October 98 Week 5


October 26
At the hospital, Nicole tells Lucas that she hopes her gift gives him hope and inspiration. Lucas says whenever he feels down he will look at her gift. Nicole tells Lucas to just remain faithful that he can improve his life. Lucas tells Nicole he needs to find his physical therapy assistant. Nicole says she can find him, but Lucas says it's a her, and she knows her. Lucas tells Nicole that Taylor is his physical therapy assistant. Nicole says she knows her, but didn't know she worked here. Lucas says that she is a good kid and will have a good future. He says he respects her, but owes her an apology for yelling at her earlier because of what Sami did. Lucas says she probably already knows because Eric probably told her, but Nicole says she and Eric are no longer involved. This gives Lucas new hope and tells Nicole that he hopes she'll come visit him from time to time.

Elsewhere, Eric finds Taylor and she tells him that she is annoyed with someone she just saw who he knows, because they work at Titan. Taylor quickly says she's bugged by Lucas' unwillingness to work and Eric tells her that Lucas has had everything handed to him on a silver platter, she shouldn't let him bug her. Taylor thanks Eric and they hug, which is witnessed by Nicole. Eric tells Taylor that he appreciates her because she is honest and her integrity means a lot to him. Nicole realizes that Taylor wouldn't lie to Eric because she has a crush on him. Taylor leaves and Nicole runs into Eric. Eric asks why she's here and Nicole says she gave Lucas a present. Eric says he has a hard time feeling sorry for Lucas after what he's done. Nicole suggests they not talk about Lucas and she tells Eric that she's missed him. Nicole asks Eric if they can go somewhere to talk because she has something important to tell him. Eric eventually agrees to talk with Nicole in private and then tells herself that Taylor will pay for this.

Taylor goes to see Lucas, who apologizes and says he's ready to start therapy. Taylor sees Lucas' gift from Nicole and he tells her that once he's better, he's going to get something started with Nicole.

Austin shows up at Titan and learns that his mom fired Sami. Austin accuses Kate of firing Sami to get back at her. Kate says that she has bent over backwards, but Sami has done nothing around here. To prove her point, Marie verifies that Sami has received no new calls about the New Faces campaign since she murdered Franco. Kate tells Austin that Sami is evil and deserves everything she has coming to her.

Sami is in the photo lab thinking about Kate. She realizes that Kate wants her to go to jail because it will get her out of her hair. Austin runs into Sami, who tells Austin that she feels like her life is slipping away. Sami thanks Austin for being so good to her and he hugs her. Kate sees this and says she can't wait till Sami goes to prison and stops manipulating Austin. Kate confronts Sami and says that she tried to help her, but she payed her back by taking Will from Lucas and using it to hurt his recovery. Kate says she had to fire her for her company and family. Sami calls Kate a liar and says she knows what she is up to and she will find out what really happened the night Franco was killed. Austin tells Sami that she sounds like she's accuses his mom of something and wants to know why. Sami says that the only person who seems to be the only one who know all the details of what happened, and the only way she could know is if she was there!

Rolfe and Vivian return home. Rolfe and Stefano watch Vivian and Ivan on the monitor. Vivian is refreshed and tells Ivan that the clinic Stefano suggested worked. Ivan tells his madame that she's making a mistake about Stefano and he has new information on him that will change her mind. Ivan tells Vivian that he's made a dossier on all of Stefano's crimes. Vivian says that is ancient history, but he's been pardoned and his finances will help her bring Kate down. Rolfe tells Stefano that the serum he gave Vivian has brought her back to her old self, so he can't use the device to change her moods till it wears off. Rolfe says it will wear off soon, and Vivian will be in worse shape than before. Stefano says he likes watching the old Vivian and hates to think that she'll loose her joi de vive. Stefano calls the bayou boys, who tell him they have a lead on Swamp Girl. Stefano tells them to refer to her as Greta. Stefano tells Rolfe that they must proceed with the next phase of his plan, turning Hope back into Princess Gina.

