October 98 Week 3


October 12
At the hospital, Carrie tells Mike that she feels Austin wants to take Will in just to spite her. Mike tells Carrie that isn't the case, Austin is concerned for Will's wellfare. Carrie still believes this is Austin's way of starting a family, because for some reason she is not ready to have a baby. Mike tells Carrie that starting a family is a huge decision. Carrie says that even though she loves Will, she believes Will belongs with Lucas. Carrie then says that Sami is largely to blame for Lucas problems, but Mike points out that Lucas is also to blame here. Carrie says she has to face the fact that if Sami goes to jail, she will be Will's mother. Austin asks Carrie if Will will stop her from having her own child. Carrie says she doesn't know, but she still wants to wait to have a baby. However, Carrie admits there is something else stopping her from have a baby. Carrie says that she wants to put her job first. Mike tells Carrie that her marriage should come first and she should consider having a child if Austin wants one, but she has to work it out with her husband. Carrie thanks Mike for the talk and says she feels much better. After Carrie leaves, Mike calls Ali to tell her how much he's looking forward to their party tonight.

Kate overhears Austin and Sami talking at the hospital. Sami admits to Austin that she doesn't remember killing Franco and wonders how she can plead guilty to something she may not have done. Austin says that Mickey is just looking out for her best interests to make sure she doesn't go to jail for life. Still, Sami thinks she may have a chance, but Austin tells her she's taking a big risk. Sami asks Austin what she should do. Austin tells her that is her decision, but he'll stand by her no matter what. Kate panics at first, but knows exactly how to make sure that Sami pleads guilty. Sami leaves to go see Will and Kate walks in to talk to Austin. Kate asks Austin what is wrong with Sami and Austin tells her that Mickey wants Sami to plead guilty. Kate tells Austin that would be for the best because a murder trial would only be worse. Austin tells Kate that Sami is terrified of going to prison and hopes Mickey can get her aquitted. Kate tells Austin that will never happen, Sami will be convicted if she goes to trial, and Will will lose his mother forever. Kate tells Austin that Sami needs to plea bargain for Will's sake and he should convince her to plead guilty. Kate leaves to check on Lucas

Taylor comes in to see Lucas, she will be assisting with his physical therapy. Lucas remembers Taylor and tells her she was smart not to take a ride from a drunk. Taylor tells Lucas to make this the first day of the rest of his life. Lucas asks Taylor what she is doing here and Taylor says she is studying this in school and she took this job for money and experience. Lucas doesn't like the idea of training with someone who isn't a full therapist and wants wait until one comes along. Taylor tells him that it's her or nothing and says if he wants to get better, she is his only chance. Lucas eventually accepts Taylor's help and they proceed through Lucas' therapy, which includes walking. Lucas doesn't think he can do it, but Taylor tells Lucas that she knows he can do it if he wants it. Lucas says he does want it because he needs to rebuild his life and get his son back. Lucas tells Taylor that walking hurts, so Taylor tells Lucas to focus on Will instead of the pain. Lucas manages to walk and Kate comes in and tells him that she is impressed. Kate thanks Taylor for doing such a wonderful job with her son. Lucas asks Taylor to get him a glass of water so he and his mom can scheme. Kate tells Lucas that she's almost positive Sami will plead guilty to manslaughter. Taylor returns and Kate leaves so Lucas and Taylor can work. Kate likes Taylor because she's helping Lucas get motivated.

Austin finds Sami with Will in his room. He tells Sami that he loves seeing her with Will, which is why she needs to make a deal and plead guilty. Sami is shocked, but Austin says it is best for Will because she'll get out one day and will be able to be a part of Will's life. Sami looks at Will and nods to Austin that she'll do it.

