October 98 Week 4


October 19
At the hospital, Nancy and Craig are talking about a patient. Craig apologizes for leaving the Brady Pub so quickly. Nancy says it's okay because she knows he is devoted to his patients, just like a future COS should be. Austin and Carrie show up and say hi to them. Austin came to sit with Will and Carrie came to catch up on some work. Nancy and Craig both know that Carrie is here to see if Mike returns from Ali's.

Austin and Carrie talk about the charity boxing match and Austin tells Carrie that he's happy to be back in the ring and he's happy to be working with her again. He also says that he's happy that they are going to take care of Will if Sami has to go to jail, because it's a load of his mind. Carrie drifts off and begins thinking about work. Carrie tells Austin that she is thinking about who is on Rose's list for head nurse. Austin tells Carrie that he doubts Mike will be returning tonight. Austin leaves to check on Will and Carrie decides to go to her office. Austin sits with Will and reads him a bedtime story. He tells Will that he and his aunt Carrie love him and will take very good care of him.

At Ali's place, Ali, who is dressed like a sexy nurse, brings Mike some dessert in bed. Ali says she this is her hospital and she is head nurse, so she will give him his medication, which is strawberries in chocolate. After dessert, Ali gives Mike another shoulder massage. Ali tells Mike they make a great team and she'd be his head nurse any day. Mike says that with her body, there is no other nurse on his list. Mike starts talking about the requirements for his head nurse and the special skills she'll need. The two end up kissing and go at it again. Afterwards, Mike tells Ali that he really should get going because he has to work on his speech for tomorrow, but he definitely wants to do it again. Mike gets dressed and tells Ali that they should keep their intimacy a secret. Mike leaves and Ali says that Craig was right, why shouldn't she have Mike AND the head nurse job.

A nurse at the hospital calls Craig, who is in bed with Nancy, to give him some test results and he overhears that Mike is there. Craig becomes worried and decides to give Ali a call. Craig asks Ali how it went and Ali tells him that her night with Mike went better than she hoped. Ali says she shared a passionate evening with Mike, plus he thinks she'd make a great head nurse. Ali thanks Craig for getting her on the head nurse list. Afterwards, Craig tells Nancy that the groundwork for their plan has been "laid." Craig then tells "mama" to come to "papa" and they take a roll in the hay.

Carrie starts working on Mike's speech and dreams about Mike reading it. In her fantasy, she and Mike are a couple and they kiss after he gives her speech. Mike shows up and sees Carrie daydreaming.

Down in the bayou, Stefano hears Wayne and Earl talking about how they want to find Bo and get their revenge on him for stealing Swamp Girl. Stefano emerges from the shadows and tells them he wants revenge on Bo as well. Bart disarms Stefano is angry with them because he knows they lied to him and told his men that Swamp Girl was dead. Stefano says that they must pay and he tells Bart to get rid of these two fools. However, Stefano says he knows a way to spare their lives, if they will help them. Wayne asks what he wants them to do and Stefano tells them to come to Salem with him and take Greta, aka Swamp Girl, away for good. They agree to help, but only because Stefano threatens to have Bart blow a hole in them. Stefano tells them to go home and get ready.

Wayne and Earl find Erlene. She is standing over Georgia's casket, which was uprooted during the twister. Wayne and Earl tell their mom that they have to go to Salem to get Swamp Girl. Erlene tells her boys to take Georgia back to Salem so she can have a proper resting place. Back in Maison Blanche, Stefano realizes that Bo probably knows the truth by now. Stefano says that he can't help that, but he must get her out of Salem before she sees John.

Upstairs in the Brady House, Greta tells Bo she's not ready to meet everyone just yet. Bo tells her she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to. Hope leaves to say hi to everyone and Greta tells Bo that she wants to leave. Bo asks her not to leave, she can have dinner up here. Bo says that he just thought she'd might like to see someone else for a change. Greta tells Bo that she wanted to do this, but can't. Greta says when she was an actress she loved to be the center of attention, but she's not like that anymore. Greta tells Bo that when she agreed to work for Ernesto she thought it would be a whole new world, but instead it destroyed her life. Greta says she'll never act again and will never make people smile again because she's a freak. Bo tells Greta that he doesn't see a freak, he sees a strong woman who has the confidence to overcome a terrible accident. He goes on to say that he sees a tender and caring woman as well. Greta tells Bo that she feels so alone, but Bo reminds her that she has him. Greta looks at him and asks "Do I Bo?" No tells her he is here for her, she is not alone. Bo reminds her that he promised her a home cooked meal, so he leaves to get it for her.

