September 00 Week 1


September 4
At the Java Cafe, Phillip and CHloe are talking about baseball while Shawn sulks. Shawn fears that he's messed up somehow, he should have walked Belle home because she got all dressed up and cut her hair short for tonight. Phillip tells him that he did nothing wrong, Belle did those things for herself. Chloe says they are the ones who asked her to come, not him. Phillip says she just wanted to go home early. Marlena shows up and asks where Belle is? Shawn says she's not here. Marlena doesn't understand and asks what happened? Chloe says that they went to the movies and Belle got tired and said she wanted to go home so she left. Marlena asks her date, Shawn, what happened? Shawn says he wasn't Belle's date, they just went out as a group. Marlena says she is beginning to understand and says good night. Shawn and Phillip don't get it, but CHloe does. She says by being here with the two of them she has hurt the best friend she's ever had. Phillip and Shawn are confused, until Phillip realizes that maybe Belle did think tonight was a date. Shawn says he and Belle are just friends, and this wasn't a date it was a group thing. Chloe says she is tired and needs to go, so she takes off. Phillip says he will walk her home because they are on a date, even if Shawn doesn't think so.

At the penthouse, Mimi tells Belle she wants details, she can't drop a bombshell on her like she just did and then clam up. Mimi demands to know more about CHloe stealing Belle's date. Belle says she doesn't want to talk about it. Mimi says she just has one question, who asked her to the movies, Shawn, or Phillip and Chloe? Belle isn't sure, but she says she did think she was on a date with Shawn, but she guesses she was wrong. Mimi tells Belle that it is Shawn's loss, she is smart, popular, good looking, so who needs that jerk! Belle tells Mimi that she is right, she doesn't need him! Still, Belle says she doesn't like being made a fool of, and it wasn't just Shawn. Mimi says that she hates CHloe, she is an evil witch! Belle tells Mimi not to say that, Chloe is a good person. Mimi says maybe she isn't a witch, but she is a bitch for stealing Shawn from her. Marlena shows up and asks to speak with Belle alone, so Mimi leaves. Marlena comforts Belle, who is glad her mother is home. Marlena makes some ice cream sundaes and asks Belle if she should get out their favorite book, I Love You Forever. Belle can't believe she still has that book. Marlena says it used to be a tradition whenever she was upset, so she goes and gets the book. Belle opens the book, and finds a handprint of hers in chocolate syrup on one of the pages she made when she was little. MArlena then quotes her favorite passage from the book, by memory . . . "I love you forever, like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be there." Marlena and Belle have a heart to heart about the feelings Belle is experiencing, wanting to have a boyfriend, and she tells her that CHloe is probably having the same feelings too. Belle begins blaming herself for this, thinking it is her fault for thinking she was popular and pretty, but Marlena doesn't let her do that. She tells her that she is an extraordinary young woman and she should never let anyone make her feel otherwise. Belle thanks her mom and then decides to run out to Dot.Com and pick up a CD.

At the Wesley's, Nancy is fretting over Chloe's date with Phillip while Craig tries to calm her down. Nancy says this is not right, a date is when a boy picks the girl up at her house, not at her friend's (Belle's) house. Nancy feels that CHloe is doing this on purpose to cut her out of her life, and she should have been there to give her date pointers. Craig tells her that this is only her second date with the boy and she should let things progress naturally. Nancy says she's worried about things progressing too far too soon. Craig mumbles that she should know about that, Chloe is living proof. Nancy can't believe that Craig had the nerve to say that to her, but Craig wants to talk about what happened. Nancy, however, doesn't, and says she never wants to go there again. When Craig presses her about Chloe's father, Nancy screams at him that she doesn't want to talk about it and he is never to bring the subject up again! Someone walks in the front door, and Nancy thinks it is Chloe, but it is Mimi. Nancy asks Mimi to come tell her how her evening was? Mimi changes the subject to the radio show and tells her that she is a star now, everyone is talking about her. Nancy says that MArlena is the real star, but she is the woman behind the scenes, she controls the content and quality of the show! Mimi then thanks Nancy for helping get her cell phone turned back on so she can get callbacks from the jobs she applied for. Nancy tells her not to mention it, and as they bond, Nancy asks her if she's getting along better with Chloe. Mimi says she knows Nancy didn't raise Chloe, so she isn't responsible for how she turned out. Nancy asks Mimi what she's trying to say? Mimi tells Nancy that she thinks CHloe can make bad things happen. Nancy tells Mimi that she watches far too many episodes of the X-files. Meanwhile, Phillip and CHloe arrive out front of the Wesley's house. They both tell one another that they had a good time, and Phillip tells CHloe they are once again in the dark, alone. Phillip moves in to give Chloe a kiss, but Chloe pulls away. CHloe says she really needs to go in a call Belle and straighten things out between them, but she'll see him. As CHloe walks in, she overhears Mimi telling Nancy that CHloe tried to steal Belle's date tonight! CHloe becomes upset and runs upstairs. Craig yells at Nancy for letting such a conversation go on in this house, and he runs up after Chloe to comfort her. Chloe yells at Craig, from within her bedroom, to go away. Craig says they need to talk and that he's coming in. Chloe is on her bed bawling her eyes out. Craig tells her that they need to talk and they need to talk now.

