October 99 Week 4


October 25
At Tuscany, Lucas gives Eric some money and suggests he take Greta somewhere else. Eric tells him that throwing money around may have bought him his wife, but it disgusts him. In the ladies room, Greta tells Nicole that Eric said he was over her, but Nicole doubts that. Nicole tells Greta that Eric only went to Europe with her because he couldn't live seeing her with Lucas. Nicole tells her that Eric may say he want something, but he really wants someone else. Nicole leaves poor Greta alone in the bathroom with shattered dreams.

Nicole returns to her table and Lucas tells her that he's ordered the lobster dinner for two. Nicole tells Lucas that she has an idea to get Sami to ease up on him. Lucas thinks his wife is smart as well as beautiful. Greta returns to Eric's table. She tells him that she's not feeling very great and asks if he would take her home. He says he will. BAck at Lucas and Nicole's table, Lucas thinks Eric is taking his advice and leaving. Lucas then asks Nicole what her idea to get Sami off his back is? Nicole tells Lucas to hire Eric to come back to work at Titan. Lucas can't believe Nicole's idea, he doesn't want to work with Eric. Nicole says this will prove to Sami that he is willing to make peace with him. Lucas doubts that because Sami wants to go to court and fight. Nicole says if it does go to court, his giving Eric a job will make him look like a very fair person in the judge's eyes. Plus, it will force Eric to see how happy they are working together. Meanwhile, Eric leaves to get his car and asks Greta to wait for him. He returns quickly and tells Greta that her carriage awaits. Greta decides to wait outside, and when Nicole sees her leave, she suggests Lucas check on Will so se can go freshen up. Nicole approaches Eric's waiter and slips him some money after whispering something into his ear. The waiter approaches Eric and says he has misplaced his credit card. Eric gives him his number and tells him to call when he finds it. Eric leaves, and Nicole smiles. Lucas has to leave early to tuck Will in, so he tells Nicole that he'll see her later tonight. Lucas leaves, and Nicole goes over to the bar and orders a glass of champagne, but asks the bartender not to serve it until her friend gets her. She then slips the bartender some money for a favor. Nicole calls home and tells Lucas not to wait up for her, she ran into an old friend and is talking up a storm with her.

Eric drives Greta home, and asks what happened at Tuscany? As she is about to tell him what happened, Eric gets a call from Tuscany, they have found his card. Eric tells Greta that he has to return to the restaurant to get it. He tells Greta good night, and when he tries to kiss her, she pulls away claiming she got a chill.

Eric returns to Tuscany for his card, and the waiter asks him if he knows the woman, Nicole, at the bar. Eric goes to the bar and the bartender tells Eric that his friend shouldn't be driving home. Eric offers to drive Nicole home. She thinks that it is sweet of him to do that for her.

Nicholas arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to pick Billie up for their date. Inside, Billie is worried because Nicholas is thirty minutes late. Kate tells Billie that he will be here soon. Billie asks her mom how she looks? Kate tells her that she is a vision. Billie admits she is nervous, she doesn't even know why Nicholas asked her out again. Nicholas shows up and apologizes for being late. The excuse he gives is that he was waiting for a phone call that never came. When Nicholas leaves the room to get Billie's wrap, Billie apologizes to her mom for accusing her of having feelings for Nicholas. Billie leaves to get her purse, and Nicholas tells Kate that he still doesn't feel right about this. Kate says Billie is happy, that is all that matters. When he asks Kate if she is happy, Kate says she will be once Victor is home and they are married. Nicholas asks Kate not to do this. Billie returns at this point and asks what is going on? Kate says that she was talking about Victor and got upset. Nicholas and Billie leave for their date, and Kate grabs her purse and leaves as well.

Nicholas and Billie go to Tuscany and soon end up dancing. Billie tells Nicholas that she is glad he asked her out again. Nicholas excuses himself to check on their table, but what he really does is call Kate. However, Kate isn't home. Nicholas returns to Billie and tells her that he'd like to talk. Billie is happy that he wants to get to know her intellectual side. Billie tells Nicholas about her past with Bo, and how her mother's scheming humiliated her. She thinks that her mom learned her lesson and will no longer be interfering in her life. Because they can't get a table, Billie suggests to Nicholas that they go someplace else. As they are leaving, Billie spots Eric with Nicole and wonders what he is doing.

Kate goes to the nursing home to visit Victor. She shows him some photos of Phillip and Shawn D. Kate decides to put the photo of Shawn and Phillip in the frame that was holding his, Vivian, and Nicholas' photo. Kate and Victor talk about their future and how he sees them taking a voyage on a yacht. They soon end up talking about Nicole and Lucas. Victor hopes Nicole won't tell Lucas the truth about why she married him, but Kate says she won't because she has too much to lose. Victor asks how Billie is doing? Kate thinks she is doing better, in fact Nicholas may be the one to help her get over Bo. Kate realizes that Victor is getting tired. Victor drifts off to sleep, so Kate kisses him and leaves, taking the photo of Vivian and Nicholas with her.