In the hotel room, Hope tells Bo that Sami was supposed to marry Franco, but she shot him dead in stead. Bo feels bad and blames himself for not nailing Franco when he first came to town. Hope switches the subject and tells Bo that they need to learn what Princess Gina's connection to Stefano was and what she did for him. Greta walks in on them and asks if she's interrupted. They tell her of course not and Bo leaves to get them some coffee. Hope tells Greta that she's glad they are alone because they have so much to talk about. Hope says she has so much to say and she doesn't know where to begin. First, Hope thanks her for everything she's done to help her and Bo. Hope also tells her that she is sorry for everything she's been through and she knows coming to Salem wasn't easy for her. She also asks Greta not to form an opinion about her based on what Billie has told her. Greta says she knows there is a history between the two of them. Hope says she and Billie used to be very good friends, but Bo got in the way of there friendship. Hope becomes teary eyed and tells Greta that Billie blames her for the death of Georgia. Greta asks how that is possible. Hope tells Greta about the huge fight she had with Billie and how it resulted in a car crash which caused Billie to go into premature labor, which killed her baby. Hope tells Greta that she feels horrible about the incident. Greta is shocked and says she can't believe this. Greta says that is tragic and Hope tells Greta that she hopes she doesn't think she is a monster. Bo returns with some food, including the sweet rolls Greta likes so much. The three of them eat and Hope asks Bo about his idea to bring down Stefano. Bo tells Greta that she has to confront Stefano. Greta says "No! You tricked me, you lied, I can't trust you!"

Billie goes home to the Kiriakis mansion and finds Roman there. Billie asks what is going on, so he tells her about Franco's murder and that Sami is the prime suspect. Billie tells Roman how sorry she is for him and is very surprised to learn that her mom paid Sami's bail. Roman explains the entire situation to Billie about what happened between Sami and Lucas and it's results on Will. Billie is shocked that all this happened when she was away looking for Bo. Billie tells Roman that she found Bo in the bayou. Roman asks why Bo was there and Billie tells him because of Hope, of course. Billie tells Roman about Greta and her involvement with the entire cage explosion scene. Roman sees the hurt in Billie's eyes and knows she went to the bayou to get back together with Bo. Billie doesn't deny it, but she can't understand how Bo could have forgiven Hope for the death of their child. Roman tells Billie that she needs to stop blaming Hope for the death of Georgia. Billie says she hopes Bo won't hate her for what she's done, which prompts Roman to ask her what she's done. Billie remembers Greta telling her about the death of Georgia, but she tells Roman that she hopes he doesn't hate her for not being able to let him go. Roman says he's sure Bo understands that. Billie cries that she'll never be able to replace Bo in her heart. Roman and Billie hug when Roman gets a call from Bo, who wants him to know he's sorry about Sami and is here for him. Roman thanks Bo and says goodbye. Billie realizes Bo is with Hope and she asks Roman why she can't get over him. Roman tells Billie that she is a beautiful and sexy woman who has so much more to live for, and they still have a lot to wrap up. Billie asks if he is talking about the ISA case, or "us." Roman tells Billie that he'll never forget what happened between them, but right now he has to focus on Sami. However, he tells Billie that they'll be time to pick things back up after Sami is cleared.


October 13
In the motel room, Greta tells Bo he lied to her about seeing Stefano. Bo says if she doesn't confront Stefano, she'll have to hide forever and he know she doesn't want that. Greta says what she wants is to go back to the bayou. Bo says he doesn't have a life there, but Greta says she won't face Stefano. Bo apologizes and says he won't make her do something she doesn't want to do. Bo says he'll never bring up Stefano's name again. Greta leaves to go to the bathroom and Bo beats himself up for mentioning Stefano. Hope tells him it's okay and that Greta trusts him. Bo tells Hope about how he and Greta hid down in the tunnels of Maison Blanche and how he got blinded down there. Bo goes on to tell her how he and Greta bonded and that Greta showed him her true face shortly after he regained his eyesite. Hope tells Bo he is the most sensitive man she knows and hugs him. Bo tells Hope he's sorry about the pain he caused her. Hope says they are all responsible for their pain. Bo hopes they can get back together again, but Hope isn't sure if it's possible, but then again she could be wrong. Meanwhile, Greta is looking at herself in the mirror and thinking about being with Bo in the catacombs. When Greta looks out from the bathroom, she sees Bo holding Hope.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Mike that she's going to have dinner with her dad tonight. Mike understands that family is important, and then he thinks about his own son, Jeremy. Lexie tells Mike that she and Abe are thinking of having a baby. Mike says that is great, and that Austin and Carrie are thinking of having a baby, which will bond them together forever. Lexie asks him how he feels about that and Mike says he's ok with it, if it's for the right reason. Mike explains Carrie's dilemma and Lexie thinks Carrie having a baby to save her marriage isn't a good idea. Lexie asks Mike about Ali and Mike says Ali makes him feel good. Mike tells Lexie not to worry about him because he and Carrie are doing the right thing by staying apart.