Bo and Hope go to see Caroline and Shawn at Dot.Com. Shawn tells Hope that she gets more beautiful every time he sees her. Hope thanks him, and SHawn realizes something is going on here. Bo admits there is, there is something he needs to talk to them about, so they should sit down. Bo tells his mom and pop that when they were looking for Hope a few months ago they learned that the DiMera's owned a big factory outside of Dublin, and he asks if Grandma and Grandpa ever worked in a factory? Shawn says they did. Bo asks his dad why he never told him this before? Shawn says it was a long time ago, he was just a lad and so was Stefano, and he doubts Stefano had anything to do with that factory. Bo isn't so sure, and he thinks that there is some connection between their two families which started sixty or seventy years ago. Shawn doesn't think there is a connection, but Bo does and he questions him about Ireland and the factory. Shawn asks Bo why he's asking him all these questions? Bo says that he's thinking about taking a trip there. Shawn thinks that is a great idea, showing Hope and little John the homeland would be a great idea. Bo says that he's not planning a family vacation, he's going there to investigate DiMera. Shawn says no way, and Caroline tells Bo he can't, absolutely not! Shawn (D) shows up and asks what is going on, what does grandma forbid? Bo says that they were just kidding around with his grandparents about eloping. Hope asks why he is here? Shawn (D) says he wants to play some videogames, at least he understands them. Bo and Hope look at one another and realize Shawn (D) is having girl problems. Later, Belle shows up at Dot.Com ranting about how she is not going to think about Shawn (D) anymore, and ends up running into him! Back at the table, Caroline tells Bo that she doesn't want to hear anymore talk of him going to Ireland expect for a wedding or a honeymoon.

In Italy, Sami is having a nightmare about Will. She wakes up and sees a Will doll, being controlled by Kate, in the window, and hears a tape recording of Will crying to his mom for help. Her vision is so blurry that she can't tell it is a doll, and she begins screaming that she's coming. Brandon, who is walking back to the cottage, is spotted by Lucas. Lucas tries to call his mom to warn him that Brandon is coming, but Kate doesn't see that she has a call on her phone. Brandon shows up and finds Sami on the floor in tears. He asks her what is wrong? Sami says her baby is calling her and to go look for him. BRandon looks at the window, which Sami is staring at, and says he sees nothing. Brandon helps her back into bed, and she continues to beg Brandon to go get her son. Brandon looks out the window, Kate is long gone, but has left her phone behind. Brandon sees nothing and tells Sami that it is okay, everything is going to be okay. Brandon asks what happened, and Sami tells him that she heard Will calling to her for help, but she couldn't reach him. Brandon says that isn't possible, but Sami says she know her baby is out there and she begs Brandon to go look for him. Brandon says he'll go out and check around if it will make her feel better. However, Sami stops him and says perhaps Will isn't out there, but he is in trouble. Sami thinks that maybe this dream was some kind of psychic mother-son connection thing, so she needs to call Salem and make sure Will is okay.

Kate high tails her butt through the woods and runs into Lucas. She yells at Lucas for not calling her, but he says he did and asks why she didn't answer? Kate says it didn't ring, and then she realizes she has lost her phone! She fears what will happen to them if Sami and Brandon find that phone. Lucas says he'll go back for the phone. As Lucas searches for the phone, Brandon and Sami go near the window, so he splits.

Kate returns to her cottage and the phone is ringing. Henderson answers it and claims he is at the Kiriakis Residence (okay I don't get that since Sami'd have to dial the over seas operator to get the Kiriakis Mansion!) It is Sami, and she asks to speak with Will. Henderson claims that Master Will is in bed and it is too late to wake him. Sami tells him to wake Will up. Kate takes the phone and tells Sami that they are not waking Will up, so she should come over in morning and check up on him. Sami says she isn't in town. Kate says that is not her problem and hangs up. Sami senses that something is wrong, but Brandon tells her that she'll feel better in the morning.

Lucas returns to the cottage with the phone, and Kate is positive that this will send her running home to Salem tonight! Back at Sami's cottage, Sami begins to pack her things up to head home.


