September 2002 - Week 3


September 16
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Although Sami didnít get the key for Tony, he gives her the incriminating photos of Nicole kissing Colin in exchange for Samiís promise to find out what Marlena and John are involved in at the hospital. Tony tells Colin about the drawing of the key and Colin reveals his encounter with Spector and that Marlena is still unreachable. Tony confronts Colin about meeting with Raymond Grant, but Colin denies that the meeting had anything to do with the DiMeras. Meanwhile, Nicole tries to tell Brandon about Samiís lies, but is delayed by Craig, wanting to examine her. Just as Nicole is about to spill the beans, Sami pops her head in and flashes the incriminating photos to Nicole. She drops the subject of Sami completely and feigns exhaustion. Brandon leaves and Sami sails in, trying to get the upper hand. Later, Victor asks Brandon if he knows whatís going on between Sami/Nicole because heís convinced that Sami did something to Nicole before she was shot and heís determined to find out what it was... Philip admits he forged the note from Brady, but lies and says he did it to protect Chloe. Sheís furious, but Brady takes the high road and defends Philipís actions, saying Philip was doing what was best for Chloe. Later, the sheriff brings Bradyís keys back and asks to talk to Philip; Brady and Chloe overhear that Philip was responsible for Bradyís unjust incarceration, causing Brady to slug Philip... Nancy is worried because she hasnít heard from Chloe, but Craig manages to distract her by making love to her. Afterward, he tells Nancy that if sheís that worried, heíll book the next flight to New York City...


September 17
At the hospital, Brandon tells Victor not to upset Nicole with a lot of speculative talk about Sami. Victor says he is trying to protect Nicole, but Brandon thinks he is holding something over Samiís head and has pulled Nicole into his scheme. Victor thinks Brandon is with Sami again, but Brandon says he isnít. Brandon says he does see the way Sami goes nuts whenever he is around, and he wishes heíd leave Sami alone. Victor tells Brandon that Sami is playing him, and to see what she really is, a compulsive liar!

Sami looks at the picture she has and wishes they were of Nicole and Collin in bed, because that would get stop Nicole for good. Suddenly, Lucas shows up and asks her to sign the custody papers, but she refuses. HE tries to blackmail her with the tape, threatening to play it for Brandon. Sami claims sheíll sign them if he gets her a pen, but she takes off on him when he returns with one! Lucas finds Brandon with Victor, and he asks where Sami is because she has agreed to sign joint custody papers. Brandon says Sami doesnít report to him, he has no idea where she is. Victor leaves to find Nicole, and Lucas badgers Brandon about Sami. Brandon tells Lucas that he feels bad for Will, he worked him over by spoiling him rotten so he would choose him over Sami. Lucas thinks Sami has manipulated him into thinking he is the bad guy here. They begin arguing about Sami, and Lucas accuses Sami of being the one behind Nicoleís condition. Lucas says Nicole must have used her power to come between him and Sami, so Sami is doing everything to take care of Nicole! Brandon gets all worked up, and almost clocks Lucas. Lucas tells him to go for it, and Brandon calls him a miserable punk. Lucas says when Nicole wakes up, she will confirm everything. Brandon says she has woken up, and Lucas thinks it is only a matter of time before Nicole spills the beans about Sami.

In her room, Nicole has nightmares about Sami blackmailing her, and she grabs Sami and begins chocking her! When Nicole wakes up, she finds she was choking a nurse! Nicole apologizes, and asks for Collin now! Collin goes to see Nicole, but talks to the nurse she chocked first. Sami hides in Nicoleís room , tape recorder in hand, and spies on Collin and Nicole. Nicole says Sami is trying to blackmail her with pictures of them together. Collin thinks the coma has screwed with her mind, but Nicole says sheís not making this up. She says someone took pictures of them that day at Salem Place, and he has to get them back and destroy them or she will lose Victor. Collin says she is better off without him, Victor might have money, but he canít please her in bed the way he does! Collin tells Nicole that heís been missing her, and as soon as she gets out of here, perhaps they can practice a little sexual healing. Nicole goes to smack Collin, but he grabs her wrist. Suddenly, Victor walks in and asks what is going on here? Collin says he was just taking her pulse, she has been a bit volatile lately. Victor speaks with Collin outside Nicoleís room. He tells him that he appreciates what heís done, but he is now off the case. Back in Nicoleís room, Sami plays the tape for Nicole, and tells her the photos arenít her only problem! Nicole is furious, but Sami says she is in control now. Nicole attacks Sami and begins chocking her! She grabs the tape recorder and throws it out the window, but Sami says she still has the tape! Suddenly, Victor and Brandon walk in just in time to see Nicole deck Sami! They ask what is going on, and Nicole freaks out screaming how much she hates Sami. Nicole has to be sedated, and Sami tells Brandon that sheís so sorry about this. Brandon says he canít believe Nicole would just attack her for no reason, but Sami says that is what happened.