Stefano pays Vivian a visit to tell her how wonderful she looks. Vivian feels bad about Sami, but says they should use what is going on at Titan to their advantage to stick it to Kate. Stefano proposes they discuss it over dinner, but Ivan refuses to let her go out with him. Vivian tells her that she is his employee and should know his place. Vivian turns to Stefano and tells him she'd love to dine with him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope asks Billie what she is hiding in the crate. Billie becomes angry and tells Hope that it is a private matter. Billie, who is on the verge of tears, asks Henderson to remove the crate. Hope asks Billie what she is hiding and Billie screams that this is none of her business and because of her she's lost everyone she loves. Billie cries and screams at Hope to leave her alone, stop badgering her, and get the hell out of her house! Hope leaves and Billie breaks down. Hope tells herself that she has to find out what is in that box. Billie calls Erlene and asks why she sent Georgia's casket to her. Erlene says that the baby was unearthed during the tornado and she believes that when a grave opens, it must be buried somewhere else. Therefore, she sent it to Salem. Billie says she doesn't understand and says that she lied about where her baby was buried and now it's come back to haunt her. Erlene says she knows that and unless she confesses her lies they will destroy her, and Georgia can never rest in peace. When Erlene mentions that she sent Wayne and Earl to Salem, Billie realizes she did see them. However, Erlene is upset that her boys just left the casket on her door step. Billie and Erlene say goodbye and Henderson tells Billie he put the crate in the garage.

Wayne and Earl are still searching Salem Place for Bo. They hear Roman shout Bo's name , but are unable to find them. They are at the Java Cafe. However, they later spot Hope and follow her to the Java Cafe. Roman tells Bo that they need to talk about Hope and Billie. Roman tells Bo that Hope is being to hard on Billie, but Bo says that Hope had a good reason because of Billie trying to break them up. Roman says that was Kate, not Billie. All Billie wanted was to love him and have his baby. Bo defends Hope, but Roman does the same for Billie. Bo asks Roman just how close he and Billie got in Europe and Roman tells Bo that he and Billie were working undercover with the ISA. Bo is angry for letting Billie risk her life, but Roman says Billie set it up and left him no choice. Still, Bo asks Roman what his relationship with Billie is. Roman tells him that they are just good friends. Hope shows up and tells Bo and Roman that something weird is going on at Billie's place and tells them about the crate. Bo tells Hope that he called Erlene about Wayne and Earl and knows they are in town. Hope says she was wrong about that, but she's not about the crate. Roman decides to leave and check on Billie Bo and Hope take a walk and go to the Horton house, unaware that they were followed by the bayou boys.

Billie goes out to the garage where the crate is and begins to cry. She recalls Erlene telling her that Georgia was dead and then remembers burying Georgia. Suddenly, Roman shows up and asks Billie what she's doing.


October 27
Carrie tells Mike that his speech was fantastic. Mike brings up the head nurse job and Carrie asks if he has anyone in mind for the job yet. Mike says he doesn't know, so she points out that Ali is on the list. Mike says she's very qualified. Carrie comments that it sounds like someone has already been lobbying for the position. Mike asks if she has a problem with Ali being on the list. Carrie says no, but after Mike leaves to check on a patient she says she doesn't think Ali is the right one.

Craig and Nancy run into a very happy Ali at the hospital and they question her about her date with Mike. Ali tells Nancy and Craig that Mike suggested that they keep their relationship a secret because they don't want Carrie or the staff to know. Nancy says they will keep the secret, after all, Craig got her on the head nurse list. Ali says she's still puzzled why he did that, what's in it for them? Craig says the important thing is what is best for the hospital. Nancy says the head nurse and COS need to have a good working relationship professionally and personally. Ali says she doesn't want to push herself on Mike and is considering withdrawing her name from the list because the others are so more qualified. Nancy asks why and Ali says having Mike is more important. Nancy says that she can have both. Mike and Carrie show up and Carrie brags to them about Mike's awesome speech. Ali tells Mike she'd like to talk to him privately about a patient. Craig leaves as well and Carrie tells Nancy that Ali doesn't want to talk about the boy, she wants to talk about the head nurse job. Carrie wonders how Ali got on that list and plans to ask Rose, but Nancy convinces her not to. Nancy tells Carrie that she seems to be jealous of Ali. Carrie says she's not jealous, she just thinks Ali has a hidden agenda. Later, Nancy tells Craig that Carrie is very jealous about Ali and that Ali and Mike are playing into their hands.