At the castle in France, Hope finds Princess GIna's escape tunnel, but she also finds "My enemies will die" painted above the makeshift tunnel. Kurt shows up to make sure Hope is all right. Hope doubts he really cares about her. She begs Kurt to let her go so she can help Gina if Stefano hasn't already killed her. Kurt says he can't do that, he is under orders to keep her locked up here. Kurt eventually leaves to make Hope some hot chocolate because she said she was cold. After he is gone, she begins working to dig her way out. Kurt returns later with the hot chocolate. Hope hugs the pot he brought her to warm her up. Once he is gone, Hope continues to work on digging. She eventually grabs an axe and starts swinging at the wall, but ends up breaking the axe.

On the bridge, Gina asks Stefano if he is going to kill her? Stefano asks how he can kill someone who is already dead? Gina tells Steffie that she's not dead, but Stefano says they are the only ones who know that. Gina says he is wrong again, Kurt knows. Stefano says Kurt would never cross him, and nobody will ever miss her. Gina tells Stefano if he's going to kill her, just do it. Stefano says that is to easy, he wants her to suffer like has has been suffering. Stefano tells Gina that she will spend the rest of her days alone in the turret, no John, no Greta. Gina calls him a lousy bastard and begins beating him up. She knocks Stefano down, but he surprises her by getting back up. Stefano calls her a lowlife wench and pushes her off the bridge! Gina is clinging to the side of the bridge, and Stefano steps on her hands. Before she falls, Gina screams "Burn in hell Stefano!" We see a screaming Gina fall to the river below. Stefano tells himself that this wasn't the way he wanted it to end, and hopes Gina can find the peace she couldn't in life. Stefano leaves, and Kurt shows up and shines a flashlight down into the water to spot Gina. He soon comes across a ripped piece of her clothing clinging to the broken railing.


October 26
At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas and Austin end up bickering over Will's stuffed bear. Will had told Lucas he couldn't get to sleep because the bear was torn. The bear was a gift from Austin on the day Will was born, and he says Will loves it more than all the high tech things Lucas has given him. Billie comes home and tells Lucas that she saw Nicole leave Tuscany with Eric. Austin leaves to check on Will, and Lucas questions Billie about Nicole and Eric. Billie says Nicole was drunk, and she left with Eric about a half-hour ago. Later, Austin tells Lucas that Will is really upset and calling for his mom. Lucas says he can handle it. Austin decides to work out, and Billie has changed into another outfit and is heading out to meet Nicholas. Lucas goes to the study to make some overseas calls. Will comes downstairs and tells Austin that he misses his mom. Austin decides to take him to see his mommy at the hospital. Billie says goodbye to Austin and Will and heads out.

Kate is driving home in the rain and she can't stop thinking about Nicholas. Suddenly, her car skids off the road. When she goes to investigate she finds that her tire is flat. She tries to call for help when she sees a car pull up behind her. Of course it is Nicholas. He says he was on his way to meet Billie, but is much happier finding a damsel in distress. At first she says she doesn't need his help, but later realizes she does. Nicholas tries to change her tire, but he can't get a good grip to unscrew the nuts because of the rain. Of course Nicholas has to take off his shirt to use to get a grip, and Kate tells him to stop doing this to her. Nicholas says he's just changing a tire, does she think he's coming onto her? Kate sarcastically asks where he got that idea from? Nicholas apologizes if he made her uncomfortable, he wants things to be honest between them. Kate tells him that if he wants honesty then she'll give it to him, she loves Victor. Nicholas says he is only trying to help her, she is over reacting. Kate says she is tired and just wants to go home and get into bed. Nicholas continues fixing her car, and eventually finishes. Kate thanks him for helping her out. She tells him that she's sorry he ruined his shirt. Nicholas tells her not to be sorry about anything he does, and the two lean in to kiss. Kate quickly pushes Nicholas away and jumps into her car. Nicholas says it will happen, it's just a matter of time.

Eric is driving Nicole home. Nicole tells him that he is so sweet. Eric tells her not to read too much into it, he'd do it for anybody. Eric asks her why she drank so much? Nicole says because her life is a mess. Eric asks her why she is so unhappy? Nicole tells him it is because of him. Eric notices her seatbelt has come undone, he buckles her back in. When she starts talking about why she is unhappy, Eric tells her that he doesn't want to hear it. Nicole swears to Eric that the one thing she didn't lie to him about was her feelings for him, she still cares for him. Nicole starts clinging to Eric's arm and playing lovey-dovey. He tells her to quit it, if she wants someone to snuggle with than she should call her husband. Nicole says that is not fare, they can still be friends. Eric arrives at the mansion and asks if she wants curb side service or should he let her off here? Nicole tells Eric that one day he will see her side, she is not the horrible person he thinks she is. Nicole gets out, and Eric screeches out of the driveway. Nicole then hires a cab to pretend o drive her home, but Lucas is onto her. The minute she walks in the door he asks her where in the hell she's been? Nicole said she had a brandy and got to woozy to drive home, so she called a cab. Nicole says the cabby is waiting outside, she needs to pay him. Lucas gives her some money, and she pays the cabby. Lucas tells her that he knows who her old friend she ran into tonight was, it was Eric. Nicole says that Eric helped her out, he took her outside and called her a cab. She tells him he has no reason to be jealous, she married him and goes to bed with him. She then starts making out with Lucas and tells him that she wants him right now.