Roman shows up at Kateís place with flowers, and he refuses to be turned away by her. Kate claims she is sick, but Roman says she doesnít appear sick, she might however be suffering from a bad case of DiMera. Kate refuses to talk to Roman about this. Roman asks her why she is protecting DiMera? Kate says she isnít protecting Stefano, she is protecting herself! Kate tells Roman that Stefano did nothing to her, she did it all to herself! Kate said she lost so much, and as she is about to open up, Lucas walks in and asks what is going on? Lucas thinks Roman is putting the moves on his mother, and that he has upset her. Kate tells both Roman and Lucas to leave her alone. They leave, and Lucas asks Roman what is going on. Roman says Kate will tell him when she is ready. Meanwhile, Kate damns Stefano because she says she hasnít forgotten like he said she would.

In Dry Creek, Brady decks Phillip after getting the proof that he let him rot in jail. Brady goes to deck Phillip again, but Chloe stops him and asks him to let her handle this. Chloe asks him why he did this, why when Brady was working so hard to help her. Phillip says he wanted to take her to New York to help her relax and see what she has looking forward too, but then she disappeared and he learned it was with Brady. He says he didnít know Sykes was her father, and he knows he messed up. He says he just wanted to make it up to her, and he knew Brady would be in the way and keep them wasting time in this town. Brady says this is not about who gets the girl, it is about saving Chloeís life. Phillip says he does think Nico can find Sykes, and he does know what is best for Chloe, he knows his love can save her. Phillip tells her that his love brought her out of the blackhole she was in, and made her get better. Chloe tells Phillip that heís done so much for her, and over the past few years they have both changed so much. She says he helped her change so much, and Phillip says she helped him change so much as well. Phillip talks about how he realized he was nothing without her, and how much meaning she brings to his life. Chloe realizes it now, and she says he only wants to possess her, and this kind of love canít save her, it can only suffocate her. Phillip says heís not being possessive, he is being passionate. Chloe says he thinks he loves her, but he only needs her, and that need is forcing him to do whatever it takes to win her. Chloe says she is not a prize, and she cannot breathe around him. Phillip says that is this dingy hotel room. Chloe says this is not all his fault, she encouraged him to create a fantasy world for her own need, to make her feel better. Chloe says she did love him, he was her first love, but they are different people now. Chloe says the only way she will get well is to face this disease, not to rely on his fantasy world. She says they have to accept that it is over between them. Phillip says he canít accept this, and he will make things up to her. Chloe tells Phillip to stop this. He tells Brady that this is all his fault, he took advantage of her when she was weak! Brady says this isnít about him, this is about Chloe. Brady tells Phillip to listen to Chloe, respect her, and give her what she needs. Chloe asks Phillip to leave. Phillip says heís sorry, he hopes she finds her father, and he never meant to mess that up for her. Phillip says heíll leave if that is the only thing he can do for her. Phillip walks out, and Chloe breaks down. Brady tells her that she did the right thing, and they will find her father. Chloe says he still might not be a match, but Brady says they wonít give up until they find her a donor.


September 18
Tony comes to see Collin at the Salem Inn as Jack and Jen spy on them. Tony is furious with Collin because he feels he has short changed him. Tony reminds him that he is always supposed to be available to him, he is not to hang up on him or say no to him. Tony tells Collin that he is spending too much time and energy on Nicole and Jennifer Horton. He tells him that it is time he gives up on chasing Jennifer Horton. Tony says he was only supposed to use her to get in tight with Bill Horton to get an entrťe to Salem Hospital, not to fall in love with her. Collin says he used Jennifer as a way to come to Salem, and he is still using her to get the rest of the people in this town to trust him! Meanwhile, outside Collinís room, Jack and Jen argue about Collin. Jack thinks Jen can no longer handle this investigation because her feelings for Collin are blinding her, so he should take over this story. Jen says she is the one who will get the information out of Collin, all she needs is a few hours with him, but first she has to get rid of DiMera! Jennifer knocks on Collinís door, but he tries to get rid of her. Suddenly, Tony shows up and tells Collin to be polite and let the lady in! Collin invites her in, and Tony says he is here picking up a prescription. Jennifer becomes curious and begins questioning him about his condition, but he doesnít feel like talking about it. Tony takes off, and Jack follows him. Back in the room, Collin asks Jen why she started questioning Tony. Jen says she wanted him to leave so she could be alone with him! Collin says heís heard this before, but something always happens. Jennifer says she wants this, and kisses Collin! Collin asks her if she is sure this is what she wants, and she says yes. Collin doesnít believe her, he thinks she is up to something, and he wants to know what. Jen says she is not up to anything, she is only after him. Collin calls her a liar, and thinks that she came here to use him. He tells her to tell him why she is here, or to leave and never come back. Jen says sheís not going anywhere, and kisses Collin again.

