk to him about this and says that she honestly believes there is a cure, and because she's come to except the fact that she's a DiMera. Lexie says she has Stefano's blood in her veins and she has to believe that Stefano really has a cure for Roman, otherwise she could become just like him. Lexie says if Stefano is true evil, he will come for her and god help Abe if he stands in Stefano's way. Abe tells her that he loves her and not even Stefano can come between them.

At the church Celeste gets a premonition about Stefano, meanwhile Susan says Salem's welcome sign should say a town with lots of weddings, but most of them never happen! Celeste leaves to find Lexie and Abe and Austin asks Kate to watch Will for a few minutes so he can walk around.

Meanwhile Roman asks Sami if she really wants to go on with the wedding without Eric. Sami is positive and Marlena asks Lucas to go out and tell the priest to begin again. Caroline ask Roman if he's okay and he tells her the truth about his fainting spell. Sami tells Roman they are ready to begin and Roman realizes they are out of time. As the wedding is about to begin Lucas announces that Father Jensen has been called away. Susan says I knew it, and says she's glad she kept the sales receipt for the deep-fat-fryer she bought. Alice says maybe this is fates way of telling them this wedding isn't supposed to take place.

Laura tells Jen that she will make sure Jack is freed, the one thing she and Kate agree on is that to a mother, your children's happiness is everything, which is why she hopes Mike doesn't help Carrie stop this wedding.

Kristen shows up at the church and tells Sami, in front of Roman and Marlena, that she's looking for her husband and hopes Sami will be as happy as she and John are. Caroline tells Sami maybe they should wait in the bridesroom and Lucas hopes this is his chance to tell Sami what Carrie and Eric are up to, but Kate asks him to look after Will. In the bridesroom Caroline suggests to Sami they reschedule the wedding but Sami won't hear of it.

Laura and Kate have it out about which son is better for Carrie. Kate tells her not to be so smug, this race isn't finished yet. Kate leaves and Laura wonders what she can do to stop Mike from helping Carrie stop the wedding.

Lucas gives Will back to Kate so he can check on Sami. Kate pleads with him not to help Sami go through with this wedding but Lucas says he will lose his chance with Carrie if the wedding doesn't take place. Kate tells him that proves he doesn't deserve Carrie's love, and that someone needs to stop this wedding. Before leaving Lucas tells his mom it won't be him. Lucas goes to see Sami and tells her that Eric and Carrie have rushed off to the hospital. Sami says she has to marry Austin now, and to find another priest. Lucas asks what she is hiding and Sami says as long as she and Austin are married it doesn't matter what they find. Lucas says so there is something, but Sami tells him if he wants a shot with Carrie to find a priest. Lucas runs out and manages to find one, and Sami thinks she'll be Mrs. Austin Reed within minutes.

Kristen begins schmoozing with Roman when Marlena asks to have a word with Kristen alone. Marlena asks how she could show up here and Kristen says she has to pretend to be married to John. Kristen tells Marlena that she probably doesn't even want a cure for Roman to be found, because if he dies she can marry John. Marlena slaps Kristen when John shows up and stops anything further from happening. John says they should just leave now that the wedding is over and Marlena tells him it hasn't even begun. John tells Marlena to go inside and he confronts Kristen. Kristen claims to have returned to hear his decision about Stefano and he tells her he's not telling her a thing. Lexi and Abe return, and everyone but Kristen go back into the church.

At the hospital records room Carrie and Eric are sure that this is where all Sami's secrets are. Carrie asks Mike to please help her and he agrees. Mike, Carrie, and Eric go into the computer system and pull up Sami's records. Right as they are about to check Will's records a security guard stops them and kicks them all out, only doctors are allowed to see the records. Suddenly Mike sees Laura and asks her what she is doing here. Lauara tells him she is here to stop him from one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Laura sent that security guard to stop him, but Mike says he won't let Austin marry Sami if she is hiding something, he owes it to Carrie. Laura says she hopes when he does find what he needs it's too late! Mike tells his mom she disappoints him, she sounds like Kate. Mike returns to Eric and Carrie and tells them he got the permission they need to access the records.