At the Horton house, Greta is sitting on the couch in her robe when Bo shows up. He asks her why she is home so early? Greta says she wasn't feeling well so she cut her night short. Greta decides to go to bed, but Bo knows something else is going on and asks her what happened. Greta tells Bo that he has his own problems, but Bo wants to help her. He asks if Eric upset her tonight? Greta tells Bo that she is confused about Eric's feelings. She says that in Europe everything was great, but now she thinks Eric is still in love with Nicole. She tells him about Nicole's speech to her in the ladies room, and she is wondering if Eric could love anyone else other than Nicole. Bo tells Greta that he talked with Eric today and he cares for her, he just wants to take things slow. Bo suggests they put their troubles behind them and try and have fun.

Bo and Greta go to the Cheatin' Heart and they invite Billie over when she shows up. Billie says she is meeting Nicholas here for the second part of their date. When Bo says the night is young, Billie says "Yeah, ask Eric and Nicole." She sees the look on Greta's face and realizes that she made a big mistake saying what she did. Greta asks her to explain. Billie says Nicole got hammered and left with Eric, he was probably just driving her home. Billie leaves to freshen up, and Bo tells Greta not to jump to conclusions, she needs to talk to Eric first. Meanwhile, Eric is driving around and realizes he's not ready to go home. He goes to the Cheatin Heart and Bo calls him over to their table. Eric is surprised to see Greta, he thought she wasn't feeling well. Greta says she rested up and Bo talked her into coming out with him. Bo leaves to get Eric a beer, and to give Eric and Greta some time. Greta wants to talk about Nicole, but Eric says he doesn't want to talk or think about Nicole. He grabs some pool sticks and tells Greta that they should play some pool. They go over to the table and start up a game. Greta begins to loosen up and the two end up having a good time.

At the bar, Billie tells Bo that she can't imagine where Nicholas is. Bo is glad she is happy and getting out more. He apologizes if he has been insensitive towards her, but she knows he is doing everything he can to be with the one he loves, and she's happy for him and Hope. Later, Billie begins to get the feeling that she's been stood up.

At the hospital, Abe sneaks up on Lexie and pretends to have heart problems whenever he is around his wife. Lexie gives him two kisses and tells him to call her in the morning. Abe says it isn't helping, so Lexie ups the dosage. Brandon sees them and goes in to see Sami, who is sleeping. He tells her that things are not going their way tonight. Abe and Lexie check on Sami, and Abe leaves when he sees that Sami is sleeping. After Abe leaves, Brandon tells Lexie that she and her husband are acting like newly weds. Lexie says she and Abe are very happy, and now they are planning to have a baby. Brandon asks her if she has thought this through, Commander Carver isn't that young anymore. Lexie asks him what his point is? Is he insinuating she is making a mistake? Brandon says he's just stating the facts, but Lexie thinks he is insulting her husband and her dreams. Brandon says he's only trying to look after her. Lexie tells him that she doesn't want his looking after. Lexie says that she loves Abe and he is perfect for her in every way. As she is leaving, she runs back into Abe. Abe has learned he has to question a patient here, so they leave. Sami, who wasn't asleep, calls Brandon a manipulating . . . . She tells him that he makes her look like an amateur. Brandon says he was only giving Lexie his honest opinion, but Sami says he was opening his mouth about something that was none of his business. He then decides to flirt with Sami and tells her that she is a very beautiful woman. He goes on to say that the best part is she does not know how beautiful she is. Austin shows up at this point with a surprise for Sami. Will runs into the room and jumps into his mom's arms. Sami sings an altered version of the lullaby Marlena sang to her to Will, and he falls asleep. Sami thanks Austin for doing this for her. She says he better take him home to bed. Austin tells her that she should get some sleep to, he'll see her in the morning. Austin carries Will out of the room and talks with Brandon in the hall. Austin tells him that he'll see him tomorrow night in the ring. Austin leaves, and Brandon starts worrying. Brandon goes back into Sami's room, and Abe and Lexie stop by to check on her. Abe leaves to go to work, and Lexie leaves as well. Brandon follows her to apologize for what he said, he was out of line. Lexie accepts his apology and tells him to go home and rest up for his fight. Brandon goes back into Sami's room and she can't believe he is nervous about tomorrow, she noticed Brandon was worried about something. Brandon says he always wins, winning is not his problem. Sami realizes that something else is. Brandon tells her good night, and then he leaves.

Austin returns home with Will and Nicole and Lucas are making out in the hallway. Lucas is angry, but Austin says he left him a note about it. Nicole finds the note and gives it to Lucas. Lucas tells Austin that he's a jerk and he hopes Brandon cleans his clock tomorrow night.


