September 01 Week 1


September 3
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At Alice's, Jen and Alice are having some ice cream. Alice notices that Jen is in a good mood. Jen says she is because she is going to Marlena for therapy. Alice hopes she isn't going because of the guilt she feels about what happened to JT. Jen says she's gotten through that, and she's okay with that now. Alice assumes that she is going to MArlena because of Jack. Jen says it is, she needs to figure out if she and Jack have a future. Jen says she can't have a future until she comes to term with her past. Jen thinks about Hope and how she can't remember her past, and she just hopes that Hope can fill in the missing blanks. ALice asks Jen what she is talking about? Jen, thinking Alice will find out sooner or later anyways, tells Alice that Hope is determined to find out about her missing time as Gina. Alice doesn't understand why Hope would want to revisit that awful time, and she thinks Hope is making a mistake. Jen wishes she hadn't said anything, because she doesn't want Alice to worry. Alice says it is a grandmother's duty to worry. Alice notices Jen's very small ruby necklace, and she says she bought it one day when she was thinking about the ruby Tom gave her. Alice then remembers when Tom gave her the ruby. Alice and Tom were getting ready to go out for their anniversary. Tom gave her a present, in a huge box. Alice thought the box was so pretty, and she didn't want to open it. Alice opened the box, and inside was the ruby. Jen tells ALice that she knows she wants her necklace back, and Shawn will do anything to find it. ALice says that necklace was stolen, she doesn't want Shawn Douglas to get involved with criminals. Jen tells ALice that SHawn hasn't done anything about it yet, and he is on that school trip having fun right now.

On the island, Kevin tells Susan and Penelope that what they said was really great. Susan says that it felt great to stand up to those kids, and maybe senior year won't be so bad after all. Elsewhere, Shawn tells Belle that tomorrow he wants to sneak off to the cavern and get the ruby, without Paul. Shawn doesn't realize that Paul is spying on them, and Paul says that he will be the one to claim the ruby, and those kids will be lucky to escape with their lives. Mimi and Phillip show up, and Mimi ends up tripping and falling. She notices something moving in the bushes, so SHawn checks. Paul splits, and Shawn can't find anything. Phillip says it must be the wind, or a giant man-eating komodo dragon! Meanwhile, Jason explains what happened with Penelope and Susan to Jan. Jan thinks if she was here they probably would have blamed her for their pathetic existence, and then calls them losers. Jason tells Jan that if anyone here is a loser, it is her. The other kids start to limbo, and Jason asks if she's going to play? Jan says the limbo is so lame. Jason tells her that she is such a drag. Everyone, but Jan, participates in the limbo contest. It comes down to Penelope and Kevin, and Penelope wins. The girls rub in that they won, so Jason proposes a tug-of- war contest. Jan stands by and watches, and the girls beg her to help them. Jen helps the girls by flashing the boys (her bra) so they lose their concentration. Phillip then asks for everyone's attention, as he wants to make an announcement. Phillip gives a shout out to Mr. Woods and Mrs. Perez for chaperoning them. Phillip tells everything that he liked being down here, because all the groups they end up socializing in at school seemed to disappear. Phillip says this trip has made him realize everyone here is a person with feelings, and he apologizes to Susan and Penny for how they've all treated them. Mrs. Perez tells the kids that Phillip makes a good point, they came on this trip to learn about the ecosystem, but they learned so much more. Mr. Woods tells them to think about what they've learned here and take it back to Salem. One of the kids says that it should also be their parents responsibility to recognize when their son or daughter is a bully and do something about it. Jason opens his mouth and says not all parents give a damn, for example Jan's parents. Jan tells Jason to go to hell and run off. Shawn feels bad, and Belle tells him to go to Jan. Shawn chases after Jan, and talks with her. He asks her why she doesn't get rid of that jerk Jason. Jan says in his own weird way, he loves her. She also says what Jason said was true, her own parents don't give a damn about her. As she cries, Shawn holds Jan. Shawn tells her that her parents don't hate her, but Jan says they never show up to any of her events. Jan says her parents wouldn't care if she dropped out of school, they probably wouldn't even notice. Shawn doubts that, but Jan says they'll soon see. Jan says she is going to drop out of school and run-away. Jan says all the kids hate her anyways, and they'll make life a living hell. Shawn says they won't, and he says he'll take care of anyone who does. Jan thanks Shawn for caring about her. Shawn goes back to Belle, leaving Jan alone. Back at camp, Belle talks with Phillip. Phillip tells her that her, Shawn, and himself have been friends forever. However, now that she and Shawn have hooked up, he thinks things will be different. Belle says things won't be different, and maybe when he gets back together with Chloe they can all double date. Phillip tells Belle that she is really special. Meanwhile, Kevin's shirt gets dirty, so he has to take it off. Penelope and Susan sit there and stare at him and don't listen to a word he's saying. Kevin is talking about his computer, and how much he misses it. When he says he has a videogame weakness, Mimi pops up and says she loves videogames. The two start talking about their favorite game, Space Race 2. Mimi says she can't get by one of the levels, and Kevin says the key to cracking the level is the constellations. Kevin offers to show her them, so they head to the beach. Mimi and Kevin head down to the beach, and begin making out. Back at camp, the kids sing "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore" (I'm not kidding).

