September 01 Week 4


September 24
This is from NBC. I missed the soaps due to my train being delayed for over 2 hours due to an accident.

In the cavern, Shawn and Philip dig furiously to save Belle. Fortunately, she has survived the cave in, but isn't out of danger yet... a vicious looking iguana is coming straight towards her. The guys are able to rescue her just in time. Philip suggests that if the creature was able to get in there, then they must be near the surface!

At the hotel, Nicole tries to find out what her father did to Jan. Jan blurts out that he violated her. Nicole presses for more information, but Jan doesn't tell her about the rape. Instead she tells Nicole how Paul promised her a movie deal. He violated her trust. Before Nicole can get more information, Jason interrupts them. Jason tells Nicole that Paul helped their captain on the trip. Nicole heads for the docks where the captain's ship is located...

Brady's attempts to get to the island where he suspects Belle is prove unsuccessful until a sailor suggests that Brady try using a jet ski. Brady decides to take the risk. Yet he has no idea that Mimi and Chloe are following him. While on his trail, Chloe and Mimi almost bond over their concern for Philip, Belle, and Shawn, but they are distracted by Brady sprinting away...

Nicole confronts her father who is trying to escape. She tells him that he is not going anywhere until he tells the truth about what happened to those kids. Paul tells her the same lies. Nicole threatens him with the police, and he says that she is just like her mother. Nicole pulls the gun on him. Paul finally reveals that he showed Jan how to use her body just like Nicole. He tells Nicole that his one regret is that he didn't break Nicole in himself. Nicole pulls the trigger...

In Salem, Jack is about to reveal his second surprise when Hope and Alice arrive. Alice gives Jennifer a very special birthday present. It is the recipe for her doughnuts! Jennifer is touched. Alice and Hope leave so that Jack can give Jennifer his surprise. Jack tells Jennifer how much he has changed since his return to Salem. He credits Jennifer for that change. Then Jack drops on one knee and gives Jennifer her surprise. He asks her to marry him!


September 25
This hasn't been proofed yet! I'll try and do that after watching Passions!
Greta is in the park and is thinking about Jack telling her that he isn't attracted to her because is gay. Greta then remembers the times she spent with Austin, when out of the blue Austin shows up. Austin tells Greta that he's been thinking about her. Austin asks her how she is, and she cries that she is terrible. Austin asks her what is wrong, what is she thinking about? Greta says she was thinking about him. Austin asks her if he has hurt her in some way? Greta asks Austin if he was ever attracted to her, is she some kind of freak? Austin asks her where this is coming from? Greta says that they had an intense relationship in Europe, but when they came back to Salem, he ditched, her. Then, she says, there was Eric who was sleeping with Nicole behind her back, and then there is Jack, who Greta is positive will never make a move on her. Austin asks her why she thinks Jack won't make a move on her? Greta says that Jack is just still in love with Jen. Austin tries to cheer her up, but Greta doesn't want to hear it because every man she wants doesn't want her. Austin tells Greta that he has a long history with Sami, and Will is his brother's kid. Greta blurts out how she really feels and tells Austin that he was nuts for throwing away what they had for Sami. She soon apologizes, but Austin tells her not to because he needed to hear that. Austin says he needed to be reminded that what they experienced was real, and it meant a lot to him. Austin says it is just that when he got back, something changed. Austin says he was attracted to her, but he wouldn't have been able to give himself to her completely because of Sami. Austin leaves, and Greta begins fantasizing about kissing Austin.

At Tuscany, Jack asks Jennifer to marry her. Hope and Alice witness the proposal. Jen asks JAck if he really wants to marry her? Jack says of course he does, he loves her. Jen is shocked that Jack is being so open and honest with her, she's always wanted this. However, Jen tells Jack that she can't say yes. Jack asks her why? Jen says she doesn't know why, but she just can't. Jack is hurt, and starts babbling about the moon, stars, and santas. Jen asks him what he is talking about, what is this moon and santa garbage? Jack says the first time he proposed was a moon-lit stroll, and she said no, the second time he was dressed as a Santa, and she said no again, the third time was live on TV, and they know how that turned out, which brings them to now. Jack tells Jen that he gets it now, she wants to move on, so he will to. Jack says this time he won't be alone, Greta wants him this time, and it should be a really nice change. Jen then asks Alice and Hope to make sure Jen gets home all right. Jen then goes to see her family and cries. She doesn't understand why she just can't say yes to Jack. Jen says she loves Jack and wants to be married to him, but she doesn't know why she just can't do it. Jen says she wants a marriage like Alice and Tom had. Alice says she and Tom had problems, but Jen says they didn't have problems like she and Jack have had. Alice tells Jen that if she isn't ready to marry Jack, then she did the right thing by saying no. Alice says if it is meant to be, then he'll ask her again. Hope agrees, and tells Jen not to let Jack make her feel guilty about saying no. Jen decides to go home, and goes to get her presents to take with her.