October 27
At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate is on the couch going through papers. Phillip shows up and tells his mom a good morning. Phillip heads off to get some breakfast, and Nicholas shows up. Kate asks him what he is doing here? Nicholas tells her that he was worried about her. Suddenly, Billie walks into the room and demands Nicholas tell her why he stood her up last night. Nicholas apologizes and says he was on his way to meet her when he stopped to help a stranded driver. He says by time he got to the Cheatin' Heart, she had left. Furthermore, when he called her, Henderson told him that she had gone to bed. Billie tells him that she forgives him, as long as he gives their date another try tonight at the boxing match. Nicholas suggest Kate come with them, but Kate says she can't. Billie gives Nicholas a little peck and tells him to get ready for some serious partying tonight. Billie leaves, and Nicholas tells Kate that they can't keep doing this. Nicholas says if she wants her daughter to be happy this is not the way to do it. He tells her that he can't go out with Billie when he's attracted to someone else. Kate says that she is not going to have this conversation.

In the dining room, Phillip and Austin are play boxing as Nicole makes herself a mimosa. Phillip shakes Austin's hand, because he will be winning. However, Nicole thinks her brother will win because he never loses. Phillip tells Austin that he better win because he's got money on him. Austin can't believe he is actually betting on the fight. When Phillip says that Lucas does it all the time, Austin tells him that Lucas isn't a role model.

At the hospital in Sami's room, Sami begs Lexie to let her go to the fight tonight. Unfortunately, Lexie tells her that she can't allow her to leave. Out in the hall Belle finds Brandon and tells him that she has an interesting proposition for him. Belle starts telling Brandon that after he wins the match there will be a line of girls waiting to go out with him, and she just thought . . . . Lexie comes out of Sami's room at this point and Brandon grabs her and says he needs her to consult on a patient. Belle butts in and asks if Sami will be able to go to the fight tonight? Lexie tells Belle that she's afraid not. Belle has to run to class and tells Brandon she'll talk to him later. After Lexie and Brandon walk off, Belle is positive that she and Brandon will be going on a date very soon.

Carrie and Nancy are making sure everything for the match is ready. Nancy tells Carrie that she knows she's routing for her ex, but most of the people on the staff are routing for BRandon. Carrie says it doesn't matter, once they're in the ring Mike is going to lose. Nancy is shocked and tells Carrie that she just said Mike was going to lose. She tells Carrie that if she needs to talk, she's here to listen.

Austin shows up at the hospital and finds Sami displaying her mastery of crutches to Lexie in order to get her to change her mind about the fight. However, Lexie tells her that she is not going to the fight. Nancy and Carrie show up and Nancy asks Austin if he could come with her for a few publicity photos. Sami gives Austin a kiss for luck, and Austin leaves with Nancy. Carrie offers to take Sami back to her room, but Sami tells her not to touch her. Sami tells her sister that she may have Austin to herself tonight, but Austin would rather be beaten to a pulp then forgive her.

Nicole shows up and watches Brandon and Austin get their publicity photos taken. After the photo shoot, Nicole tells Brandon that Austin is a nice guy and she doesn't want him to get hurt. Brandon assures her that he's on top of it. Brandon leaves to go to the arena, and an eavesdropping Sami asks Nicole why she is worried, what happened during Brandon's last fight? Nicole blows the question off and says if Austin loses this fight then it is her fault for constantly trying to keep Austin away from Carrie when he should have been training. This worries Sami and she decides try and get a message to Austin. Lexie takes Sami back to her room, and once Lexie leaves, Sami decides to sneak out of the hospital. She just happened to have clothes on under her robe, and she takes off. Unfortunately, she is caught in the hall by Carrie.

Bo and Shawn are having breakfast at the Java Cafe. Bo tries to talk to Shawn about school, but he's not very talkative. Bo asks him what his problem with school is all of the sudden? Shawn asks his dad what he wants from him, does he want him to tell him what he's planning to do with the rest of his life? Bo tells him that he's worried about him, but Shawn thinks he's just worried about mom and is taking it out on him. They start arguing about Hope again and how she has been through hell. Bo hopes that Shawn will make an attitude adjustment before his mom gets home. Shawn says this is who he is and he has to deal with it. Before Shawn runs off to school, Bo tells him to stay out of trouble. Shawn says mom is the one who is always in trouble, so he should give her the lecture!

At Salem High, Belle is telling Mimi that she is positive she and Brandon will be going to the dance together. Elsewhere, Phillip and Shawn run into another. Phillip tells Shawn that Belle Black is just so hot. Shawn tells him that he can have her. Jason shows up and asks Belle out to the dance, but she says she is going to the dance with a more sophisticated guy. Belle tries to walk away, but Jason grabs her and says "No one talks to me like that!" Shawn sees this and tells Jason to get his hands off Belle. Jason and Shawn soon end up in a fist fight. The coach eventually pulls Shawn off of Jason, and the coach questions people about what happened. Belle says Shawn was only helping her, and Phillip says that Jason threw the first punch. The coach tells them both to go to the principal's office. Belle notices that Shawn is bleeding, so she says they have to take him to the hospital. Later, Phillip questions Mimi about Belle and the kinds of guys she likes. When Mimi realizes Phillip is interested in Belle, she wishes him luck.