The wedding is beginning once again. John swears on his life he'll return to Doc with a cure for Roman. Kristen says the next bride down the isle will be her, marrying John! Laura returns to the church and is happy to see the wedding is back on. Alice tells Susan there will be a wedding, but Susan says the bird seed hasn't been thrown yet!

Back at the hospital Mike, Eric, and Carrie learn the truth about Will! Mike tells Carrie he needs a few minutes to print the records up, but Eric says a few minutes is all they have.

Celeste goes to see Stefano in jail. Celeste tells him she had a premonition about him using Lexie to do evil, and she will not let him use her daughter and destroy her life! Stefano says she is his daughter too, and he loves her. Celeste won't let him ruin her life but Stefano doesn't want his daughter throwing her life away by being married to a common cop. Celeste says Abraham is a wonderful man and they both will protect her from the DiMera curse. Stefano says he has changed, he is trying to cure the ills he has caused. Celeste tells him if he loves Alexandra as much as he claims than to free her from the DiMera curse. Stefano says that he would never do anything to harm Lexie but Celeste tells him that she will stop him, no matter what she has to do. Celeste says Abe will keep Lexie safe, and after she leaves Stefano says Abe Abe ABE!

Vivian and Ivan return home from selling T-Shirts to screaming kids at a monster matinee, they are dressed as Frankenstein and his Bride! Vivian asks Ivan to make her something to eat and he makes her a Tuna sandwich. Ivan tells her to eat up because they are going to supervise people at a holiday picnic. Ivan tells her that he's saved 250$ dollars, and Vivian says that she has an idea, she's going to invest the money in stocks and will be back on top. Ivan tells her this is the madame he loves, and she becomes excited about it.

Vivian and Ivan go to the park to take care of little kids from a daycare center. Ivan introduces them as Uncle and Ivan and Aunt Vivian. The kids want to play space invaders and shoots a dart at Vivian's head! Later a strange old man watches Vivian and says it's her!


September 2
In Rome Bo comes to Billie's room to help her but Billie says nobody can help her, she's no good. Billie says she's a bad person and a burden to everyone, that's what Curtis told her. Bo tells her that Curtis is dead but Billie is sure he's real, she sees him all the time. Bo tells her those are the drugs and that Curtis is in hell. Billie tells Bo she loves him but her love hurts people. Bo tries to tell her that he and the people who love her will help her. Bo wants to take Billie back to Salem and get her into a rehab program but Billie says that won't help her. Bo asks how she knows that and Billie says she tried before, they never worked. Billie said the only time that she stayed clean was when Bo helped her, and Bo says he'll help her again. Billie doesn't want him to make that type of commitment, and Bo tells her that Hope is with Franco now. Billie asks what happened and Bo tells her he isn't sure. Billie tells Bo she's sorry and he says there is nothing he can do about Hope, but he can help her kick drugs. Billie says she'll let Bo help her, but in Rome. Billie doesn't want her family to see her like this and if she's going to succeed she can only focus on her, not what her family thinks of her. Bo tells her okay and says she will get through this with his help.

At the park Vivian is angry after a little boy throws water on her. Vivian is angry with Kristen, who didn't lose any of her money, and she's angry with Kate for telling the police about her hidden money. Ivan gathers the kids for a three legged sack race and one kid chooses Auntie Viv as his partner. After the race Vivian and Ivan are both covered in mud. Vivian managed to get a paper out of the trash can and reads it. Ivan notices the old man staring at Vivian and neither know who he is. The kids return, ready for the pool, and one of the little kids throws a rubber snake at Vivian. Ivan takes the kids to the pool and returns shortly after. Vivian tells the spoiled little brat that has been picking her that she has a surprise for him and asks him to close his eyes. Vivian holds a pie under his face and screams there's a snake at his feet, and when he looks down his face lands in the pie! Ivan and Vivian return home and Ivan has made them another sixty dollars. Ivan makes Vivian dinner, hot dogs and ham burgers. Vivian remembers how she used to eat hot dogs with Victor, but he called them frankfurters. Vivian says Victor was the love of her life and starts ranting about how she lost him. Vivian stops herself and says she's not going to think about that, she needs to focus on rising back up from the ashes and showing the people of Salem she has what it takes. Vivian goes through the stocks and Ivan wonders about the weird old man they saw in the park. Outside Vivian and Ivan's place the old man shows up and says he knows she's in there.