Paul asks Mr. Woods if he can borrow his cell phone to check his messages? Mr. Woods agrees, but tells Paul to keep it short because his batteries are dying. Paul sneaks off into the bushes and calls Faye. He asks her how she is, and if she misses him? Faye isn't happy to hear from him. Paul says he has changed and is trying to get a job. Paul swears he wants another chance to make things right between them. Faye hears music in the background and asks where he is? Paul says he is just at some pay-phone, and he asks if anything has come in the mail. Faye says one thing came that looks official, so he asks her to open it. Faye says it is a passport, and she asks where he is going? Paul doesn't know just yet, and says he'll call her with an address where she can send it. Paul tells Faye that he loves her, and hangs up. Paul then calls up Buddy and brags about how close he is to finding the jewels. Buddy says that nobody goes down into the cavern and comes back alive! Later, Paul finds Jan crying, and tells her that he has some good news. Paul says he's lined up a screen test in Chicago for her. Paul tells her that she has a shot, as long as she does exactly as he tells her. Jan asks if she will get paid? Paul says 100,000 dollars, but the part calls for a little bit of nudity. Jan says as long as it is tasteful she'll do it. Paul promises her that there will be no sex scenes, at least not in front of the camera!


September 4
John goes to Titan to see Victor. Victor invites John in, and asks how Brady is? John says he's been spending time with CHloe Lane, which displeases Victor. Victor says that Brady going out with CHloe can only lead to disaster. John says his son's life is his own, and he doesn't want to discuss this. John tells Victor if he wants Brady to know how he feels, then he should tell him. John says that he's come here to talk to him about his new company. Victor says he's heard about his company, and they may be family, but he shouldn't plan on being in business very long! John was hoping their competition would be friendly, but if not, he can live with that. John says he came here to tell him that he is considering hiring Kate. Victor says if he hires Kate then he'll be out of business in 48 hours, because he'll bomb his damn building! John tells Victor not to go nuts, and he will hire the best person for this job. Victor tells John that if he hires Kate Roberts, they will become the worst of adversaries. Victor tells John that he can't hire that woman, and if he deifies him, he won't stop until he destroys Basic Black! John asks Victor where he gets off threatening him? Victor tells John that Kate is a low-life money grubbing bitch! John begins to think that Victor still loves Kate. Victor tells John that he is insane, and tells him to get out! John says it has to be true, otherwise why is he so angry? Victor tells John that because of Isabella he's always treated him like a son, and he has trusted him like one, but no more! Victor tells John that he has spit on his friendship and trust, and whatever happens is on his head! John asks Victor what is next, will he put a contract out on him? Victor says he's lucky he doesn't, he means nothing to him now, and to get out!