Brandon goes to the arena and starts practicing on a punching bag. We hear a man yell "Get out of my way you cheap piece of . . " Nicole yells at her dad to stop, and her dad tells Brandon that he's going to be next. Nicole shows up and sees her brother beat the bag to a pulp. Austin shows up at this point and Nicole tells him to take care of himself tonight.

Bo runs into Billie in Salem Place. He tells her that she's a lot happier looking today. Billie says that she learned she was not stood up, Nicholas got caught up helping someone change a flat tire. Bo is glad, and Billie tells Bo that she appreciated his concern. She tells Bo that she realizes now she is fully over him, and Nicholas might be the man she can open her heart up to. Billie tells Bo that his love for Hope has inspired her, she won't settle for anything than that kind of love. Bo is happy for her, but tells her to make sure Nicholas knows how she feels. Billie says she will, she's even buying Nicholas a special gift. After Billie leaves, Bo gets a call about Shawn.

At the hospital, Bo shows up to pick up Shawn, who is fine. Bo is angry with his son for repeating his mistakes. Shawn asks his dad which mistake would that be? Bo becomes upset and says that if he gets in trouble again, he is grounded. Shawn says he can't believe he's getting in trouble for helping a defenseless girl. Belle, who has shown up, overhears this and takes offense. Belle says she can handle herself, so Shawn says that he'll let her take care of herself next time. She says she is very sensitive about violence, a lot of women in her family have been hurt. Belle tells Shawn he should understand because of his mom, doesn't he care about her?

Billie heads back to the mansion and ends up overhearing Nicholas telling Kate that the only reason he is taking Billie out is because she asked him to. Kate tells him to keep his voice down, but Nicholas says she can't keep hiding the truth. Nicholas tells her that he wants it and she knows it. Kate tells him that is his problem. Nicholas says it would be, but she wants him just as much.

At the lab in Paris, Stefano tells Rolfe that the transformation of Hope must be completed tonight. Rolfe says they don't know where she is. Stefano is positive that Bart will find her in time.

At the castle, Kurt almost catches Hope working on digging her way through the castle wall. Hope covers up what she was doing and tells Kurt that she was just hiding from him. Kurt says he isn't in the mood for jokes. Hope asks why not, has something happened? Kurt remembers finding Gina's clothes on the railing of the bridge and tells her that it is nothing that concerns her. Kurt notices someone is at the gate, so he quickly leaves the room. Hope returns to working on her hole, and eventually breaks through. She squeezes through the passage making sure to cover it back up with the curtain when she's through.

Downstairs, a still bandaged Stefano is exploring the castle. Kurt asks him who he is? Stefano identifies himself. Stefano has come here to check on his property, he is the owner of this chateau. Stefano has his henchmen Bruno search this entire chateau to make sure everything is as it should be. Kurt asks Stefano where Princess Gina is? Stefano tells him that he gave Gina her freedom. At this point, Hope finds the spy hole in the secret passage and begins spying on them. She hears Stefano tell Kurt that he will no longer need his services. He says that he is leaving the country, and Gina is out traveling and will not be returning. Kurt accuses Stefano of killing Princess Gina. Stefano tells Kurt that if he values his life he will not repeat that accusation to him or anyone! Stefano orders Kurt to leave the premises, vanish, from this moment on he has never heard of Princess Gina or Stefano DiMera. Bruno returns and tells Stefano that he found nothing anywhere. Stefano once again tells Kurt to leave this place and never come back. After Stefano leaves, Hope makes a sound in the passage which Kurt hears. Kurt eventually finds Hope. Hope asks if Gina is really dead? He doesn't answer, he just looks hurt. Hope tells him not to let Stefano get away with this, if they call Bo then Stefano can be put away forever. Hope tells him that together they can avenge her death. Kurt says Gina's last words were for her (Hope) to suffer as much as she had. Kurt grabs her, but Hope ends up knocking him out. She grabs her phone and calls Bo and tells him that she's on the next plane to Salem. She says she has something to tell him, but their connection is cut off.

Stefano returns to the lab and tells Rolfe to proceed with the transformation. Stefano knows that she is still in France, so he tells Rolfe to jack up the laser beam. Rolfe says he can't guarantee Hope's safety if he alters the frequency. Stefano says whatever happens to Hope after the transformation is none of their concern. Rolfe alters the coordinates, but says he can't guarantee Hope's survival.