At the hospital records room Carrie, Mike, and Eric put the pieces together about Sami's secret. Eric calls the church to delay the wedding and when Mike wants to print the records they get an error, they can't print any records without the security disk. Mike goes to find another copy of the disk and Carrie wonders how Sami could be so evil. Unfortunately Mike can't get another disk right now and Eric tells them the wedding has started, and the women he talked to thought Eric was a prank caller. Mike and Eric try to find another security disk and they realize Carrie is gone! Eric says she must have went to the church to stop the wedding, and if they don't follow soon with the proof she needs she may not be able to stop it. Mike calls the head of computer security and he agrees to get him a disk now.

At the church Sami is walking down the isle at last. Everyone in the church thinks something to themselves as Sami goes down the isle, it's nothing really important though. Roman lifts Sami's veil an kisses her on the cheek and gives her hand to Austin. Roman says he hopes Sami isn't hiding anything and Sami tells God she'll make up for everything she's done once she is Austin's wife. Hope finds John and tells him that Stefano is pretty sure he and Abe are going to let her out. Kate starts crying to herself about how she needs to stop this wedding but can't.

Carrie runs into the church when Austin is sayin his vows and she says she can't let him marry Sami. Carrie says Sami's memory is back and she has been manipulating him for months. Sami says it's not true and she pretends to be upset that Austin's other women is her own sister. Austin asks Sami if her memory is back and before Sami can speak Carrie tells her she's in a church, standing before God, so she should stop lying and tell Austin the truth! Sami still claims she has no memory of what she did, and Carrie tells her she's lying through her teeth. Sami starts crying about how much she loves Austin and asks him not to let Carrie do this. Austin calls the ceremony off because he knows Carrie wouldn't stop the ceremony if there wasn't a good reason. Austin tells her this isn't the place to discuss this and they all leave the chapel. Laura tells Jen she should be proud her son is so decent, but why couldn't he think of his own happiness just once. Kate smiles at Laura, who leaves to get some air. Susan says she hates to say I told you so, but she told them the wedding wouldn't happen. Alice tells Hope that this wedding wasn't meant to be, Carrie should be with Austin just like she should be with Bo. Alice apologizes but Hope says that it's all right, Bo is never far from her thoughts or her heart. Celeste tells Lexie that Stefano is truly evil, but Lexie knows there is some good in Stefano, and if she doesn't believe it there may be no good in her. Celeste says Stefano wasn't born evil, but he learned evil. Celeste tells her that Stefano's children learned evil from Stefano, but Lexie wasn't raised by him so she is different. Celeste tells Lexie that she is a good person, who she is has nothing to do with Stefano. Meanwhile Abe asks John to abandon this silly quest for the cure but John refuses, and Kristen listens in with joy.

In the bridesroom Roman is angry at Sami for trying to keep Austin and Carrie apart and he asks he if she has her memory back. Sami says she doesn't, she swears. Carrie says Sami has had her memory back for months and has pressured Austin into this wedding. Sami says Carrie doesn't have proof of any of the terrible things she's saying, and Austin asks her if she has proof. Carrie says she doesn't have it right now and Sami says of course not, she's making it up. Carrie reminds everyone about Sami's walk to the hospital and she says she knows what the real reason was. Marlena asks why she was there but Carrie says she can't say right now. Sami says that Carrie needs to move on and get a life but Carrie says she won't let this ceremony happen. Austin leaves to talk to Carrie and Sami yells at her parents for favoring Carrie. Roman says if Carrie is wrong then why is she so scarred? Sami says that someone needs to tell her off, and she'll be that person! Outside the room Carrie tells Austin she has to tell him something that will hurt him, Will isn't his son. Suddenly Eric shows up with Will's records and Carrie shows Austin the blood type discrepancies proving that Will isn't his son. Austin can't believe this, Will is his son. Kate and Lucas show up and Austin insists Will is his son. Sami shows up and yells at Carrie that she isn't going to ruin the happiest day of her life! Carrie says she doesn't care about anyone but herself and Sami says she made Austin the happiest man on earth by giving him a son. Carrie says nope, Will isn't Austin son, she's known that for some time and now everyone knows it. Sami says she won't lose Austin but Carrie says she already has. Carrie tells Sami SHE'S won this time, and decks her! Sami goes DOWN!