In Salem Place, Celeste and Stefano are waiting to meet Lexie for dinner. Celeste is curious as to why he wanted to do this today. Stefano says he just wants them to sit down for dinner, but Celeste doesn't believe him and asks what his ulterior motive is. Stefano says he knows she doesn't trust him, but his daughter will see his motives are on the up and up, especially where Vivian is concerned. Celeste lets out an "ah-ha!" and says she knows he's trying to steal Vivian's fortune. Lexie shows up and Stefano tells her that he called this meeting to talk about Vivian, he thinks knows how to help her. Stefano he knows of a fabulous clinic in the LaBerge, a treatment clinic in France. Celeste says she can confirm that this clinic is a very wondrous place and they have so many treatment processes there.

Also in Salem Place, Ivan tells Vivian that John and Marlena think it is best if she checks into the hospital. Vivian is outraged and refuses. Vivian spots a diamond necklace in a window and begins to space out again. Ivan tells his madame that something is very wrong with her. Ivan tells her there is no diamond necklace in the window, she is hallucinating. Vivian becomes frightened and doesn't know what is happening to her. Vivian spaces out once again and walks off when she sees her darling.

Vivian walks right into Stefano and he tells her he was just suggesting to Lexie that she go to the LaBerge treatment clinic. He tells Vivian she can go with Celeste and then return in a few weeks when she is well. Vivian says she will go and Lexie approves. Ivan still thinks this is still wrong. Vivian asks Celeste to go with her and she agrees. When he is alone, Stefano calls Rolfe and tells him he (Rolfe) is going to LaBerge. Rolfe tells Stefano that he's learned there has been some activity in the catacombs under Maison Blanche. Stefano says he will find the girl, and if it's her, he'll take care of her.

Eric runs into Carrie in the hospital and she asks what happened to his eye. Eric tells Carrie about Nicole and says he feels betrayed. Later, Eric runs into Taylor and learns she's part-timing as a physical therapist and she's working with Lucas. Taylor tells Eric she knows he hates Lucas, but she believes even the most dishonest person can change. Eric wonders if she is right.

In Will's room, Austin tells Sami that she has to plea bargain. Kate shows up and asks what is wrong. Austin tells his mom that Sami is going to plea bargain. Austin leaves to call Mickey and Sami asks Kate if she's happy. Kate says she didn't want this to happen, but she's glad she will be a part of Will's life. Sami says she wishes she could remember what happened because she'd feel a lot better about this. Kate then tells her she did shoot Franco and plays the scenario over again for her.

Austin runs into Carrie at tells her about Sami. Carrie offers to write up a press release to help Sami deal with the papers. Austin thanks her and gives her a kiss. Sami meets with Mickey and asks him to make the call to the DA. Eric shows up to comfort Sami and learns she will be spending 20 years in jail. Sami says it's better than facing life or the death penalty. Eric asks when she has to go and Mickey tells her she has to go to the wayward state correctional facility tomorrow night.

Carrie goes into Mike's room to tell him about Sami, and she hears Mike ordering flowers to be delivered to Ali for their special night tonight. Mike is shocked to hear Sami is pleading guilty and realizes that this means she and Austin will get Will. Mike asks Carrie what she wants to do and Carrie says she thinks Lucas should raise Will. Mike tells Carrie that whatever she decides, he'll be here for her and to never doubt him. Carrie leaves and tells herself that he isn't the one she doubts.

In the physical therapy center, Lucas says his legs hurt, so he's going back to his room. Maggie shows up and tells Lucas that he's wimping out, and she won't let him do that. Lucas says he doesn't need a lecture, he needs pain pills. Maggie tells him he just needs tough love. Lucas refuses to listen and says he'll come back later when he's not in pain because this is hopeless. Maggie tells him it is not hopeless and that he can get over all his problems. Maggie suggest they have their own little AA meeting right here right now. Maggie tells Lucas he'll have to learn to live without alcohol. Lucas says even if he can do that, he may still lose Will to Austin. Kate and Gregory Charmain show up to see Lucas and they tell him he is Scott free, but Sami is going to jail for a long time. Lucas is happy, but he also realizes that the restraining order against him is still up and that Austin will become Will's guardian.