October 28
This hasn't been proofed, I'll do it a little later tonight
At the Kiriakis mansion, Billie overhears Nicholas telling Kate that he wants her, and she wants him just as much. Kate says this conversation is over! Nihcolas eventually leaves, and Billie confronts her mother. She asks her mother how she could do this! Kate tells Billie that she just wanted her to be happy. Billie tells her mom that she is doing the same thing over again, does she enjoy making her look like a fool? Kate says she could never look like a fool, but Billie says she threw herself at Nicholas last night! She asks her mom if she paid Nicholas like she paid Franco? Kate says of course not, she thought Nicholas could fall in love with her. Billie tells her that she did it for her own sake because if Nicholas fell for her, she could continue to deny her own feelings for him. Kate denies it, but Billie tells her to be honest, she is giving Nicholas signals. Billie tells her mom until she comes to grip with the cold hard truth, they have nothing to talk about. Kate asks Billie not to hate her. Billie tells her mom that she doesn't hate her, she feels sorry for her. She tells her mom that she manipulates everyone she loves and makes them feel like losers, but this time she will be the loser.

Nicholas goes to meet Victor at the home to talk business. He shows him some figures and Victor is impressed. Victor wants to put work aside and talk about his personal life, he hears he's dating Billie. Nicholas says he likes Billie, but he wants to take things slowly. Nicholas suggests they get back to talking to business. Victor says he knows he must have plans. Nicholas says he does have plans to take Billie to the fight tonight. Victor says he always enjoyed a good fight. Later, Nicholas decides to call Kate to schedule a meeting to go over Victor's ideas. As he is telling Kate that Victor wants to have a meeting to discuss his ideas with her, Billie walks into the room. Kate learns that Billie has shown up, and she tell Nicholas not to let Billie talk to Victor in private, and that she will be there as soon as she can. Nicholas hangs up, and Billie asks to be allowed to talk to Victor in private. Victor tells her that they can discuss anything in front of Nicholas. Billie tells him that she is going to leave Salem to return to Paris. Victor asks why she wants to return to France? She says she wants to go back to run CW from the European office. He asks her WHY she wants to go? Billie says it is personal. She really wants to talk with Victor alone, but Nicholas says he is concerned about her and doesn't want her to get hurt. Billie laughs and tells Nicholas "yeah right!" Victor asks Nicholas to let him speak to Billie alone. Suddenly, Kate shows up to make sure Billie doesn't tell Victor the truth. Kate asks Billie what she is doing here? Victor says Billie wants to return to Paris, but he doesn't know why. Billie says it is because her mother can't be trusted. Victor looks at Kate, who is looking at Billie.

Eric shows up at the Horton house to see Greta. They were planning to go to the charity boxing match together. Unfortunately, Eric tells Greta that he can only drive her to the match, he can't stay. Greta asks what has come up? Eric explains about last night and how he had to drive Nicole home. He says she made him realize he still has to deal with something, so he's leaving town. Greta doesn't understand. Eric says that he realized he needs to get back to work, in fact he has a job interview in New York for a magazine tomorrow, so he has to drive to New York. Greta says she is happy for him and he'll have to tell her all about it. Eric says he can tell her about the job as he drives her to the fight.

At the hospital, Carrie tells Sami that sneaking out of the hospital to spend time with Austin is pathetic. Sami tells Carrie that she is the pathetic one, she arranged this whole boxing match to get him back. Carrie asks her sister "What if I do want him back?" Sami tells her to admit this boxing match was to get Austin back. Carrie tells her to get real, she has put a ton of work into this. She then calls for Lexie, and takes Sami's crutches away from her in order to stop her from getting to Austin. Sami falls to the ground, and Lexie shows up and asks Carrie what she's doing? Carrie says that Sami was trying to sneak out of the hospital. Lexie tells her that she is not to leave the hospital. Carrie leaves, and Sami tells Lexie that she is going to sign herself out. Lexie warns her that if she leaves, the hospital is not responsible for what happens to her. Sami understands that and says she is still going.

At the arena, Craig is sporting a tux, he is going to MC the event. Bo finds Shawn at the arena and didn't know he was a fight fan. Shawn says he saw a documentary on Muhammad Ali and it sparked his interest. When Bo makes a joke about watching Austin and Brandon to pick up some pointers for his next fight, Shawn gets upset and says he was only trying to defend Belle. Bo smiles because he thinks Shawn might be interested in her. Elsewhere, Shawn, Caroline, Belle, and Mimi show up for the fight. Caroline didn't think the girls were fight fans. Mimi says she is, but Belle has ulterior motives. Caroline asks what her motives are? Belle claims she has none, she thinks boxing is "fat." Mimi tells Belle to admit it, she has a thing for Brandon. Belle kicks Mimi in the shin and says she does not! Phillip, who has shown up, is spying on them and overhears them. Shawn and Caroline go to get some refreshments, and Belle can't believe Mimi said that out loud. Mimi says everyone will know about it when she asks him to take her to the dance. Suddenly, Mimi thinks Shawn is staring at her, but he's really staring at Belle. Bo tells Shawn that maybe he should have waited to see what Belle would have done before helping her. Shawn asks Bo if he waited to see if mom needed help? Bo says that is a different situation entirely. Abe shows up and is glad to see Bo back, and Shawn. When he says they should get together and talk about things, Shawn says he doesn't want to hear another lecture about running away from school and the way he dresses. Abe tells Bo that he's going to have his hands full with Shawn.