At the pub, John is telling Marlena that he wishes he could find someone who could tell him about his past as a priest. Marlena reminds him that Stefano doesn't want him to remember, but John says he can deal with anything. Hope shows up and says "they" can deal with anything. Everyone is happy to see Hope and everyone hugs her. Roman brings up Greta and Hope tells everyone where Bo has been and who he found. Everyone is shocked by Hope's story about Greta. John says that Greta must have looked a lot like her because it fooled them all. Hope says that even though Greta's face has been scarred, there is still a bit of a resemblance left. Hope tells them all that Greta has come back to Salem, but she's very frightened. Billie tells everyone that she knows Greta and that Bo is being very insensitive by bringing Greta here. Hope reminds Billie that she brought Greta back with Bo, but Billie says it was a huge mistake. Hope tells Billie that Bo is trying to introduce Greta back into society. Still, Billie feels she knows what is best for Greta and then she leaves the room. Billie tells herself that she has to get rid of Greta before it's too late.

Moments after Bo leaves to get Greta dinner, Greta decides to go meet Bo's family and friends. As she is about to leave the room, Billie shows up. Billie asks if she is coming down to join them and Greta says that Bo just went to get them dinner. Billie tells Greta that it's best she not meet Bo's friends and family because the news of her would spread quick and Stefano would find out about her. Billie suggests that Stefano could harm Bo's friends and family to try and find her. Billie tells Greta that it is definitely better that she stay up here because Stefano's daughter is downstairs! This upsets Greta greatly. Seeing that her job is done, Billie leaves. Greta realizes that Billie is right and she better leave Salem.

Back in the pub, Hope is telling everyone about her life as Princess Gina. Roman comments that he couldn't find any pictures of this Princess Gina, but he believes Stefano slipped up somewhere and they have to find where and how. Bo and Hope go up to get Greta and find that she is gone. Greta is out front and looks in the pub to say goodbye to Bo, but she sees John. Greta recalls sitting with John when she was little and he was a priest. Greta exclaims "it's Father John!"


October 20
At the hospital, Lexie tells Austin that Will is getting stronger. Austin says that is good and then he tells Lexie that he's planning to buy a house for them, and all their future children. Lexie asks how Carrie feels about this. Austin says that Carrie shares his dreams of having a family. Still, Lexie says that is a big burden he is putting on her shoulders. Austin says he knows Carrie's thoughts and she is geared toward providing the perfect family for him and Will. Austin walks off and Lexie says it's a bit more complicated than that.

Mike finds Carrie at the hospital and she asks if he and Ali had a fight, she doesn't understand why he's back. Mike says no, and then hesitates. Carrie asks what is wrong and Mike tells Carrie that he's very nervous about speaking in front of everyone tomorrow. Carrie tells Mike that he can give the speech to her for practice. Mike says she has stuff to do, but Carrie says there is nothing she'd rather to do to be with him, then she corrects herself and says to help him. Mike gives Carrie the speech and Carrie tells him he was perfect. Mike says she's easier to give a speech to than uptight board members. Carrie says she'll be there and he can just look at her. Ali gives Mike a call and later, Carrie apologizes for coming down on him about Ali and she says she only wants him to be happy. Mike says there are different kinds of happiness. Suddenly, Austin walks in. Austin says he is ready to go home with his wife and asks Mike if his date went well. Mike says it was great and Austin says he doesn't think he could go back to work after a night with his special lady.

Austin and Carrie go home and when Austin starts kissing her she tells him she's tired. However, they eventually end up in bed together. Carrie recalls her little slip up with Mike in his office and tells Austin to just make love to her.

Back at the hospital, Lexie tells Mike that she has finished her rounds. Mike doesn't react as normal by asking her if she did this and that. Lexie asks Mike if he's thinking about Carrie, but he says he's thinking about Ali. Mike admits to Lexie that they were intimate. Lexie asks Mike if he's happy about that. Mike says it was fun, but he feels awkward about it. Lexie asks if he feels like he's cheated on Carrie. Mike says he has no claims on Carrie and that she doesn't think of him when she makes love to Austin. Lexie tells Mike that she knows him and asks if this means this he's made a commitment to Ali.

