September 00 Week 4

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Monday 9/25/00
Nancy overhears a few girls talking about Chloe and the bet, and orders them to tell her the whole truth. Meanwhile, Chloe runs off after having been told by Jan that Philip and Shawn had a bet going... Loser takes Chloe to the dance. Jan tells Philip, Shawn, and Belle that Chloe found out the truth. They race off to find her, but have no such luck. Little do they know, she's on the docks, but she isn't alone... As Greta looks around the castle anteroom, she tells Austin it all seems so familiar to her. She remembers that when she was a young girl, Charles wasn't very nice to her mother. Greta confronts Charles about this, but he says it's untrue. He invites her to go visit with the lawyers regarding the will, but as Greta walks through the door, she gets a huge surprise... Abe does his best to try to dissuade Bo from going to Ireland to search for information on DiMera. Abe says Bo needs to be in Salem for his family right now. Bo doesn't take well to this advice, and he lashes out at Abe... Hope and Lexie take their babies in for their check-ups. Dr. Maxwell is concerned about baby John's breathing. He tells Hope that if any problems should arise, she should call him immediately. Hope is shaken. Later, she opens up to Lexie and says that lately Bo has distanced himself from their son, while John has done just the opposite. Lexie advises Hope to talk to John about this... John is ready to smash Brady's face in, but Marlena yells for him to stop. John can't believe what just happened. He's never lost it with Brady like that. Marlena sees this as a sign. She doesn't want him to dig in to his mercenary past. If John really wants to help Hope, Marlena suggests he come clean about the secret he's keeping. Will John finally divulge the truth?

Tuesday 9/26/00
Brandon panics when he calls home and Nicole tells him that Lucas, Kate, will, and Victor left for europe. Brandon wants to know where exactly they are, but Nicole simply says they didn't tell her. Later, Nicole meets with Mickey and asks him to "shop" her around to rival publishing companies... Kate catches Lucas drinking, but he assures her he isn't an alcoholic. He knows when to say when. Kate sends Lucas off with the will doll. Later, Moroni stops by to see Kate, and she tries to convince him that he shouldn't trust Brandon... Sami befriends Angela and gets her to open up about Roberto. Angela tells her that Roberto confessed to a murder he didn't commit, and she's got taped evidence. As Angela is spilling her guts, Lucas sneaks up and tries to listen in... Hope and Alice stroll though Salem place where Hope is approached by a man who works at the art supply store. He remembers that Hope came in last summer to buy European paints. Hope, realizing this happened when she was Princess Gina, digs for more information. The salesman says Hope was planning to paint a portrait of a couple for their wedding gift. But he also remembers Hope saying that she doubted the groom would be thinking about his bride on their wedding day. Hope is rattled off hearing this information... Marlena is shocked when John tells her that he is the father of Hope's baby. He explains how it all happened in Hawaii while he and Marlena were on their honeymoon. Marlena can't believe it, but John says he's got proof... A DNA sample from the baby matches his. And he stresses that it's very important for Marlena to keep this under wraps. Marlena, however, doesn't know if she can do that... Austin goes after Greta and the two seemingly fall through space. They finally land in a virtual Eden. Greta is freaked and wants to leave, but this is only the first part to their adventure. They later encounter a serpent who tries to tempt Greta with an apple, a'la Adam and Eve. Will she take a bite?