September 3
Vivian is pacing around the apartment wondering if there is a better way to make money. As Ivan is commenting about the weird man at the park, the man begins banging on the door and trying to open it. Vivian grabs a pot off the stove and gives it to Ivan. Vivian opens the door and the old man runs in and he and Vivian fall onto the bed. Ivan pulls him of Vivian and he starts ranting about what he and Vivian shared. Vivian has no idea who he is and the man swears she is a Zigfield Follies Girl. Ivan says that would make her 90, and when he asks if she's that old Vivian smacks him. Vivian says he must be mistaken, but Jonsey (the man) says she looks just like his flaura daura. Ivan thinks he's a bum and they should take him to a shelter but he tells them he has a home and will show them how to get there. When they arrive at his home they are shocked to see the wealth of this man. He goes to rest on his couch and Vivian snoops through all the man's antiques. Vivian can't help but wonder who this man is.

Franco shows up at the church, late for the wedding, and Hope tells him the wedding was stopped. Franco says this must remind her of her wedding to Bo. Hope says that was the biggest mistake of her life, if she had only married Bo when she had the chance he wouldn't be in Rome with Billie. Hope says that Carrie has been so courageous to fight for Austin and she's so happy for her. Hope says she wonders if she misunderstood what she saw in Rome and decides she has to talk to Bo. Hope calls Bo, but he's not at the hotel. Franco says he's probably enjoying his honeymoon with Billie, and Hope says maybe she should leave it alone.

In the church garden Celeste tells Lexie she must stay away from Stefano, but Lexie wants to know if there is any good in her father. Celeste says if she wants to know who she is she should look at her adoptive parents and stay away from Stefano, but Lexie says she can't do that.

John and Abe are arguing in another part of the garden about Stefano. John says he's breaking Stefano out tomorrow night.

Inside the church Sami tells Carrie she won't lose Austin, Carrie says she already lost him, and she wins! POW! Sami goes down! Marlena and Roman come in and when Marlena gasps Carrie tells her not to go near Sami. Carrie screams at Sami to get up because she's not finished with her yet! Sami says Carrie is going to pay, but Carrie says it's the other way around. Carrie exposes Sami's lie about Will, and everyone gasps. Carrie tells Sami she's a liar, a schemer, and is selfish and she won't get away with this! Carrie goes to choke her sister when Marlena pulls Carrie off of her and says a church isn't the place for this. Kate is in shock as is Lucas. Sami tells Austin that Carrie is lying but Austin tells Sami to stop, he doesn't want to hear it. Austin says he can't talk about this and leaves. Sami runs after him and Eric tries to stop her but she breaks away.

Carrie leaves the church and when Marlena tries to go after her John tells her that Carrie needs time. Marlena says maybe Susan is right, weddings in this family are jinxed. John promises Marlena they will be married. Marlena and John return to the church and Roman wonders what happened to their daughter. Roman hugs Marlena and says thank God they have each other, they can help the kids get through this.

Roman and Marlena find Sami, who says she didn't do any of those horrible things Carrie said. Sami asks her dad if he believes her and he says he doesn't know what to believe. Sami swears she's only "been" with Austin and Marlena says this isn't the first time she's lied, and Marlnea sks Sami if she has her memory back. Sami says it's not true and Roman tells Sami she must be honest with him and tell him the truth. Roman asks if she has been faking her amnesia and Sami says yes, but only to keep her family together. Sami says she just wanted everything to be like it used to be with Roman, Marlena, Eric, and Carrie. Sami cries that she only wanted to feel so secure like she did then, and she didn't want her son to suffer the pain she felt when John and Marlena had their affair. Sami cries for her dad to please forgive her. Roman tells Sami he forgives her and says what happened to their family wasn't any of their faults, but what she did was wrong. Roman says the person ultimately responsible for all of this is Stefano DiMera, and now he's locked up in Jail where he will remain for the rest of his life. A guilty Lexie leaves the room and tells Celeste that she has to find out if there is any good in her father. Meanwhile Kristen asks John if he's still going to break Stefano out, which he is.