Faye shows up at Titan to see Nicole. Nicole asks Faye if she's heard from Paul? Faye tells Nicole to forget about Paul and just move on with her life. Nicole says she is moving on with her life, but she doesn't want her past interfering with her plans to nab Mr. Moneybags. Faye asks if she is talking about Mr. Kiriakis? Nicole says why not, she's already sleeping with him. Nicole tells her mom that she is only telling her this because the daughter she once thought was a looser is making it big time! Faye can't believe Nicole thinks spreading her legs for Victor is making it big. Nicole tells her mom not to speak to her that way, and she wants to know if she has heard from Paul. Faye says her father is trying to rehabilitate himself. Nicole realizes that she has heard from him, and she demands to know what is going on. Faye says that she doesn't know where he is, but she heard kids in the background. Nicole tells her mom that her father shouldn't be allowed around kids. When Faye says that Paul is trying to turn his life around, Nicole tells her mom that she is living in denial. Nicole and Faye bicker and argue, slinging insults back and forth. Faye tells Nicole that Paul isn't a good man, but he isn't evil, and he tried to love her. Faye says that he tried to love them (Nicole and Brandon) . . . Nicole tells her mom to stop defending that monster! Faye tells Nicole that she has no idea what her father was like, she was thrown out by her parents and forced to work in bars where she had to fight off men. Faye says Paul wasn't like the other men, he was good and different back then. Faye says she fell in love with a good man. Faye says she prayed Paul would change back to the man he once was, and she wants to honor her wedding vows if he can change. Nicole tells her mom that Paul never kept his vows to her, so she needs to change her life and never talk to him again! Nicole asks her mom if Paul said anything else about where he is? Faye says she doesn't know where he is, and she's not taking up with him again, but she will help him if he needs help. Nicole tells her mom to get out! Faye tells her daughter that she is no longer a nice person, she is a tramp and should be ashamed of herself! Faye leaves, and Nicole realizes that Paul is on the islands with the kids. Nicole heads to see Victor and says she has something to tell him that can't wait. Victor tells Nicole he has something to tell her first!

On the island, Mimi and Kevin make out for a bit, and Kevin tells Mimi that he really likes kissing her. Mimi then tells Kevin that Jan really raved about his kisses, and Kevin says when he kissed Jan, she was a totally different person. Kevin starts talking about how he thought about Elvis' "Love Me Tender" when he kissed Jan. Mimi tells Kevin that maybe he should go find Jan and love her tender. Kevin assures Mimi that he doesn't have feelings for Jan. Mimi suggests they not mention Jan again, or talk at all. They continue to make out, and Mimi becomes very warm. Kevin suggests she take off her jacket, so she does. Kevin stares at Mimi, and tells her that she is beautiful. They continue making out, and soon get horizontal! However, Mimi's words to Belle come back to haunt her about the first time. Mimi asks Kevin to stop! Kevin asks her what is wrong? Mimi says nothing, he has done everything right, that is why she had to stop. Kevin says he's never felt like this, it is so amazing. Mimi realizes why Belle didn't want to take her advice to slow down. Kevin says if she's worried about . . . . he came prepared . . . . and pulls out a condom!

Elsewhere, Jan is confused by Paul's statement, and says if she has to have sex with the director or producers to get this role, than the deal is off! Paul says that isn't what he meant, and he can help her get this part if he listens to her. Jan says she can't believe she's going to make 100,000 dollars. Paul says 90,000, he takes 10% as an agent fee. Jan says she thought he was doing this for free, and she's not playing by rules that change every day. Jan says this sounds too weird, and she is getting a negative vibe about this. Paul asks if she's saying she's no longer interested? Jan says that is exactly what she is saying, and walks away. Paul runs after her and says she has it wrong, he will help her model for free, but acting is different. Paul says if he doesn't take money for an agents fee, his other clients will get mad at him for favoring her. Naive Jan says she understands, and that 90,000 dollars is still pretty good. Paul promises her that she'll make triple that amount in a year. He then tells her that she has that sweet Julia Roberts quality, and once she is a star, she can charge a lot more money for her work. Paul then tells her that there is one more test she has to past, she has to be comfortable being naked with a guy on camera. Jan doesn't like this, but Paul says they have to practice so she doesn't blow it in the audition. Paul promises her that they won't do anything she doesn't want to do, and lures her into his hut. Paul then pretends to set up a scene for them to act out. As Paul starts to kiss her and feel her up, Jan looks at him and tells him to take it easy! Paul then jumps Jan, wrips off her underwear, and begins to rape her. When she screams, he threatens to kill her if she doesn't shut up.

In the jungle, Shawn catches Jason drinking and scolds him for both drinking, and constantly putting Jan down. Jason says he treats Jan just fine, but Shawn says he has no clue how to treat a girl. Shawn tells Jason that he's learned nothing on this trip! Jason says he learned those loser girls should be on the Oprah show and tell their sob stories there, because once they get back to school nothing will have changed. Shawn says the only thing that won't change is that he'll still be a drunk, and he should probably go clean up before Mr. Woods catches him.

