September 2002 Week 2


September 9
Jen shows up at the station to talk to Bo about the celebration of heroes when Jack and Billie walk in, and Jack is complaining about Billie’s lumpy mattress. Bo and Jen are shocked, so Jack explains that he only went home with Billie to help her try and get a good nights sleep after the shooting. Jen returns to why she came here, Bo is being honored for saving Victor, as is Billie, at the celebration of heroes. Billie doesn’t think she should be honored for killing someone, but she agrees to accept the award. Bo takes off to see Shawn to the dorms, and Jen asks Billie if they can talk. Jen tells Billie that she wants her and Jack to both be happy, but Billie thinks if that were true they wouldn’t be having this conversation. Billie is tired of being told what to do, and how to feel, and she’s tired of it and walks off. Jen realize that was a mistake and leaves, and Jack follows her. Meanwhile, Billie makes a call and tells the person that her and Bo are working out better than expected. Later, Bo (who has returned) and Billie get letters from the commissioner, and Bo is not pleased by them. Meanwhile, Jack and Jen head to the hospital and learn some strange things are going on, which spells big story.

At the hospital, John suspects the twins were engineered by Stefano. Marlena says the twins are human, and the way they are is possibly due to growing up in a sterile environment without love and human contact. John still wonders what they were sent here to do, other than destroy them all. Marlena says these twins are victims, not weapons. John demands Marlena learn where the other key is, but Marlena says not until they come to trust them. Marlena tells John that he has to be patient. Marlena decides to go check on Belle at the dorms, but John refuses to go because he doubts she wants to see him right now. Later, John goes to see the twins and he introduces himself. They don’t trust him because they saw him with the key. John and Rex shake hands, and John is stunned by the bracelet Rex is wearing. John pulls out the key, and Rex freaks out. John tells him to take it easy, he’s not going to hurt them. John explains that he wants to free them, he wants to unlock their wristbands. John snaps the key into the wristband and manages to get it off Rex. Cassie lets John take hers off, and when he does, he sees phoenix tattoos on their wrists! Marlena returns from taking Belle to school (see below) and learns about the tattoos. She calms John down, who thinks the twins are the beginning of the end for them all.

Belle and Shawn are packing for school, and Belle is still angry at her father for what he’s done. Shawn thinks John will not let harm come to the aliens and he’s only doing this because he cares of about her. Shawn just wishes she would focus on something other than the twins, like him, after all he stayed here for her. She says she didn’t ask him to stay, and he tells her not to make him regret it! Shawn ask Belle if they are going to let the twins take over their lives and continue to come between them? Belle says she guesses he is, so Shawn says he’s out of here and takes off. Marlena arrives, and thinks Belle is upset about moving out, but she says she’s not. Marlena says she’s been put in charge of Rex and Cassie’s care, and she won’t let anything happen to them. Belle is happy, and she says she doesn’t blame her for any of this, she blames dad. Marlena says he is only trying to protect them, but Belle says she’s just tired of him trying to protect them from everything. Marlena asks Belle if she knows what has happened to the key. Belle says she doesn’t, the last time she saw it Rex had it. Marlena says it is possible that Stefano brought the twins here. Belle wonders how Stefano could make aliens come to Salem? Marlena says the twins are actually human, but they have been genetically engineered. Belle says Stefano has done some horrible things to dad, so why can’t he understand how Cassie and Rex feel. Marlena says they just have to be careful, that is all. Belle thinks her mom is now of her father’s side, and she will never be allowed to see the twins again. Marlena says that is not so, it will be awhile before she can see them, but she will see them again. Marlena says she needs time alone with them to help them speak. Belle tells his mom about the fight she and Shawn just got into over the twins. Marlena says perhaps Shawn is just focusing on the school and himself, something she should also be doing.