Maggie finds Sami, Austin, and Mickey and tells them she just heard Lucas won't be going to jail at all. Sami panics and says Lucas will get Will back and turn him against her. Maggie says Lucas is trying to turn his life around. Sami asks Mickey if will could get Will back and Mickey says it's possible. Sami has a horrible vision of being locked up for 20 years getting letters all about Will growing up. When she finally gets out she's old and gray and goes to see Will at the Kiriakis mansion, but he doesn't recognize her. An old and gray Lucas shows up and is surprised to see her. When Sami tries to hug Will, he pushes her away and says his dad has told him all about her and he doesn't need her. Will calls Sami a murderer and says he doesn't want to see her ever again. Kate approaches them all and Austin accuses his mom of wanting Sami to go to jail because Lucas was going to be freed all along. Suddenly, Sami runs out and tells them all that she's changed her mind, she won't plead guilty!


October 14
Rolfe is getting ready to fly to France to watch over Celeste and Vivian while they are at the LaBerge clinic. Rolfe has a special serum that he plans to administer to Vivian to make it look like she's healthy again. Stefano is pleased because if it looks like he is responsible for her recovery, she will be grateful and sign over power of attorney. Rolfe says it is a brilliant plan, but they also have a problem with Greta. Stefano says if she is alive then all his plans will go up in smoke. Rolfe says that Greta may know more than they think she does. Stefano says that is why he's sending Bart to the bayou. Rolfe asks Stefano what he'll do if Greta is alive and he tells Rolfe that he will find her and silence her! Rolfe asks if he's going to kill her, but Stefano says he wouldn't do that to someone he cares about. He says that he'll just make sure she tells nobody, especially Hope, what she knows. Stefano sends Bart to the bayou, and when Bart says that someone has been in the catacombs, Stefano says he's flying down there immediately.

In the hotel room, Greta sees Bo holding Hope and asking her if there is a chance for them to be together. Hope says she hopes so, but they have so much to overcome. Hope says that she has a feeling that they might have a future together. However, Hope says she can't commit to him until she learns what Stefano has done to her, she's afraid he could control their future. Bo says that he won't let Stefano control anyone he cares about. Greta walks out and asks Bo if he thinks he can do it. Bo says he does and that they have the upper hand because Stefano doesn't know she is alive or that Hope knows so much. Hope asks Greta if they will help them, but she doesn't know how she can help. Greta says that she was on medication most of the time and doesn't remember much other then Hope talking with Stefano about her trips and her success. Bo and Hope start talking about what she might have been doing for Stefano. Hope mentions Lily and Greta asks who Lily is. Hope tells her that Lily is her guardian angel. Greta realizes that Bo and Hope have done some investigating together before. Bo says that Hope fancies herself as a cop, but Hope says she was a cop, a good one. Bo says they will solve this mystery, but Hope says it will be their toughest one because it involves them. Hope mentions Greta's part in it all, but Greta says she sees no way that she will be a part of their lives. Bo says he won't abandon her and wants to have her face restored. Greta refuses to have anymore plastic surgery. Hope calms Greta down and says that Bo only wants to help her because he cares for her. Greta says she cares for them, but she doesn't know anything else that can help her. Greta says all she remembers is Stefano and the strange doctor. Hope asks if Rolfe was the Dr. and Greta says yes. Hope says that she knew Rolfe recognized her in the compound and that he may be the one who brainwashed her and John. Bo says they must find him, but Hope says he's disappeared. Greta says she's told him everything she knows and she wants to go back to the bayou. Bo tells her he won't hold her against her will, but he does want to protect her. Bo asks if he trusts her and she tells him he's the only one he trusts.

At the hospital, Craig and Nancy are scheming to get Ali on Rose's head nurse list. Then Mike will appoint his lover as head nurse, causing a huge scandal, which will force him to resign. Nancy decides to go see that Carrie doesn't interfere and Craig says he'll work on Rose. Rose tells Mike that she's almost finished preparing her replacement list and she knows he will pick the right person for the job. Ali tells Mike that she's taking off to prepare their evening tonight. Craig confronts Rose and tells her that he believes Ali McKintyre would make an excellent head nurse. Rose tells Craig that she'll consider her, but the final decision is Mike's.