Elsewhere, Belle asks Phillip about the night Shawn's brother was lost, the night he and Chloe were at the river. Belle asks him what he and Chloe were doing? Phillip asks if she is asking if they had sex? Belle says she didn't mean that, but Phillip says it's okay, and he says they haven't had sex yet. Phillip says he loves Chloe, and wouldn't want to have sex with her until the time is right. Belle says that is so un-guy like. Phillip remembers that he took her to the woods to show her that he carved their initials in a tree. Phillip makes Belle try and guess what they were doing, but she never gets it right, and Phillip starts tickling her to try and get her to give up guessing. Belle ends up tickling Phillip back, and Shawn walks in on their little play scene. Belle and Phillip say nothing is going on, and Shawn tells them that he caught Jason drinking, and he also talked to Jan. Shawn says Jason was right about Jan's parents not being around, but Belle says that doesn't make it okay for Jan to be mean. Shawn and Belle snuggle on the beach, and Phillip takes off. Belle tells SHawn that she was thinking about what they were talking about earlier, about having sex. Belle tells Shawn she thinks they should wait too, and she just got caught up in the atmosphere. Belle suggests they take a swim to cool off, but Shawn says that probably won't be a good idea. Shawn and belle decide to head back to camp. Meanwhile, Phillip runs into Jason, who is still drinking. He lays into him and tells him that he's going to get them all into trouble if he doesn't sober up! Phillip runs back into Shawn and Belle later, and Phillip walks Belle back to camp so Shawn can go look for Jan. However, instead of going back to camp, Belle and Phillip go for a swim.


September 5
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Shawn comes upon Jan who has been raped by Paul. Shawn punches Paul in the jaw and a fight ensues. Paul fights dirty and manages to escape. While he is running, Paul encounters Philip and Belle. Paul knocks Belle down and steals the boat. Meanwhile, back at the hut, Shawn tries to comfort Jan. She is going into shock. Jan reveals to Shawn that she was a virgin. She makes him promise not to tell anyone she was raped. She could not handle it if her parents found out. Shawn reluctantly agrees...

Before their conversation was interrupted, Philip told Belle that he plans on marrying Chloe. He has become a totally different person and he will not make the same mistakes again. Philip gives Belle credit for his transformation. On the beach, Kevin reveals to Mimi that he has a condom and wants to take things to the next level. Mimi agrees, but they can't get the condom open. They decide not to have sex. Kevin asks Mimi to go on a date with him when they return home...

At Titan, Victor tells Nicole the shocking news that Kate has been hired by John Black. However, that can not compare to Nicole's startling revelation-- Paul is on the island with the kids! Victor wants to fly to Puerto Rico immediately, but is told that there is a storm approaching the island. Victor decides to alert Brady to what is going on...


September 6
Brady is sitting around the penthouse making all sorts of odd noises as he thinks about CHloe. Brady calls up CHloe, but she says this isn't a good time and hangs up. Brady is hurt that Chloe has blown him off. Nicole shows up, and Brady asks her why she is here? Nicole says she is going on a fishing expedition. Nicole tells Brady about the can. Brady calls Chloe up to ask her about the can, but she can't talk now. but agrees to meet him later. Later, Brady asks Nicole why a can has her so worked up? Nicole shows Brady a picture of her father and asks if he's ever seen him? BRady thinks he looks like a sleaze, and asks if this guy is mixed up with his sister? Brady demands Nicole tell him exactly what it going on. Nicole says nothing is going on, and she changes the topic to Kate and the blowout Victor and John had over hiring her. Brady still thinks hiring Kate is a mistake. Nicole and Brady strike a deal, he'll tell her anything he learns about the can, and if he gets anymore info on Kate, she'll tell him.

