September 01 Week 3


September 17
I only got to see 15-20 minutes of the show and a news conference interupted the rest. This is NBC's summary. Sorry!

A hurricane continues to approach the island as Belle, Philip, and Shawn enter the cavern. They find the next clue, which gives the exact location of the treasure. Shawn is lowered down on a rope. He is almost caught in a deadly booby trap, but he manages to avoid it. Shawn find the treasure, and he puts the red ruby in his pocket. As Philip pulls Shawn up, Paul enters the cavern, pulls a knife on Belle and holds her hostage. Shawn gives Paul the jewels. Philip attempts to attack Paul, and Shawn falls back down into the cavern. Philip and Paul struggle. Paul knocks Philip unconscious. Belle tries to help Shawn but manages to fall into the cavern, too. Paul escapes. He looks at the jewels and becomes furious. The red ruby is not there!

Meanwhile, Victor, Nicole, Brady, and Chloe are en route to Puerto Rico. Nicole says that if Paul has done anything to those kids she will kill him. Brady and Chloe reflect on their friendship and how they have become good friends. As they approach Puerto Rico, the plane is forced to fly to the hurricane. The plane is hit by uprooted trees and loses an engine as well as its landing gear. The plane begins to nose dive to the ground. Will they survive?

In Salem, Bo has a nightmare. He dreams about the day JT was born and how Hope mentioned how different her baby looked. Bo awakens and Hope wants to know what's wrong. Bo tells her that he feels the babies were switched. Hope insists that JT is her own. Bo tells his wife that they should have a DNA test done just to make sure...

At the DiMera mansion, Abe tells Lexie that they should have dinner with Hope and Bo one night. Lexie refuses. She will not go until Bo gets this baby switch idea out of his head. Meanwhile, Rolf tells Bart that he has received a call from Stefano. Stefano is worried about Bo snooping around about the babies. Rolf suggests that they distract the Bradys by reactivating Princess Gina's memories into Hope. However, there are some complications. Hope could be lost completely if the transplant occurs. To be sure, he needs to adjust the chip in Hope's brain with radio waves. He could do this, but needs to be sure she's within 100 feet of him. Rolf pitches his idea to Lexie who says she has a perfect idea to make sure that Hope is within 100 feet... She agrees to throw a "coming out" party for Princess Gina at the DiMera mansion...


September 18
Two press conferences/event coverages interupted the show, so I didn't get to see most of the first half, and a chunk in the middle. I'm using NBC's summary and adding a bit onto it from what I got to see.

Once Paul realizes the ruby is missing, he returns to the cavern. Shawn agrees to give him the ruby if he will help get them out. Paul agrees, but when Shawn and Belle get out, Shawn refuses to hand over the ruby. A struggle between Paul and Shawn ensues until Belle hits Paul on the head with a rock, and he is knocked out. Shawn and Belle decide to grab Philip and get out of there, but Paul recovers and pushes Belle back into the cavern. Philip wakes up and sees what is happening to his friends. He spots a knife on the ground and stabs Paul in the shoulder. Paul pushes Philip into the cavern followed closely by Shawn. Paul tells them that they can keep the ruby. He'll just return to get it when they are dead. Phillip begs Paul to at least take Belle, and he agrees. However, Shawn refuses to let Belle go with Paul, because he knows Paul will rape her.

Elsewhere on the island, a search party has been formed to find Belle, Philip and Shawn. Jan says her gut tells her that Paul may be responsible but, not wanting to mention the rape, she refuses to explain why. Before they can locate them, everyone prepares to be evacuated because of the hurricane. Mimi refuses to leave, but Mr. Woods says that Shawn. Belle, and Phillip are resourceful and have probably found shelter. He says once they get on the boat he'll radio the coast guard and have a search team sent out to find them. Mimi becomes hysterical and has to be dragged to the boat...

Although the landing gear is gone, the pilot is able to land the plane without crashing it. The pilot sends everyone down the emergency chute, and Victor accidentally goes down head first and hits his head on the tarmac. He is okay, but Nicole insists that he goes to the hospital. Brady and Chloe check into the hotel. Chloe mentions to Brady how she has butterflies in her stomach concerning Philip. She has to see him. Brady is crestfallen that Chloe still cares so much for Philip. At the hospital, Nicole admits to Victor how much she really cares for him. She doesn't know what she would do without him. Victor guarantees her that he will be around for a long time and he will protect her from her father. Nicole says she's waited her whole life to hear a man say that to her.

Back in Salem, Rolf suggests to Lexie that Greta and John should be at Hope's "coming out" party. If her memories do return, she will have a distinct reaction to them. Lexie says she will put it together as fast as she can before Bo convinces Hope that the babies were switched...