Sami storms out of Will's room and shouts that she can't plead guilty. Mickey, who is on the phone with the DA, tells Sami that it may be too late. Lucas shows up and asks what is going on. Kate tells Lucas that Sami wants to go to trial. Sami tells Mickey she only took the plea bargain because that is what everyone wanted her to do, but she wants to go to trial for Will's sake. Mickey tells Pat that Sami has decided to go to trial. Mickey hangs up and tells Sami they're going to trial and Sami says it's the right thing to do. Kate is furious and Austin asks his mom why she wants Sami to plead guilty. Kate says she's not just thinking about what would happen if Sami's found guilty. Lucas and his mom talk and overhear Mickey give Sami the guardianship papers. Lucas calls Sami a total bitch. Mickey leaves and Sami tells Lucas once these papers are signed and filed, he'll never see his son again. Kate tells Sami that she and Lucas will fight her all the way. Sami accuses Kate of conspiring to kidnap Will and buying Lucas out of jail. Sami says if she goes to jail for life, Lucas will pay by never seeing his son. Lucas jumps out of his chair at Sami and hurts himself. Taylor rushes to his aid. Sami asks Austin to sign the papers, but Austin says he has to talk with Carrie first. Sami becomes upset and Eric tries to calm her down. Eric tells his sister to stop worrying about Lucas and start working on getting herself out of prison. Eric tells Sami to start showing some remorse for killing Franco. Sami talks about Franco's lies and Eric says he understands. Sami asks what happened with him and Nicole, but Eric says he doesn't want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Kate tells Lucas that she is certain Sami will be convicted and out of their lives for good. Kate says as long as they don't tell anyone what happened, Sami is as good as gone. Kate also reminds Lucas that Carrie is on their side where Will is concerned.

Eric and Taylor talk about Lucas. Taylor feels sorry for Lucas, but Eric has no sympathy for him. Taylor says she believes anyone can learn from their mistakes and move on for the better. Eric says he used to believe that, until recently.

Carrie is in her office typing up a press release about Sami's plea bargain, but all she can think about is kissing Mike. Carrie says she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to forget the kiss. Nancy comes in to see Carrie and tells her about Rose's list. Nancy asks if Ali is on the list and Carrie says she doubts it. Nancy says that Ali doesn't seem like the person who'll take no for an answer and that Ali is having dinner tonight. Carrie says she knows that and she isn't in charge of Mike's social life. Nancy says that she suspects that Ali is using Mike to become head nurse, but Carrie says Ali was pursing Mike long before Rose decided to retire. Carrie says even if Ali does get on the list, she knows Mike will make the right choice. Mike comes to see Carrie, so Nancy leaves. Mike tells Carrie that he needs to talk with her about something before he leaves for his date with Ali. Mike and Carrie talk about a meeting that he has to attend tomorrow concerning the budget. Mike looks over a draft of a proposal Carrie wrote up. Mike is amazed and says the speech proves how well she knows him. Mike makes a few changes and Carrie says she'll print out a final one when she gets the budget figures. As Mike talks about his responsibilities as Chief of Staff, Carrie asks if Rose gave him a list of head nurse candidates. Mike tells her not yet. Mike asks Carrie if she and Austin have talked about raising Will. Carrie says they haven't, but probably will tonight. Mike tells tells Carrie to do what is right for her. Austin comes in and Mike leaves. Austin tells Carrie that Sami has changed her mind and she wants them to sign the papers now.

Sami finds Austin and Carrie and asks them if they've signed the papers. Austin says they haven't and Carrie tells Sami that she's not sure Will living with them is for the best.

Craig and Nancy touch base to see how they did. Craig tells Nancy that Ali will most likely be on the list. Nancy is thrilled and says she has to go bump into Ali and tell her to make the most of her evening with Mike. Nancy bumps into Ali at a dress shop and tells her that Craig put in a good word for her with Rose, which arouses Ali's suspensions. Ali says she doubts Mike will appoint her as head nurse because of their relationship. Nancy says Mike wouldn't let that get in the way and she tells her to make the most of her evening with Mike. As Nancy leaves, she overhears Ali asking to look at some lingerie. Later, Ali gets some flowers from Mike and calls him to thank him for them. She tells Mike she hopes he enjoys hot and spicy things.

Nancy and Craig reunite at the hospital and overhear Rose tells a nurse that she's finished her list of candidates for head nurse.