At the Wesley's, Chloe thinks that if Nancy won't tell her who her father is, then she deserves everything she dishes out! CHloe remembers talking to Nancy about her father once. Nancy told Chloe that when she finally tells her about her father, she will need her mother, but right now, they just don't have a mother-daughter relationship. Downstairs, Nancy asks Craig what Chloe wanted to talk to him about? Craig says they discussed her behavior towards her, and he told her that she would be a better person if she would just open up her heart to her. Craig tells Nancy that he thinks this time, he might have gotten through to her. Craig yells up to CHloe that dinner is ready. Bad-Mood Chloe storms down the stairs, trips on the carpet, and acts like a total spoiled brat at the dinner table. Nancy and Craig flirt, which ends up annoying Chloe to the point where she asks them if they can just have a normal conversation? Nancy asks Chloe what she wants to talk about? Chloe wants to talk about her father. Chloe tells Nancy that it has been brought to her attention that she treats her badly, and she can't promise that it won't happen again. Chloe says she once told her that if they started to get along, she would tell her about her birth. Chloe says even though it seems like a fancy form of blackmail, she's willing to accept the offer if it is still on the table. Nancy tells Chloe that first, she doesn't think she's ready to hear the facts at this time. Nancy says she wants them to make better progress with their relationship first, and it has nothing to do with Nancy wanting Chloe to love her. Nancy says it has to do with whether she can take the news or not. Suddenly, Brady calls Chloe to ask about a can Belle found, but Chloe says she is in the middle of something. She tells him to give her fifteen minutes and then they can go do something. Craig picks up the conversation where they left off, and says he would also like to know who Chloe's father is. Nancy tells Chloe that she is a beautiful, strong girl, and she has the determination to make her dreams come true. However, Nancy fears if she tells her the truth, that could all change, and she doesn't want to see her lose her dreams. Chloe asks Nancy if she lost her dreams because of her? Nancy says that giving birth to her was the most beautiful moment of her life, and giving her away almost killed her. Nancy says the one thing that kept her going was hoping she would have a happy life. Craig tells Nancy that whatever happened back then, all that pain, can end if she tells them what happened. CHloe tells Nancy that she wants to forgive her, and maybe she can if she knows what happened? Nancy says this is probably one of the most memorable times they spent together as a family, and she says for now she can't tell her because she feels protecting her is more important than the truth. Annoyed-Brady calls CHloe again and tells her that he's outside of her house, her fifteen minutes are up. Chloe says she'll be right out. She thanks Nancy for the dinner and the talk, and heads outside. Out in his car, Brady apologizes to Chloe for being rough with her about how she treats her mom. Chloe says he was right, and thanks him for the new way she sees and treats her mom. Brady changes the subject and asks Chloe if she knows anything about a can Belle and Shawn found last summer? Chloe says that can has been nothing but trouble. Brady asks her if the kids could be in danger? Back inside, Craig tries to get Nancy to open up and tell the truth, but Nancy isn't ready to do that just yet.

On the island, Paul is out sailing in a small boat. He smokes a cigarette and thinks about raping Jan. He says that she wanted it, and she loved it! Paul says the only mistake he made was not waiting, because he could have had the ruby and his teen angel. However, Paul says he will have to go to plan two. Paul realizes the cavern is probably booby trapped, and whoever heads in there first is headed for trouble. He smiles and is glad it won't be him.

Back at Paul's hut, Jan looks at the necklace her grandma gave her as a gift. She then wonders why this had to happen to her. Jan thinks about the rape and says she can't stay in this hut, so she leaves. Jan ends up at the beach where she breaks down. Susan finds her and asks her what happened to her, she looks like hell. Susan heard Jan says "why did he do this to me," and she wants to know what happened? Susan asks if Jason hit her? Jan ends up clinging to Susan and cries "just hold me!" Susan tells Jan not to let Jason get away with this. Jan says Jason didn't touch her, he knows better than that. Jan says she doesn't take crap from anyone, that is why she is popular. Susan says she is not fooling her, she looks like she's been beat up. Jan says that someone just called her a name, and that is why she is so upset. Jan says she is human too, and it is possible for her to be hurt. Jan says she got a taste of her own medicine and she couldn't take it. Jan then warns Susan not to tell anyone about this. Susan can't believe she was feeling sorry for her, and goes to walk away. However, Jan grabs Susan and begs her not to leave her. Susan sees that Jan is shaking, and thinks she might be sick. She suggests they go back to camp, but Jan doesn't want to, she just wants to talk. Jan tells Susan that she is so much stronger than she is, so why did she put up with her crap when she could have put her head through a locker? Susan says when someone takes your power away, it is hard to get it back. Jan decides to go back to camp, and she lets Susan help her up. Jan actually thanks Susan, but then tells her to forget about seeing her here tonight. Susan is puzzled, but agrees not to say anything. Jan thanks SUSAN again, and hobbles off. Susan can't believe that Jan called her Susan.