Ali tells Mike the boy is fine, she just needed an excuse to talk to him. Ali says she doesn't want the head nurse job to come between them, so she can withdraw her name. Mike tells her that she doesn't have to do that, he doesn't want her to do it. Still, Ali says what they share is more important than a job. Mike says it's important to him two, and tells her to stay in the race. Mike and Ali kiss, and Carrie walks in on it.

Roman finds Billie in the Kiriakis garage crying over the crate. Roman asks what is wrong and why she's in the garage. Billie says she came out to look at some old photos of her and Bo. Roman tells her that she scared the hell out of him. Billie tells Roman that they should go back inside. Billie tells herself that she can't let anyone find out about Georgia. They go back into the house and Roman says he came to see her because Hope told her the two of them got into a fight. Billie says that Hope called her a liar and was trying to force Greta out of town. Roman tells Billie that Bo has learned Wayne and Earl are in town, and Billie once again points out that Hope accused her of lying about that too. Roman says Hope is sorry and Billie says Hope is always sorry, but not about the baby. Roman tells her to let that go. He asks about the delivery she got and Billie tells him it was a crate of Countess Williamina Cosmetics. Roman says Hope thought she was upset about the crate, but Billie says Hope was demanding to know what was in the crate and it was none of her business. Billie says she needs to get away from here for awhile. Roman says he has a way, Shane wants them to go back to work because some of the smuggled art is now in the US. Roman makes a crack and Jesse Bob and Ruth Anne, which makes Billie smile. She tells him he's the only one who could make her happy after Georgia's death and Roman says he's glad he still has that effect on her. Roman promises her that after Sami's trial is over, he will keep her busy with work. Billie says she hopes work isn't the only way he intends to keep her busy. Roman asks what she has in mind and Billie says he had another way to keep her distracted. Roman and Billie end up locking lips.

Bo and Hope return to the Horton House to find Greta, but she doesn't seem to be around. Bo and Hope start franticly searching and Hope finds a note from John that indicates they went for a drive. Meanwhile, Wayne and Earl are peaking in the window for Greta. Hope and Bo talk about Greta and how important John must have been to her because she's decided to stay in Salem because of him. They soon end up talking about Billie and how Hope feels that Billie wants Greta to leave Salem. The soon change the topic to Billie and Roman and Hope says that in Europe, she had a hard time believing Billie and Roman were acting by the way they were pawing at each other. Bo becomes upset and Hope asks him if it bothers him. Bo says no, he just thinks it's strange that they are keeping it a secret. Hope starts telling Bo how she and John ran into Roman and Billie while they were undercover and she learned from Roman that Lily was robbed of her art collection and one of the paintings was Garden at Twilight. Hope starts talking about how much fun she had with Lily and hopes she'll come to Salem soon. Bo tells Hope that she lights up every time she talks about being Princess Gina. Hope says it's just very fascinating, especially now that there really was a Princess Gina. Hope tells Bo she is more determined than ever to find out about the real Gina and her missing years. Hope and Bo start talking about Gina, they both wonder why Gina was so important to Stefano. Bo says hopefully Greta will provide them with that answer. Hope thanks Bo for finding Greta and he says there is nothing he wouldn't do for her. Wayne and Earl make too much noise outside and Bo goes to see what the noise is. Bo can't find anyone and Hope tells Bo that she's scared of what she might discover in the future. Bo tells her hugs her and says he'll be with her, they'll never be apart again.