September 5
At Dot.Com, Belle is listening to a CD and reflecting on the events of the night. Shawn approaches her from behind, and she jumps. Shawn says he saw her standing here and thought he'd say hi. Belle, who is crying, replies "How nice of you." Shawn sees that Belle is crying, but she says she just has something in her eye. Shawn asks Belle if she is upset with him for not walking her home? Belle applauds him for finally getting a clue. Shawn asks why she didn't say anything? Belle asks him if his parents taught him any manners? She says she doesn't care if they went to the movies as a group, he was with her! Shawn apologizes, but she tells him to just save it! Shawn tells Belle that he is her friend and he'd never do anything to purposely hurt her. He says that he is really sorry, and she accepts his apology. Belle sees Mimi and ditches Shawn to be with her, leaving him to think she is still angry with him. Belle talks with Mimi, who fears Chloe is going to kill her. Belle asks what she did now? Mimi tells Belle about her talk with Nancy, and how she doesn't think Nancy even likes her own daughter. Belle tells Mimi that she should stay out of things and not starting trouble. Mimi says it is too late now, so if she starts bleeding do her a favor and don't say Chloe isn't responsible.

Elsewhere at Dot.Com, Phillip is with Jan and Jason, and Jan asks what movie he and the "Witch Bitch" saw tonight? Phillip tells Jan never to call CHloe that again! Jan tells Phillip that if he keeps hanging out with Chloe he will end up like BArry from eight grade, dead. Jason agrees and says while Chloe is beautiful, underneath is something ugly and evil. Jason tells Phillip that his girlfriend has sucked up the evil at Salem's lot, and Jan thinks the spirits of the witches have past their powers onto Chloe. Jason reminds Phillip that he has the power to get Chloe out of his life for good. Phillip warns Jan and Jason not to open their mouths about the bet. Jason asks when their next date is, but Phillip says he hasn't asked her out again, not yet at least. Shawn approaches them and wonder what is going on? Phillip says that Jan and Jason think Chloe made Jan's hand bleed.

All the kids get together, and they try to convince Belle that CHloe made Jan's hand bleed and that she is dangerous. Shawn pulls out the can, and Phillip wishes he knew what it said. Jan says it says CHloe Lane is a witch and to beware! Phillip thinks they should get it translated, but Jan asks if they really want to know what it says? Mimi does. Suddenly the can starts to shake, rattle, and roll across the table.

At the Wesley's, Chloe tells Craig that she doesn't want to talk, so Craig says he can talk and she can listen. He starts talking about what Mimi said downstairs . . . Chloe interrupts and asks if he believes she also tried to steal Belle's date and can make bad things happen to people? Craig tells her that she knows him better than that. He says that he is on her side, and so is Nancy. Chloe thinks Nancy wishes she'd left her in the orphanage, and she says that a loveable home will not change the fact that she is strange and unlovable. Craig tells her that she is not strange, she is normal. Craig tells her that if she doesn't want to be treated like an outcast, she needs to admit the truth to herself. When she asks how, he tells her that they both know she went a little out of her way to be different. He says that she doesn't have to wear black clothes or her glasses, and he takes her glasses off of her. He believes that she was giving the world something to make fun of in case the world didn't like the real her. CHloe admits that maybe he is right. Craig tells Chloe that he hates to admit this, but he was not always the ultra-successful cool guy standing before her, he has had his share of disappointments. Chloe asks "Like me?" Craig says no, but it was hard for him to learn that Nancy had been with another man. Craig tells her that she can't have things both ways, if she wants to go out in the world like this then she can't come running to him and Nancy every time someone makes fun of her. Chloe thanks Craig for his support. He says that sometimes the truth hurts, but he doubts he's telling her anything she doesn't know. Chloe says he understands her so well, and maybe she is a weirdo freak. Craig doesn't believe that and he tells her that he doesn't think she does either. Craig says the only thing that matters is what is in her heart, and the greatest gift anyone can give to themselves is to be true to themselves. Chloe thinks if she does that then she'll never have any friends! Chloe says all she seems to do is say things to upset and hurt her friends and Nancy, and she can't seem to help herself, and she doesn't know why she does these things. Craig thinks that perhaps she doesn't want them to care about her and that is why she does these things. He says that by rejecting them first, they can't reject her. Chloe says she really isn't ready to talk to him about Phillip. Craig says all in good time, but he would like to offer her some words of dating advice. He tells her that Phillip won't be the only guy, or the last guy, interested in her, so if she doesn't want to date him anymore then she should follow her instincts because she deserves the best. Chloe doesn't really understand, so he says it is his job to make sure she does. Craig gives Chloe a hug goodnight and then gets out of her room. After Craig leaves, Chloe begins having her little daydream fantasy about running on the beach with Phillip. Chloe says she does want to go out with Phillip again, if only he knew how much.