Eric thinks all this hurt is this fault, and despite Shawn and Caroline's explination that Sami has done this to herself.

Out in the garden Kate comforts Austin, who is in shock at the news. Kate tells Austin he should deal with this with Carrie. Austin has no idea what to even say to Carrie, he's really hurt her. Kate tells Austin that he can make Carrie happy and there is nothing standing between him and Carrie now, so he should go to her. Austin leaves and Lucas shows up and both of them can't believe that they aren't related to Will (ha!). Lucas says Sami never told him about this and wonders what else she is keeping from him. Kate wonders if Sami could try and get revenge on her by telling her secrets. Lucas asks if it's that terrible and Kate says it could cost her everything. Later Franco approaches Kate about their secret and Kate says she expects Sami to drop the bomb any minute now.

Lucas returns to the church and looks at the medical print out and cries it can't be! Lucas realizes the truth and runs into the bridesroom and screams at Sami "I'm Will's father! You've known all along!" Sami cries and Kate gasps.

Laura tells Mike to go to Carrie now and tell her he loves her, before Austin decides he wants her back. However when Mike and Laura go out to the garden they find Austin with Carrie. Austin tells Carrie he's so sorry that he didn't trust her. Austin says she's the only woman he's ever loved and thought he was doing the right thing for Will and for her. Mike tells Laura they should go but she tells her son this is his future they are dealing with. Austin tells Carrie that he feels he's not only lost Will, but he may have lost her as well. Carrie tells Austin she loves him and they both hug. Austin tells Carrie he'll never let her go again and he proposes to her. Laura tells Mike to tell Carrie he loves her before it's to late.

In Rome Billie is ashamed of what she's done and Bo tells her to stop blaming herself, Max and King are responsible for this. Bo says if anyone is to blame it's him, he shouldn't have gotten her involved. Bo tells her he's going to help her get clean again and he'll be there every step of the way. Billie gets the chills and Bo hugs her to warm her up. Bo puts Billie in bed and tells her she should eat to keep up her strength. Bo asks Billie what drugs Max gave her and she says heroin, but she's not sure what else she took. Bo looks through Billie and Max's things and finds a needle and pills and yells damnit. Billie asks what it is and he tells her that Max used a combination of drugs, which will make it very hard for her to kick. Bo says he'll have the drugs analyzed and asks Billie one more time to come back to Salem, but she refuses. Billie says she can deal with this and he should go back to Salem to be with Hope. Billie asks if he still love Hope and he says he always will, but Hope has moved on with Franco. Billie says he should be with Hope but Bo says he's with her now, and will be with her as long as she needs him.


Today's Summary is by Tracy and Linda, Dustin has to tend to family matters and will be out all day.

As the show begins, Jack is in prison dreaming that Jen comes with his release papers. They can be together forever now she says. Jack hopes that his dream comes true and Jen calls him to tell him about the wedding and that Carrie and Austin will be together now - it was fate and maybe itís a sign for them too. Celeste overhears Lexie, Abe and John talk about breaking Stef out and she freaks out. She canít believe that Lexie is helping and they go into the garden and talk about Stef getting his hooks in Lexie. She says but what if there is a cure. Celeste says it doesnít matter Stef will have his hooks in her and she will forgot about the other around her.

While all hell is breaking loose inside with Lucas and Sami, Laura is out in the garden with Mike trying oh so hard to convince him that he should tell Carrie he loves her (this is getting old). He says that Carrie loves Austin and he will not interfere with that. She keeps urging him to tell Carrie before she answers Austinís question. She tells him that Carrie needs to know that she has a choice - that maybe if she knew that Mike loved her that she would think about whether to marry Austin (I agree with that Mike she needs to know there is someone else who loves her). She also tells him that maybe Carrie doesnít know what she feels that all she has heard from people is how much she and Austin belong together. While all this is going on, Carrie has yet to answer Austinís question. He goes on about how much he loves her and that he needs he and he will make her happy the rest of their life (is she just suppose to forget about how much you have hurt her). He knows he has hurt her and he will make up for it forever (you better if you want to be worthy of her). She still hasnít answered his question and he begins to bet worried (you should buddy). Mike tells Laura he will think about telling Carrie but first he will wait and see what she tells Austin. He walks over to see them just as Carrie finally answers Austin with a Yes. They are hugging and happy as Mike has a sad look on his face.