At the townhouse, Vivian tells Stefano that she can't wait to get her revenge on Kate. Stefano tells her to slow down, but Vivian knows what she wants and how to get it. Vivian says she wants to destroy Kate's business and take it over. This shocks Stefano and Vivian asks him if he's changed his mind about helping her overthrow Kate. Stefano tells her that he is on her side, but she needs to slow down and gives her some business advice. He tells her she doesn't want to destroy a company and take it over, she wants the company to be afloat. Vivian says if they don't strike now, Titan will go down on it's own because of the murder trial and Kate's managment skills. Stefano says he's tired of talking business and says he wants to go to dinner. Stefano says he has something to do, so he'll meet her at the Penthouse Grill. Vivian leaves to change and Stefano looks at his art and says only Gina would appreciate the value of these pieces. Rolfe calls Stefano to check on Vivian, who is still fine. He mentions that he has to make Vivian sign over power of attorney tonight. As Vivian is putting on her lipstick, she sees Jonsey in her mirror and he tells her not to trust anyone. Vivian is upset because she hasn't hallucinated about him for since leaving for the clinic, but Jonsey is no hallucination. He tells her someone is taking advantage of her and he won't leave her until he knows she is safe from her enemy. Vivian says she will squash Kate and storms out. Jonsey says Kate is not the enemy.

At Titan, Sami accuses Kate of witnessing Franco's murder and lying to the police about it. Kate says that she was in her bedroom and didn't see or hear a thing. Sami doesn't believe her and accuses her of wanting to get rid of her. Kate says she was already getting rid of her because she was marrying Franco. However, Sami points out that she was going to leave with Will, which is why she had to stop her somehow. Kate laughs and just says that it's obvious she killed Franco, what more does she need? Austin says what if there is something that could clear Sami, and then he asks his mom if she wouldn't want to see that happen. Kate says she would like Sami to be proved innocent because it wouldn't drag Will through hell. Sami laughs and says she wants her to go to prison so she can get Lucas back into Will's life. Austin wonders if that is true, but Kate says it isn't and she's done so many things to try and make things better. Sami is curious and asks what these things she has done are. Kate says she bailed her out of jail for Will's sake. Sami says that it is for Will's sake she's going to trial to prove herself innocent. Kate tells Sami that she shot Franco and nothing will change that. Kate storms out and tells herself that she can't let Sami remember what really happened. Sami tells Austin that she hopes she remembers something about the murder soon. Marie tells Sami she has a phone call, it's Mickey telling her that her trial will be starting sooner than they thought. Austin doesn't think Sami should be alone so he invites her to go out to dinner at the Penthouse Grill, with Carrie of course.

Sami runs into Vivian at the Penthouse Grill, who tells her that she's so sorry about what has happened. When Vivian learns Kate fired her, Vivian tells her to use the blackmail. Sami says she can't use it, so Vivian asks her to share the blackmail with her because she'd love to take Kate down.

Kate runs into Stefano at the Penthouse Grill. They talk about Vivian and Stefano says he's working to eliminate her as a threat. Kate says Vivian isn't a threat, it's Sami she's worried about. Stefano doesn't understand how Sami can be a threat to her now. Kate tells Stefano that she's heard he can erase someone's memory, but Stefano says it's just a rumor. Kate asks Stefano to erase Sami's memory for her. Stefano asks what she doesn't want Sami to remember.


October 28
Lucas is working on his therapy. Taylor tells him that she is impressed by his dedication and progress. Lucas is dedicated because of he has the hots for Nicole. He tells Taylor that Nicole can inspire anyone, she's wonderful. Lucas realizes Taylor doesn't like the idea of him seeing Nicole and asks her why. Taylor says that when men are around Nicole they tend to turn their brains off. Brains or no brains, Lucas says he's going after Nicole and it's Eric's loss. Taylor asks Lucas what he knows about Eric and Nicole. Lucas says all he knows is that they're not tight. Lucas realizes that Taylor knows more than she's saying and that she's interested in Eric! Taylor says he makes her sound like a little kid wit ha crush, but Lucas thinks it's great that she's interested in Eric. Taylor says even if she did like Eric, he doesn't like her that way. Lucas asks her how she knows that.