Jack hops in Tonyís limo after him and wants an interview with Tony about how a new kind of DiMera is heading the family now. Tony tells Jack to call for an appointment, heíll set something up. Jack suggests they make this a series, and Tony says heíll think about it. Jack wants to make sure they spend a lot of time together, and suggests he stay at the mansion for awhile. Tony thinks about it, and says okay.

At the hospital, Brandon meets up with LExie. Lexie asks how Nicole is doing. Brandon says sheís not herself yet. Lexie isnít doing good because Abe wants her to get a lawyer so they can go ahead with the divorce, but she hasnít been able to do it. Abe shows up and tells Lexie that she has no choice, she should call Cameron Reese and meet him and Mickey later today. Abe then goes to see Nicole and question her, but Brandon and Victor say it will have to wait because Nicole went through an ordeal yesterday. Faye asks what happened, and Victor says Sami happened and she wonít get away with it. Brandon continues to defend Sami, but Victor says if he was honest with himself he would see that Sami is to blame. Brandon tells Abe that his sister is not well enough to answer his questions, so he should leave. Abe says heíll ask her doctors if she is well enough to talk.

Later, Lexie confronts Faye about her relationship with Abe. Lexie says she knows she has reconnected with Abe, and she is glad because Abe needs a friend now. LExie admits she did some terrible things thinking she was protecting her family, but Abe canít see that. As they talk, Abe sees LExie talking with Faye and wonders what is going on. Lexie tells Faye that she is worried about Abe, he is all alone right now and she says that is why she is glad Abe has her as a friend. LExie says she still loves Abe, and Faye says she wishes them both the best. Faye leaves to check on Nicole, and Abe shows up and asks LExie what poison she is dishing out to Faye? Lexie says she was doing nothing of the sort, but Abe says he knows she has been trying to keep him away from Faye for a long time. Abe says Faye is a good woman, and he wonít allow her to upset Faye. Abe tells her she has no say in who he sees, and he walks away from Lexie and over to Faye. Abe tells Faye that they should go for a cup of coffee. Faye isnít so sure because LExie still loves him, but Abe says Lexie is a DiMera and they are finished. Abe says he is free to spend time with whomever he wants. Faye finally agrees to have coffee with him.

In Nicoleís room, Sami wakes Nicole up, and she tells her that today is the day she gets her life back! Sami holds Nicole down so she doesnít get chocked again, but she eventually lets her go. Nicole tells Sami that she saved her last night by not telling Brandon and Victor the truth, but Sami reminds her that she holds the audio-visual x-rated cards in her hands. Nicole asks her what she wants? Sami demands she claim her attack on her last night that was unprovoked, and she must swear that she does not have anything against her. Nicole says ďIn your dreams!Ē Sami says Brandon is her dream, and soon they could be one big happy family! Sami also demands she also not to accuse her of pushing her in front of the bullet, she is not to accuse her of trying to pull the plug on her, she is to forget about keeping her and Brandon apart, and she is to get the tapes back from Victor that he is holding over her head. Nicole says no deal, if she even thinks about making those tapes and pictures public, Brandon will learn she was blackmailing her and hate her anyways! Nicole tells Sami itís a no-win situation sheís found herself in. Sami hears Victor and Brandon coming, so she tells Nicole not to blow this. Sami hides, and they come in to see Nicole. They ask her how she was feeling, and she says a lot better than last night. Victor and Brandon want to know the truth about Sami, and she says Sami did nothing to her, and it is time Brandon knew the truth. Nicole tells Brandon that she had Victor threaten Sami to stay away from him, and she is sorry. Nicole says last night Sami asked her to back off and give her a second chance with Brandon, but all she could do was think about how much she could hurt him, so she attacked him. Nicole apologizes to Brandon, and says if she wonít interfere with him wanting to be with Sami. She claims she has been given a second chance at life, and she doesnít want to waste it being petty and manipulative. Brandon forgives his sister, but Victor isnít buying this at all. A spying Sami ends up furious when Nicole doesnít attempt to get the tape back from Victor. Victor asks for some time alone with Nicole, and after Brandon leaves, Nicole tells Victor that sheís tired of controlling Brandonís life, or anyoneís anymore. She tries to get Victor to give up the tape and forget about Sami, but he says heíll take care of Sami. Victor tells her to rest, and Sami returns and tells Nicole that she blew it! Nicole tells Sami that they have to take this slowly, if she does too much at once Victor will figure out what is going on and he will punish them both!