Shawn heads to the dorms, and Bo helps him move in. Hope calls him to say hello and how proud she is of him. She is also happy he’s staying in Salem. Later, Bo asks if Belle is here, and Shawn says he’d be surprised if she showed up. Bo moves Shawn into his room, and Shawn tells Bo about the fight he and Belle had. Later, Belle and Marlena do show up, and they learn Caprice is now living in the dorm as the RA and she is attending school. Belle thinks that is great, as long as they keep their relationship a secret. Belle learns her roommate won’t be here for awhile, and as Mimi goes through her purse, Marlena almost sees the blue key. Shawn meets his roommate Tommy Dozer, as in Bulldozer. Bo and Marlena say goodbye to the kids, who are growing up. Later, Belle tells Shawn about the twins, and that they are allowed to focus on them again. Then, in walks Cynthia, who is living here. Cynthia says this place is nicknamed heartbreak house, and she tells Mimi that shawn and Belle picked the wrong dorm!

In Dry Creek, Phillip wants to take off, but Chloe is worried about Brady. She says if Brady can’t find her father then this could be her last chance. Phillip says Nico will find her father, so Chloe asks him to have Nico look for Brady as well. Phillip says he can do that. Phillip hates feeling like Chloe doesn’t trust him. Chloe says she knows how she feels now, she asked him to trust her but he couldn’t because he was so jealous. Chloe says she’s worried about her life and that is all she can think about right now, Brady understands that why can’t he? Phillip says he is just as worried about her too. Chloe says things have changed for her because of this illness. Phillip asks if she is saying she no longer loves him? Chloe says she doesn’t want him out of her life, but he is going away to college. Phillip says he if goes away, will he come back to find her with Brady? Chloe asks if that is why he postponed school? Phillip says he postponed it for her, and he gives her a gift. It’s a barrette for her hair, when it grows back and she is healthy again. Phillip tells Chloe that he loves her. She remembers their times together, but at the same time can’t stop thinking about Brady.


September 10
Typed after I saw the show, so less detailed than usual, but really the show is mostly about the Heroes of Salem thing
In Dry Creek, Phillip is still trying to convince Chloe to pack up and leave town with him, but she refuses as she’s too worried about Brady. She heads back to the clinic, with Phillip, to look for Dr. Thompson, only to learn he and his wife have appeared to have fled town as their house is vacant and he was a no show for work today. Chloe asks if Brady Black has come by, but she is told they haven’t seen anyone fitting his description. Meanwhile, Brady meets his court appointed lawyer, who happens to be the judge’s brother in law. Brady gets to go before the judge, and is told to plead guilty and beg for mercy. He says his dad will pay for any damages that were caused by his fight with Phillip, but he is told he has to pay for this on his own, this town does take kindly to cell phone boys whose rich daddies get them out of trouble.

Back in Salem, at the station Bo and Billie learn they are going to be working together closely, which infuriates Bo. Bo goes to Abe and says both him and Roman promised him that he wouldn’t be working with Billie anymore, but Abe says this order comes from the top and there is nothing they can do about it. Meanwhile, Billie makes a call and tells the person that things are going great, she and Bo will be spending a lot more time together.

Salem gathers at Salem Park for the celebration of heroes. The mayor of Salem makes a speech about 9/11 and the brave men and women who lost their lives on that day. Local Salem residents are then honored, and a memorial to certain residents is planned. After Alice is honored for her commitments to the community, Tony and Lexie get up and make a donation of 200,000 to help with the memorial. Everyone is speechless, but people begin to applaud, led by Abe. Abe then gets up and makes a speech about the memorial and how his own brother Theo is among them men and women listed on the plaque, and then he honors Bo and Billie for their courageous efforts in saving Victor’s life. The mayor says a special task force to fight organized crime has been put together, and Bo and Billie will be heading it up. Meanwhile, the knuckle-cracking man appears in the crowd. Later, Collin talks to Tony about what is going on with the hospital. He says a government agent is posing as a doctor there for some unknown reason. Tony thinks Collin is just full of secrets. Meanwhile, Lucas tries to force Sami’s hand by telling Mickey that Sami wants to make Will’s custody arrangement legal. Sami then overhears Collin telling Victor and Brandon that they need to get to the hospital because Nicole is coming out of her coma. Sami ends up going to Tony and saying she needs help big time, and he says she’ll get it as soon as she gets him the key. Sami reluctantly agrees, and says she’ll go get it for him now.


no Show


September 12
In Dry Creek, Phillip packs the car to head home. Meanwhile, Chloe writes a letter to her father and says she wants to drop it off at the Sheriff’s station. Phillip says she can’t do that! Chloe asks why not? Phillip says it probably will do no good, but Chloe says she has to do something, and he can either come with her or she will go by herself.