Eric and Nicole are walking in the park. Eric tells Nicole that he got her letter, but doesn't know if he can believe it. Eric says that when she broke his trust, she broke the deal they had regarding their relationship. Nicole asks Eric if he plans on closing himself off from relationships and he says that was his plan. Nicole says she feels like he wants to love someone. They end up arguing about using each other to get jobs at Titan. Eric cuts that talk off and mentions a talk he had at a prayer meeting about forgiveness with Taylor. Eric says they urged him to forgive her, but how can he do that if he can't trust her and still suspects she's hiding things from him. Nicole says there is something she isn't telling him about. Nicole says it isn't her secret to tell, it involves Taylor. Eric asks what the secret is and she tells him that Taylor is her sister.

At the hospital, Carrie walks in on Ali and Mike kissing. Carrie apologizes and leaves. Ali apologizes to Mike and says she should have made sure the door was locked. She hopes it won't cause problems. Mike tells her it was nobody's fault, they both got carried away. Ali says she better get going and maybe they can pick up where they left off after work.

John meets Marlena at the hospital and tells her about his drive with Greta. Marlena tells John that she still thinks Greta could be working for Stefano. John says it's a possibility. Marlena mentions to John that she has an improved hypnosis technique which could help him remember parts of his past. John appreciates that, but he'd rather go out to dinner with her to the Penthouse Grill. Marlena sees an upset Carrie and decides to go talk with her. Marlena asks Carrie if she wants to talk. Carrie says it's the same old talk about Mike that didn't help back then and won't help now. Carrie knows she shouldn't talk to Mike about Ali, but now that she is on the list for Head Nurse, she can't help but think Mike is being used. Marlena tells Carrie that he is a big boy and maybe she should focus on her husband and sister. Carrie gets a call from Austin asking her to come to the Penthouse Grill for dinner, but she says she has a stack of papers on her desk. Marlena asks Carrie to reconsider and come with her and John to the Penthouse Grill, but she says she can't.

Ali comes to see Carrie to make sure everything is cool. Carrie tells Ali that she supsects she's dating Mike only to get the Head Nurse job. Ali tells Carrie that Mike is smarter than that and stomps off. Later, Carrie goes to see Mike about Ali. Carrie doesn't think he is seeing Ali's real intentions. Mike asks if she's objecting to him possibly promoting Ali, or kissing her? Carrie says both. Mike becomes upset and says she has no right to tell him who he can and can not kiss. Mike says he's not a monk, he's a man. He tells her he wants to share his life with someone, someone who is available. Carrie says she can understand that, but Ali isn't the one. Mike asks her what she wants of him, does she want him to get down on his knees and pine over something he can never have! Carrie says this isn't about them. Mike says the hell it isn't, he remembers kissing her, but they can't be together. Mike says if he makes a mistake with Ali then it's his mistake. Carrie tells him that is where he's wrong, it is her job to keep the hospital looking good and promoting Ali isn't a good idea. Mike says he and Ali can separate their personal lives from work, but maybe she can't. Carrie blurts out "Of course I can't Mike, I'm in l...." Mike tells Carrie that she has no say in his personal life and if he picks Ali it will be because she's qualified. Ali shows up and asks Mike if he's ready to go. Mike tells her he is and they leave. Carrie cries and says "what have I done?"

At the Penthouse Grill, Vivian tries to get Sami to hand over the blackmail on Kate. Before Sami can respond, Roman and Billie show up. Roman admits to Billie that he's upset at seeing Sami with Vivian because Vivian is involved in Stefano. However, Roman says he wants to have a good time tonight, so they shouldn't talk about it.

Elsewhere in the Grill, Stefano asks Kate what it is she doesn't want Sami to remember. Austin, who had heard this, asks his mom what she doesn't want Sami to remember. Kate claims she doesn't want Sami to recall the horror of killing Franco. Stefano has to leave to take a phone call and Kate asks Austin to sit down. She tells him she misses the warm relationship they used to have and she'd like to get back to it. Austin tells her they can, all she has to do is stop picking on Sami. Sami asks Austin if he's ready, which he is, so they go to their table. Sami asks if Carrie is coming. Austin says he was unable to reach Carrie, but says he'll try again in a few minutes. Later, Austin tells Sami that Carrie can't make it, she's working on the charity boxing match. Austin starts talking about how it was odd that his old trainer showed up and urged him back into the ring. Sami tells Austin that it wasn't luck, it was her doing. Sami says she ran into Daryl and told him how much he missed boxing and was unhappy, so he should look him up and try and get him back in the ring. Austin tells Sami that he's not angry, she was right, he did miss boxing. Sami tells Austin that she's really sorry that Carrie didn't make it. Austin says he hopes she can make it, but they should concentrate on keeping her mind off the trial.