Eric and Taylor return to Titan after the prayer meeting. They end up talking about work and how Sami hasn't been able to schedule anymore photo shoots lately. Taylor asks if that puts Nicole's career in jeopardy and Eric asks her why she's so interested in Nicole. Taylor says she's just curious and Eric says Nicole will probably become a supermodel, but he doesn't seem very thrilled about it. Taylor says she better go and Eric tells her she's a sweet kid. Taylor damns Nikki for making her lie to him because she hates it. Back in the lab, Eric starts tearing up pictures of Nicole when he finds a letter from her. Eric reads the letter, which says he's so wonderful and caring, but she thinks they can get past this. In the letter, Nicole tells Eric that he loves him and hopes he can forgive her and love her as well. She ends by saying the next move is his.

In jail, Nicole tells the mystery man Paul that she can't help him right now and she plans on keeping him secret from everyone else in Salem. Paul asks for just a little bit of money, but Nicole says that she doesn't even know if she has a job anymore. Nicole tells Paul that she was making a good life for herself, but when the letters started coming she had to lie. Nicole says if the people found out that he was her . . . that he was in prison . . . that she was nothing but trash. Paul says he understands and she can yell at him if she wants, but nothing will break their special bond. A tearful Nicole asks him to forget her and runs out. Paul says "Oh Nikki, my sweet daughter (or it may have been darling)" and then asks a guard to let him use the phone.

Nicole calls the Titan photo lab, but Eric just left and Taylor has shown up to clean and answers the phone. Nicole tells Taylor that they have to talk and tells her to meet her at her place. Taylor is suspicious, but agrees to meet her. Nicole says that Taylor better come through for her because Eric is her future and Paul is her past.

Stefano, Bart, Wayne, and Earl board Stefano's fancy "air vehicle." Stefano tells Wayne and Earl that once they get to Salem they are to find Greta. Bart takes Wayne and Earl to the breakfast table and Earl asks where the grits are. Meanwhile, Stefano calls Rolfe for an update on Vivian. Rolfe asks about Greta and Stefano tells him that she's in Salem with Bo, but he has a way to take care of her and looks at Wayne and Earl. He tells Rolfe that he plans to use the stone age boys to bring Greta back to the swamp. Stefano fears the thought of John and Greta reuniting because she could remember because they weren't able to perform the "procedure" on her. Meanwhile, Wayne and Earl get high off of the oxygen masks and then have a food fight with the caviar. Bart tells them to clean everything up and then asks them what is in the crate they brought aboard. They tell him it's just something their mom asked them to bring to Salem. Stefano tells Wayne and Earl that after they land, they are to go to Brady's Pub and take Swamp Girl out of Salem. After landing, the stone age boys make their way to the pub.

At the pub, Hope wonders what made Greta leave, and then she sees Billie. Hope realizes that Billie left the pub for awhile and must have said something to drive Greta away. Hope accuses Billie of driving Greta away, and for some reason she keeps trying to leave after they are alone together. Billie denies driving Greta away, but Hope says she knows she doesn't want her here and asks why.

Bo finds Greta staring into the pub window and Bo tells her that they are his family and friends, he's known them most of his life. Greta asks who they are and Bo points them all out. When Bo points out John Black, Greta says "Father John, I knew it!" Bo brings Greta into the pub and she jumps into John's arms and says "it's you, it's really you!" John asks her if she knows him and Greta says of course she does and then thinks he's teasing her. Greta says "Of course I know you, Father John, but your clothes are different. Aren't you a priest anymore?" John is shocked and asks if she knew him when he was a priest. Greta is hurt that John doesn't remember and Hope explains to her that Stefano brainwashed John. Greta realizes that Stefano brainwashed Father John just like he did to Hope. John shows Greta the picture of himself in Lugano and Greta says she knew him when he looked like that, in Europe. Greta says that she was just a kid, but she remembers him in Europe, not New Orleans. Greta tells John that he was good friends with her mother. John doesn't remember anything, but like Hope, he's trying to find his past. John asks Greta who he was. Greta says that he was a friend of her mother's and that her mom sent her to boarding school, but when she came home on break he'd be there and help her with her studies. Greta tells John that she used to help him with her French lessons. John is shocked because he doesn't speak French. Marlena asks who her mother is and Greta says her name was Gina, but people used to call her Princess Gina.


