September 2002 Week 4


September 23
At the Light the Night Walk, Nancy faints when Phillip announces that Chloe did not come back with him, and he has no idea where she is. Craig calls for an ambulance, and Nancy is rushed to the hospital. Craig wants answers from Phillip, but Victor says he answers to him first. Victor says they will meet Craig and Nancy at the hospital. At the hospital, Collin shows up to treat Nancy. Nancy is upset about Chloe and wants Craig to go get answers. Craig says okay, and leaves in hopes Nancy will calm down. Out in the waiting room, Kate and Victor demand to know what happened with Chloe. Craig shows up and also wants to know how he could leave a sick girl all alone. Phillip says she isn’t alone, she is with Brady. Belle and Shawn, who are also there, think Brady followed them to New York. Phillip tells them that he has no idea where they are, or when they are coming back. Phillip takes off, and Belle and Shawn go after him. They say they want to help him, but he doesn’t believe them. Phillip thinks that Belle is happy Chloe is with Brady now, but Belle says Chloe is not a prize to be won, and all she wants is for Chloe to be happy. Phillip blows up, and Belle tells him why he doesn’t just tell them what really happened. Phillip doesn’t want to talk about it, so they ask him if it is too late to go to Columbia? Phillip refuses to get a lecture about school from two people who scrapped their plans to go to Salem U. Phillip ends up storming out, only to run back into his father and mother. They are still unhappy with him about school, and Victor pressures him into going to Columbia. Phillip asks what if he doesn’t want to go? Victor says they are sitting down tomorrow and will reach a satisfactory solution to this problem. Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that Chloe and Brady are in New York together. They try and call Brady’s cell phone, only to get his voicemail. Later, Collin returns with Nancy’s report and tells them that Nancy is pregnant!

Elsewhere in the hospital, Sami meets up with Brandon on the balcony. Brandon wants to know the whole story about what is going on between her and Nicole. Sami is furious and thinks if he is always going to take Nicole’s side over hers then they should just end this now. Brandon asks Sami what Nicole and Victor were holding over her? Brandon says yes, and asks her what is on that tape? Is it worse than her tape of Lucas and Kate admitting the truth about Franco? Sami says if it was a case of dueling tapes, she would win. However, Sami says Victor has both tapes now. Brandon continues to question her, but she says she thought they were supposed to forget about the past. Brandon says if she wants a clean start with him, then she has to be honest. He asks her to tell him what is going on. Sami says there is nothing else to tell, if Nicole had something else on her believe her she’d use it. They talk about trust, and Brandon says he just wants to know that she trusts him, and he can trust her. Suddenly, Kate walks in on them and says “You have to be kidding me!” Kate warns Brandon not to disobey Victor’s orders, but Sami says Victor has given them her blessing, and to stay out of other people’s lives! Kate tells Sami whatever is going on, she will find out what it is! Kate eventually leaves, and Brandon and Sami decide to start over as friends and see where things lead. They pretend like they just met, and Brandon asks if he can call her some time. Sami tells him that she looks forward to his call.