Marlena and John show up and see Billie and Roman dancing. Marlena is clearly disturbed by it. John and Marlena decide to join them on the floor.

Stefano talks with Rolfe on the phone about Vivian, who is too strong and independent. Rolfe says the serum will wear off. Meanwhile, Vivian and Kate are having words. Stefano butts in and keeps them from going at it. Stefano and Vivian sit down to dinner and Vivian spots a banker with Kate and decides she has to talk with him about some lingerie chains she's hoping to talk about. Kate decides to let them talk and Stefano advises Kate to get a photographer over here now. Stefano puts Vivian into an up mood and she grabs a microphone and asks everyone if they're ready to rumble. Vivian starts doing a stand-up routine in front of everyone. She soon begins to pick on all of her friends and says mean things about them, like Billie should go buy the rest of her dress, and Marlena ruined two mens' lives when she couldn't decide which man she wanted. When she gets to Austin and Sami, Vivian says Austin is one french fry short of a happy meal and that Sami needs to drug a man to get into bed. When Vivian says you marry your fiance, not kill him, Sami slaps Vivian. A photographer snaps his camera and Stefano puts Vivian into a down mood. Vivian becomes upset and wonders what she has done. Kate thanks her and smiles.


No Show


October 30
At the Penthouse Grill, Kate is thrilled about what Vivian did tongiht. Roman tells Kate she really gets off on other people making fools of themselves. Kate says she does, when it's Vivian. She then wishes Vivian a found farewell to the looney-bin. Kate tells Roman that Vivian was nothing but trouble for her in the past, and then lists all of Vivian's crimes against her, including crashing her plane into the ocean. Billie tells Roman that he should understand after all Stefano did to keep him and Marlena apart.

John and Marlena are very concerned about Vivian. Roman shows up to talk with them and Sami is upset that a photographer caught her slapping Vivian, because it's all she needs with her upcoming trial. Still, Roman tells Sami that he believes Kate knows something about the murder. Billie and Roman eventually leave and John tells Marlena that he's very worried about what Stefano is doing to his aunt. He scares Marlena when he threatens to put Stefano out of business for good. Marlena tells John that this vendetta is turning into an obsession. John says she can call it what she wants, but he won't stop until he's taken Stefano down for good.

Kate asks the restaurant manager to ban Vivian Alamain from ever dining here again. She then places a call to Stefano, who is with Vivian.

Roman takes Billie home and Billie tells him why Kate and Vivian hate each other. Roman says he's sorry, but he still thinks Kate is hiding something about Franco's murder and that secrets always have a way to get out and hurt people, he speaks from experience. Billie talks with Roman about their kiss earlier, which Roman says he enjoyed. However, Roman says that he doesn't think she's being straight with him and herself about something. Roman tells Billie that she's deluding herself if she thinks she and Bo will have a future. Billie blames Hope for everything. Roman tells her that he can help her put it all behind her, but Billie says she can't stop loving Bo.