In the locker room, Nicole Phillip, and Lucas visit Brandon to see how he is doing. Lucas is anxious for Brandon to kick Austin's butt. Lucas and Phillip decide to get some seats so Nicole can talk to her brother. As they are leaving, Phillip remembers that Nicole got some mail forwarded from her old place. He gives her the envelope and then leaves. Brandon sees the letter and learns it is from Paul. Brandon asks her why that scumbag is writing her? Nicole says he wants money for the appeals. She doesn't know how he found her, she hasn't been in touch with "Dad" since . . . BRandon asks her since when? Nicole says since she first came to Salem. Nicole explains what happened with her dad, and how he sent Jay to Salem to cause problems for her. Nicole says she confronted their dad and told him to leave her alone, and she hasn't heard from him since. She thinks maybe their dad has changed, but Brandon says that will never happen. Brandon tells her that their dad is out of their lives, and if she lets him back in, history will repeat itself. Nicole tells him not to get upset, she knows how he gets when he thinks of dad. We then see a flashback of their dad yelling at Brandon for dumping his gin down the sink. Their mom tries to defend Brandon, and Paul ends up getting rough with her. Nicole leaves Brandon, and overhears Eric telling Austin about a job interview he has with a magazine in New York. Meanwhile, Brandon's trainer talks with Brandon about his last fight and how he put a guy in a coma. Brandon says it was an accident and won't loose control like that again.

Lucas and Phillip go to their seats, and Lucas sees a bookie and tells Phillip to wait here while he talks with someone. Phillip follows his brother and hears him place a $5000 dollar bet on Brandon. Phillip wants to bet as well, but Lucas says he is too young to bet. Still, Phillip disobeys Lucas and puts $100 bucks on Austin.

Belle makes an excuse to get away from her family and go see Brandon. As she is about to ask him to take her to the dance, Abe and Lexie show up to give Brandon some support. Belle tells Brandon that she'll talk to him later, and then she leaves. Lexie and Abe wish him luck and leave.

Elsewhere, Austin is getting his hands wrapped by his trainer. Two bouquets of flowers are delivered to Austin, one from Sami and one from Carrie. Later, Carrie shows up to wish Austin well. She also gives him back the cross that he gave Mike when he saved him from the accident. Austin says he can't wear it in the ring, but thanks her. Carrie says she will hold it for him. Suddenly, Sami shows up, which Carrie is not pleased by. Sami says she had to warn Austin that something bad happened to the last guy Brandon fought. As Sami and Carrie begin to bicker, Austin tells them both to stop because this is the last thing he needs. Carrie and Sami apologize, wish him luck, and go to their seats.

Everyone takes their seats. Lucas sees that Nicole is worried. Nicole says she's worried about her brother, but Lucas says he will be fine. Craig welcomes everyone to the charity boxing match and asks everyone to thank Carrie for her hard work, their sponsors, and Austin and Brandon. Craig introduces the two contestants, Brandon is wearing black and Austin is wearing blue. The fighters take to their corners, the referee explains the rules, and the match begins. Both Brandon and Austin get some good hits, and the round ends. Austin has the lead, and Lucas complains that he's just lost five grand. Phillip thinks this is going to be the easiest money he's ever made. Round two begins and Austin knocks Brandon down. Brandon flashes back to his dad taunting him to fight. Brandon jumps back up, and looses it. He begins to cream Austin. Nicole blurts out "It's happening again!"


October 29
I'm sorry this is so late, I went to a Halloween party last night
At the arena, round two of the boxing match begins, and Brandon looses control. He begins to flashback to his childhood when his father was taunting him. Brandon proceeds to beat Austin to a pulp. As Nicole watches she blurts out "It's happening again!" Lucas asks her what is happening again? Nicole just tells him nothing. Carrie can't watch and asks Nancy to tell her when it's over. The bell sounds and the round ends.

Bo gets a call from a laughing Hope who says she is home. Hope tells him that she's waiting for him on the boat. Bo tells everyone at the arena that Hope is back. He asks Abe and Lexie if they can take Greta home? They says they can, so Bo and Shawn leave to see Hope. Actually, Bo has to drag Shawn D away from the fight.

Sami becomes dizzy, and Caroline insists they take her back to the hospital. However, Sami refuses to leave Austin. Carrie goes to the ring to talk to Austin. She tells him to be careful. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to talk to her brother. She tells him to throw in the towel, he is losing control. Brandon tells her to calm down, Austin is just better than he thought. He refuses to pull out, and the third round begins. Austin gets a few good shots in and knocks Brandon down. Once again, Brandon flashes back to the past when he began hitting his dad because his dad was beating his mom. Brandon looses control again and begins pounding Austin. The bell rings, but Brandon won't stop. He even pushes the referee out of the way so he can keep beating Austin. Austin takes blow after blow to the head. Carrie rushes to Austin's side and Brandon is restrained. Craig tries to help Austin, and Sami insists on getting to Austin. Abe asks Lexie if she knew Brandon was capable of this? Lexie just runs into the ring to help Austin. Paramedics show up and begin helping Austin. Belle tries to talk to Brandon, but he tells her to get away from him. Grandpa Shawn asks Brandon what in the hell got into him? Abe offers to take Brandon to his dressing room, but Brandon warns Abe if he comes near him that he will take his damn head off. He then pushes Abe away from him. Austin's trainer comes between them, and Brandon takes off. Sami tells Carrie that this is all her fault, and then tells Nicole that she knew this was going to happen.