Out in the wilderness, Brady makes a campfire and Chloe comes out of the tent to check on him. She hopes she wasn’t snoring or something and that is why he came out here. He says she was snoring Madame Butterfly in his ear. He teases her until she puts her hand over his mouth. The two come close to kissing, but cool it. Chloe thinks about the Light the Night walk in Salem, and she tells Brady the reason she couldn’t sleep was because of all the sounds of the wild. However, she admits it beats a stale hospital room. Brady knows this isn’t where she fits in, she belongs in Milan. Chloe says she used to dream about Milan, but that is all it was, a dream. Brady tells her that Milan will wait for her, and they decide to toast marshmallows and make smores. Chloe has no idea what smores are, so Brady teaches her. Chloe looks up at the stars, and she thinks about Shakespeare. Brady knows the verse she is talking about, it is from Romeo and Juliet, and he says it is about death. They recite the verse where Juliet talks about cutting up Romeo and sending him up to the stars so all of earth can worship him. They continue looking at the stars, and Chloe says it is all an illusion because most of the stars went out long ago, they just see the light that took billions of years to travel to them. They talk about the stars, and Brady shares his mother’s star with Chloe, the one that his dad had named after her. Brady tells Chloe that he knows the last time he talked about his mom it upset her, but he believes she helped bring them to her father. Chloe says they lost her father, but Brady says they will find him and a bone marrow donor. Chloe admits that when she was little she used to think if she died no one would miss her, but now she has so many people who care about her that she can’t imagine leaving them. Brady asks if Phillip is included in those things she can’t imagine losing. Chloe says she doesn’t know, the way Phillip’s mind works is dangerous. Brady says Phillip does want her to get well, but Chloe wonders if he’d still want that if it meant losing her. Brady says Phillip would sacrifice anything to see her well again. Chloe is surprised by Brady’s words, because she realizes that Brady would be there for the person he loved, but he wouldn’t try to control or isolate them. Chloe says this illness has made things very clear to her, and want to make her express things incase there is no later. Chloe takes Brady’s hand and tells him that she knows now what was meant to be. However, Chloe says she also realizes she probably shouldn’t get into a relationship when her future is so uncertain. Suddenly, Brady and Chloe’s tender moment is interrupted by a skunk! They each take turns washing in the creek, and Brady’s clothes seem to disappear, so he is forced to wear a towel around the campfire while he and Chloe roast marshmallows. Later, Chloe falls asleep in Brady’s arms.


September 24
At the mansion, Collin reports to Tony that Belle Black was talking about the key, and her mom being down there, as in the basement. Meanwhile, Cameron shows up at the mansion to represent Lexie in her divorce, and Jack overhears her tells LExie that they will take Abe to court. Lexie says she has it wrong, she wants to fight this divorce, Abe is the one pushing for it. Lexie and Cameron go off to talk, and Collin takes off as well. Jack takes everything in, and thinks Collin doesn’t want him here. Tony says he doesn’t want him here, and makes up a phony story that Collin is doing a medical report on his condition and is afraid Jack might beat him to the punch. Meanwhile, Cameron agrees to help Lexie, but she has to tell her everything. Lexie tells Cameron about Brandon’s affair, and Cameron says she has to make Brandon go away somehow.

At the hospital, Nicole demands to see Collin because she doesn’t like her new doctor one bit. Nicole accuses Victor of having something to do with Collin disappearing, and he says he did have something to do with it, and she knows why he got rid of him. Victor says Collin could be messed up with the DiMeras, so she should forget about Collin. Victor tells her to get some rest, and he leaves. After he’s gone, Nicole pages the nurses station and asks for Collin. Collin eventually shows up, and Nicole demand he get himself back on her case so they can come up with a way to stop Sami. Collin asks what is in it for him? Nicole says if Victor learns they slept together, he’ll wind up in the grave! Collin tells her that she can’t let Victor take over her life like this. She tells him that he’s one to talk, the DiMera’s still own his soul! Collin says he is only Tony’s physician, but Nicole doesn’t believe him. He says he won’t be blackmailed by her or anyone, and he wishes her well with Sami and being chained to Victor’s side for life. Nicole throws a fit, but decides to take care of Sami herself. She decides to check Sami into the morgue!

Sami plans a vacation for her and Brandon, but she’s a little short on money. As she reads the Intruder, she learns that they are paying 2000 dollars for sensational stories. Lucas shows up and demands Sami sign the papers or he’ll make sure Victor gives the tape to the Intruder! Suddenly, Brandon shows up and tells Lucas that if he threatens Sami again, he’ll answer to him! Sami begs Brandon to let Lucas go, so he does. Sami says she already agreed to sign the papers. Suddenly Brandon gets a call from Lexie and she asks him to meet her in Salem Place. He agrees, which upsets Sami. Brandon assures her that LExie is just a friend. Brandon leaves, and Lucas and Sami continue arguing about the taped confession. Sami eventually signs the papers when Lucas threatens to tell Brandon about the her lying about the abuse charges. Lucas thanks her and also tells her to keep her dad away from his mom. Sami thinks Kate is the one sinking her claws into her dad.

