September 02 Week 1


September 2
At the paper, Jen puts Jackís article on the shooting at Salem Inn on the front page. Jack is happy to hear that, and plans to go on his date with Billie. Jen says he canít go out with Billie tonight, heís going to have to cancel. She says his article is going to need some work before it goes to press, so he needs to cancel. He says she has to be joking, and she says she is. She tells him to go on the date and have fun, but Jack doesnít believe her. Jen says she does want him to date, she wants him to have a life apart from her. Billie gives Jack a call and says sheís been sidetracked at the hospital, so she will be a little late. They agree to meet up at the Cheating Heart. Jen tries not to listen in, but she canít help but be jealous. Jack leaves, and Jen tells herself that she needs to get over it.

At the hospital, Kate tells Victor that sheís sorry about Nicole, but Victor doesnít believe her. Kate asks for them to put their animosity aside, sheíd like to help him. She says he canít be here for Nicole and work at Titan, she could suggest some people to help him. Victor refuses to trust her; and he says Nicole will recover, they will be married, and then they will bury her and Basic Black! Roman shows up and asks Kate what she is up to, he thought she hated Victor. Kate says she does, but Roman doesnít think that is true. He thinks she came here to see if she had one more shot with Victor, but obviously she doesnít. Kate says she has no interest in Victor, and the only thing she wants from Nicole is the accounts she stole from her. Roman ends up infuriating Kate, and she tells Roman that she doesnít want or need him in her life. She tells him that he means nothing to her, so he should get that fantasy out of her head. Roman says while his fantasies are good, they donít necessarily include her! They end up bickering again, and Roman suggests they both take a leap of faith and trust one another and see where things go. Roman and Kate then end up in a steamy kiss! Kate pulls away and says she has to go, Lucas and Will are back in Salem and she wants to see him. Roman says heís looking to see him again as well. Kate asks Roman what he really wants from her? He never gets to answer because Kate suddenly gets a call from the executor of Stefanoís will. Roman wonders why she is still talking to that man? Roman realizes Stefano is still a threat to her somehow, and he offers to help her if sheíll let him. Kate says she appreciates his concern, but her family needs her now.

Jack meets up with Billie at the Cheatin Heart, and he gives her a white rose for a job well done today. He tells her that she is a local hero, but Billie can only see that she killed a man. She says she canít see the good part of what she did just yet. Billie remembers the last time they were here, he was hurting and she was trying to comfort him. They remember that night, and how Billie was trying to get Jack to forgive himself for what happened to Abby. Billie says their roles are reversed tonight. Jack tells Billie that he canít take away her pain, but it helped him that night that she was there for him. Billie says it does help that he is here for her.

Sami gets ready to see the ďlove of her life.Ē Brandon thinks it is Austin, but it isnít. She runs around waiting for him to show up. Billie shows up, and Brandon tells her that Austin must be back in town. Samiís love shows up, and it is the New Will! Lucas is with him as well. Brandon realizes he made a mistake. Will tells his mom that he had fun in Africa. Billie says hi to Lucas, and they agree to be roommates since Billie moved into his place. Will has some major attitude because Lucas spoiled him rotten over the summer by letting him stay up late and eat nothing but junk food. Billie takes Will to get some food, because he whines that he is hungry, and Lucas and Sami begin to bicker. Lucas wonders why she is such a foul mood, and says itís probably because she canít have the latest man of her dreams. Victor shows up, and Lucas realizes something new is going on between Sami and Victor. He doesnít go into it, and Lucas asks Victor why he seems rattled? Victor tells him about Nicole, and Lucas is shocked. Victor says Nicole will come out of this, and he will marry her and then no one will hurt her again. Lucas asks Sami what she had to do with this, but Sami says the shot was meant for Victor, and Nicole got in the way. Lucas suspects Sami had something to do with it, but Sami insists she didnít. As they argue, Will turns up and wonders why they are fighting? Sami says they were just worried about someone. Sami and Will leave to plan some time together, and Lucas tells Brandon that he hopes he is staying away from Sami because she is one dangerous lady. Meanwhile, Will insists on calling his parents Lucas and Sami, and he refuses to go to school or be bossed around by Sami! Will says he wants to go home with Lucas, and Lucas says he doesnít have to go to school tomorrow. Sami canít believe Willís bratty behavior, and how much heís changed. Brandon comforts her and says he is just testing her. Sami says Lucas has finally won, heís turned her own son against her. As Brandon holds her, Sami spots Victor and pushes Brandon away. She tells him that he has to stay away from her.