Stefano is taking care of Vivian, who realizes something is wrong. She asks him what is wrong and he says he thinks he knows. Stefano tells Vivian that perhaps she is suffering from dementia. Stefano has to excuse himself to take a call from Kate. Kate thanks Stefano for alienating Vivian from all of Salem. He tells her that he's glad she's happy, but must return to Vivian. Stefano returns to Vivian and suggest that she sign over power of attorney over to him tonight. In fact, his lawyer has drawn up papers and will deliver them shortly. However, Vivian shouts "no!" Stefano grabs his control and Rolfe, who is watching, tells himself that using the control could put Vivian over the edge for good. Vivian tells Stefano that this is too sudden and she needs to think. Stefano leaves to make some tea and runs into Rolfe. Rolfe tells Stefano that he shouldn't play Kate and Vivian against each other. Vivian sees Jonsey again and begins to talk to him, Stefano and Rolfe listen in. Jonsey tells Vivian not to trust anyone and Vivian says she won't do anything without his approval. Rolfe tells Stefano that hallucinations are a part of the deterioration process. Stefano says this may be exactly what he needs to get Vivian where he wants her. Stefano goes back in to see Vivian, who thinks nobody can help her if she has dementia because her father had it and she knows what it does. Stefano promises Vivian that she'll never be alone, not as long as he is alive. Stefano sends Vivian to lie down and Rolfe tells Stefano that he should call his lawyer immediately. Stefano goes to check on her and Vivian makes Stefano to promise never to leave her. Vivian tells Stefano that Jonsey keeps telling her not to trust anyone. She fears she's going to end up like her father. Stefano says he wants to help her, but he can't until she puts complete trust in him. Vivian spots Stefano's controller and agrees to trust him with her life.

In the park, Nicole tells Eric that Taylor is her sister. She says she wanted to tell him, but Taylor didn't want him to know. Nicole starts talking about how she only lied to him because she loved him and wanted him in her life. She tells him that she really wants a second chance and asks him if it's not too late. Eric asks why she lied about Taylor and Nicole says she was trying to protect her. She claims that it was hard for Taylor to be at Titan when her sister was a model and she was a toilet scrubber. She says Taylor didn't want anyone to know they were sisters, so she agreed to keep it a secret. Eric asks if there is anything else she needs to tell him. She says no, but she is sorry for hurting him and she never lied about her feelings for him. Nicole tells Eric she'd at least like to be friends. She holds her hand out to Eric, and they end up hugging. Eric says he has work to do and leaves, but says he'll give her a call. Nicole calls her mom's place to talk with Taylor, but she's not there. Nicole says this is important and asks where Taylor is.

At the hospital, Lucas tells Taylor that Eric could be interested in her, look at Nicole, she seems interested in him. Taylor chuckles and says she thinks there may be another reason she dropped by to see him. Lucas asks what reason and Taylor just brushes it off. They eventually start talking about his family and Lucas asks Taylor why it is she never mentions her family. Taylor says her family isn't important. Lucas says if she doesn't want to talk about herself, then they can talk about him and Nicole all day long. Lucas promises that he will not give up his dreams of walking again and seeing his son, but only if she promises not to give up on her dreams. Taylor thinks about Eric and kissing him and makes a deal with Lucas, but only if he stays positive no matter what. Taylor tells Lucas that he has a lot going for him. Kate shows up and tells Lucas that Taylor is right. Lucas tells Kate that he's decided to take Taylor's advice and let go of his anger against Sami and focus on Will and getting better. Lucas is eventually taken back to his room and Kate talks with Taylor about working with Lucas after he is released. Taylor says she only works with hospital patients. Kate offers to hire Taylor as Lucas' companion and she can work with him. Taylor says she appreciates the offer, but she already has 2 jobs and college. Kate offers to pay her more than both jobs and asks her to think about it.

Eric goes to Titan and begins thinking about Taylor and why she'd lie to him. Meanwhile, Taylor tells her mom she has to stop by Titan to pick up some books. Taylor shows up at Titan and accuses Taylor of lying to him.

Nicole tells herself she needs to get to Taylor before Eric does. She shows up at the hospital and learns from Kate that Taylor has left. Kate tells Nicole she'd like to talk to her about something.

Austin and Sami go to the hospital to see Will. Sami is down-in-the-dumps about the trial and says if she goes to prison, Will will be the one who suffers. Sami makes Austin promise to hold Will's hand and help him get to sleep if she goes to jail. Austin tells her if she does, he will, but she has to believe that she won't go to jail. Sami says that would take a miracle. Austin tells her to look at Will, that is proof that miracles happen.

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