September 01 Week 2


September 10
This is once again a shorter summary. Sorry!

Hope and Jen are shopping in Salem Place, and Jen ends up buying a box of Jack's favorite pastries. Hope wonders if Jen is ready to take Jack back? Jen admits to thinking about working on their relationship, she just hopes Jack has changed. Later, Jen and Hope see Jack with Greta, and Hope tells her that Jack is just using Greta to make her jealous. Jen thinks two can play this game, and decides to go to a movie with Brandon this weekend.

Meanwhile, Jack is out with Greta, who continues to try and convince Jack that he should feel pride in being a gay man. Jack starts regretting his admission, but Greta thinks it is great and tells Jack that she reminds her of Jack from Will and Grace! Greta tells Jack that he is just too perfect, he's not manly. Jack points out that she is stereotyping. Greta apologizes and says that he has to come to terms with himself, he is different and special. When Jack realizes Jen and Hope are watching, Jack switches the subject to his and Greta's charade for his upcoming job interview. Jack says they will have to act like lovers, and he kisses Greta, which upsets Jen.

Hope holds Jen back, and Jen continues to plan her date with Brandon. Jen says if Jack can see someone else, than so can she!

At Titan, Victor and Nicole talk with Brady and CHloe about Paul. Nicole and Victor plan to leave, and Brady and Chloe insist they go too.

On the island, Shawn falls into a hole, and holds onto the side of it as Phillip and Belle try to save him. Shawn ends up falling, but the whole thing was a trick. The hole was actually a staircase. Belle is furious with Shawn, and Phillip isn't pleased either. Shawn says he'll do anything to make it up to Belle, and she eventually forgives him. Phillip says it will be easy to get the ruby, so he suggests they all get some sleep before morning. Belle then tells Shawn and Phillip legends about the island that Mimi told her, and these legends include a golden-goddess and a girl with super-human powers who goes around helping people. The kids then go to sleep, and a spying Paul says they should sleep tight because tomorrow will be their last day alive. Enter Belle's dream! Belle wakes up on a beach in a sparkely purple bikini. Phillip is on the beach screaming about Chloe. Belle tells Phillip that his going on and on about CHloe is very boring. Phillip says he knows, but at least he still finds time to workout and look good. Suddenly, Shawn comes surfing into the beach, and he and Belle do this slow motion running thing towards one another. After a hug, Belle snaps her fingers and sprinkles some sand, causing fruit to appear for Shawn's breakfast. Shawn tells Belle that she is the perfect girlfriend, and he'd say he loves her, but Mimi won't let him. Sour-Phillip shows up and asks Super-Belle for a favor. Belle spins around really fast, and Chloe the golden-goddess beams down from above. CHloe then runs, in slow motion, towards Phillip in her golden bathing suit. Chloe and Phillip kiss, and suddenly develop British accents when talking to one another. Phillip and CHloe take a stroll, leaving Belle and Shawn alone. Belle and Shawn play in the ocean as "Do You Believe In Magic" plays in the background. Suddenly, Mer-Meems shows up riding a big shell. She tells Belle that Shawn is not the boy for her, and then she wrips Chloe's hair off. A bald Chloe screams as Mer-Meems holds her hair up victoriously. Mer-Meems then puts on Chloe's hair and says she is the diva of Salem high now, and steals Phillip from Chloe. Suddenly, Bay-Watch Brady shows up running down the beach! Brady tells Belle that she is in danger, great danger. BAck in the real world, Belle says "danger" in her sleep. Paul hears this and says "Tomorrow the danger starts, and where it ends, God only knows!"


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