Lucas goes to the paper to see his half-sister Jennifer. He says that he had to drop off a gift from their father. He says perhaps next time he and Will go to Africa she and Abbey can come with them. Jen says that will never happen! Lucas doesnít understand why she is so upset? Jen gets a call and she says this is important, so Lucas leaves to get Will. We learn the call isnít important, it is from a time share salesman, and after getting off the phone she throws Billís gift in the trash. Harold shows up and invites Jen out to the Cheatin Heart for a drink, and she accepts.

Lucas returns to the hospital, and meets up with Will and Kate. Lucas thinks Will should stay home and get over his jet lag. Will wants to stay with his dad tonight, and Sami lets him. He then lets Lucas and Kate think that Sami broke his model airplane, which he smashed out of anger, so he can get more toys. Sami ends up running out on the balcony, and Brandon follows her and wants to know what is going on with her. Sami doesnít want to tell him because he will hate her. He says he wonít because he loves her. Sami says she loves him to, and she agrees to tell him the truth.

Back at the Cheating Heart, Billie and Jack dance a slow dance with one another. As they dance, Jen and Harold show up. Jen is so disturbed by the site of Jack and Billie together that she runs out!


September 3 At the hospital, Roman asks Kate if Stefano is really dead. She says she doesnít know, but Roman realizes Stefano is still a threat to her somehow. Kate says she appreciates his concern, but her family needs her right now.

Elsewhere, Abe finds Faye sleeping and is there for her. He tells her that she should go home and rest, but she says she canít leave until she finds out Nikki is okay. She says she doesnít have anything to go home to anyways. Abe says he will stay with her then, because he has nothing to go home to either. They talk about Lexie, and Abe says that their marriage ended a long time ago, he just never really saw it. Abe then tells Fay that her son has gotten involved in this nightmare now, Brandon has been turning LExie against him for a long time. Fay offers to talk to Brandon, but he says heíll take care of Brandon and his wife. Abe is then paged by Celeste.

On the balcony, Sami decides to finally come clean with Brandon. She tells Brandon that everything sheís told him has been a lie. Sami tells Brandon that Nicole is out to destroy her, and that was why she was at the Salem Inn. Brandon says she is crazy, but Sami says Nicole is out to get her and to keep them apart. Sami tells Brandon that she loves him, she loves him more than ever. Brandon asks why he should believe her now, heís sick of playing these games with her and he is out of here. Sami says she wonít let him leave, but he says she was supposed to be honest with him and so far sheís told him nothing. Brandon gives her one last chance to come clean with him. Sami says she is in pretty big trouble and sheís trying to get out of it. She tells him that if she tells him the truth, he has to understand that this is the way it has to be. Brandon says he wants to help her, but she says no that would just make things worse. Brandon then remembers Nicole telling him about the tape of Sami telling all her dirty secrets, and how Victor ended up with it and used it to bring Sami to her knees. Brandon realizes what is going on, Victor is blackmailing her. Brandon says Nicole told him about a tape Victor got a hold of, and that he used it against her. Sami says Victor still has the tape, and until she makes the situation right on her own, she isnít allowed to be seen with him. Sami says as soon as this is taken care of, they can be together if he still wants that. Brandon says the only way they can have a future is if the lies and the games stop. Sami says she has realized how lonely and boring her life is without him, and if she hadnít been caught up in her obsession with Austin, she would have seen how much she needed him then. Sami says she can see now how wrong Austin was for her, and how it was all about competing with her sister Carrie. Sami says she wants them to be together, but she has to take care of this mess first. Sami asks Brandon if he will wait for her, and he says he will. Brandon and Sami kiss, and then Brandon leaves. Brandon decides to help Sami and decides to get Nicole to tell him everything when she wakes up.