Brandon meets up with Lexie and Cameron in the park, and Lexie says Cameron is going to help her fight the divorce, but he needs to forget they made love. She says if he can do this for her, she will finance him starting up his own private practice. Brandon tells Lexie to go to hell, he will not be bought! Lexie dismisses Cameron and tells Brandon that she is not trying to buy him off, she is trying to find a way to thank him. Brandon says she is a fool to try and win back Abe, and there isn’t enough money in the world to help him ruin her life this way.

At Basic Black, Kate gets lands a new account and is happy about it. Roman shows up to see Kate, and she tells him that she just landed a very big account and suggests they celebrate tonight at Tuscany. Roman grabs Kate like she was his lover, and suggests she let him decide where they celebrate. Kate asks if this is a new way to get her to talk about Stefano? Roman tells Kate that as of today, Stefano is no longer a topic fit for discussion. He says he doesn’t want DiMera to come between them, but Kate says there is no “us.” Roman says there could be, and he asks her to give them a chance. Suddenly, Sami shows up and says “You cannot be serious!” Kate tells Sami to get out of her office, and Roman tells Sami to leave. Sami refuses to let Kate manipulate her dad. Roman tells Sami that they will talk about this later, but for now she should leave! Sami does as her father asks. Roman tells Kate they shouldn’t let Sami ruin their date tonight, or DiMera, it should just be the two of them. Kate agrees to go out with Roman. After Roman leaves, Kate gets a call and learns that the account she landed earlier has gone back to Titan! Kate vows not to let Victor to get away with this.

Abby and Will are playing in the park, and Will is a bit rough with Abby. Jen and Maggie are watching over them, and they talk about things. Maggie realizes Jen is still torn between Collin and Jack. Jen says she’s no longer concerned about Collin, and she feels that he is not a threat or a danger. Maggie asks what changed, and Jen tells her about how Collin opened up to her about what was going on in Africa with him and her father. Jen says she does trust Collin, and she is still very attracted to him. However, Maggie says she is still in love with Jack. Jen says she can’t take the risk with Jack again. Maggie tells Jen that Mickey used to be a lot like Jack, and she betrayed him and went to another man who seemed more caring. Jen says Mickey took her back though, but Maggie says she was lucky. Jen realize that Maggie is afraid she’ll make the same mistake as she did with Collin and Jack. Jen just wishes she could believe Jack could change. Maggie suggests they try counseling. Suddenly, Abby screams! Jen runs over, and Lucas shows up. Will claims he just pushed her on the swing too hard, but Abby says he is lying, he got mad and hit her! Abby is bleeding really bad, so they decide to take her to the hospital.

Back at the mansion, Collin returns to see Tony, only to learn he is still with Jack. Suddenly, Jack’s phone rings, and he sees it is Jen’s cell number. He decides not to let Jack find out and hangs up Jack’s phone! Collin is paged by the hospital and leaves. Meanwhile, Jack tries to get secrets from Bart by telling him that Collin was telling Tony that he shouldn’t be trusted.

Back at the hospital, Abby says she wants her dad, so Maggie goes to call him using Jen’s cell phone. Jack doesn’t answer, thanks to Collin’s handy work earlier. Collin shows up to check on Abby and he says it is just a superficial wound. Jen thinks Jack is too caught up with an assignment and has shut the rest of the world out, and she says she’s just so glad that Collin is here.


