September 96 Week 1

September 23 Summary by Eeyore
ON Monday, Carrie and Austin have come up with all sorts of plans to stop Sami from coming between them, but it all comes to a devastating end when Carrie makes the ultimate sacrifice, by insisting that Austin marry Sami for baby Will's sake. Austin is crushed, especially when he knows that if he goes through with Carrie's request, then the manipulative and devious Sami will win. [He realizes after talking with Mickey that it is the only thing he can do to get Will back as soon as possible. To add insult to injury, the wedding has to look as realistic as possible, meaning flowers, rings, wedding dress, etc. Rene uses his pull at city hall to put Sami's name in Carrie's place on the marriage license so they don't have to wait for another. Lexie arranges for the ceremony to be videotaped. When the public sees it, it will encourage sympathy for Sami and Austin and enhance their chances of gaining custody of Will. Sami quickly shops for a dress (Carrie absolutely refuses to let her borrow hers -- it's bad enough that she's "borrowing" their marriage license and flowers *and* Austin.) Sami returns with a dress that looks just like Carrie's anyway. Austin continues to fight the situation, but Abe and Mickey remind him that they must make the ceremony look genuine. Carrie watches tearfully as Sami and Austin stand before the marriage officiant.] Meanwhile Bo's concerns deepen when he finds out that Billie hasn't been attacked by Franco, but is dating the man [or used to date him in Europe]. Bo still suspects Franco is the attacker, and he's determined to find out if Franco is really what he claims to be. [Hope is thrilled to see Franco again, and he joins them all for dinner. It's obvious that he and Billie were close, and Hope thinks it's wonderful. Bo eyes him with distrust.] Jack enlists Celeste's help with trying to get the goods on Peter. Celeste advises Jack to seek help from Daniel, rather than trying to intimidate him. Celeste worries that Peter [who is at the same cafe with Jennifer] will catch on in time to save his relationship with Jennifer. [In the high stakes card game, Daniel has a losing streak. He is set to leave (and Jack panics because if Peter sees Daniel, his plan is ruined) when Celeste predicts that his luck is about to change. He agrees to stay, and then Jack joins the game, feigning that he is a lousy player. Peter is curious when he sees Laura sans Jack. Where did he go?]

September 24 Summary by Dustin
As Sami and Austin prepare for the wedding Sami returns with a wedding dress she bought. When she comes out in her dress everyone is shocked, Sami bought a wedding dress that looks exactly like Carrie's. As they start the wedding John and Marlena show up and are shocked. Marlena demands to know what is going on so they fill them in. John says he will use his contacts to find another way, but Renee tells John that the French Government has complete authority. Mickie says this is the only way, otherwise it could be years till they get Will back. Marlena comforts Carrie as Sami watches. John tells Carrie that true love will win in the end, and Marlena agrees. Marlena talks to Sami and Sami says that it is fate that this is happening. She tells her that Austin loves Carrie, and the marriage will not last. Later Kristen tells Marlena (in front of John) that she doesn't understand how she could say that to her own daughter, that Sami is only doing what she needs to save her child. Marlena says she is trying to make Sami see once the baby is safe Austin will return to the woman he truly loves. John comments that anyone who uses a child to hang onto a man is disgusting. The wedding proceeds and Sami and Austin are married as Carrie stands by and cries. In the back room Daniel has beaten his opponent and starts playing against Jack. Daniel wipes the floor with Jack and is about to leave but Jack talks Daniel into hanging around for 5 more minuets. Laura who left earlier then returns with a bundle of cash (she sold her jewelry and maxed her credit cards out). Outside Peter notices the gambling game announcement and asks Jen if she wants to check it out. Jen says no, that Jack might be in there and Peter agrees so they leave and take a jet ride around Paris as a final memory for their honeymoon. In the back room Jack manages to learn Daniels tells (body motions he makes when he's bluffing or has a good hand). Jack then wins the game and Daniel is in serious debt to the house. They want 100,000 francs by the next morning. He says it will take him longer to get that kind of cash, and Jack offers to pay off his debts if he tells him everything he knows about Peter Blake. Bo, Hope, Billie, and Franco talk about how Billie met Franco while staying in Rome for a while. After awhile they decide to call it a night. Bo says he and Hope will take Billie home, but Franco says he will do it. Bo says he insists but Hope gives him a look and tells him Franco can take Billie home. Bo is uneasy, but he lets Franco take Billie home. When Franco and Billie get to her place he talks his way into her apartment. There they talk and Franco learns that Bo was the man Billie was trying to get over when they met in Rome. Franco tells her he'd like to start seeing each other. Billie says she will think about it. Franco then looks at his watch and says he better go, and gives Billie a kiss good night on the cheek. Billie wonders if Franco is the man that could really help her get over Bo. We see a man knock on a door, and Jill answers it. She has been sleeping because she is rubbing her eyes. She says hello and mumbles something about Susan, but when she looks at who is at the door she screams "Oh my god it's you!" and the man pushes his way into the apartment and the door is slammed shut.