John takes Marlena out to dinner at Tuscany, which she finds odd considering their current situation. Over dinner she asks John what is going on? John says he simply needs to know everything about his past as DiMera's mercenary. Marlena says if he gets into his past he may never come back, and she wants to know what is happening? John tells Marlena that he feels that he is the only one who can protect Hope, and the only way he can do that is to find out what he did for DiMera. MArlena asks what he is protecting Hope from? John says that Hope does not need to learn that Bo is not the father of her child and that Bo and her closest friends have been lying to her. MArlena says that she wanted to tell Hope the truth from the beginning, but she hasn't remembered so far, so what makes him think she could start remembering now? John reminds her that she was the one who said Hope could start remembering at any time. Marlena says they are not doing anything to cause Hope to remember, and she asks John if there is something that he doesn't want Hope to remember? John says he's told her everything and he doesn't want to discuss it anymore. John asks her to dance, but she says she isn't in the mood. John sweet talks her into it by saying he really needs to hold her in his arms right now. As they dance, Marlena asks John to please tell her about his memories, she needs to know because she is his wife. John begins to remember Rolfe lecturing him how to accomplish his primary objective, but lying to his friends and enemies in order to get them to truth him and by never divulging to much information. Marlena realizes John is having a memory, and she begs him to tell her. He tells her that he is with a man, he can hear his voice, but he never sees his face. John goes on to say sometimes he sees himself in a war zone, and sometimes he is in an arena fighting another man to the death. He says the man he sees is a cold and heartless monster. John and Marlena return to their table, and Marlena is not pleased by what she has been told so far. She continues to question John about his past, and she asks him if it is possible that he and Princess Gina were lovers? Does he have any memories of being in bed with Gina? John tells her that he does.

At the diner, Bart gives Hattie a look, and Hattie wonders if the guy is crazy or if she could really look like Dr. Marlena. Rolfe, who is outside, tells Bart via a tiny communicator that it looks like Hattie is actually thinking about his suggestion. Fay asks Hattie what that guy was saying to her earlier? Hattie says he told her something that will change her life forever! Hattie says this is not the life she was meant to live, and he made her see that. Fay thinks that Hattie should talk to someone about this. Hattie says she'd talk to Dr. Howard Higgly in a second, but that woman took him away from her and she hates her for it! Hattie's boss tells her to shut the hell up! She tells him that she doesn't have to listen to that kind of talk, and she doesn't have to let him tell her what to do while she is on her break. He tells her that he's counting the minutes she takes for her break, and she only has five of them. Fay tells Hattie that she shouldn't jeopardize her livelihood over Dr. Marlena, but Hattie says her life is going to get so lively she won't believe it! Hattie refills Bart's coffee, and he tells her that if she really wants to look like Dr. Marlena, the plastic surgeon he used to work for can make someone as old, fat, and scraggly . . . Hattie takes offense to those remarks and says she is not old or fat! Rolfe tells Bart that he has insulted her, so Bart tells her that he was only trying to convince her that the plastic surgeon he knows is great, and underneath her pizza face and cottage cheese thighs is a beautiful woman waiting to bust out! Rolfe tells Bart to give Hattie the card he had made, so he does. Hattie looks at the card and notices that the doctor is in New York. She asks how she is supposed to get to New York or even pay for this? Bart laughs and tells her to use the money she has stuffed inside her mattress. HAttie asks him how he knows about that? Bart pretends like he was just guessing, and then he switches the subject because he really doesn't want to talk about Hattie's bed. He tells her that she is an idiot if she doesn't go see this doctor. He says that she could look like Dr. Marlena and maybe get her own talk show and go head to head with her. Bart sees Hattie's boss coming towards her, and warns her that she is about to get fired. Sure enough, her boss tells her that she is way over her five minute break, so she is fired! Hattie thinks that Bart is psychic, because he predicted her firing, so maybe when he says she could look like Marlena . . . Bart says he told her that she could be Marlena, so she decides to follow his psychic advice and call the doctor. Bart calls Rolfe and then hands the phone to Hattie. Hattie introduces herself as Hattie Adams and hopes that he can help her. Dr. Frank N Stiener (funny not), aka Dr. Rolfe, tells Hattie that he happens to be near in Chicago and will be passing through Salem tomorrow, so he might be able to make time for a consolation with her. He asks her to call him in the morning, and she says she will! Bart has to leave, but he wishes her luck before he goes. Fay comes over to tell Hattie that she is so sorry, and then asks her what she's looking at? Hattie says it is a lottery ticket, and this time she is going to win! Hattie realizes she has only saved fifty thousand over the years, so Fay suggests she beg for her job back. Hattie refuses though, and says she can live cheaply until something better comes along.


September 6
For some reason, something happened and the complete summary I wrote for the show wasn't saved. I didn't notice this until later, so I have gone back and filled in what is missing.

At Dot.Com, the mysterious can begins to shake, rattle, and roll across the kids' table, spooking them all out. Mimi says that CHloe's witch's spell is doing this, but Phillip says that it just fell over. Mimi tells Phillip that can rattled and rolled, and the only reason that can could possibly have moved is because of CHloe. Belle is totally freaked and runs away. Shawn follows her, leaving the rest at the table. Mimi is positive this is Chloe's doing, but Phillip defends Chloe. Mimi says that Phillip can't be objective because he has a thing for her. Mimi says she lives in Chloe's house and she has the inside dope on Chloe, like the fact that even her mom can't stand her! Mimi says if your own mom doesn't like you then there has to be a good reason. Phillip evenmtually leaves, and Mimi says that boy will never listen to reason. Jan and Jason know a way to mnake Chloe listen, and they tell Mimi about the bet.