Jack goes to the Blue Note, and gets smashed.

In Puerto Rico, Victor looks for Brady and Chloe, but nobody has seen them. Meanwhile, Nicole holds a gun on Paul, who torments her about how she liked making movies and getting rich. Paul then says that he hated watching her give it up on the sets to those creeps, and his one regret was not trying her first himself (YUCK). Nicole yells "Bastard!" and shoots him! Paul says he'll teach her a lesson that she'll never forget, and lunges for the gun. As they struggle over it, more shots are fired! Paul falls to the ground, and Nicole tries to run off. However, Paul grabs her leg, and she falls down and is knocked out. Paul gets up, grabs the gun, and limps off. As he leaves, Nicole discovers part of the treasure on the ground and realizes Paul did find it. Nicole takes off, not realizing a little girl hiding in the bushes saw everything. Nicole goes to her and Victor's room, and is followed by the little girl. She goes in to see Victor and explains what happened. Nicole thinks that her father ended up falling off the dock and drowning after she shot him, and she thinks her life is over now. She also shows Victor the jewels he dropped, and she says either he found the treasure, or he took it from the kids. Victor thinks Paul has killed them, but Nicole is sure her father didn't kill the kids. Nicole says that despite the monster her father is, he isn't into murder. Nicole says there is a good chance the kids are still alive. Victor decides to go check things out, and tells Nicole not to talk to anyone. Suddenly, the police show up for Nicole!

Meanwhile, Brady, Chloe, and Mimi jet-ski out to the island to look for the others. On the way, Mimi has an accident and falls off her ski. Chloe yells at Brady, who had no idea she and Mimi were following him. They then realize Mimi's ski has tipped over, so they go back to get her. Mimi climbs on CHloe's jet-ski, and they take back off. However, Mimi falls off of Chloe's jet-ski! Mimi refuses to ride with Chloe, so she ends up riding with Brady. They eventually arrive on the island, and Mimi realizes they are on the wrong island!

On the island, Belle, Phillip, and Shawn continue digging their escape tunnel. Suddenly, Belle screams when a huge spider crawls onto Phillip's back. Belle ends up fainting as a result! Belle comes too, Shawn kills the spider, and they keep on digging. Suddenly, Phillip reaches through to some light. Unfortunately, a cave-in starts, and the kids begin sliding down a chute!


September 27
Because Wednesday is my long day, I am adding onto NBC's summary

At the Dimera mansion, Rolf is in the secret room making plans for Gina's memories to be transmitted to Hope. Rolf thinks that he and Bart are actually having a serious conversation, but Bart is busy looking at a girlie magazine. Rolf is angry because he has a huge job to do, and all Bart can think about is sex. Bart says he thinks about other things, and he admits to Rolf that he would like to be transformed into Frank Sinatra. Bart says he has the eyes and the voice, just not the looks and memories. Bart then sings and dances, but Rolf remains unimpressed and thinks Rolf was lip-synching to the radio.

In other parts of the house, Brandon stops by with a gift, a book for Isaac about how mommies love their babies so much. Lexie is glad Brandon has stopped by, and she invites him in. She says that it is nice to talk with someone who knows the truth. Lexie says Brandon knows all her other secrets, so he might as well know what he is up to now. She tells him about her plans for Hope, to give her back her memories of Gina in order to make her so precuppied with her past, that she'll forget about Isaac and JT. Brandon spews utter crap to Lexie about how after a year, a mother and child are so bonded that seperation is difficult, therefore Hope wouldn't give up JT or ask Lexie to give up Isaac at this point because it would be just too painful. Lexie hopes Brandon is right, and then asks Brandon to come to her party because she'll need his help. She says it will be at the party that Hope will remember her past, and she may need his help. Brandon asks if Abe will be there? Lexie says yes, so Brandon refuses to come.

Inside the Brady Pub, Bo and Grandpa Shawn get into another argument about Ireland. Grandpa Shawn tells Bo to learn when to leave well enough alone! Hope interrupts their fight, and is distraught. She and Bo leave, and she tells him about Jen rejecting Jack's proposal. After witnessing Jennifer's rejection of Jack's marriage proposal, she needs to be reassured by Bo's love. Bo says that he does love her, and he feels that in JAck and Jen's case, some growing up is needed. Hope asks Bo how he can say that, Jack and Jen have split up so many times that perhaps Jen is just tired of being hurt by him.