September 25 Summary by Eeyore
On Wednesday, at last Sami's dreams have come true, and she is Mrs. Austin Reed. [After the ceremony (complete with the groom kissing the bride, for the camera's sake), Sami suggests that they have a reception. Since Carrie and Austin had planned to be married that day anyway, the arrangements are still in place. Though it pains her deeply, for Will's sake Carrie lets Sami use 'her' wedding reception.] Later at the reception, Austin finds it impossible to stay away from his true love, Carrie. Always the practical one, Carrie reminds Austin that they must make it look as if Austin and Sami are happy newlyweds. If not, she warns, the French authorities [who are at the reception] will not hand over baby Will. As if that wasn't bad enough, the French administrators are now making noise about spending the night in a bridal suite with Austin and Sami [now this I didn't hear, but my cable fizzed out a few times. My impression was that Mickey wanted all the bases covered, and that included Austin staying with Sami that night rather than Carrie, in case the French people decided to nose around (and no doubt they will).] Austin thinks they are carrying things a bit too far, but in the end, Austin agrees to let them stay. When Sami finds out, she wonders how on earth her wedding night is going to go as she planned. [She puts on a lovely nightgown, but Austin is oblivious. Sami doesn't lose confidence, however. After all, she is Mrs. Austin Reed, and Carrie is not.] When Marlena worries that she is to blame for the way Sami turned out, John reaches out to comfort her. Kristen sees this and becomes very agitated [and belts down a drink before Peter reminds her that she is "pregnant". Oh, Kristen caught Sami's bouquet.] To hold on to John, Kristen needs to get pregnant, and she needs to do it now. [When she and John get back to their room, she turns on the swirly mirror thing and goes about seducing John again.] Vivian is secretly tunneling her way through those prison walls. Then she discovers her new trustee is Ivan [he has been put in charge of inspecting the cells], and it seems he's threatening to turn her in. [Ultimately he cannot betray his Madame, so he overlooks her tunnel. He asks her to take him with her, but she promises to return for him once she escapes. She finally breaks through, and is upset to discover that she has tunneled her way into Ivan's cell. Back at the cafe, Jack offers to pay off Daniel's gambling debts if he will spill everything about Peter. Though Daniel knows his debtors mean business, he also knows Peter won't hesitate to kill him, so he denies knowing anything and leaves. Celeste tells Jack that she'll try to talk to Daniel, but Jack feels the situation is hopeless.]