Wednesday 9/27/00
As Shawn, Belle, and Philip continue their search for Chloe, Mimi takes Belle aside and says that this whole thing really has Shawn concerned... Almost as if Chloe was his girlfriend or something. This hits Belle hard, and she is privately upset. Mimi continues to trash talk Chloe, saying that everyone is falling for Chloe's inexperienced, abandoned orphan act. Belle starts to believe maybe Mimi is right... Chloe runs into Brady on the pier, and the two really get into it. Chloe calls Brady repulsive, and this angers him. Meanwhile at the Wesley house, Nancy is a wreck, and Craig tries to be comforting. He tells Nancy that before all this happened, Chloe was truly happy with her life. She even said she was going to try to mend fences with Nancy. Later, Craig goes out to search for Chloe. Will he find her? Hope is upset with Bo's lack of interest in the baby. She thinks Bo's been avoiding her and baby John because he blames her for the child's illness. Bo hotly denies this, saying DiMera is who he blames. That's why he's got to make that monster pay. Later, Hope and Bo realize that they're both going through a tough time right now, but their love will get them through it... Marlena is shocked having learned from John that his DNA matches that of Hope's baby. She can't believe John didn't tell her this sooner. John tries to explain his side of the story, but Marlena can't believe he would deliberately keep this huge secret from her. John finally loses and explodes at Marlena, then storms out. Later, John drowns his anger in alcohol, and Brady comes home to tell Marlena his news...

Thursday 9/28/00
Greta is tempted to take the apple from the serpent, but instead lunges for the serpent and takes a bite out of it. Just when she thinks all is well, she hears her mother's voice coming from the serpent. The snake then morphs into Princess Gina and asks Greta for help, but Austin tries to dissuade Greta. Austin and the serpent engage in a vicious verbal battle, until Austin finally wins. But it's not over yet... Brandon finally gets Sami alone and tells her that Kate, Victor, and Lucas are in Europe! Brandon assumes Kate's been having her calls forwarded. Sami doesn't believe it, but there's only one way to find out. Meanwhile, we catch a glimpse of the document Kate plans on having Victor sign- it's a codicil modifying Victor's last will and testament... Lexie stops by to see Hope, who is still upset about Bo. She wishes he was closer to baby John and just can't figure out why he's so distant. Lexie tries to comfort Hope saying they're just stressed right now, but things will improve... Marlena and Brady really get into it. She tells him that if he doesn't shape up, she's going to kick him out! Later, we get the feeling Brady is going to make Marlena pay for what she said... John is drowning his sorrows at Tuscany when Fay brings Hattie in. Hattie feels out of place, but Fay wants her friend to get out there and meet people. Hattie spots John at the bar and sits down next to him. She begins asking him questions about Marlena, and he gets very annoyed. Later, Marlena shows up and John storms out. Marlena follows John outside where she proceeds to tell him that Brady has no plans of leaving town to go back to college. But Marlena wants him out of that house! John, however, isn't going to let that happen...

Friday 9/29/00
Marlena and John continue their arguing with regards to Brady. Marlena wants him out, but John thinks she's being unreasonable. Meanwhile, Belle and Brady get into it at home, but we get the feeling they truly care for each other underneath it all... Philip storms into the Kiriakis mansion, upset about what just transpired with Chloe. Nicole uses this situation to her advantage. She calls Victor and gives him a heads up, suggesting that he check in on his son. Victor does so, and Philip is touched that his dad called at just the right time... Nancy is relieved, but then angry when Chloe comes home. She can't believe Chloe would run away like that! It was completely selfish! Chloe says Nancy is the selfish one. She's the one who gave Chloe up for adoption. She's the one who didn't even remember her own daughter's birthday! With that, Chloe runs upstairs in tears. But she gets quite the shock when she opens her bedroom door... Angela and Brandon have a romantic dinner at the restaurant. She is clearly under his spell, until he suggests she let him hear Roberto's confession tape. An upset Angela runs off, but Brandon goes after her. She wants him to prove that he truly loves her. With that, she strips down to nothing and tries to undress Brandon... Sami finishes up her tainted food and collapses to the floor. Kate takes the Will doll and starts to play tricks on Sami again. Sami falls for it and tries to reach "her son," but falls out of the window. Kate picks up will and hides him in the bushes. Will calls out for his mommy. Sami hears this, but doesn't see will. She starts after the doll (which Kate has positioned at the edge of the cliff), but it looks like she might go right over...

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