Shawn and Belle end up at the docks, and Shawn tells Belle that he has a plan, but she must promise never to talk about this can again. Belle asks why? Shawn says that last night something very freaky happened with this can. Shawn says that last night he had the can sitting next to his bed, and he woke up and found the can shaking all around on the table. Suddenly, a genie popped out of the can and told him he had three wishes! Belle calls Shawn a jerk, and she asks him why he brought her out here. SHawn says they are going to make sure their friends don't use this can as an excuse to make fun of Chloe any longer. Belle tells Shawn that he doesn't seem to have a problem making fun of her! Shawn says that she is not being accused of being a witch. Shawn says that Chloe is very interesting and talented, he just wishes the others could see that. Chloe realizes that means a lot to him, and she thinks if he ever gets interested in a girl she will probably have musical talent. Shawn says he doesn't know, and that CHloe is just a friend. Belle says it is getting late, but Shawn asks her to hang out with him for a bit. They talk and Shawn tells Belle that he's wanted to tell her all night that she looks very pretty tonight. Belle thanks him, and they share a little tender moment. As they leave, Shawn throws the can into the water, and it sinks fast.

At Tuscany, Brady, who is wearing a tux, tries to order a tequila at the bar. The bartender starts telling him fun facts about tequila, but Brady just wants the drink, not a lecture. The bartender goes to get the drink, and Brady spots a cute blonde and starts flirting with her. Unfortunately her very tall boyfriend shows up, and is not pleased to learn that Brady has been winking and eyeing his girl. Just then, Craig and Nancy show up. Nancy is wearing a red dress with feathers and beads, and Brady wonders if she thinks she's in Vegas or something. The bartender tells Brady who they are, and Brady exclaims "She ain't no Alice Horton!" Maggie welcomes Craig and Nancy and tells them that their table isn't available just yet, but to make it up to them she will buy them a drink at the bar while they wait. Craig thanks her and kisses her hand. Craig and Nancy approach the bar and when they order some french champaign, Brady blurts out that one could feed a family of four for a week for the price of that bottle. He then starts laying into Craig for being a bloodsucker like all the other doctors, and how they have it rigged so that only rich people can get sick. Craig tells "sonny boy" that if he wanted to make money he would work on wall street, instead he sweated out 7 years in med school to help heal people. Brady realizes that these two are the people who took in Mimi's family, and he wonders why they aren't here shipping champagne with their hosts? He knows it is because they don't want to be seen with those losers, who are probably drinking beer and eating corn chips back at the house. Craig asks the gutless punk just how he's helping the world out? He's sitting her in an expensive tuxedo and sipping expensive tequila. Brady says this is his dad's tux, and Craig accuses Brady of being nothing but talk and no action. Brady is insulted so he tells Craig that they should step outside! Craig tells the punk that violence never solves problems, it just makes it worse. He advises Brady to have his dad stop loaning him his designer clothes and knock some sense into his head. Craig and Nancy's table is ready, so they leave for dinner. Brady says "go to hell!" after they have left. Later, Maggie, the alcohol police, shows up and informs the bartender that Brady is underage. The bartender offers to throw him out, and Brady laughs and says he'd like to see that. Maggie tells Brady that he can either leave on his own, or be thrown out!

Nancy and Craig take their seats, and when someone overhears Nancy's name, she tells her that she is a big fan of the show, and eating in the same restaurant with both Nancy Wesley and Dr. Marlena has made her year! Nancy notices that MArlena is here, and she thanks the girl for stopping by. Nancy is thrilled with her new found fame and says soon she'll be more famous than her dad. Craig says that still won't stop her from letting him run her life. Nancy and Craig begin to argue, and Craig makes his way around to the topic of Chloe's father. Nancy reminds him that subject is off limits, but Craig says one day soon Chloe will wonder who her father is! Nancy thinks Chloe has put him up to this, he asked her out to butter her up to telling CHloe about her father. Chloe says that he and Craig are the perfect team. Craig doesn't understand why she resents his friendship with her daughter. He says that they both need to let go of the baggage they carried into their relationship or they will never get along. Nancy says she is getting tired of turning the other cheek, and she's beginning to see Mimi's point, Chloe has a real mean streak.