September 25
Belle worries about the twins, and Shawn tries to calm her down. John shows up to see the kids, and she asks him what has been going on. John says Cassie and Rex are fine, it is Marlena that he’s worried about because she’s been working around the clock. Belle wants to go with her dad to the hospital, but he says no way. Belle is upset, and begins to argue with her dad about the twins. John doesn’t understand why she feels so attached to them when she can’t even have a real conversation with them. John thinks she just feels responsible for them, and he says she is letting them come between her and her family. He tells her to concentrate on school, and let him and her mother handle the twins. Belle thinks her dad is never going to let her see the twins again. John leaves, and Shawn tells her not to make things worse. Belle lashes out at Shawn when he tells her that her dad is right, she is obsessed with the twins. Belle reads Shawn the riot act about how he wanted to help Jan so badly that he sacrificed everything, and after that incident he lost her trust. Belle asks Shawn why he always thinks he knows what is best and what everyone else needs. Shawn says he will always be sorry for what he did, and he is never going to tell her how to run her life. HE says she doesn’t have a problem trusting her DiMera twin friends, so why doesn’t she go devote her life to them! Shawn walks out, and Belle ends up in tears. She goes to talk to Caprice, and she says she feels bad about holding the Jan thing over his head. Caprice says she can forgive, but nobody expects him to forget. Belle doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to trust Shawn again.

At the Wesley’s, Brady calls Craig and lies to him, claiming they are still in New York. Craig speaks to Chloe, and Nancy grabs the phone to talk to Chloe. Chloe says she is fine, and they learn Phillip didn’t blow their cover. Nancy asks when they are coming home, and Chloe says soon, but she is trying to locate an old friend who was in the orphanage with her. Nancy tells her to be careful and stay in touch. After they get off the phone, Craig asks Nancy why she didn’t tell her about the baby. Nancy says she didn’t want to get to get her hopes up. Nancy is worried about the baby, but Craig says everything will be okay, and once she sees the sonogram she’ll have no trouble believing in this pregnancy at all. Craig brings Nancy breakfast, and they talk about Chloe. Nancy wishes she could have kept Chloe, but Craig says she has a second chance to give Chloe life. Nancy says no baby has ever been so wanted and loved.

Meanwhile, out in the woods, Chloe thinks something is wrong at home because Craig and Nancy seemed tense. Brady says they are just worried about her. Brady says the sooner they find Sykes, the sooner they can get home. Chloe tells Brady that they just have to find him. Unfortunately they learn that the Sykes have sold their house and left, but they do learn that Sykes’ wife has a son. Chloe says this is pointless, they will never find them or a bone marrow donor. Chloe thinks this whole trip was a waste. Brady remembers his mom telling him that he had to take a journey with Chloe that would bring them home, and he says he doesn’t think this trip was a waste, and he will never give up on her.

At the Kiriakis household, Kate shows up and is furious with Victor for stealing her account. Phillip shows up and asks what is going on? Victor tells Phillip they will talk to him later. Kate and Victor argue about the accounts and Nicole’s “services,” which anger Victor. Victor throws Kate out, and Phillip shows up and asks what is going on now? Victor says it does not concern him, and he lectures Phillip on his responsibilities. He tells Phillip that if he is not going to school he has to move out! Phillip says he can work at Titan and go to college next semester, but Victor says he will soon learn how hard it is to get a job without a college education. Phillip leaves to pack, and later, Victor learns the hospital can’t find Nicole!

Phillip meets his mom in Salem Place and tells her that Victor has killed him out of the mansion. Kate tells Phillip she has been far too dependant on the wrong people, and it was a mistake. She says it may seem cruel, but they are doing this because they love her. She tells him that he needs to learn to live on his own and solve his own problems. Later, Phillip runs into Shawn, and he tells him that he has no place to live right now. Shawn decides not to get in the middle of anything else, and he tells Phillip about his fight with Belle about the twins. Phillip ends up going to see Belle and says he heard about his fight with Shawn, and he’s sorry. He also tells her about his troubles, and how he has no place to go, and that is why he is here. He tells her that she is his last friend left,.

Sami ventures into the basement because she thinks she’s meeting Brandon there. She goes to the morgue, and is grabbed by a body, which turns out to be Nicole. Nicole drags Sami into a supply closet, grabs some formaldehyde, and threatens Sami with it! The two end up in a drag-down-knock-out fight! Sami ends up the victor, but Nicole finds Sami’s clipping from the Intruder on sensational stories and notes on Kate’s past. She wonders what Sami is up to now. Sami grabs her paper from Nicole and takes off, leaving Nicole in the morgue. Nicole runs after her, only to come across Victor who wants to know what is going on? He takes her back to her room, and he tells her about the latest account he stole from Kate. She is happy, and he tells her this is nothing compares to what she will have when she is married. They toast to their engagements, and Kate’s downfall. Little do they know Kate is watching, and vows to make Nicole wish she stayed in a coma.