Kate is in the garden praying to a statue that Sami keep her secrets and that she is happy that her son will be with the woman he loves (hey what about Lucas). She says she will forget about her problems for now she is just happy for her son (she only says son not sons).

In the church, Lucas is livid that Sami has kept this secret from him. She tries to run and says she canít deal with this right now but is stopped by Eric and then John. She pleads with Daddy to help her but he tells her she needs to tell the truth. Lucas tells everyone about the night - that she was upset about how things were going with Austin and he was comforting her and that one thing lead to another (Iíll say). Sami keeps begging them to let her leave but Lucas says they are not done yet. She says that they donít need to be discussing this in front of everyone so they all agree and leave them alone to talk. He chastises her for not telling him especially when she discovered the truth and now he knows why she was so jumpy when he was with Will. He said he never thought much about kids until Will came along and maybe there was a part of him that knew. She says he is turning against her now and he says they have lost all their cards and besides thatís not important now. She gives him this look like there still is a way to keep Carrie and Austin apart (better act fast).

Carrie and Austin come into the church and tell everyone they have an announcement to make (they decided in the garden to get married today - Carrie doesnít want to wait) (that must be why all the people havenít gone home yet). They tell everyone the news and all cheer and clap (but poor Mike is not happy) but Sami hollers to Austin no she loves him he canít do this. Roman tells her to let it be. Everyone come up to them and say how they are meant to be together yada yada yada. Mickey thinks their old marriage license is still good and goes to check and Kate offers to get Carrieís dress brought over. Carrie asks Marlena to be her matron of honor but Lucas says that considering the circumstances and all that has happened he should not be the best man - they both have a lot to deal with right now. Austin wonders who he can get when Carrie whispers in his ear someone - he nods in agreement. Sami tries again to beg Austin to not marry Carrie - that she loves him and he and her and Will can be a family. Roman grabs her and sits her down. Maggie comes bouncing in saying that Will wants to see his Da - oops forgot Austin is not his daddy. Austin takes Will in his arms as he and Carrie both say they will be there for Will and not let Samiís lies ruin his life. (poor Lucas probably feels like heís invisible). Austin finally says to Will that he needs to know his Daddy and hands him to Lucas. Lucas is not sure what to do as he holds is son for the first time.

Jen finds Mike in the garden and says she is sorry about all the mess. Laura comes up and is tells Mike that maybe Carrie is waiting for him to say something - that she really doesnít want to marry Austin if she knew Mike has feelings for her. About that time Kate comes out and says that Carrie wants to see him in the brideís room. Laura is happy but Kate tells her to wipe the smile off her face because her son will marry Carrie today. Mike comes in while Carrie is behind the screen getting dressed and says she wants to tell him something. How Do I Live starts to play was Mike has memories of his and Carrieís happy times together (loved this). Carrie comes out and Mike tells her how beautiful she is. They both start to speak but Carrie tells him to go first. He says there is something he has been trying to tell her for a while now as the credits roll!!!!!

Viv and Ivan are still sneaking around finding goodies at Jonesy's. They find stocks in a chest that Viv salivates over. Jonesy wakes up and goes to get some nice old brandy for his Flora Dora girl. Viv anxiously agrees and says her Flora Dora girl would LOVE some brandy. He also brings in crackers with goodies on top. Only thing is, it tastes funny, hmmm. Oops, Jonesy tells her he must have got mixed up and used the cat food. He offers to go put some tuna (I thought he hated tuna) or how about some cheese spread?