October 21
Eric goes to the Cheatin' Heart and is still recalling the words in Nicole's letter. Eric tells himself it's too late and runs into someone, yells "come on pal," and then realizes it's Roman. Roman asks Eric what is wrong and Eric says "my life." Roman and Eric go over to the bar and talk. Eric says that Nicole lied to him and he asks his dad to says "I told you so." Roman starts talking about how he tried to warn him and then uses Sami as an example. Eric lays into his dad by saying that maybe he and Sami are so messed up because they didn't have a mom and dad to show them what a lasting relationship is. Roman tells Eric that was Stefano's fault, but Eric says he's tired of him always blaming Stefano. Eric says that Stefano didn't make Marlena sleep with John and Stefano didn't make him leave instead of working things out with Marlena. Roman tells Eric that he is sorry that his behavior caused him and Sami problems with their relationships. Eric says that he's following in his dad footsteps because he'll never trust anyone again. The worst part, according to Eric, is that he thought Nicole was the greatest thing. Roman tells Eric that you can't base a relationship on lies and he is lucky he found out the truth about Nicole before getting in too deep. Roman says that Stefano is partly to blame for his and Marlena's breakup, but in the end he is responsible. Eric says if he had fought for his family then maybe things would have been different. Roman says maybe, but he can't go through life blaming everything on his parents. Roman tells him that he needs to forget about Nicole and move on. Eric says he'd like to do that, but he's in love with Nicole. Roman tells Eric that he is so sorry for him, but he needs to let Nicole go and move on. Eric says he will, but he won't love anyone like he love Nicole.

Taylor shows up at Nicole's place and is amazed at where she lives. Taylor asks Nicole why she has invited her here. Nicole tells Taylor that she has new cloths for her and mom. Taylor asks Nicole what she wants and Nicole says that she wants to be real sisters because she loves her. Taylor cries and says that she loves her too, but she doesn't trust her. Taylor says she hates having to hide their relationship, but now she wants to bribe her with gifts, so Taylor asks Nicole what it is she wants. Nicole says that she is afraid of losing her job now that Sami is in trouble and she and Eric got into a fight, so she may lose his recommendation. Taylor says she's seen Eric lately and now she realizes why he was so down. Taylor asks Nicole what she did and Nicole said she left out details of her past. Taylor tells Nicole that mom always said she'd end up in trouble if she kept lying and conning people. Nicole tells her sister that she didn't mean for it to go this far and that Jay tried to rape her the other night. Taylor says she's sorry and Nicole says Jay would have raped her if it wasn't for Eric. Nicole asks Taylor to tell Eric the reason she didn't tell him that she was her sister was because she was embarresed. Taylor refuses to lie to Eric for her. Nicole says she can't tell Eric this because it will be another lie. Taylor tells Nicole if she wants Eric to know the truth then she should tell him herself.

At Carrie and Austin's place, Austin is asleep, but Carrie is still thinking about Mike and wonders why he had to choose Ali. Carrie calls Nancy and asks her if she can run over some ideas about the charity boxing match with her tomorrow. Nancy says she (Carrie) will be busy with Mike's speech, so she can come over now and talk. Nancy shows up and Carrie admits that she can't concentrate on her work because she saw the list of head nurse candidates and Ali is on it. Carrie says she hates to think what Ali would do to get that job. Nancy tells Carrie that there is nothing she can do about this and she should just trust Mike's judgement because he'll do the right thing. Nancy says she's tired and better go and Carrie thanks her for coming over.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Mike that he and Carrie love each other and they have to deal with the truth before it's too late. Lexie asks Mike if he loves Ali, or is he using her to get over Carrie. Mike says that he likes and respects Ali. Lexie tells him to be careful because he is her boss and it could cause problems. Mike tells Lexie that Ali is a good person and even Rose knows it because she nominated her for head nurse. Lexie says this is bad because it could cause problems now that he's sleeping with one of the candidates. Mike calls Ali to tell her the news and Lexie just hopes this doesn't cause problems.