John shows up at the hospital and learns Marlena just started another session with the twins. John is angry and demands to see his wife, but Spector says he can’t. John gets a letter from Marlena telling him that she misses him so much. Marlena tells him that she thinks the twins are her destiny. John is furious because she is sounding like her daughter, and he threatens to tell everyone about this if he doesn’t get to see his wife. John cools down eventually, and apologizes. As they talk about DiMera, the Twins, and Aliens. As they do, Sami shows up and hears part of their conversation about Aliens. Sami decides the Intruder will pay big bucks for this story!


September 26
Shorter than usual, sorry
At Jen’s place, Jack shows up after getting Jen’s message, and he says he seems to have misplaced his cell phone. She lays into him about not being there when needed, as usual, and Jack feels guilty. He apologizes, and so does she for blowing things out of proportion. They start talking about Collin, when Jack learns he treated Abbey, and Jen tells Jack that she trusts him completely. This pushes Jack’s buttons. He says he doesn’t like it, and he won’t deny it. Jack says he’ll get a new cell phone, and takes off after checking on Abbey.

At Heartley House, Phillip opens up to Belle and tells her the whole story about Dry Creek, minus setting up Brady. Belle tells Phillip that she loves him, but he really needs to get his stuff together. She realizes she left a book downstairs, so she leaves to get it. Downstairs, Mimi and Shawn are studying, and Shawn tells Mimi about his fight with Belle. Meanwhile, Cynthia lurks in the background with her new posse of friends, spying and listening in on what is happening. Belle comes down to get her book, and tells Mimi she’s not ready to make up with Shawn, and that Phillip is in her room. Belle heads back upstairs, and is trailed by Cynthia. Cynthia overhears Belle tell Phillip that he can stay with her tonight, and she wonders what Shawn will think about that.

At the DiMera Mansion, Collin shows up, places Jack’s phone back on the table, and goes to see Tony. Tony says something is going on at the hospital, and he sends Collin there on the mission to find out what.

At the hospital, John once again is denied seeing Marlena, so he goes to question the twins. He looks at the bracelet, and Cassie says she’s not putting that bad thing back on. John says he won’t make her wear it again. He questions them about their tattoos, but they only say that Belle says they are trendy. He shows them his tattoo, and they recognize it as the phoenix. Rex says MArlena showed them photos of it, and their tattoos make a phoenix too. Cassie asks if they are family, but he says no. John eventually has to leave, and the twins are upset that they have to remain in the room. John wonders what DiMera had planned for those poor kids. Later, Tony calls john and invites him to the mansion to discuss the Gemini project, and he asks him to bring Marlena. John goes to the mansion, but says Marlena is working. They talk about the gifts Stefano left everyone, and Tony says the pillow he left Marlena is connected to the Gemini twins. John says his mythology is poor, so Tony tells him the story of the twins, who were doomed to spend eternity between light and darkness. Tony says his father caused enough darkness in the lives of the people of Salem, so he’d like to bring some light. He asks if there are some charities he and Marlena know of he could help with. John says Marlena has some cases should could use help with, but he best not say anymore until he speaks with her. John has to go, and on his way out he runs into Jack. He gives Jack a little warning about living here, and Jack goes inside and is puzzled to find his phone back on the table where he thought he left it.

Back at the hospital, Collin drugs the doctor working in the basement, after tripping him down some stairs, and breaks into the basement and is almost caught by a “man in black” but manages to escape. Collin ends up finding the twins, takes pictures of them, searches Rex’s computer, and then sees the phoenix tattoos on their arms.