At the penthouse, Marlena realizes something is wrong and rushes out. She stops John in the hallway and tells him that he canít go after the twins. She begs John to listen to her, she knows those kids would never hurt Belle. John says the kids have a key like the DiMera, which spells danger to him. Marlena says she has met these kids and they arenít dangerous, but John says that may be what Stefano wants them to believe. He vows to stop them before they destroy their family, but she says no. As they argue, John gets a call from Spector, who already has the twins.

Out in the woods, Belle and Shawn say goodbye to Cassie and Rex. As Rex hugs Belle, he puts the blue key into her purse. They then board the ship and take off. As the ship takes off, Shawn tells Belle to look. Shawn says he saw an American flag on that ship, and that means the government! Belle fears that the twins are going to think they betrayed them. Spector shows up and tells Shawn that they now have their two little friends in custody. Shawn asks how they found them, and Belle asks where Cassie and Rex are. Suddenly, Marlena and John show up, and Belle realizes Marlena is the one who betrayed them. Marlena says she didnít betray them, Agent Spector tricked her. John tells Belle that Cassie and Rex are dangerous. Belle says she has been with them all summer and they have not hurt her or Shawn. Marlena also feels the twins are not dangerous. Belle blames her father for all of this. Belle says they were her friends, but he doesnít understand or care. John says that the twins could be a threat to their family, but Belle says after everything he has done she may never be able to trust him again! Belle says she will fight for them and she will not give up until they are free! She then demands to be told where the twins are. John tells her to drop it now. Marlena apologizes to Belle, but she says she didnít know what was going to happen. We then see an image of scientists prepping Cassie and Rex for tests.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie moves back in as Tony has asked. Celeste is moving in with Lexie to watch over her because she does not approve of this. Tony doesnít know why she disapproves, but she is welcomed here. Celeste says this place is pure evil, and living here before cost Alexandra her marriage and her child, so who knows what it will cost her this time. Lexie says she doesnít have much more to lose! Celeste tells Lexie that she must rebuild her life and reputation, and moving back here is not the way to do that. She says if she wants to get back with Abe, she cannot live here! LExie says Abe is filing for divorce, so it doesnít matter. Celeste tells Lexie that she only wants what is best for her, and sadly she is the last person who knows what that is. Lexie and Celeste get settled in, and later Tony has a talk with Lexie. He asks her if there is anything he can do for her? Lexie says there isnít. She says she still loves Abe with all her heart, in spite of everything that she has done to him. Lexie says she doesnít deserve to be loved by anyone for what sheís done. Tony tells Lexie that she is a wonderful human being, she must learn from her mistakes and move on. Tony and Lexie then pledge to change the DiMera name and image, and to be seen as good as honorable people, and then Abe will come back to her. Meanwhile, Celeste talks to Abe about Lexieís moving back into the DiMera mansion.


September 4
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At the Java Cafe, BRandon and Billie have coffee before going to work. Brandon says he has his eyes on a secret girl, but he won't say who. Billie tells Brandon about her date with Jack, and he's shocked. Billie says she and Jack are sick of being dumped by the people they love, so they have decided to hang out with one another and see where things go. Billie says Jack made her feel good last night, so who knows where these dates may lead.

At the station, Bo has a talk with Roman, who suspects Kate is hiding something about DiMera. Bo realizes that Roman has it bad for Kate, but Roman claims he's just doing what he has to do to get info on Dimera. Meanwhile, Jen and Jack have arrived to meet with Bo, and Jen can't seem to get over her jealousy of Billie and Jack's budding romance.

Later, Bo, Jack, and Jennifer meet and find that they have all hit dead ends in their efforts to bring down the DiMeras. Jack wants Jennifer to ditch her plan of dating Colin because they are getting nowhere, but she says they are making progress, Collin told her that he loves her. She says if he can admit that, soon he will admit more. Jack doesn't like this, but she says she is no longer his worry, he should be concerned with Billie now. Bo tries to mediate things, but she lets loose when Billie interrupts their meeting. Later, Bo also lashes out at Billie for dating Jack, but she says that Jennifer and Jack are divorced, and she tells Bo that she's sick of being blamed for breaking up Salem's sacred couples. Bo tells her that typically she thinks everything is about her. Billie is hurt by Bo's words, and Jack ends up comforting her. When Jen sees them together again, she runs off.