In court, Brady finally has his day in front of the judge. Brady pleads not guilty, and the judge tells him that was the wrong answer! Brady says he did not do this, so he cannot plead guilty to something he didn’t do. Brady says he has been denied his legal rights, and he demands to know why he is being railroaded. The judge warns him to keep quiet or he will be a guest of the state for a long, long time! Brady continues to plead not guilty, so the judge sets his trial date for November! Brady can’t believe this, and he asks about bail. The judge denies him bail, and Brady flips out.

Phillip and Chloe arrive at the Sheriff’s station, which is also the court house, and Chloe hears Brady making a ruckus. She asks what is going on, and Brady says he’s been set up for a crime he didn’t commit! Chloe explains what happened to the judge. She says they went to the clinic to see the doctor because she thought she had hurt her ankle. Chloe says her friend Phillip went nuts when he found the two of them together, and they fought, and that is how the cabinet got broken. The judge asks how one guy got arrested and the other didn’t? Brady says that is a very good question. The sheriff says it was a judgment call. The judge says there still aren’t any witnesses, but Chloe says there is. She asks Phillip to tell them that everything she has said is true. Phillip claims it is all true, which makes the Sheriff mad. Phillip says he will pay for any expenses incurred by the court, and the Sheriff asks if he thinks money is the answer to everything? Phillip says no sir, and Brady’s case is dismissed. Brady thanks Chloe, and she gives him a hug. Chloe suggests they leave before they change their minds. They leave, and Brady is suspicious of Phillip. Brady gets a shower, and later learns that Chloe and Phillip were planning to return to Salem. Brady tells Chloe that she’s welcomed to go home with Phillip, or she can stay and keep looking for her father with him. Chloe says he’s been through enough for her, and she doesn’t understand how he had time to write her this note? Brady says he never wrote this, and then accuses Phillip of setting him up!

Shawn and Belle show up at the celebration of heroes, which is still going on. The commissioner congratulates Abe and his department, and he hopes Bo and Billie are pleased about their new assignment as permanent partners. When Shawn hears this he flips out. The commissioner asks Shawn if he has a problem, and he says he’s just upset he missed his dad’s award. Everyone seems to dote over Billie, especially the mayor, who flirts with her. Shawn asks his dad what is going on? Bo says the commissioner is set on putting them together, but Shawn thinks it is Billie who wants that. Bo assures Shawn that he will get out of this, but Shawn still doesn’t trust Billie. Bo says he has to head back to the station, and Jack ends up taking Billie out to lunch. Jen asks Bo if it bothers seeing Jack and Billie together. Bo says only because it bothers her. They watch Billie and Jack together, and Jen says perhaps Billie is over him and is ready to move on? Bo asks Jen if she thinks Jack is over her? Billie and Jack see their exes staring at them, and Jack says he doesn’t care. Billie asks Jack if he asked her out for dinner tonight to make Jen jealous, but he says no. Jack and Jen have to head back to work, and the mayor shows up to speak with Bo and Billie. The mayor wants Billie to work on his personal safety committee, and the commissioner has agreed. Bo is happy, but Billie is not. Billie says she can’t accept this assignment, she is still a rookie. She doesn’t think she is ready for this assignment, so the Mayor tells him that she is welcomed whenever she feels ready. Later, Bo asks Billie why she turned him down? Billie says she doesn’t want to leave him, and she is pretty sure that the mayor is interested in her for other than her professional skills. Billie, however, thinks Bo wanted her to take the position because he is anxious to be rid of her. As they talk, the knuckle-cracking man spies on them. Billie ends up leaving to return to the station, and is followed by the man! He grabs her, and she is shocked and asks what he is doing here?