October 15
In the motel room, Greta tells Bo that she does trust him, but her life is in the bayou. Greta says the catacombs under Maison Blanche are the only place she feels safe and free. Bo tells Greta that this is her decision. Hope decides to leave them to talk. When Hope is gone, Greta admits to Bo that she doesn't want to be a distraction for him and Hope. Bo says she isn't and he brought her here to help her. Greta says she can deal with things her own way in the bayou. Bo tells her she can go if she wants to. Greta wants to and says she wants to go tonight. Greta says that she'll miss him, but maybe they'll meet again. Bo tells her she misunderstood, he wants to take her out of this room, to the Brady Pub, and the to Green Mountain. Bo says Green Mountain is a very special place for him and Hope and he'd like her to see it. Greta is touched that Bo would want to take her there.

Hope gives Lily Faversham a call to say hello. Lily says she's constantly worrying about her. Hope says she is fine and that she's learned some more about her past. Lily is worried about Stefano, but Hope says that Stefano doesn't have a clue because he think she'll never learn the secrets of her past. Lily tells "Gina" that she received a letter from Count Olenska, who was sad that they couldn't make it to this festival.

After her call, Hope returns and asks Greta if she still wants to leave. Bo says she hasn't made the decision yet, but they will help convince her to stay in Salem. Greta agrees to go with Bo to the pub and Green Mountain. Bo leaves to get some candy and Hope thanks Greta for staying and says she and Bo will do everything to help her. Greta asks why and Hope says because she helped her and they are all in this together. Greta says that is what Bo said and that they think alike.

Stefano and Bart are in the catacombs of Maison Blanche. Stefano is saddened to see one of his safest havens in ruin. Bart ironically mentions that it's been keeping Greta safe for years. Stefano finds some hair on the floor and thinks it is Greta. Bart says the two local boys swore Greta got eaten by an alligator and suggests the swamp people moved here for awhile when the tornado leveled the bayou. Still, Stefano has a feeling that Greta has been here and is alive. Bart says that he and the men have searched for days for her and haven't find her, so Bo and Hope probably haven't found her either. Stefano says underestimating Bo and Hope is a dangerous game to be playing. Stefano explores the library and then the kitchen. Stefano tells Bart to have his men cover every inch of the bayou. Stefano finds a book of Longfellow poetry in the kitchen and recalls that Greta's favorite poem was Evangelion. Stefano opens the book and lets out an "Oh my God." Stefano found a picture of Hope taken in the last year and realizes Bo may have found Greta and taken her back to Salem.

Nicole, wearing dark sun glasses, goes to see the man in jail. Nicole is angry with him and shows him the bang-up job Jay did on her face and tells him that he's ruined her job and life in Salem. The man apologizes and says he just needed money to hire a lawyer to get him out of jail. He tells Nicole if she helps him get out, she won't be sorry. Nicole says she doesn't have that kind of money because she's supporting Taylor and mom as is. The man tells her there is more money in it if for her if she helps him get out, and then he asks her to do it because of how much they mean to each other and how good they were together.

Eric and Taylor are walking in the park and talking about Sami and Lucas' hate-hate relationship. Taylor feels bad for Eric not only about Sami, but about Nicole as well. Taylor suggests he talk about it instead of keeping his feelings bottled up. Eric thanks her for her concerned, but he doesn't feel like talking about it right now. Eric and Taylor go to get some ice cream, and Taylor is delighted that Eric remembers she likes chocolate-swirl ice cream. Eric and Taylor talk about their family life. Eric says he and Sami grew up with some messed up family relationships, and Taylor says she didn't have the greatest family life either. Eric ends up talking about Nicole and spaces off for a bit. One of Taylor's friends sees them and invites them to a prayer circle meeting. Eric and Taylor join the group, whose meeting is all about forgiving people who have lied to others. One guy is less than willing to forgive a lying girlfrien, which Eric agrees with. However, one girl says she believes anyone can be redeemed. The guys says he'll forgive her, but won't look back at the girl who lied to him. The guy then asks Eric what he's going to do. After the group ends, Taylor asks Eric if he can forgive Nicole.

Ali calls Mike at his office from home to ask him about what he'd like to have as a vege side dish. Mike tells her not to worry about dinner, it's the company that is important. At her place, Ali is making sure everything is perfect for Mike. She recalls Nancy telling her that Craig put a good word in for her as head nurse, but she doesn't know why. She tells herself that her first goal is a serious relationship with Mike.