Sami goes to the hospital in search of Colin, and she finds him sleeping and tries to pry info out of him as he's talking in his sleep, but she gets nothing. Later Lucas confronts her about being the cause of Nicoleís coma. Brandon hears this and gets rid of Lucas, and then asks Sami too meet him on the roof. Sami goes up to the rooftop with Brandon and he gives her a bracelet. They begin to kiss passionately while Lucas spies on them...

Meanwhile, Roman goes to dig for information on the DiMeras from Kate. He arrives at Kate's office just after she had a meeting with Grant. Grant gave Kate another gift from Stefano, a letter and a check for one million dollars! Roman sees her with a check in hand from Mr. Grant and pockets the note from Stefano that thanks her for her continued discretion. Kate tells Roman that she's sick of him butting his nose in where it doesn't belong and threatens to charge him with sexual harassment. He leaves, and tells her that she's on her own from now on. As Kate cleans up, she realizes the note from Stefano is gone, and that Roman must have it. Later, Grant meets up with Collin. Colin receives an engraved silver bullet, bequeathed to him from Stefano and he immediately knows what to do with it - little does he know, Bo is nearby.

While Chloe sleeps, Philip pays off the sheriff for arresting Brady. Chloeís worried about Brady when she wakes, but the motel clerk comes by with a letter from Brady, explaining his absence. The phony letter urges Chloe to go with Phillip, he will be fine. Philip suggests they go on their original trip to New York, but Chloe refuses to leave without Brady. She goes to shower and Philip pays the clerk for delivering the forged note...


September 5
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At the hospital, Collin and Tony plan a meeting, and Jen overhears Collin talking to Tony on the phone. After he gets off the phone, Jen approaches him to talk to him. Collin suggests they go somewhere private to talk. The go to one of the many lounges, and Jen tells Collin that she didnít realize he was a surgeon. Collin says he had multiple residencies in medical school. Jen says he also specializes in blood disorders, thatís why heís treating Tony. Collin asks her why sheís asking about Tony? Jen says she could care less about Tony, sheís more interested in all these interesting aspects about him that she never knew. When Collinís neck begins to bother him, Jen offers to give him a massage. He enjoys it, and gives her a kiss. Fortunately it is cut short by a page, but they plan to get together this weekend. Jen then meets up with Abby and Alice. Alice has received a letter from the cookie contest, and Jen learns Alice won. Nancy congratulates Mrs. Horton on winning the contest. Jen asks Nancy how Chloe is doing, and Nancy says she is doing much better, the chemo worked. After Nancy leaves them, Jen says she wishes there was more they could do for Chloe. Alice thinks there might be, and they go to inform Nancy and Craig that Alice is donating her cookie money towards Leukemia research in honor of Chloe. Jen then tells them about the Light the Night walk planned by the owner of the Spectator to raise money for research.

Jen and Abby go out for ice cream, and Abby questions her mom about her dadís date with Billie last night. Abby asks her mom if she is sure Jack and Billie are just friends?

Tony runs into Lexie in Salem Place, she is on her way to meet her parole officer. HE is glad she is living in the mansion again because it gives him a chance to get to know her better. He tells her that she is the only family he has, and she means everything to him. They plan to meet for lunch, and she thanks him for everything heís done for her.

Tony meets up with Collin at the hospital, and he says his patience is running thin, he needs that key back from John Black and he needs to know what John knows about it. Tony orders Collin to help him get it back. Tony asks Collin to get Marlenaís trust, and through her learn everything he can about the key and what John is up to. Later, Abe shows up to meet collin and get the bullet that came out of Nicole so he can run tests on it. Lexie shows up and meets Tony for lunch, but not before being told off by Craig!