At home, Bo tries to persuade Hope to do a DNA test on JT. Hope, however, doesn't think that is a good idea. She knows JT is her son, but even if, for some reason, he wasn't... Hope says she doesn't want to know. Later, Hope leaves to meet Lexie and Bo goes to the pub...

In the pub, Colin tells Caroline and Elizabeth that there's a chance he may be hired at University Hospital soon. Elizabeth is upset and tells Colin that she can't stand Salem. Colin storms off. Bo enters the pub and Elizabeth flirts with him. Bo resists her charms and she leaves in a huff. Meanwhile, Lexie tells Hope about the party. Lexie tells her friend that she deserves it. She guarantees it will mark a new chapter in Hope's life. Meanwhile, Bo tells his mother that things are great and that they will only get better. Little does he know about the jeopardy his family is in...

Outside the pub, Elizabeth runs into Colin. Colin says that Dr. Wesley was called away on an emergency, so he has to meet with him later. When Colin suggests they postpone the wedding, Elizabeth begins pouting and suggests a round of love making at home will make him change his mind.


September 18
I'm packing for a trip home, so I watched the show as I packed. I'm just going to build on NBC's summary for today. Sorry! I should be back to my summaries tomorrow, as long as there are no more interuptions on TV

Philip, Shawn, and Belle are in danger as the cavern fills with water. Belle is afraid of drowning, but Shawn says that they will float to the top. No such luck as the water stops at their knees. Philip tries to tunnel their way out, but gets an unpleasant surprise when a dead body pops out of a coffin instead. Belle flips out. They kids realize they are in some sort of burial ground. Later, they're so busy trying to find a way out that they're unaware of the huge snake which slides into the water. The snake makes it way towards Belle.

On the boat back to Puerto Rico, Penelope can't believe this is happening, and Mimi is still freaking out. Jan doesn't want to see Shawn die, but Mimi doesn't want to see any of her friends die. Mimi wants to know why Jan cares so much for Shawn? Jan almost spills the beans, but keeps the rape a secret. Later, Mimi realizes that Phillip, Shawn, and Belle must have gone for the treasure, and she thinks Paul may have killed them!

At the hotel, Paul returns to his room and patches his wound. He says that he will get that ruby back, he'll go back when those kids are dead to get it. Meanwhile, Brady discovers that the kids are on their way from the island. He is also informed that three kids are missing. Chloe wonders if they could have gone searching for the treasure? Nicole is afraid her father is involved in their disappearance, so she decides to show a picture of him around the hotel. Paul enters the hotel bar. Paul enters the bar and orders drink to ease the pain of his stab wound. He thinks about the His thoughts are interrupted by someone screaming. It's Chloe, who is screaming because she recognizes Paul. Nicole turns around and sees it her dad!

In Salem, Jennifer returns for another counseling session with Marlena. She admits that she is jealous of Jack and Greta. Jennifer thought that she'd be the one to move on with her life before he did. She admits she doesn't want anyone in Jack's life but her... however, she doesn't want to be married to him again. Jennifer doesn't want to see Marlena again after this session because she's said so many horrible things. Marlena tells her that means they had a good session. Jennifer realizes she needs Marlena's help, and makes an appointment for another session.

Elsewhere in Salem, Jack informs Greta that things are moving along faster than he had anticipated. He needs her to go with him to Las Vegas and impress Oliver Wentworth. This job is the key to his reunion with Jennifer. Greta tells him that a reunion with Jennifer is a bad idea because he is gay. She want to discuss this with Jennifer, but Jack adamantly refuses. Greta thinks Jack is up to something, but he won't fess up. Frustrated, Greta kicks him out of her apartment.


September 20
This is from NBC. I came home from school today, and my brother forgot to tape the soaps for me!
Shawn sees the snake in the nick of time and kills it before it reaches Belle. Philip and Shawn calm her down and assure her that the snake wasn't poisonous. They tell her that as soon as Mimi notices they're gone she'll tell Mr. Woods everything. Philip tries to find a way out while Shawn prays for his Great Grandpa Tom to guide them safely back. Later, they find a tunnel which may be their way out.

Back at the hotel, Paul tries to escape the bar but his exit is blocked by the kids returning from the island. Mimi sees him and accuses him of killing Philip, Shawn, and Belle. Chaos ensues, and Mimi is forced to admit that she didn't actually see him do anything. Paul concocts a story, says the kids disappeared under the water. He tried to save them but it was too late. Mimi says that if anything did happen to them, Paul is responsible. Mimi pleads with Brady and Chloe to believe her. Brady goes to hotel desk and insists that someone take him to the island.