Sami and Brandon meet on the roof later, and Sami plays Brandon. She can understand if he is suspicious of her after last night. Brandon tells Sami that Nicole has come clean with him, and promised not to interfere anymore. Sami and Brandon then share a kiss. Brandon thinks something else is going on, and if anything else is going on she needs to tell him. Brandon asks Sami to be honest with him, what else happened between her and his sister? Back in her room, Nicole throws a fit and says sheíll make sure Sami pays, and she should enjoy Brandon while she has him.


September 19
Less detailed due to migraine
Lexie meets with Abe and Mickey, and she refuses to allow this divorce to happen. She says that she will contest it, and she tells Abe that contested divorces can cost a lot of money, he might even have to drain his pension! LExie goes home and asks her mom to help her think of ways to get Abe back, but Celeste refuses because Abe does not belong to her, just like Isaac did not!

At the penthouse, John is upset because he is not allowed to see Marlena because of her work with the Twins. Belle and Shawn show up and John tells them that MArlena feels the twins miss them, so he is to take them to see them. They go to the the hospital, and Shawn and Belle are shocked by the twins improved communication skills. Rex and Cassie say that Marlena has hypnotized them, and through their sessions they have remembered how to read, speak, spell, and do other normal things. However, they still canít remember who they are, or where they come from. They also donít understand how long they have to stay in the hospital, or what their tattoos mean. They know Dimera gave it to them, because that is what John said. Shawn and Belle tell them that DiMera is dead, and they donít have to worry about him anymore. Meanwhile, John goes to see Bo, and they argue about the twins and their kids. Bo sees no harm happening from the twins, which angers John. John doesnít understand why he is the only one who sees they were sent here to destroy them.

At Collinís room at the Salem Inn, Jen and Collin kiss, and Jen asks Collin to trust in her because that is what love is. Collin admits there has been something he has been keeping from her since Africa. He says their campfire nights were at Billís request, at least that is how they started out. Jennifer is furious because she thinks Collin was covering up for her fatherís affairs with married women in Africa, but Collin says that is not what was happening. He says that Bill was helping women and children who were in danger, and he was helping them at night because of the danger to him from military operations. Collin says Bill didnít want her to know because she would worry too much. Jen is shocked, and calls her father to tell him how proud she is of him. She thanks Collin for giving her father back to her, and she asks him one more question. Collin says he is only involved with Tony because he is a patient, and she begins to wonder if she has been wrong about Collin all along.

At the Spectator, Jack meets with Bo and asks him to help keep Jennifer away from Collin. Bo tells Jack that Jen is not getting involved with Collin because she no longer loves him (Jack), she is doing it because she still loves him. Jack is shocked, but unconvinced. He then tells Bo about his plan to get the goods on Tony and Collin by moving into the DiMera mansion. Bo doesnít think this is a good idea at all, but Jack thinks he can handle himself.

In Tonyís car, Bart tells Tony that Marlena went into the hospital last night and has not left. Tony goes into a trance, and keeps calling out Marlenaís name. He sees himself on a table in a white room, and heís been told that his future has been planned out, and they will arrive soon. Bart freaks out, calls Collin, and heads back to the mansion. Back at the DiMera Mansion, Jack arrives and LExie is furious that he is moving in, until he explains why. She realizes she may be able to use Jack to win back Abe. Meanwhile, Collin arrives to check out Tony, who is still in a trance.


September 20
Roman shows up to see Kate again. She tells him that his police skills need some help, she does not need or want his help. Roman says he just wants to be her friend, but Kate says she has enough friends and now she has to go to the Light the Night walk. Roman says he was headed there as well. They soon begin talking about Billie, and Kate accuses him of getting her transferred.