Abe talks to Mickey on the phone about his divorce. Mickey has the papers in his hand, and he explains the procedure to Abe. Mickey says he can give him more time to think about this if he wants, but Abe says no, he wants this done and over with. Mickey heads to the station with the papers, and runs into LExie, who is waiting for her meeting with her probations officer. He is shocked to see her there, and asks her to come with him. Mickey takes Lexie with him to see Abe, and tells him that it is clear to him that they still care for one another, and he wants to make sure they have exhausted every avenue and this is what he (Abe) wants. Mickey leaves them to talk, and Lexie notices that Abe is no longer wearing his wedding band. Abe says as far as heís concerned this marriage is over. Abe gets Mickey and says this isnít going to work, and he signs the divorce papers. Lexie runs out of the room in tears.

At the penthouse, John asks if Belle is up yet. Marlena says no, and she begins to argue with John. Marlena is upset with John for what has happened to the twins. John knows that the twins are up to know good, because they turned to their daughter and Bo and Hopeís son . John says Belle has been in danger this entire summer! Belle shows up and says that is not true! As Belle yells at her dad for not even knowing the twins, John hides the blue key from her. John tells Black that she was wrong to keep this from him, and she doesnít know everything yet. Belle suggests he inform her about everything then. He asks her about the blue key, but she says she wonít tell him anything because she doesnít trust him. Belle then takes off out of the penthouse and runs into Shawn in the hall. She asks him to get her out of here. John wants to go after her, but Marlena tells him that she needs time to come to terms with what has happened. Marlena tells John that Belle is right, she knows more about the situation than any of them do, and she knows more about the twins then he does and she is having a hard enough time with this as is. Marlena points out to John that he is also linked to DiMera, and he came here programmed to do who knows what! Marlena says these kids need to be protected, they are not the enemy. John says what is done is done, and that none of them can know what these twins real agenda is, but he feels they were sent her to target her and Belle. Marlena screams out ďthatís not so!Ē Marlena says that Belle and Shawn says these twins couldnít speak when they found them, and they possibly had no memories. John says that is all the more reason to suspect them. MArlena thinks they shouldnít pass judgment until they know more. Suddenly, Agent Spector shows up. MArlena demands to know where the twins are! Spector says they are in a secure location, and they have found out some disturbing news about them. Spector says the blue key the twins has appears to be missing. John asks Marlena where the key was the last time she saw it? MArlena says Rex had it at Boís garage. Spector leaves, and later returns with a special key detector to find the key, much like Tonyís. He says the key is not at the Brady house, so John wonders where in the hell it is.

Shawn and Belle go to the Java Cafť, and Belle vents to Shawn about her father. Belle fears that Cassie and Rex are going to hate them, but Shawn thinks perhaps the government can help them and find out where they are from. Belle, however, fears the government will do the worst to the twins to find out who and what they are. Later, Shawn says he forgot to tell her his good news. Suddenly, Mimi shows up and tells Belle that sheís going to totally luv-it! She wonders what the two of them know that she doesnít. Mimi and Shawn tell Belle that they got into the same dorm at Salem U. Mimi is going to be living at home still because of her financial situation, and she says that before Kevin left for Stanford they agreed to see other people. Later, Mimi and Belle go into the bathroom to freshen up, and realize their purses go better with the otherís outfits, so they trade. They dump the contents of their purses out, and Mimi accidentally pockets the Blue Key with her keys and sticks it in her purse. Later, as the kids talk about classes, Belle knocks Mimiís purse over, and out falls her stuff and the key! Belle misses seeing the key, and Belle and Shawn begin planning on how to find out where the twins are.