Meanwhile, Jan becomes very ill and Jason takes her to see a doctor staying at the hotel. The doctor knows that something traumatic has happened, but Jan keeps her mouth shut. The doctor tells her that she has an infection, but will need a full gynecological exam immediately. He can not diagnose or treat her without one. Jan runs out in tears, but she refuses to tell Jason what happened...

Lexie panics when she discovers that Bo wants Hope and JT to have a DNA test. She assures Hope that the hospital has strict security measures. Hope agrees, says she'd rather concentrate on her past as Princess Gina. In an effort to distract Bo from any thoughts of a baby switch, Lexie suggests that Hope let Bo help her with the investigation. Bo is thrilled happy. Later, Isaac starts to cry and Hope picks him up. Without thinking, Lexie yells at her not to touch her baby. Hope is startled by her reaction, and Lexie is forced to cover. Hope tells Lexie that she considers herself as Isaac's second mother. This is not something Lexie wanted to hear...

Jennifer tells Jack about her therapy sessions. Jack is concerned, but upsets her with his flip comments and jokes. Jennifer wishes that for once they could have a serious conversation. Jack tells her that she should loosen up. Suddenly, he moons her, which makes her laugh. He pushes her out the door, says they're going out to have some fun!


September 21
Once again I'm building on NBC's summary. Sorry for not writing my own long summaries this week, but it has just been a bad and busy week for me all around. Hopefully I will be back to normal next week, baring any unforeseeable circumstances in the media.

In Puerto Rico, Brady vows to find his sister no matter what. He promises Victor that Paul is lying about them being dead, he knows they are alive, and he will find them. He begins questioning Mimi about the kids. Mimi says they must have gone searching for the treasure, and she's sure Paul had something to do with their disappearance because he was very interested in helping the kids find the treasure. Mimi says she saw the map once, so Brady asks her to think hard and try and remember which island the treasure was on. Mimi points to a general location on the map where she thinks the ruby and other jewels could be. Brady decides to go to the island to find his little sister. He tells Chloe and Mimi to stay at the hotel. However, Mimi and Chloe follow him.

At the hotel, Victor is having a hard time dealing with the current situation. He says he'll use all of his resources, legal or otherwise, to find the kids. Later, Nicole tells Victor that he's sure Paul knows where the kids are, and she doesn't buy his story that they all were doing drugs and skinny dipping. Nicole swears she will get the truth out of Paul Victor warns Nicole to be careful around her father, and he gives her a gun. Meanwhile, Jan confronts Paul. She wants to know what disease he gave her. Paul responds to her accusations by telling her that he is clean, but she refuses to believe anything he says. Paul sees that Jan is unstable, so he tries to calm her down with the promise of a movie career. Jan says she doesn't want anything he has to offer her. Nicole shows up and sees Jan looking terrified, and yells at Paul to get his hands off of her! Jan runs off while Nicole lets her father have it. She unleashes her anger for all the terrible things Paul has done. She tells him that he will not abuse Jan like he did her! Paul says the only thing he did was promise to help that girl get into the movies. Nicole knows exactly what her dad is up to, and she swears she will talk to Jan. Paul says if she does, he will make her pay. Nicole isn't afraid of her father, and he says whatever that girl says, he will deny! Paul limps off, and Victor returns. He tells Nicole that if it comes to it, he'll use his contacts here in Puerto Rico and have Paul dealt with.

Jan runs into the ladies room where she has a breakdown. As she bemoans the fact that Paul raped her, Susan enters and wants to know what happened to her on the island. Jan puts up a tough fašade and tells Susan to leave her alone. Once Susan leaves, wondering why she even bothers caring about Jan. Jan dissolves in tears, and wishes Shawn was here to protect her.

On the island, Philip, Shawn, and Belle find a caved-in shaft that at one time may have been used by drug dealers to hide their shipments. Philip suggests that they try to dig their way out. Belle can see that the guys are tired, wants to help dig, too. Before Belle goes in to dig, they talk about what they will do upon returning to Salem. Phillip plans to work things out with Chloe, and Shawn says he will take Belle on an official second date. Once in the shaft, Belle decides to use one of the boards in the shaft to help her dig, but when she pulls it loose, the shaft caves in and buries Belle in dirt.

Back in Salem, Jack promises to give Jennifer a fun filled day. He makes several mysterious phone calls, and asks a woman to help him out with a favor. Jennifer becomes very suspicious, but Jack asks her to trust him and walk down the yellow brick road with him. The couple arrives at Tuscany, several hours before it opens for dinner. As they walk inside, Jennifer is surprised when she sees Abby there. Jack has thrown her a surprise birthday party! Jennifer is very touched by his sweet gesture. Maggie takes pictures of Jack, Jen, and Abby, and they family all dance together. Later, Abby's babysitter shows up to take Abby home, but Jack promises Jen that her evening is far from over, it is just beginning!

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