At the hospital, Rose informs Nancy and Craig that she needs to talk to Mike if they see him. Rose has to leave to help with an IV and Nancy tells Craig to go to Mike and make sure he leaves before seeing the list because if Ali is on it, it may stop him from making a decision tonight. Craig goes to see Mike and encourages him to go have fun with Ali. Meanwhile, Rose tries to find Mike and Nancy stalls her by saying Mike went to dinner. Rose gives the list to Mike's secretary, Linda. Linda bumps into Mike while he's on his way out. Linda tells him she has something for him to look at, but Mike tells her he can do it in the morning unless it's important. Linda says it can wait and will put it on his desk. After Linda leaves, Nancy tells Craig she'll take a look at the list and make sure Ali's name is at the top in big, bold letters. Nancy waits till Linda leaves and sneaks into Mike's office

Mike shows up at Ali's with a bottle of chardine (sp?). Mike pours the wine and toasts to his lovely hostess. Mike and Ali have dinner and Ali says she has a surprise for desert. Ali's phone rings and she fears it is Craig calling to ask Mike to come back to the hospital. Mike tells her not to worry and goes into the kitchen with the dishes. Craig is on the phone and tells her he has good news, she is on Rose's list for head nurse, but Mike hasn't seen the list, so she should score some points with Mike tonight. Meanwhile, Mike is recalling Austin urging him to find a special woman like Ali to spend his life with. When Mike returns, Ali lies to him and says it was an old girlfriend. Mike and Ali have desert and then dance.

In another part of the hospital, Carrie tells Sami she can't sign the guardianship papers because she believes Lucas should raise Will. Sami says she won't have a drunk raising Will. Carrie suggest they just wait and see how things go with Lucas and the trial. Austin agrees and says they should wait till after the trial. Sami says she wants them signed now so she can focus on the trial instead of worrying about Will. Carrie says that she is only doing this to hurt Lucas and that Lucas could rehabilitate himself. A woman gives Carrie some figures for Mike's speech tomorrow and she thanks her. Austin suggests they all go somewhere and discuss this, but Carrie says this is something they should discuss alone. Sami says now she understands why Carrie doesn't want to raise Will with Austin, it's because he is her flesh and blood. Sami says she understands and that she (Carrie) has every right to hate her. However, Sami says this isn't about her, it's about Will. Sami tells Carrie that she wants Will to have two loving parents who will raise Will properly. Sami begs Carrie not to make Will pay for her mistakes. Carrie looks at Austin and he tells her she knows how he feels, but it's her decision. Carrie says she will do it and Sami thanks her. Sami has to go see Will and she makes Austin promise that Lucas will never get his hands on Will. After Austin leaves, Carrie learns Mike is gone for the night and says she really needs him now.


October 16
At the hospital, Craig and Nancy discus their scheme to oust Mike with their latest sex scandal. Carrie goes into Mike's office and sees that Mike has a date with Ali. Carrie tells herself she has no right to interfere with Mike's life, but she just doesn't like Ali. Carrie is comforted by thinking Mike will never fall for any of Ali's tricks. Carrie bumps into Nancy later on and Nancy tells her that Rose finished her list of candidates. Nancy jokes with Carrie and says at least Ali isn't on the list, that way Mike won't be accused of favoritism. Austin shows up and Nancy leaves. Austin and Carrie talk about Will. Austin is happy she agreed to take care of Will. Carrie tells Austin that if Lucas rehabilitates himself, they may loose custody of Will.

At her apartment, Ali and Mike are dancing and talking. Ali teases Mike and says if she knew better, she'd think there was someone else in his life. Mike thinks of Carrie and tells her there is no one else. Ali senses Mike is tense so she takes his shirt off and gives him a shoulder massage. Ali tells Mike that he's a wonderful man, he needs someone like her in his life, she wants him. They begin to kiss and Ali takes her dress off to reveal some circus-performer-trapeze-lady-like lingerie. Ali takes Mike's hand and leads him into the bedroom where they make love. Ali makes a comment about how being with someone just feels so right. Mike starts thinking about making love to Carrie and Ali asks Mike if he's having regrets. Mike says he isn't sorry, he is just worried that they may have rushed things. Mike assures Ali that she's the only nurse he wants to be with and jokes that he may have to make her head nurse. Ali asks Mike if he thinks she has a shot at making head nurse, but Mike says he hasn't even seen the list yet. Eventually, the two end up going at it again.

At the Brady Pub, Lexie and Abe tells John and Marlena that Stefano convinced Celeste to take Vivian to a clinic in France. John is concerned for his aunt. Abe wonders what Stefano wants and John suggest he's after Vivian's artworks. Lexie is the only one at the table that gives Stefano the benefit of the doubt and says Stefano has changed. Lexie says that Celeste is with Vivian, so she'll be safe. Abe says that nobody is safe from Stefano. Later, Abe and Lexie discuss having children.