September 6
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Roman looks over the letter from Stefano to Kate as he sits at the Java Cafť. He wonders what secret she is keeping for him. Kate shows up and sees Roman, and she tells him that she wants to talk about them. Kate apologizes for the way she treated him earlier because she knows he was only trying to help. Kate begins to explain her past with Stefano, she claims she had an encounter with him at a restaurant, and he became infatuated with her and started sending her things, and he eventually gave up when she didnít respond. Roman doesnít believe she is telling him the truth, because that is nothing for him to want to maintain her silence over. Roman says he knows about the check, but Kate says the check was for Basic Black. Kate ends up purposely spilling coffee on Roman, and when her goes to get napkins, she fishes through his coat for the letter from Stefano. Roman catches her, and he asks what sheís doing. She says she was getting his coat so they could leave. They return to Romanís pad, and Kate decides to seduce Roman in order to get her note back! Roman, however knows what she is up to and asks her what she is after? She says she is after nothing, so Roman produces the letter and asks if this is what she was searching his pants for? Kate damns him for manipulating her, but he says she is the manipulative one. He says all she had to do is ask him for the note back. She remembers Rolfe, looking a lot different, making her an offer from Stefano in the past. Kate becomes upset, and tells Roman to stop questioning her and to leave her alone!

At the hospital, Victor is told that Nicole is now breathing on her own, which is good. However, she is still in a coma. Victor visits with Nicole, and he tells her that he loves her. He promises to make all her dreams come true. Nicole dreams about Sami going to jail, and she squeezes Victorís hand.

Sami and Brandon kiss on the roof, and are caught together by Lucas. Sami tells Brandon that she better get back to work, and gives him a kiss goodbye. Lucas ends up confronting Sami and says he doesnít care who she is with, but why is she trying to convince him nothing is going on between her and Brandon? Sami tells Lucas that her life is none of his business. Lucas wants to talk about their custody agreement, he wants it to be legal. He says heís having the papers drawn up, and if she wonít sign them willingly, heíll dig until he gets something that forces her to sign them!

Later, Sami learns Nicoleís condition is improving, when Tony finds her snooping around the hospital. Tony offers to help Sami neutralize Nicole if she gets him the key. Sami says she has to think this over a bit. Tony says she has one hour to give him an answer.

Collin finds Marlena and asks to speak with her, but she says she has an appointment at the moment. She meets with John and Spector. Spector says there is a problem with the twins, the twins are very agitated. Spector asks Marlena for her help in getting the twins to calm down, but she says no way. She says she will only help the twins in person! Spector agrees and takes her and John to a secret room where the twins are stashed. On the way there, Collin spots them and wonders where he has seen Spector before. When they arrive at the room, which is full of government agents and doctors, Cassie and Rex run into Marlenaís arms. Marlena promises to take care of them, and they beg her to stop the needles. Marlena yells at Spector for doing this to them, and she tells him that she needs time alone with the twins. She is given time alone with the twins, and Spector tells John about the tests theyíve conducted. The bracelets are made of the same material as the key, and they seem to be human. John asks if they have any chips implanted in them, but Spector says no. They are however, extremely smart. Meanwhile, Marlena apologizes to the twins for this. They want to go home, and Marlena says she knows. She promises to get them out of here as soon as she can. She wants to help them remember by hypnotizing them, but when she describes it as sleeping, Cassie becomes upset. Spector canít believe how they respond to Marlena, and she tells Spector that she can help by hypnotizing the twins, under the condition that they are turned over to her care! Spector says that is out of the question. Marlena tells him that he should rethink things, because she is the only one they trust! John and Spector realize she is right. Later, the genetic tests come back and it reveals that the twins DNA is engineered. John knows that means Stefano is behind the twins.

Collin, Victor, and Brandon check on Nicole, who seems to remain unresponsive. However, Collinís voice causes her to rememeber the passions she felt with him, and she ends up grabbing at his chest! Collin says these are just involuntary reflexes, Nicole is still in a coma. Victor and Collin leave to find the neurologist, and Brandon sits with Nicole and talks to her. Sami comes in and sees Brandon, and as they kiss, Nicole grabs the bed blankets and squeezes them. Meanwhile, Lucas runs into Victor and gives him his sympathies in regards to Nicole. Victor then tells Lucas the whole story, and when he sees Sami again, Lucas tells her that he knows sheís supposed to be staying away from Nicole. Sami panics, runs to Tony, and agrees to help him. Elsewhere, Collin finally remembers Spector is a government agent, and he wonders why he is here.

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