Jen and Jack stop for coffee before going back to work. Jen can’t help but wonder what Billie is up to with Bo, and why she came back to Salem. Jack asks her what is bothering her? Jen says she is just afraid Billie is going to upset Hope’s life. Jack, however, believes Billie in why she is here and why she wants to be on the force. He doubts anyone would go through what Billie has gone through just to get to her ex. Jen says that Billie was her friend to, and she feels awful for suspecting her of these things. She warns Jack that he should be careful around Billie. Jack tells her that is advice she should be giving her about Collin. Jen refuses to fight, especially not today. Jack tells Jen to sit tight, he will be right back. Jack returns with a birthday cake for Jen and tells her to make a wish. She is shocked that he remembered, but he says he could never forget her birthday.

Meanwhile, Shawn and Belle go off and talk They think about where Chloe, Phillip, and Brady are. Shawn thinks they are probably off having fun, while they are stuck in Salem. They begin talking about the aliens, and Shawn realizes that this is the first time in a long time when they have been alone. They kiss, and talk about how much they are enjoying school. Shawn tells Belle that he will love her forever, and she tells him that she loves him too.

Back at the station, Roman talks to Abe about Bo and Billie’s new partnership. Abe says there is not a whole hell of a lot they can do to change it, but Roman thinks Bo will find a way. Later, Roman gets a report on Kate Robert’s bank accounts. Abe asks what he thinks Kate is up to? Roman thinks Stefano paid Kate off for something she did for him in the past, and he wants to know what happened. Abe says if Kate isn’t involved in anything illegal than t his isn’t police business. Roman says if the DiMeras are involved it makes it police business and his business. As they argue about whether Roman has feelings for Kate or not, Roman gets flowers from Kate! Roman reveals that he sent these flowers to Kate, and it looks like she sent them back. As Roman reads the card, Bo shows up and begs Abe to get him out of this assignment with Billie.


September 13
Billie returns to the station, and thinks about her meeting with the man with the knuckle cracking problem. She told him they couldn’t be seen together, and she’d call him later. She walks into Abe’s office, only to hear Abe agree to transfer Billie to the mayor’s security force. She refuses to go! Abe tells Billie that officers go where they are assigned. Billie knows Bo and Roman did this to her, and she says Bo is just threatened by her. She says this is not going to work! Bo says this isn’t a conspiracy, the mayor wants her on his team because of her good work. Billie doesn’t believe him, and Abe demands Roman and Bo leave them so he can get a few things straight with Billie. Abe tells Billie that she may think she is hot stuff, but she is just a rookie with a lot of baggage. Abe says so many officers would love to be given this opportunity she is turning her nose at. Billie says she did not go into this line of work to watch the mayor sip lattés at the java café. Abe asks Billie why it is she wants to work here, and with Bo so badly?

Meanwhile, Roman tells Bo that Billie sure is worked up, one might think she’s not over him afterall. Roman asks Bo if he is over her? Bo says he is, so Roman asks if that is true, why can’t he trust himself to be around her? Bo says he does, and he asks what kind of a thing that is to say to him. Roman says he just doesn’t know why he gets worked up about working with her. Bo says they had something together once, he knows it is over, but she doesn’t. Suddenly, Billie shows up and tells him that he just took a sledgehammer to her future! Later, Bo gives Hope a call to tell her about Billie’s transfer, and how Lexie has gotten off scott free. Bo says Abe has filed for divorce, but Hope feels Lexie deserves to be punished. Meanwhile, Billie calls her mystery man and tells him that she had no idea he was in Salem, and no one can see them together. She says there is a problem, and it’s time to move into phase two. She says no matter how hard he tries, Bo will not get rid of her.

At the dorms, Mimi tells Belle about the curse on the dorms, if a guy and girl are going together when they move in, they will be broken up by time they move out. Belle refuses to believe the urban legends about this place, and she tells Mimi that she should stop listening to Cynthia. Caprice shows up and tells Belle that her roommate might be delayed awhile longer due to family issues. They soon begin to talk about “Heartbreak House” and lost loves. Mimi and Belle become curious about Caprice’s love life, but Belle knows Caprice never tells her secrets. Later Mimi suggests they hit the mall. Belle goes to fix her hair, and Mimi searches her purse for some money, only to come across her janitorial keys to Salem Highschool. She drops them on the floor, and picks them up, but the Blue Key falls under Belle’s bed!