Ali is remembering her night with Mike and thinks she's going to be head nurse in no time. Craig drops by to wish Ali the best of luck with Mike and the head nurse job. Mike suddenly calls Ali and tells her that she's on the head nurse list. Ali is shocked and Mike tells her she is a great nurse. Ali hopes this won't change anything between them and Mike says it won't. Ali thanks Mike for calling and then says goodnight. Craig applauds Ali's performance. Ali says her future with Mike is at stake and she doesn't want him to think he's using their relationship to get this job. Craig tells ALi that he thinks this will work out for her. Ali says she's make sure it does.

Stefano is walking the streets of Salem hoping that Wayne and Earl find Greta soon. Wayne and Earl are looking into the pub and don't see Swamp Girl anywhere. Inside the pub, everyone is shocked that Greta revealed that her mom is Princess Gina. Hope tells Greta that Stefano brainwashed her into believing she was Princess Gina. Greta tells Hope that she looks a lot like her mother, the resemblance is amazing. Hope says that isn't possible, but Greta says she only meant she looked like her mom, she's not her mom. Hope asks where Princess Gina is now and Greta says that she died eight years ago. Greta says that she was studying acting in the states when she got word that her mother had died. Meanwhile, Wayne and Earl see Billie and says they should give her Georgia's casket now. However, Wayne says they should report back to Mr. DiMera. Wayne and Earl call Stefano and tell him that they saw Bo, but not Swamp Girl. Stefano tells them to go back to the pub and wait for Bo to leave, if they follow him they'll find Greta. Back in the pub, Greta tells everyone that she didn't spend much time with her mom because she was in school a lot, but she has a lot of memories of Father John. John tells her to just call him John because he's not a priest anymore. Greta tries to tell them about her mother, but she gets choked up and leaves to get some water. John and Hope talk about how Stefano must have taken her to play Gina, but the picture he is in is so old that he couldn't have known Hope when she was playing Princess Gina. Greta returns and tells everyone that her mother was born into an exiled branch of Prussian royalty and kept the title for show. She says her mom was briefly married to a prince, but never talked much about him. John asks Greta if her mom knew Stefano DiMera, but Greta says she doesn't think so because the first time she met him was at Maison Blanche. Hope ask if her mom knew Rudolpho Meradi. Greta says she doesn't think so. Hope says this is very important and asks Greta if her mom had birthmark behind her ear, but before she can answer, Billie spots Wayne and Earl and screams. Bo asks Billie what is wrong and Billie says that she just saw Wayne and Earl. Bo doesn't see them and Hope asks if she really saw them. Billie says yes and that they've come for Greta. Greta says they won't hurt her and she want to stay with Father . . . John. John tells her they'll have a lot of time to become reacquainted. Bo and Greta leave and John tells Marlena how excited he is to have meet someone who can tell him about his past. Hope asks Billie if she's pleased now that she got exactly what she wanted, Greta is gone again. Hope tells Billie she won't let her get away with this and walks off.

Wayne and Earl go to see Stefano and tell him that Billie saw them. Stefano is furious and tells them to go find Bo and Greta now! They leave to trail Bo and Greta and Stefano says once he finds Greta, he'll take care of her. Bo and Greta make their way through an alley and Wayne and Earl are hot on their trail.


October 22
Sami is at the hospital and is relieved that Lucas won't get his hands on Will. Nicole shows up at the hospital to try and get Sami on her side, seeing that she's the head of the "New Faces" campaign. Nicole gives Sami a basket of stuff for Will. Sami stops a nurse and asks her to take the guardianship papers to Lucas, Lucas is about to find out that Austin signed the papers. Sami asks what is going on with her and Eric, so Nicole tells her about Jay and what happened. Nicole swears that she only did what she thought was right and asks Sami if Eric could forgive her? Sami says Eric might have reacted because of what is going on with her and Franco, so she'll talk to Eric on her behalf. Nicole says she's glad, even though her modeling career is over. Sami says she doesn't think that will happen, but Nicole says that Kate will probably fire Sami when she learns what she's done to Lucas. Sami realizes that Nicole is right. However, Sami says she will fight for her job. Sami says she better go to Titan to check on her job, but she will talk to Eric, as long as she isn't lying about anything else. Sami assures Nicole that as long as she has her job at Titan, she will too. As they talked, Taylor listened in. After Sami leaves, Taylor confronts Nicole and tells her that she never quits. Taylor tells her sister, the ultimate con-artist, that the sob story she gave Sami was a piece of work. Nicole says it was all sincere and that she had to save her career. Nicole tells Taylor that their mom would be angry if she learned she (Nicole) was fired because she (Taylor) wouldn't tell one little lie. Taylor tells Nicole that mom would be angry if she knew she was up to her old tricks. Taylor almost mentions the man in prison, but Nicole warns her not to. Taylor tells her that Eric will find the truth out and when he does, she better watch out.