A very inebriated Jack stumbles upon Greta's place. He tells her about what happened with Jennifer. Greta is confused by Jack because he is gay, but Jack says he's not gay. Greta thinks Jack has been lying to her, and warns him of what will happen if he doesn't be upfront with her. Jack assures her that he is gay, and asks her to take him home. Greta agrees to drive him home, and Jack comes up with a new game plan. He will use Greta to make Jennifer jealous, but he has to keep pretending that he is gay to Greta. At home, Abby talks to her mom about her dad and how wonderful he is. She also thanks her mom for letting them all live her as a family, because it makes her very happy. Jennifer wonders if she did the right thing in rejecting Jack. Suddenly, Jack and Greta arrive home. Outside, Jack grabs Greta to hug her, but to Jen it appears as if they are making out! Jack goes inside, and Jen is upset. Jack realize his plan to make Jen jealous is working.


September 27
The first few minutes were cut-off due to a Bush Speech

In Puerto Rico, the kids talk about Shawn, Belle, and Phillip as a therapeutic way to dealing with them being missing. Kevin says he met Shawn in little league, and Shawn always helped with his game. Penelope says she met Belle in girl scouts when they teamed up to sell cookies. Mr. Woods and Mrs. Perez assure the kids that the threesome will get through this, they are team players and will work together. As the kids talk, Jan relives the rape. Susan sees Jan is upset, and she asks her what is going on with her. Jan says it is none of her business. Susan asks her what kind of game she is playing? Jan says it is no game, and to get lost. Susan refuses to leave Jan, but Jan says she can't tell her what has her so upset. Susan swears she won't tell anyone else if she confides in her, but Jan refuses. Jan tells Susan to get away from her, and walks off. Jan runs off and closes herself in a closet, and wonders what Paul did to her. She remembers talking to the doctor at the resort, who urged her to get a complete work-up when she gets home and get immediate treatment. Jan wishes Shawn was here to help her, and she cries. She asks God not to let Shawn die, she'll do anything if God will help Shawn. Suddenly, Jan begins to feel a burning down below, and realizes she has an infection. Jan goes to find Mr. Woods and tells him that she is sick, she needs to go home and see her doctor. Meanwhile, Susan talks to Kevin and Penelope about the others. Susan says it wasn't until this trip that she saw how kind Phillip was. Penelope wonders why it had to end this way.

Elsewhere, the police show up to arrest Nicole. Nicole refuses to leave, and Victor threatens to have them brought up on charges if they don't let her go. Detective Rivera shows up and tells Victor not to interfere, they have a witness that this woman shot a man on the docks! Nicole begs Victor not to let them take her away! Paul, who is on his way out, hears Nicole being arrested and hopes they lock her up for what she did to him. Suddenly, the little girl shows up, the one who saw Nicole shoot Paul. She tells the detective something in Spanish, and he asks him men to follow him. The little girl thought she saw Paul walking around, she did, but when the cops investigate, it turns out that he is long gone. Victor realizes that the little girl's story isn't checking out with the police, and thinks Nicole won't have any problem getting out of jail. Meanwhile, Paul tries to get to the island to get the treasure, but ends up of passing out!

On the island, the kids end up in a hole that begins filling with water. Belle freaks, but Shawn assures her that they will get out of here. The pit continues to fill up with water, and the kids realize the only way to get out of the pit is to swim out.

Elsewhere, Mimi and CHloe get into a huge fight when Mimi says this is the wrong Island. Chloe says that she fell off that jet-ski on purpose in order to ride with Brady and wrap her arms around his hot-bod, and if she had been concentrating on the islands and not Brady they would be on the right island. Brady is pleased that CHloe thinks he has a hot-bod, but says they need to stop fighting and figure out if they are on the right island. Mimi says she needs to catch her breath and then she'll look around. Brady decides to go off and find them some food. After he leaves, Chloe and Mimi start calling one another names. Brady hears them yelling and returns. He yells at them both to call a truce, and stay in their own corners until he returns! Brady leaves, and Chloe and Mimi continue to argue about anything and everything. Mimi eventually accuses Chloe of just using Phillip to push her own agenda. Chloe says she never used Phillip, but Mimi says one date with Phillip and the glasses came off and the sexy dresses went on. Mimi continues to tell Chloe that she has no idea how much she has hurt Phillip, but she probably doesn't care because he served his purpose to her. Meanwhile, as Brady is searching for some food, he finds Belle's favorite fruit. He then remembers all the good times her and Belle had together. Brady returns, only to overhear Chloe tell Mimi that she has no idea how much she cared about Phillip, and still does. Later, Mimi realizes she doesn't know where they are, says she is lost, and breaks down crying in Brady's arms.