At the Spectator, Jack goes into Jenniferís office, and see she is gone. Jennifer returns and is furious with Jack for moving into the Dimera Mansion on an assignment she never assigned! Jen tells him that people go into that house, but they never come out. Jack asks why she is allowed to put her life on the line by getting close to Collin, but he is not allowed to do similar things? Jen asks Jack what if they are wrong about Collin? Jen says they should just stop all of this. Jack asks what caused this turn of events? Jen says she asked him if he had any connections with Tony, and he said no. They argue, and agree to stop questioning one another about this situation. Jen remembers the Light the Night walk, and they leave.

Salem Place prepares for the light the night walk. Craig and Nancy catch Victor telling Maggie that unfortunately it seems Phillip and Chloe are back together. Victor says he has no problem with Chloe, she is a lovely girl. But he does have a problem with his sonís immature approach to this relationship. Nancy says they agree on that. Victor walks off and finds Collin checking on Nicoleís condition, and Victor tells Collin to stay the hell away from Nicole, her condition is none of his concern anymore.

Shawn and Belle look around for Chloe, but she is no where to be found. They run into Nancy and Craig, and they compare notes and realize none of them have heard from Chloe. Later, Belle wonders if Brady has followed Chloe and Phillip. Shawn says it does sound odd that they all disappeared at the same time. Even later, Mimi, Cynthia, Dozer, and Caprice show up. They all run into Paramedic Kyle Stokes, and he and Caprice seem to hit it off. He says heíll be seeing them around, and takes off. The kids then begin their walk for cancer.

Collin is caught talking to Tony on the phone about their plans by Caroline! He claims he was just talking to the hospital and trying to get someone to cover their shift.

Jo brings Abby to the event, and Craig makes a speech about what a great place Salem is, and he thanks them for embracing their daughter Chloe. Nancy says this event is not only in honor of Chloe, but in honor of those who have gone before them and for all those survivors. Nancy honors Abby for the special little girl she is, and asks her to help carry the banner with Belle and Shawn. After the walk, Nancy talks to Alice and once again thanks her for her donation. Alice says she did it for her own daughter Addie. Alice says Addie had Leukemia and was cured, but they lost her later on. Alice tells Nancy that she believes Chloe will be cured as well.

Jack and Jen run into Collin, and Jack jokes around with Collin that he should just drop the lame doctor-patient thing and move in with his boss Tony full time. Jen tells Jack to stop this! She tells him to go find Abby, so he leaves. Jen apologizes to Collin, but Collin says Jack is just jealous and all he cares about is if she trusts him. Collin asks Jen out to dinner, but Jen says she has to work on the paper for tomorrow. Jen says perhaps another time, and he says okay.

Kate runs into Victor at the walk, and they exchange nasty little words as usual. Roman tries to make the peace between them, but Victor says he is not part of this conversation. Roman says the woman does deserve some respect, and he and Kate go to make some donations. Later, Kate thanks Roman before he heads off to work.

Nancy and Craig continue worrying about Chloe, and Kate worries about Phillip. They talk to Belle and Shawn and learn Brady has also left town. Suddenly, they all hear Victor yelling about the latest stupid stunt Phillip did. Victor tells them that all that Phillip has decided not to go to college, Columbia called Marie and asked if they should hold his check until next semester. Victor knows this has something to do with Chloe! As they argue over what is going on, Phillip shows up! They ask where Chloe is, and Phillip says he doesnít know, Chloe didnít come back with him. Nancy faints at the news.

Chloe and Brady check into another motel, and Brady has to give Chloe a pep-talk because her mood is not good. Chloe blames herself for all of this, and Brady says it is not her fault. Brady asks Chloe point blank if she is blaming this all on him, and if she is wishing she was still with Phillip? Chloe says no, what she regrets is that she didnítí realize the truth much sooner. Brady suggests that they get out of here, and head back home. Chloe asks how that will help? Brady says they wonít really leave, they will make a production of leaving, and hopefully he will return. Brady says theyíll take her to the next town and get her a motel, and heíll camp out and wait for Sykes to return. Chloe says no way, she wonít let him do this without her! Brady says if she gets sick, he will never forgive himself. Chloe says Sykes is her father, and she is the only one who has a chance at getting him to talk to them. Brady says okay, but if she as much as sneezes or coughs she goes to a motel. Later, Brady and Chloe camp out, and Chloe is afraid of the sounds she hears, and jumps into Bradyís arms!

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