At the hospital, Tony is angry with Sami for not having the key for him yet. He says if she wants Nicole and Victor neutralized, she will get him the key! Sami says she is taking her break, and leaves. Suddenly, John shows up! John tells Tony that he doesn’t see what he sees in Sami. Later, John asks Spector to meet him at his penthouse in fifteen minutes. Collin sees them together and thinks that this will interest Tony. Collin tells this to Tony, but he says that is not information, he needs facts. Tony says if he doesn’t watch it a rank amateur like Sami will run rings around him.

In Nicole’s room, Nicole begins to remember Sami trying to kill her. She ends up saying “don’t kill me!” as she is coming out of the coma. Victor, Brandon, Faye, and Collin are all with her. Collin says he has to make rounds, but he will be back to check on her shortly. He says she should only have one visitor at a time, and Victor demands to see her first. Victor tells Nicole that he loves her. Nicole asks how she got here. Victor agrees to tell her as long as she doesn’t get worked up. Victor tells her what happened, and he also says he put the ring on her finger to give her hope. He asks her if he remembers anything about Sami? Nicole just tells him not to let her get away with it. Victor says he won’t, and to rest. Victor leaves and tells Faye and Brandon that Nicole is worried about something, and he thinks it has something to do with Sami. Victor says Sami is a menace, but Brandon sticks up for her. Brandon goes to see Nicole and asks her what is going on with Sami, he feels she knows what is going on. Nicole remembers Sami trying to kill her in her room, as well as pushing her in front of Victor. Nicole tells Brandon that she has to tell him all about Sami.

Sami heads to the penthouse and begins making a mess as she searches for the key. She realizes John must have the key on him. Suddenly, John shows up and asks Sami what in the hell she is doing? Sami claims she had the super let her in to find a jacket of Will’s that she left here, and she didn’t need Lucas accusing her of being a horrible mother. She says she also misplaced her glasses, and she made a mess searching for them. She says she can clean things up, but he says to forget it and get back to work. He also asks her to start hanging around men her own age for a change. Later, John meets with Spector and they discuss the mysterious wristbands that were on the twins. He says they monitor the twins health, but are also some type of communications device. John feels the twins are working for Tony, and he decides to have a talk with Belle about that other key.

In Salem Place, Belle and Mimi are hanging out and talking about the twins. Sami shows up and sits with them. She has a killer headache, and Belle says she has some asprin in her purse. Belle and Mimi have to run off because Mimi sees something in a window she likes. Sami finds the picture of a key in Belle’s purse, so she pockets it and runs. Later, John shows up and tries to talk to Belle alone, but Mimi interrupts. Belle says Mimi has known about the twins for a long time. John says he needs to find the key the twins had, but Belle says she doesn’t have it. John tells her about the twins tattoos, and how he fears the twins could be connected to DiMera. Belle asks John if he is DiMera’s secret agent as well, since he has a tattoo like them. She tells her dad to stop being a total hypocrite. John says he is only trying to protect his family. Belle tells her dad that she doesn’t know what happened to it, but she does have a drawing of it. She looks for it in her purse, but realizes it is gone.

Back at the hospital, Collin runs into Spector and asks if they know one another, but he says no.

Sami goes to see Tony and says she doesn’t have the key, but she knows the basement of the hospital is off limits, something is going on down there. She says she doesn’t know what, yet. She also says that the key isn’t at the penthouse, so John must have it. Tony says if she doesn’t have the key for him, then they have nothing more to say. Sami shows tony the drawing she stole from Belle, and he is intrigued by it. He asks where she got it? Sami says Belle had it. Sami hopes Tony will be of help to her. He instructs Sami to open the drawer in the desk and open the envelope. Sami does, and inside are the pictures of Nicole and Collin’s smooch. Sami says this is exactly what she needs, but Tony takes it from her and says she can’t have them afterall!

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