Kate and Lucas are talking in Lucas' room. Lucas is worried about Sami, but Kate tells him that Sami will be so preoccupied with the trial that she'll forget about him. The nurse delivers Sami's present to Lucas. An angry Lucas crumples up the papers and tells Kate that Sami has won. Kate says that once Sami is in jail and he is rehabilitated, they will get Will back. Kate says that Carrie is still on their side, but Lucas says that Carrie also signed the papers. Lucas fears that it's all over, but Kate tells him things will get better. Lucas says he can't drive, he can't see his son, he can't even walk, he has nothing to live for. Kate tells him not to talk like that ever again. Lucas tells his mom to just leave him alone, so she leaves. Kate swears that Sami will go down, no matter what it costs her. Lucas tries to see Will, but a nurse tells him she will call security if he doesn't leave. Later, Lucas tells Taylor to get out of his room when she comes for his therapy.

Kate goes to Titan and tells Marie that she needs her to do something for her. When Sami shows up, she finds men packing up her office. Sami asks what is going on and Kate tells Sami that she's fired.

Rolfe calls Stefano and tells him that things are going well with Vivian. Stefano is pleased and says now he has to regain control of "Gina." Wayne and Earl tells Stefano that they haven't been able to find Bo, he didn't return to the hotel. Wayne and Earl are hungry and don't like Stefano's breakfast food, so they say they'll go to the Brady Pub. Stefano tells them that they are not to go near the pub and warns them to be careful. Wayne tells him that they want Swamp Girl back just as bad as he does. Wayne says Swamp Girl is a good luck charm and they want her back in the bayou. Stefano says that Greta has never brought him luck and he wants her out of Salem. Stefano looks at Wayne and Earl and then tells Bart to dress them in something less conspicuous. Stefano realizes that Greta has probably told Bo and Hope about the cage switch, but he hopes she hasn't talked with John. Stefano says if John found out the truth about his past and his (Stefano's) involvement with the real Gina, the consequences would be terrible. Wayne and Earl return dressed up in suits. Stefano asks Bart to take them to Bo's frequent hangouts. Wayne says they have to run an errand for their mom, but Stefano warns them that finding Greta is their number one priority.

Bo and Hope are discussing the real Princess Gina and Greta. Hope has so many questions and Bo says he thinks Greta would have told them more if Billie hadn't saw Wayne and Earl. Hope says that she suspects Billie has a hidden agenda where Greta is concerned, but Bo says if Billie has a hidden agenda it is about her (Hope). Bo asks Hope if she minds if he and Greta stay here at the Horton house with her and she says she is happy to have them here and she likes sleeping under the same roof together. Meanwhile, Greta has a dream about when she was little and John came to visit her. Greta's mom was away on a trip and John had brought her some American rock group albums. Greta thanks John, who makes her thank him En Francais. Greta wakes up and wonders how Father John could have forgotten her. Greta goes into the kitchen, where Bo and Hope are. Greta tells them that she's very worried about what Stefano would do to her if he found out she was alive. Bo tells Greta not to worry about that. Hope returns to the question she asked her last night, did her mother have a birthmark? Greta says she doesn't know, but if she did then she never saw it. Bo sits Greta down to eat and Bo and Hope ask about her and her mother. Greta tells them that she was born in a town south of London, but her mom often traveled and left her behind with nannies. When she was old enough, she went off to boarding schools. Greta says she doesn't know much about her mom because she spent most of her life with strangers or alone, which is why she didn't mind living in the bayou. Hope says that she's sure she's anxious to go back to the bayou, but Greta says she no longer wants that. She says she wants to stay in Salem to be close with Father John again. Greta tells them that Father John was always there for her and was the only one she could rely on. Hope asks "what about your mom?" and Greta says that her mom was always to busy with her jet-setting friends. Hope asks Greta if she could help John with his own past, but Greta says he never really talked about his past, his focus was always on her. Bo and Hope have to go do some things. Bo doesn't like leaving Greta here alone. Greta says she knows someone who can stay with her that she trusts completely.