At their table, Marlena is not pleased to learn that john remembers being intimate with Gina. John accuses her of acting like a jealous lover, and he refuses to discuss his past with her when she's acting like this. MArlena tells John "Well excuse me, my husband is confessing he slept with another woman and I can't be curious!" John says he is not confessing to adultery, there is a possibility that he may have slept with Gina. Marlena tells him that he and Gina were lovers! John says he is having some hazy memories of being with Gina, but can't remember enough of them to be sure. He then asks Marlena if she felt this way when he was with Isabella and Kristen? Marlena says if she dug very deep she could have found a shred of jealousy for what he had with Isabella, but when they were together she was with Roman. However, when he was with Kristen it was different, she drove him crazy. Next came Gina, the hell she put them through and the stories she told her about him making love to her on their honeymoon! Marlena asks what type of person would say something that couldn't possibly be true! John says that he needs her to understand that he needs to find out who he was, to take control of his life. Marlena says he also wants to protect Hope. John says he is their friend and she's already been stretched to the limit. Marlena tells John that whoever the father of Hope's child turns out to be it doesn't involve him at all. Marlena doesn't want to see John look into his past, but John says it is something that can not be swept under the rug! Marlena begins to feel that John is trying to make a summation to a jury. John is hit by a flashback, this time he is a lawyer speaking to a jury! Marlena asks John what he has just remembered? John says there is no point in discussing it because he doesn't know if it even happened. John says he is going back to the beginning to find out what DiMera did to him. Marlena asks even if she doesn't approve? John tells her that he never had to share any of this with her or ask her approval, he just decided to trust her. Later, a photographer attempts to take a picture of John and Marlena, but John grabs him. Maggie appologizes, and John decides to escourt the guy out. Brady applauds his father for protecting his woman. The photographer snaps Brady's picture, and Marlena offers to do a photo shoot with him in order to keep Brady's photo out of the paper. Marlena and John sit back down, and John tells Malrena that with or without his permission, he is going to learn who he was.

Abe and Lexie come over to Bo and Hope's, with Isaac, to play charades. When Hope suggests they put Isaac in the crib with John, Lexie says he is fine in his little car seat carrier thingy. Lexie says her mom offered to baby-sit for them but Abe couldn't bear the thought of being away from the little guy. Abe laughs and says she's the one who hates taking a shower because she doesn't want to let him out of her site. As Lexie and Hope look at Isaac, Abe tells Bo that he remembers when Shawn was born they couldn't shut him up about Shawn. Bo says that Shawn was his first born, but Little John is not the same, how could it be? Abe tells Bo that he knows he's concerned that he might not be little Johnny's father, but if he doesn't watch it Hope is going to pick up on this. Abe tells Bo that is time he stopped wondering and just have a DNA test done. Bo asks what happens if he's not the father? Where does that leave little John? Bo says he needs to be committed to little John, and it is easier just not knowing. He asks Abe if he would want to know who Isaac's father is knowing who his mother is? Abe says that since the first time he held that kid he felt that he was his father, though he does wish Stefano wasn't in his son's life. Bo tells Abe not to worry, he's going to investigate DiMera in Ireland, and he believes there is information there that can help him get rid of DiMera. Bo says he won't let DiMera slip through his fingers again, he'll do whatever it takes to nail him!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Hope talks with Lexie that Bo feels he might not be the father of little John, that she may have slept with someone else while she was Princess Gina. Lexie tells Hope that she's sure this is a very scary prospect for her, but Hope interrupts and says it isn't because she knows it didn't happen. Hope says there is no way, no matter who she thought she was, that she'd sleep with another man! Hope says that she just wouldn't do it. Lexie tells her that she's sure she's right. Hope says that she just needs to keep her focus on little John, helping him, loving him.

Hope and Lexie go out and see Bo and Abe involved in a serious discussion and they remind them that they are here to have fun. Hope and Bo then tell Abe and Lexie that they invited them overhear on false pretenses, they wanted them to be little John's Godparents. Abe and Lexie laugh and say they were going to ask them the same thing! They all agree, and then begin playing charades. Later, Bo and Hope set their wedding for sometime in October and decide to have it in their back yard.


September 7
Shorter than normal, typed after I watched the show
Hattie comes into work in hopes of getting her job back, but her boss says he fired her and he won't be changing his mind. Hattie runs out of the diner crying, and Fay follows her. They talk, and Hattie tells Fay that it is time for a change, she's going to have some plastic surgery done. Fay thinks this is a a drastic step, and she tells Hattie that she'll try and get her her job back. Hattie goes home, and later Fay calls her and tells her that she was unable to convince the boss to give her her job back. Hattie thanks her for the attempt, and then calls the plastic surgeon to make an appointment.

Nancy comes into work and learns that Marlena's show is not doing well. She fears it will be canceled, so she tries to convince Marlena to change the format by letting some wacky callers through. Marlena says no way, she is here to heal, not to entertain. Later, Nancy lets a wacky caller through, and the guy tells Marlena that she gets him really hot. Marlena ends her show quickly and then scolds Nancy. Nancy claims she thought it was a legit caller. Marlena tells her that if she can't do her job she can be replaced. Later, Nancy says it is time for Marlena to be replaced by the real start of the show, her!

Austin sees Nicole verbally bashing Marie at the office because she thinks Marie sneaked a peak at her private letter to Victor. Austin asks her what is wrong with her, but she says nothing is wrong. When Austin questions Nicole about Sami, Nicole says she doesn't keep track of his girlfriend.