September 5
Once again I'm tied up with family matters, today's summary is by Linda


Well, Sami seems to have collected herself a little as now SHE'S lashing back. John warns her not to say anything she'll regret and she tells him she's lost Austin and her life is over, don't tell her about regrets! She starts to tell Roman about John and Marlena when Marlena yanks Sami away to talk to her. She tells her Roman's not well enough to hear any more today and on cue Roman starts having coughing spasms. Sami and Mar rush over and tell Roman to sit down and John exits outside. He and Austin come up to Lucas and Austin asks Lucas if he can hold Will for a few minutes and tells him "sorry". John goes up to Susan and comments how big little Elvis is. Little Elvis is in a multi-colored outfit with sequins on it..the poor kid. Susan asks when John and Dr. Evans are getting married and he said it depends on Roman. She tells him it's strange that they're back at Kristen's and Kristen and her daddy Mr. DiMera are just never up to any good and are bad, bad, bad, so he better be careful.

Marlena tells Roman to rest as he said he's going to walk Carrie down the aisle. Roman assures her he's ok and goes for water. Marlena thanks Sami for not saying any more to Roman. Eric comes up them and Sami lashes out at him "TRAITOR" and Marlena referees. During that Roman walks up and tells Sami he knows what she was going to say about John and Marlena, but he's forgiven them, just like he has her. He considers John an incredibly good friend and appreciates all he's done for their family (John is back now by the way hearing this). He tells Sami that John has gone on and is happily married to Kristen. Abe calls John aside and they talk again about letting Stephano out. John asks Abe if he's the one who he's concerned about, or Lexie.

Celeste and Lexie talk outside the church about Stephano too. Celeste is worried about the influence Stephano would have on Lexie if set free. She tries to warn Lexie that being Stephano knows now that she's his daughter, he won't ever leave her alone. Lexie says if she finds out that Stephano is evil, then she'll know for sure, but if he has a cure for Roman, it's worth it.

Laura and Jen talk about Mike and Carrie's talk going on. Maggie comes out and asks if Abby would like to be flower girl. Jen said of course, and does she have time to run home and get Abby in her flower girl dress that she had from before? Maggie said if she off they go. Laura starts talking to herself and praying her son finds happiness when Kate comes up from behind to rub it in that her son is marrying Carrie, the prize daughter in law apparently.

Sami catches Eric alone and threatens to find a secret on HIM. He tells he he doesn't have any secrets. He said Mom and John are hiding their relationship to help Roman. He tells her to straighen out her life and accept Austin loves Carrie. She flashes her baby blues and says, I'll never accept that.

John and Marlena talk about why he's acting strangely and he said it's just all the business with Sami. She tells him she needs to get changed (another matron of honor dress in the bridesroom?) and check on Carrie.

Austin tells Will goodbye and that he loves him and Will waves and says goodbye (so sweet). Susan and Elvis come up and she says how wierd that one minute he's an uncle and now he's a daddy. She said maybe one day Will and little Elvis can play together. Will can't stop staring at Susan and Elvis starts to cry a little when Susan plays with him a little. Lucas tells him that being real blood parents is a special feeling and she feels sorry for anyone not knowing that feeling and Kristen is listening from the bushes. Susan and Kristen run into each other and she asks Kristen why she's there. Kristen said for the wedding of course. When Kristen looks at Elvis, Susan asks if she's thinking of taking her baby again and Kristen said she's just thinking of her baby she lost in Paris. When Kristen asks Susan if she thinks of Elvis' daddy much, she said she listens to his records all the time and his daddy is Elvis Presley. Celeste comes up and hears this too. Celeste said maybe it was an Elvis impersonator and Susan and Elvis go to leave when Celeste asks to hold Elvis so she can see if she can pick up something on him. Celeste said she feels a presence of someone she knows and it's very very important, but when Kristen asks WHO?, she said she doesn't know. (must be little Elvis that makes people repeat words, huh?) Maggie comes and tells them the wedding is about to start. Susan said I hope this one comes off cuz I'm SURPRISED OUT. Susan says Kristen is thick thick thick cuz she can't understand Elvis is her son's father.

John and Roman talk. Roman thanks him for all he's done for his family. Stephano has caused so much turmoil in his family and he heard about how John saved Marlena in Aremid and Paris. He's tells John he's happy with Stephano in jail and him and Kristen now happily married. He's happy that Carrie and Austin are going to married and Eric is there, and the whole family will watch out for Sami and get her back on track. He's worried about Marlena though and asks John (and Kristen) to watch out for her. John said he's got a deal. Roman said it's hard to think of Marlena marrying another man, but he loves her so much and it would make him feel better to know she has another man in her life to count on and asks John to help her find that man. Lexie comes up and after checking on Roman, asks if she can speak to John alone. She asks him where Abe is.