Nicole goes to the locker room to see Brandon. She tells him that she should have stopped him. Brandon tells her that he wants to be alone. She tells him that she loves him, but Brandon has gone totally psycho and starts rambling about boxing and it is about the last man standing. Nicole tells Brandon that something in his head and soul is wrong. Brandon tells Nicole that at least he didn't sell his soul! He tells her to forget about the past and just move on. Nicole says she wants to forget, but she can't. Brandon tells her that is her problem. Nicole tells Brandon that he can't keep pretending, he has to face the truth. Nicole says tonight could have been avoided, but Brandon says the only thing that happened tonight was that he won a fight. She says that Austin was almost killed, but Brandon says that you take chances when you step into the ring. Nicole hugs Brandon and asks him "What have we done?" Brandon takes off, and Lexie goes after him. Meanwhile, Craig calls the hospital and tells him that they are on the way with Austin and he wants to OR ready. Carrie fishes through her purse and gives him his medal. Sami is furious with both Carrie and Nicole and tells them that Austin's blood is on their hands.

At the home, Victor asks Billie what she meant when she said her mother can't be trusted? Billie tells "Kate" to tell him. Kate says Billie doesn't understand, but Billie says she understands perfectly what her mother is up to. Billie tells Victor that maybe he can get her to face the truth. Victor asks Kate what truth? Kate wants to talk to Billie in private, but she refuses. Victor says there must be a way to resolve this problem, but Billie says there isn't. Billie says that Victor has a right to know what she's been doing behind his back. Kate tells Victor that she's been playing matchmaker between Billie and Nicholas, she's been interfering in Billie's life. Kate says she doesn't blame Billie for anything, but Nicholas says he has to take some of the blame. Victor says that her mother had her best interests at heart, but Billie doubts that. Victor tells Billie that running away is not the answer, and she should give Nicholas a chance. Billie says that Nicholas will never be interested in her, and she asks "Nick" if he wants to tell him why? Nicholas says he is not looking to become involved and she overheard him tell Kate that he felt he was leading her on. Billie adds "because of my mother!" Kate yanks Billie out of the room and tells Billie that she has apologized to her, and she can hurt her all she wants, but she better not hurt Victor. Victor's phone rings and Nicholas answers it. It is Caroline calling with news on Austin. Nicholas tells Kate and Billie that Austin has been seriously hurt in the match. Kate and Billie leave, and Victor hopes this crisis will make Billie realize that they can't waste time being angry. Victor asks Nicholas to go with them and look after them for him. Nicholas finds KAte and Billie squabbling. Billie tells Kate that she can use this opportunity to lean on Nicholas, he won't say no to her. Billie leaves, and Nicholas offers to drive Kate, but she says she wants to go alone.

Bo and Shawn head down to the docks to see Hope. Bo becomes fed up with Shawn and tells him to stop being so selfish. Shawn says he was enjoying the fight, but Bo says he is the one who wanted his family back together. Shawn says they aren't close anymore, which is why Bo says this is important. Bo tells him that they can be close again. They arrive at the boat, and Hope jumps into Bo's arms. After hugging Bo, she hugs Shawn and tells him that she's missed him so much, and he's never looked more handsome. Hope has broken out the champagne, and has cherry soda for Shawn. Shawn says this was his favorite when he was like ten. Hope apologizes for not knowing. Shawn says that is because she was never around. Hope says he has a right to be upset, she has been a stranger to both him and his dad over the last year. Bo says Shawn has to understand that it wasn't her fault. Still, Hope says she wants to make up for lost time. Bo tells Hope that she should go down to the station to make a statement about DiMera, all the information she has about Stefano can put him away for good. Hope says she doesn't want to think about that right now, she wants to concentrate on them being a family. Bo pops open the champagne bottle, which startles Hope. Bo makes a short toast to the power of love, and he holds Hope. She tells Bo that this is where she belongs, in his arms. Shawn sits down on the boat and watches his mom and dad acting like newlyweds, he doesn't exactly seem to be enjoying himself. He eventually says he is out of here, he doesn't want to get in the way. Hope says she didn't mean to exclude him, but he acts like an ass and takes off. Hope tells Bo that he should go after Shawn, he needs his dad right now. Bo takes after Shawn, and finds him on the docks alone.

In Paris at the castle, Kurt is morning Gina. He continues mumbling that if Gina was here Hope wouldn't have escaped. Kurt limps off to try and find Hope, and later answers the phone when it rings. It is Princess Gina calling! She tells him that she is very much alive and is in Salem! Gina is on the Fancy Face II and tells him that she's never been better. Yup, that wasn't Hope, it was GIna!

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