In Italy, Kate thinks that her latest plan will definitely send Sami home to Salem, if she isn't left already. Later, Kate learns that Sami hasn't left Italy, so she needs to give Sami another dose of the herb. She sends Lucas to the restaurant with another batch of the herbs. Lucas goes to the restaurant and spikes a salad going to Sami's cottage, not realizing that it is Brandon's salad! Meanwhile, Victor continues to receives business envelopes daily, and Kate still plans on waiting for the right time to substitute papers of her own for Victor to sign, hoping he won't notice that he just signed over a large sum of money to her! Victor is surprised to get an envelope from Nicole, and calls her about it. Nicole sent him some business statistics, and he's impressed. She flirts with him a bit as she sent him a dirty Greek joke along with the papers, and Victor thinks Nicole still doesn't know she's broke.

At the cabin, Sami wakes up and wonders why she's still in Italy? Brandon explained what happened last night because Sami can't remember a thing other than feeling Will was in danger. She decides to call Salem and demand to speak to Will, but she realizes she can't call him now because he won't be home. Brandon ends up leaving to meet with ANgela again, and Sami decides to give Austin a call. Austin accuses Sami of lying to him because he knows she's not in Chicago because the supposed support group she claimed to be at doesn't exist! Sami tells Austin that the reason he couldn't locate it is because it is secret, and she swears that the only thing she is up to is working to get her son back. Suddenly the phone call breaks up, and Austin hears people speaking another language! He wonders if Sami has left the country? Meanwhile, Sami and Brandon's food arrives, and Sami digs into Brandon's salad, hoping he won't mind. In the salad are the herbs which will drive Sami crazy.


September 8
At the penthouse, Marlena walks into her bedroom wearing a negligee, and John takes his shirt off and approaches her. John tells her that she is such a beautiful woman, and her perfume reminds him of their wedding night. Marlena remembers that night fondly, and John tells her that he wants to relive that night again with her. John and Marlena make love and then bask in the afterglow. Marlena goes to turn the light off, and she comes across one of John's books. It was a book he was reading to prepare to go up against Stefano, which worries Marlena. John tells her that this is the only way he knows of to protect her and his family. Marlena thinks John is making a mistake because Stefano will stop at nothing to destroy their happiness. John is positive that their love will prevail, and no matter what happens they will always be together. He says to cement that thought he got her something, and he pulls out a gift for Marlena. John gives Marlena a ring made of gold and platinum intertwining rings. Marlena tells John that it is beautiful. John says he wanted to give her this one a special day, and he picked today because he feels closer to her right now than he ever has before.

At the mansion, Stefano is playing himself in a game of chess. Bart tells Stefano that it amazes him how that Hattie woman looks so much like an older and fatter Marlena. Stefano says that is exactly why they are trying to lure her to Dr. Steiner. Bart says if there will be two MArlenas, and John will have one, than maybe he could have the other. Stefano tells Bart that John is not going to have Marlena, so Bart thinks he can have both of them because he is every bit the man John is. Stefano laughs and tells Bart not to compare himself to John, John was his greatest creation. Bart says that is what Rolfe claims, so Stefano says he'll have to talk to Rofle about that. Bart asks what the plan for Hattie is? Stefano says it has to do with John Black and his memory flashes. BArt thought he wanted John back under his control? Stefano says that he does, but Marlena's love for John keeps him tied to her. Bart says that he can take care of that for him, but Stefano says he will deal with MArlena personally. Stefano realizes that getting Marlena away from John will not be easy, but in the end he will triumph. Still, Bart wonders what will happen if John finds out about this? Stefano says it doesn't matter because John will be completely under his control. Stefano says there must never be a threat to his daughter and her son, she will be the queen of Salem and will raise her son to be a true DiMera. Bart says that Abe won't like that, but Stefano says the day will come when Lexie will leave Abe and take her father's name. Stefano says that John Black will be the one to train Isaac to carry on the DiMera legacy. Bart asks what will happen to Marlena? Stefano says she will disappear, it is a fitting punishment for her choosing John over him. Bart asks what happens if Hattie doesn't want to play along? Stefano says that she will do it in order to escape her pathetic existence.

At Dr. Steiner's (Aka Rolfe) office, Hattie shows up to see him for her plastic surgery consultation. Rolfe is once again in disguise (he looks like Roddy McDowel sp?), and when he sees Hattie he can't believe what he's seeing. Hattie asks if something is wrong? Dr. Steiner says that he just didn't realize how challenging of a job her case would be, but he is excited about it. Hattie changes her mind about all of this, but Dr. Frank N Steiner tells her to trust him, he will make her look drop-dead gorgeous. He assures her that men will throw themselves at her feet and write songs and poems about her, she will be a legend in her own time! Hattie pulls out a newspaper and asks if he can make her look like Dr. Marlena? Dr. Steiner says when he is through with her, she could BE Dr. Marlena Evans! He even says that if something were to happen to the poor woman, she could step into her shoes and no one would be the wiser. Dr. Steiner shows Hattie a book about a woman who stepped into the life of a woman she admired, but Hattie says she hate's that shrew Dr. Marlena! Dr. Steiner says that the point is the woman was able to steal the other one's life, and he is the doctor who performed the surgery on this woman. Hattie asks how much this surgery will cost her? Rolfe says 40,000 dollars. Hattie exclaims "That is almost my entire life's savings!" Rolfe tells her to think how much money she will be able to make with her new youthful appearance. Dr. Steiner assures her that he can help her become the woman she was meant to be, she was meant to rule her own universe. With his help she will be able to pay back all those people who have hurt her! Still, Hattie isn't sure and wants to think about it for a few more days. Hattie leaves, and Rolfe thinks he's convinced Hattie to go through with the surgery.