September 27
Out in the woods, Brady surprises Chloe by decorating the tent for her 18th birthday, as well as singing to her as she wakes up. He also has a birthday Twinkie for her. Chloe thanks him, and asks how he knew today was the day? Craig mentioned it and hoped she would be home today. Chloe wonders if Nancy is planning a big party today, and dreads it if she is because Nancy always go over board. Brady tells Chloe that they will go home today, but Chloe feels like she is going home to die. Brady tells her not to talk that way, he knows she will be okay, and he promises to celebrate every birthday hereafter with her. They pack up the car, and Chloe talks to Brady about Phillip. She says he did care for her, but she realized she convinced herself that his love was right for her because he was the first man to tell her that he loved her. Brady says that Phillip is selfish and buys his way out of all his problems, but he was right about one thing, he does have a reason to be jealous of him. Chloe doesn’t understand, so Brady tells her that even though they were just friends, they share a special connection. Brady says it took him a long time to admit to himself his feelings for her, and he just hasn’t wanted to take advantage of her vulnerability or add to her problems. Chloe says he doesn’t add to her problems. Brady tells CHleo that he likes being with her, it’s so easy and peaceful. Chloe tells Brady that she feels hopeful when she is with him, he gives her what she needs. Brady says speaking of giving, he has a birthday gift for her. He gives her tickets to the opera for next season, and a voucher for the next three seasons after that. Brady assures her that she will get to see every opera at the metropolitan opera for the next four years at Julliard. Chloe asks how he did this all so quickly? Brady says he planned the gift awhile ago while she was on chemo. She tells him that this is the most wonderful thing anyone has done for her. Chloe and Brady then share a kiss!

Back in Salem, at the hospital Nancy and Craig celebrate their coming baby. Craig says as thrilled as they are, both she and Chloe have a long way ahead of them. Meanwhile, Sami sells a story to the tabloid on the aliens. Brandon confronts Sami about making personal calls while on the job. He did overhear her talking about a surprise that is out of this world. As they talk about getting together for their first time, the reporter from the Intruder shows up. Brandon remembers him as the guy writing all the trashy stories on the baby switch, and he demands to know what he wants with Sami. Sami claims he is just here for an x-ray, and he has to check in here because of security rules. The reporter plays into Sami’s story, and Brandon takes off. Sami then meets with him, and as they talk, Craig shows up and tells him that he thought him never to come back to this hospital! Sami says the reporter is here for an X-ray, and the reporter says he can’t deny him healthcare. Craig tells Sami to make sure he gets his X-ray and then gets the hell out of here! Craig and Nancy leave for their appointment, and the reporter takes off. Brandon returns and tells Sami that he knows what her secret is! Brandon says he knows she is taking him on a romantic picnic. She says he is close, and the two kiss. As they hug, the tabloid reporter shows her a copy of the new Intruder with her story on the cover. Meanwhile, Nancy and Craig fly through the prenatal appointment, and they schedule an amnio and a test to determine if the baby will be a match for Chloe. Craig surprises Nancy with a present, it is a photo holder that is shaped like a heart and has two places for photos, one for Chloe and one for their new baby.

Spector goes to the basement to see the twins, and they tell him a man was here earlier. He can’t believe security was breached. They say it was Belle’s father, and he is relieved. They know that John doesn’t trust them, but Belle and Marlena do. Cassie insists they aren’t hiding anything, and Rex says they are tired of being studied. Spector says they can’t stop until they find out their secrets. Cassie asks “What if you never do?” Spector says until they come up with answers that satisfy him, they will have to stay here. Spector leaves, and Rex surfs the net and learns about the declaration of independence. He finds the passage that all men have rights, and he thinks it is the key to getting them out of here. They begin to formulate a plan how to escape.

At the DiMera mansion, Collin shows up to give Tony information about the twins. He tells him about the twins who arrived in a pod during the meteor shower. He also says the twins have a key identical to the one his father left him. Tony realize they are connected to his father, and John has known this. Collin says they also tell have the Pheonix tattoos on their arms! Collin then shows Tony the photos of the children that he took. Tony says that he has to find out who these twins are, and what his father wanted done with them. As Tony tries to come up with a way to get the twins, Bart shows up with a copy of the Intruder which blows the story on the twins wide open.

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