John is still excited about Greta, but Marlena tells him she doesn't know if Greta can be trusted. John asks why she feels that way and Marlena says she finds it a bit odd that Greta just turned up like this. Marlena tells John that this could be one of Stefano's set-ups. John doesn't believe that because Stefano couldn't have known they'd find her and that Greta was very emotional when she spoke about her mother. John says Greta is his chance to find out the truth about himself. Marlena tells John that she'll support him, but she is afraid that he'll uncover something that could tear them apart. John tells her that no matter what he finds out, it will not affect his love for her. However, John says that he does have to talk to Greta about his past. Brady and Belle come downstairs and Brady asks if his dad would come to the park with them, but John tells him he'd do it any other day, but he can't today. Chelsea and the kids leave and Marlena looks at John, who is busy starting at the picture of himself in Lugano. Marlena has has to leave to check on patients when Greta calls John and asks him to come to the Horton house. John tells her that he'll be right there. Marlena, who hasn't left, tells John to be careful. John tells her that before this day is over, he may have all the answers to his past.


October 23
Eric is in Salem Place reading the letter from Nicole when Taylor's friend from the prayer meeting shows up. He asks Eric if he's willing to forgive and forget the girl who hurt him. Unfortunately, Eric says he can't do that yet. The guy tells Eric that he understands and then tells him that he has forgiven his girlfriend, but they didn't get back together. Eric asks him how he moved on so fast and the guy says maybe he didn't love her as much as he thought he did. He tells Eric that once he gets past the pain, it gets easier. Eric says he can't get passed the pain. His friend asks him whether the pain is worth it, or can he get past it and move on. Eric says he just doesn't think he can forgive her because she was dishonest. His friend suggests he give her another chance and Eric says he'll think about it.

Nicole is shopping in Salem Place when Roman runs into her. Roman lays into Nicole and accuses her of never planning to tell Eric the truth. Nicole says she made a mistake, but it seems the only mistakes he and Eric can forgive are Sami's. Nicole walks off, but Roman stops her and apologizes for coming down on her so hard and for being a hypocrite. Nicole thanks him and tells him not to worry about her and Eric because she's blown it.

Wayne and Earl are in Salem Place looking for Greta. Earl shows Wayne how some woman at the cosmetic counter look beautiful. Wayne realizes that must be how Billie covered up Swamp Girl's scars. Earl wants to buy some make-up for his mom, but doesn't know what to buy. The lady at the counter gives him a sample gift bag. Wayne tells Earl they have to deliver Billie's baby's coffin to her.

At the hospital, Lucas tells Taylor that he doesn't want any physical therapy and tells her to get out of his room. Taylor refuses to leave and talks to Lucas. Lucas tells her about what Sami has done this time. Taylor asks him if he can't fight it, but Lucas says he's been fighting her for months and can't convince people he's not just a drunk. Taylor points out that he was guilty of drunk driving, which just upsets Lucas even more. Lucas asks her to leave, so she does. Lucas' doctor tells him he won't get better without therapy, but Lucas says no more therapy. Nicole drops by to see Lucas. She apologizes for not coming to see him earlier and gives him a gift, a framed verse about believing dreams can come true and having courage. Nicole apologizes for not standing up to Sami about what she's done to him and Lucas says he understands that her job was at stake. Lucas thanks Nicole for giving him a reason to fight for Will. As Nicole butters up to Lucas, Taylor overhears and becomes angry. Eric shows up and asks what's wrong and she says she's disgusted by some people she saw, and he knows them.