Lucas and Will come up and he asks Sami how could she. He doesn't want to go into it right now though in front of Will as he's too angry. They'll work out financial and visitation rights later. Mickey comes up looking for Austin and tells them the marriage license has arrived so the wedding can start anytime now.


Carrie and Mike are talking. He tells her what he has to say may affect her wedding to Austin. Mike is having a hard time talking and Carrie said I know you're worried about me and starts thanking him about all his support over the last few months. She asked for him to come in so she could thank him and because of him, she and Austin are getting married today. He asks if maybe she's rushing into the wedding and should consider postponing it. She tells him now that Will isn't Austin's son there's no reason to stop the wedding and can't understand why Mike's trying to talk her out of it. He walks outside telling himself that he really blew that one. Carrie looks at herself in the mirror and can't understand why Mike, of all people, would say those things.

Marlena joins Carrie in the bridesroom in a new dress and hair up. Carrie has her veil on (but hair still a mess IMHO). She tells Marlena that Mike suggested postponing the wedding and can't understand why. Marlena said she does. There's a lot to absorb now with all that's happened and did Carrie and Austin want to take their time or does she still want to get married today?

Meanwhile outside Mike is comforted by Laura and said he tryed, but made a monumental fool of himself. He's not going to stick around for the wedding and is going to leave. Duh-Austin comes out of the bushes and asks him to be his best man (poor Mike, why didn't Austin ask Eric?). Austin tells him he was real jealous of the time he and Carrie were together and he knows they were just friends and would like to continue that friendship, so can he be his best man. Mike says he'd be honored. Laura said he can't be best man as he's in love with Carrie and he said that's why he'd doing it (oh, get the hankies out).

Marlena joins John in the church and tells him about suggesting Carrie postpone the wedding with all that's happened today. She needs John's arms around her right now and after looking around, John hugs her. She tells him she can't bear to be away from him and Roman walks in. Marlena goes to explain to Roman and he said no, he knows that she's been putting on a brave front all day and he's happy she could turn to John. In fact, he even asked John to look after her after he's gone. He's still there now, though, and has a shoulder that she can lean on

He goes to the bridesroom and asks Carrie if she wants to postpone the wedding.


Kristen's back visiting daddy dearest. She fills him in on the latest Brady wedding turnaround. Stephano laughs at the news. Being John's an "honorary Brady" he's right in the middle of it. Stephano tells Kristen not to let John get so involved in the Brady wedding and think more about getting him out. Kristen asks Stephano about his plans and all he'll tell her is it's about family. She tells Stephano about Roman's earlier collapse (not knowing it was fake) and Stephano's worried that Roman might die before he gets out (what a big hearted guy!). Abe threatens Stephano that he will find Stephano and he'll destroy him if he hurts anyone. Lexie walks up and when Abe asks why she's there, Stephano said she came to see her father and Lexie corrects him, I came to see my husband. Abe takes Lexie to his office. Dressed as a cop, Trent/Travis goes to visit Stephano. Stephano tells him to Peter and Jennifer will be together, but right now he's worried about carrying on the family name and dynasty. Travis/Trent says WHAT DYNASTY? Peter and Kristen are out of the picture and Tony is dead. Stephano said don't worry about that, someone will (Lexie?). He tells him to leave before the guard gets back (doesn't sound like he's Peter to me). Lexie comes back and Stephano tells her he'll see her again. He says he does have an heir right there in Salem and we see Susan holding her arms up saying you're going to make love to me (we don't see it, but he must have been dressed as Elvis).


After getting Abby changed into the flower girl dress, she comes downstairs and finds Travis with a wrench in the living room, saying he fixed her faucet. She tells him she hopes that John and Abe will get Stephano to confess that Peter's still alive and Jack will be able to come home. She leaves with Abby and Trent thinks to himself that he's got to see Stephano.

Back at the church, Carrie said nothing's wrong and he said, well then, it's time to marry Austin. Everyone is in their pews and Sami is looking through the stained glass crying NO!! still in her veil and gown. Kate and Austin look at her in disgust.


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