In Italy, Brandon tells ANgela that he already has one woman playing games with him, he doesn't need another. Angela assures Brandon that she will tell him all her secrets, just not now. She gives Brandon a kiss and says she will talk to him soon, and she will be a better woman to him than that Sami. Inside, the cottage Sami chows down on Brandon's salad, which has the herbs in it. Lucas watches her and waits for her to once again end up delusional. Brandon returns and he is a bit ticked that Sami has eaten his salad. He says he has to take off for awhile and go see Angela. Sami asks why? Brandon says they could be on the verge of getting her baby back. Sami tells him that this means so much to her. Brandon sees Angela outside spying on them, and Sami calls her a little tramp. Brandon tells Sami to do as he says. As Angela approaches, Sami tells Brandon that if he doesn't give her money to go shopping, she'll never have sex with him again! Brandon tells her that's not a very nice way to talk to him. Sami throws Brandon out and tells Angela that he's all her's! ANgela tells Brandon not to worry, she will take good care of him. Lucas realizes this is bad news and calls his mom.

Victor and Kate toast to their plan and the end of Sami. Victor says now all they need to do is keep Angela from spilling the beans. Kate asks how he's going to do that? Victor informs her that she's going to do the dirty work on that one. As Kate is asking how she is supposed to keep Angela quiet, Lucas calls and tells his mom that Brandon is about to get the truth out of Angela. Kate starts having a panic attack and wishes they had just killed the little bitch. Victor talks to Lucas, who says Brandon is slick and a real problem. Kate freaks out and threatens to go take care of Sami right now, but Victor says no she won't. Victor says he'll take care of Angela and that Lucas should go back to the cottage and carry out the rest of the plan. Later, Victor tells Kate to advise Moroni to keep Angel away from BRandon. Kate asks how she is supposed to convince him of this? He suggests do whatever is necessary to accomplish their goal. Kate asks if that includes sleeping with him? Victor says it won't go that far, and she shouldn't take the moral high ground with him now, not when the stakes are life and death! Victor calls Senior Moroni and asks him to join him and Kate for dinner. Senior Moroni says he'll be there soon because he'd love to see Kate again. Senior Moroni comes over to Kate and Victor's cottage, and Victor has been conveniently called away. However, he is really hiding in the closet. Kate charms Senior Moroni by talking about how powerful he is. Senior Moroni says they both know that it is the woman behind the man who holds the real power. Kate thanks Moroni for helping her with her son, and now she'd like to return the favor. She warns him that this American boy is trying to corrupt Angela. She tells him that her son overheard news about a secret date of theirs tonight. This upsets Moroni, who decides to take off in order to handle this. Victor comes out of hiding and congratulates Kate on a job well done. Outside, Moroni pulls out his gun and says that Brandon is a dead man this time.

Angela and Brandon are out walking. Angela tells Brandon that she's fallen in love with him, and she wants to know if he loves her? Brandon tells her that he needs to know about her past first because he's not making the mistake of getting involved with a woman he knows nothing about again. ANgela opens up to Brandon and tells him that the most evil woman in Salem payed Roberto to confess to Franco's murder. Brandon asks who this woman was? He needs to know everything Roberto told her. ANgela says she has all the proof he needs.

Back at the cottage, Sami once again becomes sick and heads to bed. When Lucas sees that she is in the grips of the herbs, he pulls out the Will doll. Sami begins to choke, and Lucas thinks they've gone to far. Sami has nightmare about being on the execution table and being cut up by Lucas. Suddenly, Sami passes out! Lucas jumps in through the window and tries to stir Sami awake. When Sami starts to wake up, Lucas falls to the ground and starts playing the tape of Will crying for help because he is in pain. Lucas holds up the Will doll at the end of Sami's bed, and blood starts pouring out of his eyes. Sami gets out of bed when Will disappears, and she sees him reappear outside the window. Sami runs for the window and jumps out after Will, falling to the ground. She chases after Lucas, who ends up near the cliffs. Lucas realizes that he can't let Sami get to close to the cliffs, so he tries to lure her away from the edge. Unfortunately, Sami ends up collapsing near the edge of the cliff, and she passes out. Lucas exclaims "I killed her!"

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