Roman and Billie arrive outside of the pub. Billie is whining about Bo, but apologizes because she knows he is going through hell because of Sami. Billie and Roman walk into the pub arm and arm, which makes Marlena uneasy. Roman tells everyone that he just spoke to Mickey and that Sami has decided to go to trial.

Bo shows up at the pub to see his dad. Bo tells his dad that he needs him to fix a Brady feast for a very special person. Shawn asks who this person is. Bo suggests to his pop that he sit down. Bo explains the entire story about Greta and Hope to his pop.

Bo goes into the main area of the pub and everyone is happy to see him. Billie takes Bo aside and asks him where Greta is. Bo tells her that Greta is with Hope. Bo excuses himself to talk with John and Marlena and Billie begins to worry that Greta may tell Hope the truth about her baby.

Roman talks with Bo about Sami and Greta. Billie butts in and tells Bo that she's concerned about Greta because Hope is so beautiful and she may intimidate Greta. Bo is confident that Hope can handle Greta. Speaking of Greta, Bo tells Billie that he has to go pick up Greta. Roman approaches Billie and asks her what is bothering her. Billie tells Roman that she feels bringing Greta to Salem was a mistake. Roman asks Billie if she is jealous of Greta.

Austin and Carrie, who are still arguing about Will and Lucas, show up at the pub with Nancy and Craig. Marlena sees that Carrie is upset and Carrie tells her that she's afraid this Will issue is ruining her marriage. Carrie tells Marlena that she doesn't feel it is right to take Will from Lucas. Marlena asks if taking care of Will will impact her decision to have her own family. Carrie says that all she knows is she isn't ready to start a family with Austin anytime soon. Marlena asks what she means, but Carrie tells her to forget she said it and she walks off. Austin tells Carrie that she seems distracted and he thinks she's thinking about Mike and the speech she wrote for him. Nancy and Craig butt in and start talking about how perhaps Titan could sponsor the charity boxing match. Carrie tells Austin that she needs to get back to the hospital to finish Mike's speech. Austin tells her after she is done they will make love all night long.

John and Marlena watch Roman and Billie and John says he noticed how close they were in Lugano. Marlena tells John that she senses he's thinking about being a priest in Lugano. John says that he wishes he could remember. Roman and Abe approaches John and they talk about the picture of John as a priest. John doesn't understand why he was hanging out with Ms. Faversham and Princess Gina. Roman says it would be impossible for him to be with Hope back then because she was in Salem.

Back at the motel, Hope and Greta continue to talk. Hope asks Greta to try and remember anything from the time she spent at Maison Blanche. Greta says she can't because it's like seeing a ghost. Hope is confused and Greta tells Hope that she reminds her of someone. Greta quickly recovers and says it must be the time they spent together at Maison Blanche. Hope ask Greta about Stefano, but she'd rather not talk about it. Greta says that if Stefano knew she was alive, he'd kill her. Hope swears with her life that she and Bo will not let Stefano hurt her again. Hope tells Greta that she's just so frustrated by what Stefano has done to them and she asks her to please help her. Hope tells Greta that she can't ask Bo for help because he needs to be there for her (Greta) right now. Suddenly, Bo shows up. Bo and Hope try to persuade Greta to come with them to the Brady Pub to meet his family and friends. Greta agrees to go, but on the condition that she can leave tomorrow for the bayou. Bo, Hope, and Greta go into the Brady House and prepare to go to the pub.

Down in the bayou, Stefano thinks Bo has found Greta and he can't let Bo find out the secret's of Maison Blanche. Bart finds a wine glass with lipstick on it, which means Bo wasn't alone. Stefano and Bart here noises and realize that someone is in the tunnel. Stefano and Bart hide and Wayne and Earl show up. They discuss Bo and the Swamp Girl, unaware that Stefano is listening in. Stefano hears them says that Bo took the Swamp Girl out of the bayou. Bart knocks something over and Wayne and Earl head to where they are hiding to investigate. When rocks start falling from the ceiling, Wayne and Earl decide they should just leave because Bo most likely took Swamp Girl to Salem. Stefano thanks them silently and says that Greta won't be alive and in Salem for much longer.

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