September 26 Summary by Eeyore
On Thursday, after a horrible nightmare, Bo is convinced that Billie is in terrible danger with Franco. But Hope is able to assure Bo that it's nothing, and he forgets about Billie - for now. Meanwhile, Franco shows up at Billie's apartment [he sneaks in to make her breakfast, and scares the bejeebers out of Billie in the process], and he makes it clear that he's hoping to start a meaningful relationship with her. Later, Billie talks to her best friend Hope about this. Hope assures Billie that risk is necessary for love. While Billie tries to decide if she's ready to take the plunge with the handsome Franco, the attacker strikes again [actually he did it the night before, but in the morning (today) an extremely upset Jill calls Bo and says "He's back." Billie wonders if Franco will be the one to get her over Bo, and decides to give him a chance. An eager Franco shows up at Billie's place again with a huge bunch of flowers. Billie notices a bandage on his hand, and he claims that he hurt himself when he was removing the thorns from the flowers.] Jack waits for Daniel to contact him and agree to tell him what he knows about Peter in exchange for money to bail him out of debt. But before taking such a drastic step, Daniel tries to raise the money another way. When that fails, Daniel begins to think Jack may be his only way out of trouble. [Unfortunately, by this time, Jack (who has been waiting by the phone for Daniel to call) has given up and leaves with Laura. Daniel waits for Jack to pick up, and is interrupted by the thugs who want their money -- *now*. When one of them pulls a gun, Daniel shoves him and makes a run for it. Peter plans a surprise for Jennifer: Abby will be joining them for a cruise on his yacht. Jack is upset to hear that he'll be away from his daughter for 6 months. Peter assures Jenn that they'll call every week and send videos, and inwardly Peter can't wait to get Jennifer all to himself so he can make her forget all about Jack.] Sami decides to make the most of her wedding night with Austin. [Sami is in the bed, and Austin on the floor. Austin is dreaming of Carrie, and Sami makes her move. He begins to kiss Sami, but then awakens and pushes her away. He jumps in the shower, and Carrie calls to talk to Austin. Sami implies that she shouldn't have called and disturbed the newlyweds. Carrie knows her sister is full of it, so she stops by to see Austin. In the meantime, Sami slips into the shower with Austin.] Carrie finds Austin and Sami soaking wet, and presumes it's because they took a shower together [she knows exactly what Sami was up to and doesn't buy it. Mickey comes over and asks them not to leave the hotel. He's working on something. Several hours later, he shows up with Will. He has arranged a visit. The woman who brought him sees Sami and Austin with Will and comments on how a child bonds two people together. Mickey tries to comfort Carrie, who is stil confident that once this mess is over, she and Austin will be together forever.]

September 27 Summary by Dustin
On Friday Austin and Sami are overjoyed to be spending time with Will, which Mickey arranged. Carrie is afraid that Sami will not let Austin go but Lexie assures her Austin will annul the marriage once they have custody and return to Salem. Austin lets Carrie hold Will, but Sami takes him away from her because she says Will spent enough time with strangers and he needs his "parents". Then Mickey gets news that the custody trial has been pushed back, and that Sami and Austin could be forced to be stay in France for 6 months to a year so he can monitor the marriage. Mickey calls the judge about the hearing, then Sami gets an idea about trying to convince the judge to make them force them to stay married for 6 months and runs off leaving will with Lexie. Lexie wonders what she is up too. Austin visits Carrie dressed as the bell boy to cheer her up. While waiting for the judge Sami fantasizes that six months had gone by and they are at the judges office, and that Austin says he now loves Sami as much as she loves him. At the end of the show Sami is called into the judges chambers. Jill calls Bo to tell her she's been attacked again. Bo meets her on the pier and her face is bruised badly. She tells Bo she thought the knocking on the door was her roommate but she was groggy and didn't realize who it was. Before she could stop he pushed his way inside. She says she didn't get a good look because it was dark. The man started hitting her and forcing her down. She says he was going to rape her, so she grabbed a glass vase and hit him with it. She knows she cut his wrist and then as he was hurt she got away. Bo tells her that he needs her to ID the stalker and testify in court against him. She says no, because he will come after her, then she runs away. Billie tells Franco she's not ready to make a serious commitment, but Franco says that is fine, he just wants to spend time with her. Franco asks permission to do something to Billie, and asks her to close her eyes. Then he draws a picture of Billie which causes her to giggle. Then Hope shows up at the apartment with a bag filled with junk food. Franco leaves to wash his hands and Billie talks about Franco and Hope says she thinks Franco will change her life. In the other room Franco says to himself he is going to change Hope's life as well. Later Billie takes Franco to her favorite place, the pier. Billie runs into a woman selling flowers and has a flashback (faked and made up) about how Bo used to always buy her a white rose on the peer from a her. Then Billie and Franco go around Salem visiting all of Billie's special places. While at the park Billie remembers about being with the park with Bo on the swings. Hope returns to the boat to find Bo upset about Jill. He tells Hope that she cut him, and that when he suggested a lineup she ran off. Hope gets mad at him when Bo suspects Franco and Bo goes to talk to Billie about him. Bo and Hope get into a huge argument about it, and how Franco is making her so happy. Hope convinces Bo not to go to Billie unless he is 100% sure. As they are fighting Jill shows up at the boat and says she is ready to answer his question. They start questioning her . Bo then shows her a picture of Franco but she is unsure, but she knows she could identify him in a line-up. Bo then says he is going to get Franco even though Hope says he can't do that.

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