Elsewhere, as the winds pick up, Belle and Phillip search for Shawn. Shawn turns up, and Belle jumps into his arms. Belle tells Shawn that she can tell something is wrong, and they ask what happened to him? Shawn says nothing is wrong, but Belle and Phillip want the truth. Shawn insists nothing is wrong, and he asks why they were looking for him? Phillip and Belle tell Shawn that Paul ran by them and knocked Belle down on his way to get to the boat. Shawn asks if he said anything? Phillip says he just yelled at them to get out of their way, but they know what he did. Phillip thinks Paul found the ruby and ran off with it, but Shawn says that is not what happened, but that man will rot in hell! Belle can't believe Shawn is talking like this. Suddenly, Mimi shows up talking about how she feels like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The kids continue to question Shawn about why he is upset. Shawn says he is just worked up that Paul hurt Belle, and he says they are better off without Paul. Phillip asks if they are going to get the ruby still? Belle says no way, she thinks they should go to Woods and Perez and tell them everything that has been going on. Mimi agrees with Belle. The kids agree to go back to the campsite, but the guys walk together to talk, as do the girls.

Phillip realizes what Shawn is up to, he wants to go after the ruby tonight. Phillip doesn't like this idea because Paul might return, but Shawn says he won't, and he doesn't want to talk about that bastard anymore. Back in their tent, Mimi tells Belle all about her night with Kevin, and how he wants to date her. Later, Belle and Mimi decide to catch some Zzzzzz's. However, Belle can't sleep, and ends up sneaking off in the middle of the night. Belle sees Phillip and Shawn traipsing through the woods and ends up following them.


September 7
This is shorter than normal, I have a headache today so I typed it after watching the show to avoid too much staring at the computer screen.

At Titan, Nicole tells Victor that it was a false alarm and everything is fine. Victor asks her if she is sure? Nicole says yes, Brady knows nothing about the can and didn't recognize the picture of her father, and she called the school and they assured her that they have been in contact with Mr. Woods and everything is fine. Victor decides to cancel the plane to Puerto Rico, but Nicole tells him not to because she thinks an island getaway is just what they need.

Meanwhile, Brady talks to Chloe about the can, and she tells him the entire story. Brady realizes the kids could be in danger, so he calls up Titan and tells the secretary to stop Nicole and his grandfather from leaving because it could be a matter of life and death. Victor gets the message, and becomes worried. Suddenly, Brady and CHloe show up and Brady tells Victor that something bad could be going down in Puerto Rico.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope are playing with JT, and Hope eventually puts JT down. Bo then talks to Hope about the possibility that JT was switched with another baby, and he tells her what he found out at the hospital. Hope becomes upset and tells him to just drop it, she just wants them to be a happy family. That is all Bo wants, so Hope begs him to stop digging into this, JT is there son.

At the DiMera Mansion, Abe catches LExie telling Rolfe about Bo's snooping at the hospital. Abe hears Lexie say something to the effect that she's afraid the truth will come out. Abe confronts her, and Rolfe runs off. Abe demands to know what is going on. Lexie says Bo just won't let go of this idea that the babies were switched. Abe thinks this mansion is getting to Lexie and it is turning her into a DiMera. He demands they move out tonight, but Lexie refuses. As she works her magic on Abe to convince him to stay, Rolfe shows up and mouths the words "we need to talk" to Lexie.

On the island, Belle runs off after Shawn and Phillip, and Mimi stays behind. Meanwhile, Jan has nightmares about being raped, and leaves her tent to get some air. Paul grabs her and drags her into the jungle to talk. He tries to convince her that she wanted it and liked it, but she says she didn't like it and he hurt her. Paul then tells her if she tells anyone what happened, he'll kill her, her friends, and her family! Suddenly Mimi shows up and yells at Paul to get away from Jan. Paul eventually leaves, and Jan claims she just hurt herself and Paul was helping her. Mimi doesn't believe her, and they go back to Mimi's tent. Mimi asks if Paul tried to have sex with her? Jan makes up a story that Jason was drunk and got rough with her, and Paul showed up and tried to convince her to dump him. Mimi agrees with that idea, but still thinks something is going on. Jan says she owes Mimi for tonight, and she owes Shawn. Mimi asks if Jan has feelings for Shawn? Jan tells Mimi she has it all wrong, and calls Shawn her guardian angel. Jan leaves, and Mimi is convinced Jan has it bad for Shawn.

Meanwhile, Belle follows Shawn and Phillip to the mountain, and listens to them talk. She is pleased when Shawn tells Phillip that Belle is his girlfriend. After the guys joke around for a bit, Belle makes herself known and insists on going with them to find the ruby. When they realize she isn't going to leave, they agree to let her help. Paul shows up later and spies on them, and also plans to have his way with Belle after taking care of Shawn and Phillip. The kids climb the mountain, and begin to decipher the third clue. When Belle and Phillip turn their backs for a moment, Shawn suddenly vanishes from site!

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