September 28
In Puerto Rico, Jan knocks on someone's door, and when they answer, she tells them that she needs their help. Jan has gone to see the doctor, who says he's expected at the Emergency Room, besides she said she didn't need his help. Jan says he was right and she was wrong, she has an infection and she is scared. The doctor asks how old she is? She says she is seventeen. The doctor says it is his duty to inform her parents about this. He also says they need to report the assault, because it is a crime. Jan says she doesn't know who did this to her, and she claims she met some guy at a bar and he went further than she wanted to go. Jan says she just wants to forget this happened, and she doesn't want her parents, teachers, or boyfriend to know about this. Jan says this man gave her something, and she doesn't know what it is. The doctor lets Jan in, and he asks her what her symptoms are. Jan says it burns when she goes to the bathroom, and she has discharge. The doctor tells her that she has an STD, and she will need some tests to confirm which one. However, he believes that she probably has gonorrhea, and she could be at risk for herpes, clamidia, and even aids. The doctor tells Jan that she'll need to be tested now, and again in another six months. The doctor agrees to help Jan by taking her to the clinic to get some tests and shots. Later, the tests reveal she does have gonorrhea, and he suggests she has a pregnancy test. Jan says she doesn't think she is pregnant, but the doctor says she should still have a test. They then give her a shot and a pill to take.

Paul has collapsed from the gunshot wound, and he appears dead. Elsewhere, Victor tells the detective he has no proof that Nicole has done anything wrong, but the detective says they have an eye witness that Miss Walker shot an unarmed man in cold blood. Nicole says she didn't shoot anyone, but the little girl says she did. The detective says they can determine if she fired a gun recently, so they have to take her into custody. Nicole says no, she didn't shoot anyone! Victor asks the detective to produce proof, if she killed someone, where is the body? The detective says they don't have a body, yet. Victor is furious and says that they have no body and no weapon, so he demands they take the cuffs of Miss Walker. The detective says they are talking the woman, and Victor should stay out of the way unless he wants to get hurt! Victor tells the detective that he has no idea who he is dealing with, and that he will pay for this! The detective grabs Nicole and drags her off. Victor insists he go with them, and then begins feeling sick. He says he needs his pills, which are in his car. An officer escorts Victor to his car, and they all head to the police station. Nicole ends up being locked up with hookers, who tease and taunt her. Victor promises her that he will get her out of here. Nicole fears they might find her father's body, and Victor tells her they almost did. Victor says he faked his attack because the body of her father was right outside the hotel! Victor then calls an associate to help him make a body disappear. Meanwhile, when a guard tells Nicole she is beautiful, she sees her father and yells at him to get away or she'll scratch his eyes out of his head! The guard tells her that she could use a friend in this place, and walks off. As Nicole thinks about her father, she says she hopes she did kill him! Suddenly, the little girl runs to the defective, she was spying on Nicole, and Nicole realizes the kid must have heard her! Meanwhile, Victor and his associates go to get the body to have it disposed of, but when they get there, Paul is gone!

On the island, Brady and Chloe tell Mimi that they are running out of time. Suddenly, it begins to pour. Brady asks Mimi if they are on the right island, or if they are lost? Mimi sees some rocks she recognizes, and she says she knows where they are. Mimi remembers this is the beech she and Kevin almost went all the way on, and she begins smiling. Mimi says she knows where they are, and tells them to follow her. Unfortunately, Mimi isn't so sure of where they are as she would like to be, and begins leading them around in circles. Mimi once again has a memory related to a spot they are at, and says she knows where they are and to follow her. As they walk, Brady tells Chloe that he now realizes what an airhead Mimi is, she has no clue where the are. Suddenly, Mimi stops and begins drawing things in the sand. She draws a circle to decide which direction to go, but Chloe and Brady say they know where they are going, they need to know where Belle is. Mimi admits she doesn't know where exactly Belle is. Chloe is fed up, grabs Mimi, and yells "Think airhead, think!" Mimi is equally as fed up with Chloe, and decks her! Mimi and Chloe then end up in a huge catfight. Brady tried to break it up, and Chloe and Brady end up falling to the ground together. Chloe and Brady get up, and Brady asks Mimi to please concentrate on where the others could be. Mimi remembers the last clue, and she tells Brady that she knows where they are! Mimi runs off, and Brady hopes she is right this time.

In the cave, Belle gets a cramp, and sinks to the bottom! Shawn and Phillip manage to save Belle, and they all attempt to climb out of the pit. However, attempting to climb out of the pit doesn't seem to be working, so Shawn swims under to search for another way out, only to get caught in some rope. Shawn frees himself, and swims back up. Shawn then ties the rope around Belle, and plan to use the rope to helpt them climb up the rocks. Belle climbs up, but the rope begins to break. Shawn tells Belle to climb fast and make it to one of the ledges. Belle tries, and makes it to the ledge. Belle makes it to the top, and a hand reaches out to help her. Unfortunately, she soon learns the person who has saved her is Paul!

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