At Titan, Sami tells Kate she can't fire her. Kate says she can't have a murderess working for her. Sami says she doesn't remember killing Franco and will get off. Sami begs Kate not to fire her because she needs her support. Kate asks why and Sami says that she doesn't want Will to learn that her family didn't support her. Kate tells Sami that she'll never support her and hopes Will grows up to learn what an evil monster his mother is. Kate tells her she's fired, hallelujah. Sami reminds Kate that she paid her bail, so firing her will make her look bad to her family. Kate says she doesn't care what people think. Sami asks what about her "New Faces" campaign and Kate says she'll be taking that over. Sami says she will prove her innocence, but Kate says everyone knows she's guilty. Kate tells her to get out and Sami threatens to tell everyone about her past as a hooker. Kate tells her to go ahead and do it, the DA would love that ammunition. She also says Austin would never forgive her for blackmailing his mother. Roman shows up just as Sami yells "You can't do this to me!" Roman asks what is going on and Sami says "Daddy, Kate just fired me." Roman tells Sami that Kate has a company to run and she can't employ Sami if she's too busy working on her case. Sami says Kate is just doing this to be cruel and Roman tells her that she needs to take it easy and keep a low profile until the trial. Roman asks Sami to leave and then he talks to Kate about how happy she must be that Sami is gone and Lucas is coming home. Kate tells Roman that she wished Sami had taken the plea bargain. Roman says he believes Sami didn't kill Franco and could be acquitted. Roman tells Kate that he also believes she knows something she isn't sharing and now would be a good time to confess because the truth always comes out in the end. Kate tells Roman "not this again," and Roman promises her that he'll make sure the truth comes out at the trial. Meanwhile, Sami wonders how far Kate would go to get revenge. Suddenly it clicks in.

At the Horton house, Greta tells Bo that she likes Alice and is so glad she let her stay here. John shows up and Greta runs into Father John's arms. John reminds her that he's not a priest any longer. Greta is sad that he doesn't remember her and John tells her that he hopes she can help him recover those memories. Bo asks Greta if she's positive she didn't know Stefano in Europe, but she says she met him in New Orleans. Bo says that Stefano had to have known her mom to make Hope portray Princess Gina so well. John asks Greta what she can tell him about his relationship with her mother. Greta says that her mother had so many friends and loved being the center of attention. She says that her mom's friends came and went, but he was the only one who was always her friend. She tells John that when he came to see her mom, he made her (Greta) feel like the center of attention. Bo leaves to look for Wayne and Earl and to leave them talk. Greta apologizes for not being helpful, but John tells her she has and perhaps he'll remembers something by talking with her. John asks Greta if she knows where he was a priest. Unfortunately, Greta doesn't remember what church he was with. However, she does remember him talking with her mom about the Vatican and traveling across Europe for church visits. Greta feels horrible for him and promises to help him find the truth. John says she has helped, at least he knows when he was with her he was happy. John asks Greta if he knew her father, but Greta says that even she didn't know him and he must have walked out on her mom because she never talked about him. John asks if he came to her mother's funeral, but Greta doesn't know because she didn't attend the funeral. Greta says her mother's ashes were scattered over the Mediterranean. Greta admits that she thinks her mother never loved her, but John says she did. Greta asks how he knows if he can't even remember?

Bo calls Erlene to ask to speak with Wayne or Earl, but Erlene tells Bo that they are out of town. Bo talks with Abe and they both decide to keep an eye out for Wayne and Earl. Abe asks why they want Greta and Bo, impersonating them, says they thinks she's a good luck charm "cause the fishin ain't been better since she done show up down there." They then talk about Sami and Bo learns about the custody papers. Bo says that it will only make Sami look even more mean and vindictive.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Billie decides to go find Greta and convince her to return to the Bayou. Before she can leave, Hope shows up and tells Billie that she's not going to let her get away with what she's up to. Hope accuses Billie of pretending to see Wayne and Earl and wanting Greta to leave Salem. Billie swears she saw Wayne and Earl and admits she wants Greta to leave Salem, but only for her safety. Hope says that Greta will be safe, she will protect Greta from her (Billie). Billie starts blaming Hope for killing her baby and tells her to stop harassing her. Hope tells her that she has to move on with her life and accept that Bo will never come back to her. Billie says she knows that, but he won't be coming back to her either. Billie tells Hope that Bo will never forgive her for Georgia's death. Hope says that Bo doesn't blame her, but Billie says Bo is lying. Billie ends up yelling at her and tries to learn where Greta is.

Meanwhile, Wayne and Earl drops off a small crate at the front door and Henderson brings it in and tells Billie a package has arrived for her. Billie thinks it's probably a shipment of cosmetics she was waiting for and Henderson says he'll get a crowbar and open it up. Billie pears into the crate and gasps "oh my God!" Hope comes up from behind and asks Billie what is wrong.

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